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Draft Agenda_


									        Agenda of ASEM Technical and Vocational Education Symposium
                        Jan.11-12, 2011(tentatively)
                             Qingdao, China

 Date      Time                         Activity                              Note
Jan.10 All Day       Registration
       08:30-09:00   Opening Ceremony of ASEM Technical and
                     Vocational Education Symposium,
                     Welcome Remarks by Vice Minister of
                     Education, China and Representative of Qingdao
       09:00-10:10   Keynote Speeches by Representative from MOE,
                     China and Representative from MOE, Germany       35’/speech.
       10:10-10:30   Coffee Break
Jan.11 10:30-11:15   Plenary Session 1                                15’/speech
                     Actions taken by each government to raise the    3 speakers: 2 from
                     attractiveness of TVET                           European countries, 1
                                                                      from Asian country
       11:15-12:15   Panel Discussion 1
       12:15-14:00   Lunch
       14:00-14:45   Plenary Session 2                              15’/speech
                     Successful experiences and best practices in 3 speakers: 1 from
                     developing and improving employability of Germany, 1 from UK
                     TVET                                           and 1 from Asian
       14:45-15:45   Panel Discussion 2
       15:45-16:10   Coffee Break
       16:10-17:10   Group discussion
       18:00-19:30   Dinner                                         Local performance
       09:00-10:00   Plenary Session 3                              4 speakers: 2 from
                     Measures taken to tackle the current financial European countries, 2
                     turmoil by individual government in developing from Asian countries
Jan.12 10:00-11:00   Panel Discussion 3
       11:00-11:30   Coffee Break
       11:30-12:00   Closing Ceremony of ASEM Technical and
                     Vocational Education Symposium                 15’/speech
       12:00-14:00   Lunch
       14:00-        Visiting Vocational Schools and Companies
       18:00-19:00   Dinner
       19:30-21:00   Culture Experience

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