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                        17 May – 21 April 2010
                          Release date: 28 May 2010


Residents can expect streetlights soon (Centurion Record Pg 9)
Residents of Wren Street in Lytton and Solomon Crescent in Kloofsig are soon to have
15 streetlights installed in each street. According to ward councillor Clive Napier, a
contractor has been appointed to undertake the work and it is anticipated that the work
will be completed by the end of June. He says the project has been carefully planned to
ensure safety on the site and protection of property.


Pikitup says sorry (North Eastern Tribune Pg 7) Pansy Jali-Oyedele Acting
Manager for Pikitup Communications writes:
Pikitup apologises for any inconvenience caused to residents in Norwood as a results of
the extended working hours. The City of Joburg emphasises a high level of service
delivery and as such sought to go extra mile in addressing backlogs following the
municipal strike that ended on the 21st of April. Pikitup has been working long hours in
order to address the refuse backlog in certain areas.

Historical stature vandalised (Sandton Chronicle Pg 8) Nie Cele
One of the oldest landmark statues outside the South Gauteng High Court in the city
centre has been vandalised and defaced. The Carl von Brandis statue stood tall
outside the court and was meant to give the court a new look in keeping with the
beautiful High Court building itself. Von Brandis was Joburg‟s first magistrate and
mining commissioner, and had a street named after him in the Joburg CBD in 1886.

City needs a partnership (Joburg East Express)
Case studies around the world indicate that a clean city is characterised by a
partnership between the municipality and the community it serves. This was said by Ms
Pansy Jali-Oyedele, the Acting Manager for Communications at the City of
Johannesburg, in reference to complaints about the illegal dumping on vacant land in
Bez Valley. She said that continued practice of illegal dumping by residents will always
undermine Pikitup‟s efforts to enhance cleanliness.

Concerns over Juskei fencing (Joburg East Express Pg 2)
The lack of fencing along the Juskei River in Bez Valley is worrying a resident in the
area. Mr Edward Liebenberg, a Bez Valley resident, said that there is no proper
fencing, especially close to the 4th and 5th Avenue area along the river. “Many people
have died because the council does not replace the fence,” he said.

Orange river mess (Rosebank. Killarney Gazette Pg 3) Kate Henry
There‟s a proof that Braamfontein spruit is becoming a popular dump site. Scott
Harrison a resident around the area first spotted the discoloration in the late afternoon,
when he noticed the tributary running under the Beyers Naude Road bridge from Victory
Park to Parkhurst that had turned a dull orange colour. “I was unable to establish the
source but by the evening the orange colour was still visible. It seemed whoever
dumped the chemicals waited for late afternoon to disguise the dumping,” he said.

Johannesburg falls short of a world class rating (Fourways Review Pg 9) Barry
Bishop writes:
It is unbelievable that the City of Johannesburg has the audacity to have billboards and
radio adverts purporting this to be a „world class African city‟ when the infrastructure is
collapsing everywhere. The roads are potholed; traffic lights do not work for months,
water leaks everywhere and so on.

Vilakazi Street gets multimillion facelift (Orlando Urban News Pg 4) Anda
City of Johannesburg (CoJ) has injected R53 million to upgrade Soweto‟s most famous
Vilakazi Street ahead of the World Cup kickoff. This multimillion street upgrade is the
most expensive street project ever made in South Africa in a township. This project has
created jobs for local residents in Ward 39.

Councillor Mhlongo jets two Canada (Orlando Urban News Pg 2) Anda Mbikwana
Last week Democratic Alliance (DA) councillor Tsepo Mhlongo set off to Canada and
Singapore to learn more about housing issues. The office of the DA confirmed the two
weeks trip. Mhlongo is on the study tour that will give him a better perspective on
housing matters that seem to top the service delivery agenda in our country.


No credits for refuse removal (Bedfordview/Edenvale News Pg 9)
Municipal accounts will not be credited for the three weeks that the refuse was not
collected during the national strike by members of the South African Municipal Workers‟
Union (SAMWU). Mr Zweli Dlamini confirmed to the NEWS last week that residents will
not be receiving credits on their municipal accounts. He stated that credit to municipal
accounts could not be given to residents as spread waste removal tariffs are a monthly
fee not a fee per individual service.

Ramshackle latrines a disgrace (Alberton Records Pg 5) Leon Schnell
Frustration is brewing among Alberton residents who have been waiting since 2003 for
council to install flush toilet. Families from Thokoza moved onto privately owned land
known as the Wierda Caravan Park, at Thinasonke Extension 4 (Ward 53), in 2003, and
have been writing letters to council asking for infrastructure development ever since.
The area currently homes approximately 600 residents, who are forced to rely on
crumbling self-made toilets.

R67 million claim against metro (Alberton Record Pg 1)
A company called Hometalk Developments has claimed R67 million from Ekurhuleni
Metro for the damage and money lost during the Pasco investigation into the Meyersdal
Nature Estate. This follows a lengthy delay in the project to get off the ground, when
former City Manager Patrick Flusk refused to issue 82 certificates for work to
commence. These certificates give developers the green light to start building once the
metro is happy that all the ground work has been completed to satisfaction.

Fraud leads licensing department to crack down (Germiston City News Pg 5)
The loss of R2.6 million in revenue, as a result of fraudulent cheques and counterfeit
bank notes, has led to the metro‟s licensing departments ceasing to accept payments
with bank guaranteed cheques and R200 notes. “Only legitimate bank cheques will be
accepted,” said the metro‟s spokesperson Zweli Dlamini.

Metro’s loans coming back to bite them (Alberton Record Pg 3)
With metro‟s proposed budget interest on loans for 2010/2011 being 45 percent more
than the current year, it is pulling out all stops to make up for the shortfall. For the
following financial year, metro is planning on paying back about R479 million on
interest, in comparison to the almost R275 million during the previous financial year. In
its proposed budget to be tabled at the next council, a 10 percent increase on property
rates is suggested.

Council responsible for crumbling of road (Bedfordview/ Edenvale Pg 11)
Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality (EMM) has taken responsibility for the crumbling
road in Fourth Street in Edenvale. “The filling of portholes is the responsibility of the
EMM and it is possible for portholes to form where they were previously patched,” said
Zweli Dlamini, spokesperson of the EMM. According to Dlamini the old patch in Fourth
Street was done when a stormwater system was installed 20 years ago.

Repairing the roads (Randfontein/Westonaria Pg 4)
Throughout the past months the Herald has reported on residents‟ concern about the
deteriorating of Randfontein roads. Then in March the Herald published the
Randfontein Local Municipality‟s proposed road re-sealing programme. In that article
the municipality acknowledged the problems associated with portholes and said that it
was exacerbated by the rainy season.

Krugersdorp Rate Payers’ Association comments (Krugersdorp News Pg 2)
The Krugersdorp Rate Payers‟ Association says that municipalities are underfunded by
provincial government, but are expected to take the responsibilities of provincial and
national government. The reason for this can be attributed to the failure of national
government and provincial government in achieving their intended purpose. The
building and running of schools, clinics, hospitals and police stations are not the
responsibility of the municipality.

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