Physics and Wave Test Review by hcj


									                                       Force and Motion Test Review

   1.   What is motion? What are the 3 ways to describe motion?
   2.   What is the difference between speed and velocity?
   3.   What is a force? What tool do we use to measure forces? What is the unit for force?
   4.   What are balanced forces? What 2 things happen when forces are balanced?
   5.   What are unbalanced forces? What 5things happen when forces are unbalanced?
   6.   Define Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion.
   7.   Define inertia. What is the relationship between mass and inertia?
   8.   What is the relationship between force and motion?
   9.   What is the relationship between force and mass? Force and friction?

Practice Problems

For problems 1-5 list the Newton’s law that matches and the explanation:

   1. A soccer player kicks a ball with their foot and their toes are left stinging
   2. Two students are in a baseball game. The first student hits a ball very hard and it has a greater
      acceleration than the second student who bunts the ball lightly.
   3. A picture is hanging on a wall and does not move
   4. A person not wearing a seatbelt flies through a car window when someone slams on the breaks because
      the person’s body wants to remain in continuous motion even when the car stops.
   5. Rockets are launched into space using jet propulsion where exhaust accelerates out from the rocket and
      the rocket accelerates in an opposite direction.

Solve using S=d/t      F=ma
   6. A snail can slide 10 meters in 2 hours. How fast can the snail slide?
   7. Ann is riding her bike to her friend’s house 50 meters away. It takes her 10 minutes. What is her
       average speed?
   8. A 25g rock is kicked off the edge of a cliff. At what force will the rock hit the ground?
   9. A 20g baseball is hit with a bat and accelerates at 100m/s what is the force?
   10. Two tugboats are pushing on an ocean liner in opposite directions. One tugboat is pushing to the right
       with a force of 1500N while the other is pushing to the left with a force of 2000N. Calculate the net
       force exerted on the ocean liner.
                              Use the graph below to answer the following questions

As everyone in America knows the fearless Griswolds decided to have their annual family vacation at
WallyWorld. Much to the chagrin of the family, Clark decided to drive from Chicago, IL westward to Los
Angeles, CA. Below is a snippet of their car trip.

1) What was the average speed of the trip?

2) What was the instantaneous speed at mile 200?

3) There is a point in their ill fated trip that they stop to have lunch, only to find out the dog urinated on the
sandwiches. Between which hours did this yummy lunch take place and how did you know?

4) Calculate the speed of each leg of the trip and tell me which leg was the fastest.

5) What was the Griswold’s average velocity?

                                                                                 Griswold's Family Trip to WallyWorld

                                                           Distance (mi)

                                                                                     0      1      2      3      4      5
                                                                                                   Time (hr)

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