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									                            Introduction to Waves Quiz
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1. Waves carry matter from one place to another.

2. Waves carry energy from one place to another.

3. All waves are traveling disturbances that carry energy from place to place.

4. Wave frequency is the distance of one complete wave.

5. Velocity is the speed of the wave.

Connect the term with the definition.
6. height of the wave                                                                  Select a Term

7. distance of one complete wave cycle                                                 Select a Term

8. waves that travel up and down                                                       Select a Term

9. wave cycles in a given unit of time                                                 Select a Term

10. allows energy to pass through                                                      Select a Term

11. disturbance of energy                                                              Select a Term

Answer each question.
12. The medium is moving the same direction as the wave. What type of wave
                                                                                        Select one
is it?
13. The medium is moving perpendicular to the direction of the wave. What
                                                                                        Select one
type of wave is it?

Match the term to letter in the diagram.

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