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                 Ahmed Noman Mohammed Al-Hakimi was born in 1972 in Taiz (Yemen). I had
                 been a Bachelor of chemistry in Faculty of Science University of Taiz 1995. I
                 received my M.Sc. (2002), in Baghdad University (Iraq) and I worked a teacher
                 assistant in Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Ibb University since
                 2003-2005, Ph.D. degrees of Chemistry from Al-Mnoufia University, (Egypt)
                 (2008). I worked as research associate and worked with Professor A. S. El-Tabl
                 (Al-Mnoufia Univ.) and I worked as a Lecturer of Chemistry (inorganic
                 chemistry) at Year in the Ibb University in Yemen.

 Teaching Courses:
(General Chemistry in Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Science and Faculty of education in Ibb
 I am teaching all courses of inorganic chemistry to students of Chemistry in Faculty of
Science and Faculty of education in Ibb University.
1- Atomic structure (inorganic Chemistry 1)

2- Chemistry of the representative element (Inorganic Chemistry 2)
3- Transition Metal Chemistry (inorganic Chemistry 3)
4- Coordination Chemistry (inorganic Chemistry 4)
5- Industrial Chemistry
6- Nuclear Chemistry
 I teaching Undergraduate students pharmacy department in Aljazeera University, Ibb,

1- General Physical chemistry
2- General Organic chemistry
3- Pharmaceutical organic chemistry 1 and 2
                                       List of publication

1- Synthesis, spectroscopic investigation and biological activity of metal complexes with ONO
trifunctionalized hydrazone ligand, Transition metal Chemistry , 32:689-701(2007) Abdou Saad
EL-Tabl ,*, Fathey A. EL-Saied and Ahmed Noman AL-Hakimi
2-Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization and biological activity of the metal complexes of the
Schiff base derived from Phenylaminoacetohydrazide and dibenzoylmethane, Spectrochimica Acta
Part A 71 (2008) 90–99 Abdou Saad EL-Tabl ,*, Fathey A. EL-Saied , Winfried Plass and Ahmed
Noman AL-Hakimi
3- Spectroscopic characterization and biological activity of metal complexes with an ONO
trifunctionalized hydrazone ligand, Journal of Coordination Chemistry Vol. 61, No. 15, 10 August
2008, 2380–2401 Abdou Saad EL-Tabl ,*, Fathey A. EL-Saied and Ahmed Noman AL-Hakimi

4- Synthesis and Characterization of Metal Complexes of Tridentate and Hexdentate Hydrazone
Ligands Containing Antipyrine Moiety, Ahmed Noman Al-Hakimi, M. N. Al-Nozili and Nabil. A.
Alhemiary, the univ. Researcher, (2009) 59-72.

5- Coordination and Biological Behavior of 2-(P-toluidino)-N'-(3-oxo-1,3-diphenylpropylidene)
acetohydrazide and its Metal Complexes, Ahmed N. Al-Hakimi*1, Abdou S. El-Tabl2 and
Mohamad M. E. Shakdofa3 , J. of chemical research December (2009)770-774,

6- Electrical Conductivity of Agl-Cdl2-Kl and Agl-Cul-Kl Ionic Conducting System.” Mohammad
Hassan and Ahmed N. Al-Hakimi, Arabian Journal of Chemistry ((V.4 , No.4 , pp..., 2010).

7-Physico-chemical studies of symmetric and asymmetric binary andternary copper(I)/(II)
complexes of N-(3,5-dimethylphenyl)-3-(3,5dimethylphenylimino)butanamide,
Abdou S.El-Tabl1*, Ahmed N.Al-Hakimi, Mohamad M.E.Shakdofa, Ahmed M.A.El-Seidy,
Journal Inorganic Chemistry, in press An Indian Journal (2010).

8- Determination of, iron, zinc, copper, cadmium and lead in different cigarette brands in Yemen
by atomic absorption spectrometry; accepted for publication in Egypt, J. Anal. Chemistry (2010),
Ali Mutair, Ahmed Noman Al-Hakimi and Nabil A. Alhemiary.

9- New Method For Efficient Synthesis of 4,8-dioxothienopyrimidine Derivatives an Important
Synthon for the Carbazol Derivatives, Ahmed Ali Al-Hazmi, Ahmed Saeed Alkamali and Ahmed
noman Al-hakimi, World Journal of Chemistry 5 (1): 44-51, (2010).
10- Synthesis, Characterization and biological studies of New Mn(II), NI(II), Co(II), Cu(II) and
Zn(II) of 2-(benzothiazol-2-yl)-N\-(2,5-dihydroxybenzylidene) acetohydrazide, , Abdou S. El-Tabl
Mohamad M. E. Shakdofa and Ahmed N. Al-Hakimi, accepted for publication in JKCS (2010).


1- Synthesis and characterization of a new hydrazone ligand and it's metal complexes And studied
as a compounds reduce the environmental pollution; accepted in the Conference of the 1st
International Conference – Thamar Univ.- (18 and19-3 -2009)

2- Synthesis of mixed-ligand complexes of zirconium(IV) and studying in vivo and in vitro,
Ahmed Noman Al-Hakimi*, accepted in Conference of the Yemeni Biological Society, (Taiz) 14-

3- Synthesis and characterization of a new hydrazone ligand and it's metal complex and study their
effect on some microorganisms and cotton leaf worm as a new safety insecticide,
Ahmed Noman Mohammed Al-Hakimi , Abdou Saad EL-Tabl, Fathey A. EL-Saied, Mohamad M.
E. Shakdofa, accepted in 1st Annual International Conference -Ibb ) Environmental Science &
Technology) (1-3)-8- 2010.

4- The Effect of irrigation water is not treated in the spread of pollution in some areas from the
governorate of Ibb, accepted in Conference of the Yemeni Biological Society, (Sana'a) (28-29) -9 -

                                    manuscripts under publication
1- Synthesis, spectroscopic, and biological studies of chromium(III),manganese(II), iron(III),
cobalt(II), nickel(II), copper(II) ruthenium(III)and zirconyl complexes of a potentiallyoctadentate
Ahmed N. Al-Hakimia, Mohamad. M. E. Shakdofab, Ahemd M. A. El-Seidyb and
Abdou S. El-Tablc
  2- Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of manganese (II), iron(III) and cobalt(III)
complexes           with nitrogen donor hexadentate, 14-membered azamacrocyclic ligand potential
of cobalt(III) complex in biological Activity, Abdou S. El-Tabl1, Mohamad M. E.
Shakdofa2Ahmed N. Al-Hakimi3
3- Synthesis, Spectroscopic Characterization and Biological Activity Of Metal Complexes with (E)-2-(p-

toluidino)-N'-(2-hydroxbenzylidene)acetohydrazide Ligand, A. N. Al-Hakimia*, F. A. EL-Saiedb, A. A. Al-

Hazmia and M. Hassana and M. M. Shakdofac

4- Synthesis, Spectroscopic Characterization and antimicrobial studies of a new series of hydrazone

ligands and some metal complexes, Ahmed Noman Al-Hakimia*, Fathey A. EL-Saiedb, Mohammed

Hassana and Mohammed M. Shakdofac


Department of Chemistry
Faculty of Science, Ibb University, P.O. Box (70270), Ibb, Yemen
E-mail :,,       
Phone 00967771277293


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