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									                                            Valerie. P Carpenter

     c/o The American University in Cairo ELI PO Box 74 New Cairo 11835, Egypt             #0120043266
                     4750 Cove Circle N. #301 Madeira Beach, Fl. 33708 United States


 M.A. TEFL, The American University in Cairo, Egypt, June 2006
 B.A., University of Georgia, Athens / Georgia State University, Atlanta. Majors: Anthropology and
 English: English. Graduated Magna cum Laude.
 Diploma: Registered Nurse. Graduated Summa cum Laude


Instructor: The American University in Cairo, New Cairo, Egypt August 2007-present

 Academic writing /reading/ study skills /grammar in the English Language Institute.
 Freshman and Graduate Student Level taught with high evaluations (average 4.8-4.93 out of 5)
 Creating and implementing additional and supplementary course materials.
 Counseling and advising freshman university students in academic and/or professional issues.
 Research interests: Reading skills in an L2/cultural context. Academic writing in an L2 context
 Student Evaluations: median 4.93 of 5 (compared to department average of 4.42) see AFR

Instructor: Al-Yamamah College, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 2006-2007

 Instructor of various levels of non-native speakers of English: beginner to advanced
     (levels 2-8) in a pre-academic program.
 Developing materials, grading rubrics, and other materials for a new pre-academic program
      designed for women in business.
 Creating and evaluating ongoing assessment tools. Member of the curriculum committee.
  Responsible for design and implementation of all class materials in a student centered class
  Subject areas: reading, writing, listening and communication for entering college freshman
        and diploma students. Core project work on research and presentation skills.

Instructor: The American University in Cairo, Cairo, Egypt     2004-2006

 Fellow: academic study skills/reading/writing/grammar in the English Language Institute.
 Creating and implementing additional and supplementary course materials.
 Tutoring writing, reading & grammar to undergraduate and graduate students.
 Counseling and advising freshman university students in academic and/or professional issues.
English Language/Skills Enhancement Instructor: Fulbright Educational and Training Center
Cairo, Egypt, 2004 –2006

 Instructor of pre-advanced/advanced level listening and conversation courses in conjunction
      with the National Center for Judicial Studies for Egyptian judges and district attorneys.
 Developed materials for curriculum and testing within course requirements.
 Created and implemented supplemental teaching materials.
 Developed and implemented assessment and intake rubrics with related materials.

Health Educator/English Instructor: Center for Integrated Community Development /Peace Corps,
Dhanghadi, Nepal 2002-2004

 Taught English for 10 hours a week at local government schools, grades 4-7, class size of 60- 75 students.
 Tutored adult students in TOEFL, pre-med and business English.
 Created and implemented nursing and community health courses for CICD nursing campus,
        Dhanghadi, Nepal (granted NGO status by Nepali government).
 Taught nursing courses and supervised 93 nursing students in hospital and community over a
         two year period. Implemented community field health camps for up to 2000 people.
 Designed, wrote and budgeted, with CICD staff, two grants to fund community projects,
        funded by USAID. Both grants funded sustainable community health projects.
 Created student letter exchange program between Nepali and American school children.
 Contributor to NELTA newsletter (Nepal English Language Teacher’s Assoc.).
 Created and taught courses for Health Education at two secondary level government schools.
 (Please refer to Description of Service for more details)


EgypTesol, Cairo, Egypt Presentation/demonstration: “The Class Project: Integrating skills in the ESL
classroom” 2007

Professional Development Session ELI “Reading Beyond the Text: Training students to become reflective
readers” 2008

ELI: workshop" Update on the IEP student needs analysis" 2009

EgypTesol   “Using YouTube to Teach English.”        2009

“Looking at Student Needs First" TESOL, Boston, Massachusetts, USA March, 2010

Student Needs Research Project for English Language Institute/ AUC (2 year triangulated study)
Challenges in fostering autonomy in Egypt: A case study (Group action research project under the direction of
Dr. R. Hozayin)
The use of private speech among Egyptian/Arab ESL students: A strategic tool for language learning Pilot
Medical Research:    Please refer to Peace Corps Description of Service.


      ELI Blackboard /ELI Web Cafe: Reading/vocabulary 98 level site designer (1 of 6 designer team)
      Developed interactive blog site for students for reading and writing

      Chair: EdTechSIG (Education and Technology in the Classroom special interest group)
      Electronic Oasis: Technology division of EgypTesol (ongoing, 3 years)
      Organizing committee member
           EO committee lead
           Writer: grant for organizing a conference (ongoing)
           Task Coordinator

      CEA subcommittee: head. Rewrote standard for students needs. CEA Accreditation Subcommittee
       responsible for standards: Mission, Curriculum, and Length and Structure of the program. Lead: for
       curriculum and needs assessment survey developer
                      CEA Student Needs Research project. Designer of questionnaire, coordination of
       distribution of questionnaires and tabulation of data, report writing (which see)
                      Wrote pilot test questionnaire for entering and exiting student needs assessment:
       Designer of questionnaire, coordination of distribution of questionnaires and tabulation of data, report
       writing (which see)
                      Initiated collaboration with CLT to expand research project. To include placing survey on
       Blackboard (for better student demographics and ease of analysis; student confidentiality)
      Additional research (triangulation) includes survey/focus groups with former ELI students and a sample
       of AUC professors to better assess department needs and student/professor expectations. Focus group of
       graduate level IEP instructors to assess graduate IEP teacher and student needs/assessment of program.


 Peace Corps Returned Volunteer Association


Annual Faculty Reports /DOS/Student Evaluations available upon request

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