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									What’s Happening Right Now...

                                                                                                                  About Us
                                                                                                 The Rivers, Trails and Conservation
                                                                                                 Assistance (RTCA) Program provides staff
          6                                                                                      time and technical assistance for 1-2 years
                                                                                            5    to projects that need an extra hand to
                                                                                        4        take the next leap forward to success. We
                                                                                                 work with citizens’ groups and non-
                                                      12                                         profits, helping them realize their vision
                                                                                                 of how to improve their communities,
        2                                                                           9
                                                                             3                   whether it’s through a rail-trail, urban
       11                                                                                        park, or a restored river. The National
                                                                                                 Park Service helps make it happen.
                                                                             1 13
                                                  7                            8

Projects and Partners 2008
1. Activate Chester County Initiative             8. Hopewell Big Woods
  Chester County YMCA                                 Natural Lands Trust

2. Activate Pittsburgh                            9. Pennsylvania Highlands
   YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh                         Trail Network
                                                      Appalachian Mountain Club
3. Allentown's Lehigh Landing Waterfront
   Allentown Economic Development Corp            10. Pennypack Greenway
                                                       Keystone Conservation Trust
4. Delaware River Water Trail
   Outreach & Ed                                  11. Steel Valley Trail
   Delaware River Greenway Partnership                 Steel Valley Trail Council

5. Delaware River Highlands                       12. Susquehanna River Stewardship
   Pinchot Institute for Conservation                  Susquehanna Greenway Partnership

6. Erie to Pittsburgh Trail                       13. Tookany-Tacony-Frankford
   Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, NE Reg’l Office       Watershed
                                                       TTF Partnership
7. Gettysburg Inner Loop
   Healthy Adams Bike/Ped Inc.
                                                                                                On road cycling to Hopewell Furnace NHS
Recent Success
Greensboro Trail                                                                  Hopewell Big Woods: Big
Energizes Small Town                                                              Ideas Attract New Supporters

   The Nathanael Greene Historical                                                   Last year, the Natural Lands Trust
Foundation (NGHF) and RTCA are                                                    enlisted RTCA support on an ambi-
working on the Greensboro Trail to                                                tious agenda for Hopewell Big
revitalize the Town of Greensboro.                                                Woods. Together they created a vi-
Together they completed plans for 1.2                                             sion map and leveraged $2 million to
miles of land and water trails linking                                            acquire 1,840 acres on the border of
the Monongahela River and Greens-                                                 French Creek State Park. Next they
boro historic district. They also se-   Steel Valley Trail banner painting        advanced trail planning with IMBA
cured a $7500 grant to create river                                               surveys to gauge interest in cycling
                                       Steel Valley Trail Closes the GAP
access mini-parks. Ongoing public                                                 trails at Hopewell Furnace NHS and
trail meetings and events, including       The 19-mile Steel Valley Trail will    other recreation options in the Big
monthly “Walk Abouts” and the an-       link 10 municipalities in the Mon         Woods. A Hopewell Big Woods Eco-
nual two-day “Art Blast on the Mon”     Valley and complete the last segment      Recreational Reserve concept is now
conference and festival sparked com-    of the Great Allegheny Passage            being developed for funding through
munity interest in paddling and have    (GAP). RTCA and Steel Valley Trail        the NPS Centennial Challenge.
built up anticipation for trail con-    Council helped establish the
struction to begin this spring.         McKeesport Trail Group, held public
                                        meetings, ran two stewardship activ-             “RTCA has been invaluable
                                                                                      to us in grassroots organiz-
                                        ity days and trained trail monitors.          ing for our trail project. The
                                        The council also raised $20,000, or-          RTCA staff has really worked
                                        ganized an event for over 500 partici-        hand-in-hand with us to im-
                                        pants, and created 30 banners as part         prove our outreach."
                                                                                       - Hannah Hardy, PA Environmental
                                        of the Community Trail Art Initiative.        Council and president of the Steel
                                        The Steel Valley Trail will be finished       Valley Trail Council

                                        in 2008, in time to celebrate Pitts-
                                        burgh’s 250th anniversary.
Monongahela River Water Trail, accessible
from the Greensboro Trail

                We want to help you.
             Could Your Project Benefit from
                RTCA Staff Assistance?

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                       (215) 597-6483

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