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									                                INDIA N OIL CORPORA TION LIMITED
                          Bongaigaon Refinery, P.O. Dhaligaon,Dist. Chirang,
                                          Assam - 783385
  NIT No. CC09YP20/175                                                                      Dated: 28.10.2009
                                           NOTICE INVITING TENDER

  Indian Oil Cor poration Ltd. invites sealed tenders in prescribed tender form under SINGLE BID system
  from experienced contractors with sound financial standing for the following works as per details given

 NAME OF         L      TENDER EARNEST        PRE-QUALIFICATIONS                 TIME    PERIOD       RECEIPT     DATE OF
  WORK           O        FEE   MONEY                                            OF      OF SALE      OF          TENDER
                                              Annual            Value of Similar
                 C              DEPOSIT                                          COMPL   on all       TENDER      OPENING
                                              Turnover     in   Works
                 A      (See *& ** below                                         -       Working      upto 2.00   At 3:00
                                              any of the last   executed during
                 T      for   mode     of                                        ETION   days         P.M. on     p.m. on
                                              3    preceding    any of the last
                 I      payment)                                                         (Monday      or before
                                              financial years   five   preceding
                 O      (Rs.)      (Rs.)                                                 to Friday)
                                              (Rs. In Lakhs     financial years
                 N                                                                       from 10
                                                                                         A.M. to
                                                                                         2.00 P.M.
GRASS           "BGR"    1000.00   18,670/-    11.20 lakhs           See         02      29.10.09     12.11.09    12.11.09
CUTTING       Dhaligaon.                                            Note 1     (Two)        to
INSIDE &                                                                                 11.11.09

  * Tender Fee (non refundable), as applicable shall be paid by DEMA ND DRA FT/ BA NKER' S CHEQUE
  ** Earnest Money shall be paid BY DEMA ND DRA FT/ BA NKER'S CHEQUES ONLY.
   Demand Draft shall be drawn on any Nationalized/Scheduled bank in favour of Indian Oil Corporat ion
  Limited, Bongaigaon Refinery, payable at State Bank of India, BRPL Complex, Br. (Code No.
  – 7171) / UBI Bank / UCO Bank Dhaligaon.
  Note 1. “For experience, the single work executed by t he bidder, as main or sub -contractor, during any of
  the last five prec eding financial years shall be considered as mentioned below:”
  Three simil ar completed works each costing not less than the amount equal to Rs 5.60 Lakhs OR
  Two similar completed works each costing not less than the amount equal to Rs 7.47 Lakhs OR
  One similar completed work costing not less than the amount equal to ----     Rs 9.34 Lakhs.

  N.B.: - The similar nature of work shall be defined as:
         Works relating to Grass cutting jobs/ House keeping jobs/Any Civ il works /Mechanical

   The Offers of contractor not having PF Code is liable to be rejected.
  Tender Issuing & Receiving Authority/Contact Person: CM (Contract), Contract Deptt., email:
  yp_saxena@brpl.co.in Ph-03644-253908, IOCL, Bongaigaon Refinery, PO Dhaligaon, Dist. Chirang-

  The bidder may either download tender document from our web site www.indianoiltenders.com or
  purchase from our office by the submitting tender fees with request letter within sale period.
  Tender document cost is exempted for downloaded tender f rom IOCL’s Website/electronic media.
  Tender obtained from any other sources shall not be accepted
  Tender Documents (non- transferable) can be purchased from the office of Contract Cell, Bongaigaon
  Refiner y, PO Dhaligaon, Dist. Chirang-783385 on payment of Tender Fee (non-refundable) as stated
  above. Tender Documents shall be issued, received and opened on the date and time as mentioned

above. If the tender cannot be opened on the date as given above due to unavoidable circumstances, the
tender will be opened on the next wor king day unless separate notification is issued in this regard.

While apply ing for/submitting the tender documents, the intending tenderers shall have to
furnish to the Tender Issuing Author ity, the proof of their pre-qualifications, exper ience of -
wor k order(s) with complet ion certificate(s), financial standing (Audited Balance sheets and
Profit & loss accounts), Income Tax Assessment Orders (or Returns submitted) for the last
three financial years, Assam VAT and Service Tax registration Certificate as applicable, Fir m
Registration Cert ificate, complete postal address & antecedents etc.
The bidders must ensure that their offers reach to the tender receiving authority in time (please refer
clause no. 8.1 of Instruction to Bidders in SCC). Contract Cell of IOCL, Bongaigaon Refinery takes no
responsibility for delay, loss or non-receipt of bids sent by post. Telex/Telegraphic/Fax offers/e-mail
offers shall not be accepted. Conditional offers are liable for rejection.

The bidder, who is submitting their offer, shall ensure that they are meeting the pre-qualification criteria
given in the NIT and attested copies of all the suppor ting documents with regard to the same shall be
submitted along with their offer.
The owner reserves the right to reject, accept or prefer any tender or to abort the bidding process
without assigning any reason whatsoever.

Negotiations will not be conducted with the bidders as a matter of routine. However, Corporation
reserves the right to conduct negotiations .

Any legal dispute against this tender shall be within the jurisdiction of local court. Prevailing Government
guidelines regarding cost of documents/EMD/price preference/purchase preference shall be applicable.

Use of white/erasing fluid for correcting the rates is banned. Wherever the rates are corrected
with white/erasing fluids, the bids will be summarily rejected.
In case of closure of Banks at Dhaligaon due to Strike / Bandh / Holiday, tenders will be received up to
2.00 PM and opened at 3.00 P.M. on the next working day without any further notice.

                                                                              MA NA GER (Contract Cell)

Copy to :-

1. Notice Board – Contract Cell
2. SMNM (CL)                 – For kind information please.
3. FM (Contracts)           - F/C No Nil
4. MNM (CL)                 – Engineer- In -charge
5. Concerned file
6. Master copy through SM (CC)

                  Visit our website:www.IndianOilTenders.com for Indian oil tenders .


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