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					Mark A. Jordan                                            P.O. Box 4261, Burbank, CA 91503-4261

            • Web • Main 818-255-6020

      Whether you're a total Beginner, "So-So" or a bit of an expert yourself, I've got
something I can offer to your martial arts training.

      Together, we can either work to build a foundation, or build upon your existing
foundation - regardless, get ready for personal growth!

       I've been training formally in the Martial Art of Jujitsu since 1987, and teaching
others to develop and hone their own combat skills since 1993.

       In addition to investing my time training other high-caliber athletes, I am committed
to serving my community and region whenever the opportunity arises.

           I strive to bring both my sport AND the athletes I train the attention they deserve!

                                     Career Achievements
       I regularly organize and operate "Camp Budoshin", an annual training seminar (in
the 17th year) attended by the nations top Martial Arts instructors and enthusiasts. There
are regularly 80-100 participants, including greats like:

           Eric Lee, Kung Fu Master & Movie Star (The King of Kata)
           Benny "The Jet" Urquidez, Kickboxer and one of the most respected competitive
           fighters in the world
           "Judo" Gene LeBell, The Godfather of Grappling, a.k.a. "The Toughest Man Alive"

American Ju-Jitsu Association Freestyle Competition Championships:

2000   -   Grand Champion (National Champion) Black Belt Division
1999   -   Division Champion (Western Region) Black Belt Division
1998   -   Division Champion (Western Region) Black Belt Division
1995   -   Division Champion (Western Region) Black Belt Division
1994   -   Grand Champion (National Champion) Black Belt Division
1993   -   Division Champion (Western Region) Black Belt Division
1992   -   Division Champion (Western Region) Black Belt Division
1991   -   Grand Champion (National Champion) Black Belt Division
1990   -   Division Champion (Western Region) Black Belt Division
1989   -   Division Champion (Western Region) Black Belt Division

                                        Notable Students
2007   -   Ezra Pugh, Grand Champion (Western Region) Brown Belt Division
2006   -   Brian Sincomb, Grand Champion (Western Region) Black Belt Division
2003   -   David Eckardt, Grand Champion (Western Region) Black Belt Division
2002   -   Daniel Erickson, Grand Champion (Western Region) Brown Belt Division

           ...Plus more Division titles than I could possibly list here!

                                Professional Highlight
Civilian Combat Training Assistant:
• For the past 5 years, I've been assisting Professor George Kirby, a member of the LAPD
Civilian Martial Arts Advisory Panel
• I've served in the role as a Defensive Tactics Consultant as a part of this same civilian

                                 Martial Arts Training
       I've achieved the rank of "Rokudan", a 6th Degree Black Belt in Budoshin Jujitsu
(under Professor George Kirby).

        My belt status is registered with both the American Ju-Jitsu Association and Budoshin
Ju-Jitsu Yudanshakai.

       I've also studied traditional Japanese Jujitsu, Kenpo, as well as advanced Jujitsu
Striking Tactics.

Seminars Attended:

       1989 -Small Circle Jujitsu (Professor Wally Jay - Grandmaster) Jujitsu America
       1992 -Grappling Master Course ("Judo" Gene LeBell - Grandmaster) Kodokan Judo
       1993 -Rapid Takedowns (Professor Sig Kufferath - Grandmaster) Danzan-ryu
       1997 -Quick & Dirty Self Defense (Professor Hal Brosious - Grandmaster) Ketsugo

                                   Seminars Offered
(All classes have been offered on an on-going basis since 2002)

        Devastating Vital-Point Striking Techniques: 12 Striking Techniques No Martial
        Artist Should Be Without (But Many Are...)
        Unstoppable Counter-Attacks: How to Counter-Attack Using Methods That Your
        Opponent Can't Stop or Block - No Matter What He Does
        Rapid Submissions: Need to Get the Fight Over Quickly? Learn Rapid Submission
        Techniques to End a Fight in Under 3 Seconds - Guaranteed!

                              Community Involvement
Harvard-Westlake High School, North Hollywood, CA
Head Jujitsu Coach

City of Burbank Parks and Recreation Department, Burbank, CA
Jujitsu and Self-Defense Classes

Instructor Certification, American Ju-Jitsu Association
Board of Directors, American Ju-Jitsu Association
Vice President, American Ju-Jitsu Association
Chairman of the Black Belt Board, American Ju-Jitsu Association
Membership Director, American Ju-Jitsu Association
AJA Tournament Coordinator, Southern California
Board of Directors, Budoshin Ju-Jitsu Dojo, Inc.
Chairman of Education Committee, Budoshin Ju-Jitsu Yudanshakai


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