Marimba One is At It Again With 'Wave Wrap' Mallets

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					Marimba One is At It Again With 'Wave Wrap' Mallets

Just months after announcing their breakthrough Basso Bravo bass resonator technology,
Marimba One announces their new line of high-tech 'Wave Wrap' mallets. The term
'Wave Wrap’ refers to the method in which two yarns of different but complimentary
properties are wrapped on the mallet at the same time, and under different tensions; a
patented process that gives Wave Wrap a distinctive look, touch, balance, and sound that
single yarn mallets cannot achieve.

"Wave Wrap is more than revolutionary,” says Ron Samuels, Marimba One's founder.
“Really, between the mixed yarns and how and where they lay on the head and the effect
this has on balance, touch, and sound, it's a new mallet type altogether." Samuels goes on
to list the range of features and benefits of Wave Wrap mallets:

One. Wave Wrap has two separate yarns wound onto the mallet head at different
     tensions, one wool, and one nylon. The wool yarn gives the mallet its minimum
     contact sound. The nylon gives the mallet its wonderful articulation.

Two. The mallets have their highest concentration of yarns around the equator of the
      mallet enlarging the striking surface and making it more dense thus extending the
      range of the mallet on both the high and low end without an increase in weight.

Three. Wave Wrap is available in five mallets of varying hardness on select birch shafts.
       Because of the equatorial wrap and complimentary yarns, Wave Wrap heads are
       nominally smaller and lighter than single yarn heads of similar hardness. This
       gives Wave Wrap a touch and balance that is quicker and more responsive than a
       traditionally wrapped head.

Four. Because of the double equatorial wrap, Wave Wrap mallets hold their shape far
       better than comparable wool yarn mallets-extending the performance life of the

Five. They are somewhat more expensive, but totally worth it!

Samuels goes on: “Not everything having to do with the performance of Wave Wrap was
calculated. Some features just 'appeared' during development. The double equatorial wrap
in two colors creates an interesting chevron pattern around the playing surface and a
distinctive wave signature on top of the head.” These developments in design were
completely serendipitous. These unique visual cues are the signature of the world’s finest

The world premier of Wave Wrap mallets will launch at PASIC in November 2009.

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