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									    09232010_Recipient Reporting Webinar QA_Recipient
    RD Recipients

     1. Is the window for filing straight calendar days, irrespective of weekends or
        Federal holidays?

            a. Yes, because the site is available on a 24 hours basis.

     2. Does the reporting clock begin when you receive funding or when you
        received the award letter? Where can one receive assistance?

            a. Reporting clock starts when you get the award letter, i.e.: if award
               letter is 9-25-2010, you must report in the next reporting period
               effective October 1-10 for your input. TA (Technical Assistance)
               providers can help you meet the deadlines. TA providers include
               National Rural Water or RCAP (Rural Community Assistance
               Partnerships). In addition one may turn to local Rural Development
               (RD) staff and training materials available at:
               http://www.rurdev.usda.gov/recovery.html . For the Broadband
               Initiatives Program (BIP), the date you should use as your “award
               date” is the date you signed the award letter from USDA.

     3. If a recipient holds pin # from federalreporting.gov (FR.gov) is their CCR status fine?
        How to determine CCR is up to date? Where do you check to see if the CCR registration
        is still valid or expired?

            a. FR.gov pin serves as unique identifier. It would be fair to assume that if
               one is successful in obtaining the FR pin one should be setup properly in
               CCR. One can ensure that one’s CCR is up to date by logging into the
               CCR page (https://www.bpn.gov/ccr/default.aspx) and directing
               yourself to the management page. One should be notified if CCR
               registration is about to expire, but please review your status.

     4. Could you provide an example of a sub-recipient? What are recipient report

            a. There are sub recipients in all programs with the exception of the
               Broadband (BIP) program. If a municipality for example is awarded,
               engineers and others may be sub recipients but usually they will be
    09232010_Recipient Reporting Webinar QA_Recipient
    RD Recipients

                   vendors. This depends on the contractual arrangement between the
                   recipient and engineers. Material suppliers for prime contractors, i.e.
                   water pipe for water line project, are considered vendors.
                   Requirements may be found on excel template and below:

    Recipient Report Instructions

                          You are submitting a report for a Contract award.

                       Instruction                                Required Worksheets

    If you are a Prime Recipient who is submitting a      Prime Recipient
    report or reports on behalf of your Sub Recipient,
    you must fill out these worksheets (see the tabs
    at the bottom of the screen):                         Sub Recipients

    If you are a Prime Recipient who is not submitting
    a report or reports on behalf of your Sub
    Recipient, you must fill out these worksheets (see
    the tabs at the bottom of the screen):                Prime Recipient

    If you are a Sub Recipient who is submitting a
    report, you must fill out these worksheets (see the
    tabs at the bottom of the screen).

    NOTE: For Sub Recipient reporting for self, the
    DUNS numbers populated in the "Sub Recipient
    DUNS Number" field on the "Sub Recipients" tab
    must all be the same regardless of the Sub
    Award Numbers.                                        Sub Recipients

       Note: If entering Sub Recipients in your report, you must enter one Sub Recipient
              Award per numbered row. Do not leave a blank row between entries.

       5. Is the 1512 Form the actual reporting form?

               a. 1512 is the guidance within the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act
                  (ARRA), while the ARRA Infrastructure certification form is from Section 1511 of
                  ARRA. The requirement is to report in the FederalReporting.gov system. Please
                  reference to the user guide:
    09232010_Recipient Reporting Webinar QA_Recipient
    RD Recipients

     6. Can more than one person use the FRPIN? Does it have to one person submitting to
        FR.gov? Can you have multiple users? How do you receive it? Do you need FRPIN
        before you receive an award?

            a. FR Pin should only be used by the person registered. There can be multiple FRPINs
               issued to a company/organization based on the CCR/DUNS combination of the
               ARRA award. There is a requirement to enter a name and email, thus if the one is
               notified with any agency comments the person should be available to respond.
               You should receive your FRPIN via email notification following filling the required
               information on FR.gov and following acceptance of your FRPIN. No you do not
               need FRPIN before you receive an award, but you do require an FRPIN in order to
               report. There are time considerations to keep in mind. We emphasize starting
               the process now.
               Please refer to Chapter Three of the user guide for all FR Pin# inquiries:

     7. If we received the letter on September 30th or right before, would we still have to file
        the report for October?

            a. Yes, please get CCR Registration completed and attain a FR.gov Pin # now

     8. We must report for vendors on their "direct job impacts" Do we report these
        only if they are paid directly by Recovery Act Funds, i.e. new, hourly
        professional services? Or do we report existing employees that are now
        partially paid by Recovery funds through a vendor? Or, if a vendor hires a
        new employee that spends 10% of his time, do we report that?

            a. All job reporting is in hours worked, to equate the number of full time
               employees. Job’s created statistics are calculated for each quarter and
               do not carry over quarter to quarter. OMB M10-08 is a resource for
               guidance, section 5.2:

     9. Between Oct 1st and 10th what do recipients need to report?

            a. Please refer to the Chapter 6 of the User Guide:
    09232010_Recipient Reporting Webinar QA_Recipient
    RD Recipients


     10. We registered with FR.gov and received our FRPIN for a BIP award. We were
         awarded a BTOP award recently; will it be the same FRPIN?

            a. It depends on whether or not the CCR and DUNS registered under the
               FRPIN are the same for each award. If they are, then the FRPIN may be
               the same. If not, then the recipient must register for another FRPIN.

     11. If BIP agreement awarded but not executed, are they still required to file. Is it Award
         Date or Obligation Date?

            a. This definition may differ program to program. For BIP, we note the
               obligation date however, we recommend that the recipient utilize the
               date they signed the Concurrence letter for the ARRA award as the
               award date in their report. If expect to receive ARRA funding (BIP or
               otherwise) we would encourage to submit a report.

     12. Can you only use the copy forward function after October 1st or can you copy
         forward now and get started on your report, so all you have to do is submit
         on come October 1st?

            a. The copy forward function can only be used for those that have filed a
               report in the immediate previous cycle (in this case July), and are now
               filing a second report on same award. One could make a draft prior to
               Oct 1st submission for use.

     13. If applicant has not decided to accept a BIP award do they need to report?

            a. You are required to report once we receive your acceptance letter, even
               though you may have not signed further loan or grant documentation.
               As per current guidance 100% of BIP recipients have responded via an
               acceptance letter.

     14. It has been a year and our CCR is expiring soon. Once we renew do we
         receive a new FR Pin#?
    09232010_Recipient Reporting Webinar QA_Recipient
    RD Recipients

            a. No. The expiration is there to resubmit information. Please call the
               Helpdesk regarding the FR Pin to verify, once renewal of CCR complete.

     15. How do we replace responsible parties if they have left our company or

            a. Contact the Helpdesk to let them know if you have a change in
               personnel and designate a new responsible party related to your FRPIN.
               Or the Recipient reporting POC in your organization can delete the user
               and a new user may register for a login and request an FRPIN.

     16. In the case of those who applied as co-applicants would both parties be
         required to report as they have different DUNS numbers? Would they have
         separate FRPIN’s?

            a. This guidance is for Broadband only (BIP). One must be assigned as the
               primary. That one applicant will be the official reporter and designated
               as the Prime recipient. There would be no need for separate FRPIN, as
               only the primary would have the obligation to report. The co-applicants
               decide among themselves who will perform the activities as the Primary

     17. Is our POC for RD different than our GFR?

            a. For Broadband recipients (BIP), General Field Representatives (CFR) are
               first tier point of contacts and have the closest relationship with
               recipients. This is followed by Joseph Sorresso
               (Joseph.Sorresso@one.usda.gov) and Rachel Beattie
               (Rachel.Beattie@wdc.usda.gov) in the National Office.

     18. Our organization has been around for 50 years and has many departments,
         so I'm not sure if we already have FRPIN. If I start to request one, will the
         site alert me that my organization already has one?

            a. FederalReporting.gov should inform if a FRPIN exists under a particular
               user login because it is based on DUNS and CCR registration. The
               recipient’s Recipient Reporting POC designated within
               FederalReporting.gov would be able to determine who within the
    09232010_Recipient Reporting Webinar QA_Recipient
    RD Recipients

                organization already has an FRPIN. If this your first award then your
                organization most likely does not have one.

     19. If an applicant is using interim financing it is still counted as money spent?

            a. Interim financing should be recorded as if spending ARRA funds.

     20. Could you provide further guidance on job creation or money spent?

            a. Definitions of jobs considered to be created or retained:

            A job created is a new position created and filled, or an existing unfilled position that
            is filled, that is funded by the Recovery Act

            A job retained is an existing position that is now funded by the Recovery Act

            Using the definitions above, recipients must estimate the total number of jobs that
            were funded in the quarter by the Recovery Act. A funded job is defined as one in
            which the wages or salaries are either paid for or will be reimbursed with Recovery
            Act funding. (Link:

     21. Should pre award expenses be reported with initial report or subsequent report after
         work has commenced?

            a. Report what was incurred within the quarter they occurred.

     22. Compensations of executive officers are requested on the bottom of the Excel
         reporting template. Why is it relevant as it is confidential and unrelated to ARRA

            a. Legislative requirement, you have already put it in CCR, which is tied to
               a narrow set of circumstances. Cell B-69 of the MS Excel template gives
               conditions. Please also refer to the FederalReporting.gov Data
               Dictionary (under the Downloads section) for further definitions related
               to Highly Compensated officers.
    09232010_Recipient Reporting Webinar QA_Recipient
    RD Recipients

     23. Will you have an additional webinar for the RUS BCAS due by the 30th of the month
         following the end of the quarter for BIP Awardees? Is the Financial Information that is
         required to be submitted for the Project Only, or Company Wide Financials?

            a. Yes, additional webinars coming. The reporting a little different for the
               BCAS Interim financing, but should be recorded as if spending ARRA
               funds. The actual date they need to report is the quarter after the
               receipt of the loan. There will also be a BCAS overview presentation
               provided at the BIP Post-award workshop from September 28-
               September 30th.

     24. Is there a deadline to return the funding?

            a. If the recipient received the award and returned the funding within the
               same reporting quarter, then the recipient never filed a report for the
               award. Please communicate with your RD Staff who will communicate
               with the RD Recipient Reporting team at the national office. If however
               the recipient has reported in previous quarters, and then a full de-
               obligation occurred, a final report needs to be filed by the recipient in
               the respective reporting quarter. The State RD staff or GFR must
               coordinate with the RD Recipient Reporting team to ensure that the RD
               Master List is updated.

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