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National Park Service Fire Management Careers

                                           Looking for a job and/or a career which combines love of the land, science and
                                           technology skills, leadership and people skills? Then you may be the right person
                                           for a job or career in Fire Management in the National Park Service.
                                           There are many different specializations in the        Smokejumper: Specialized, experienced
                                           NPS Fire Management Program, some of which             firefighter who works as a team with other
                                           require special skills and training, and all of        smokejumpers, parachuting into remote areas for
                                           which require enthusiasm and dedication. This          initial attack on wildland fires.
                                           is a competitive arena which places physical and
                                           mental demands on employees.                           Helitack Crewmember: Serves as initial attack
                                                                                                  firefighter and support for helicopter operations
                                           Employees are hired for temporary and per­             on large fires.
                                           manent jobs, year round depending upon the
                                           area of the country. As an employee’s compe­           Fire Use Module Member: Serves as a crew­
                                           tencies and skills develop, their opportunities to     member working on prescribed fire, fuels
                                           advance in fire management increases.                  reduction projects, and fires that are managed for
                                                                                                  resource benefits.
                                           Positions Available
                                           Firefighter: Serves as a crewmember on a               Dispatcher: Serves as central coordinator for
                                           handcrew, using a variety of specialized tools,        relaying information regarding a fire as well as
                                           equipment, and techniques on wildland and pre­         ordering personnel and equipment.
                                           scribed fires. Job announcements for firefighter
                                                                                                  Fire Lookout: Serves as locator for fires in remote
                                           positions may be titled as Forestry Technician or
                                                                                                  locations and informs emergency response
                                           Range Technician.
                                                                                                  units of new fires. Please note that there are also
                                                                                                  positions as volunteer fire lookouts through
                                                                                                  the National Park Service Volunteers­In­Parks
                                                                                                  Program (VIP).

                                           Handcrew members use specialized firefighting tools,
                                           including the pulaski.

                                           Engine Crewmember: Serves on a fire crew that
                                           uses equipment associated with wildland fire           Fire lookouts keep a watchful eye for new fires.
                                           engines, including pumps and hoses as well as
                                           traditional handcrew equipment.                        Communication and Education Specialist: Serves
                                                                                                  as media contact and educates the public about
                                           Hotshot: Experienced firefighter who works on a        wildland fire as well as safety measures that may
                                           Hotshot Crew specializing in extended attack on        be taken to protect property from wildland fire.
The Faces of Firefighting                  wildland fires.

E X P E R I E N C E YO U R A M E R I C A                                                          National Park Service Fire Management Careers 1
                                           GIS Specialist: Uses satellite technology to map        Pay and Benefits
                                           fire perimeters, vegetation areas, and other            Employees are hired under the Federal Civil
                                           scientific studies.                                     Service System. Pay ranges from about $10.00 per
                                                                                                   hour to over $17.00 per hour, depending upon
                                           Biological Technician / Fire Effects Monitor:           the position and your experience. Firefighting
                                           Studies and collects data on the effects of fire        positions are paid overtime for any hours worked
                                           on plants and animals in burned and unburned            beyond the regular shift.
                                                                                                   Temporary and permanent employees receive
Biological technicians and fire effects    Other Support Positions: Warehouse worker,              sick leave, paid vacation, paid holidays, and train­
monitors collect data from burned and      administrative positions, management positions,         ing. Permanent employees also receive health
unburned areas.
                                           vehicle operators and other positions will be           and life insurance and are covered by the Federal
                                           advertised under several job titles.                    Employee Retirement System. Some fire posi­
                                                                                                   tions qualify for retirement after 20 years.
                                           Generally, unless a different minimum entry             Where to Find Job Announcements
                                           age is contained in the standard or examination         USAJobs –
                                           announcement for a particular position, appli­          USAJobs is the official site for federal job
                                           cants for any position in the competitive service       announcements. You may search for fire jobs as
                                           must be (1) at least 18 years old, or (2) at least 16   well as other federal jobs across multiple agencies
                                           years old and:                                          and geographic areas. Each job announcement
                                           • Have graduated from high school or been               will have specific information on how and where
                                             awarded a certificate equivalent to graduating        to apply as well as who to contact if you have
Fire management can be an exciting,
rewarding career in the National Park        from high school; or                                  questions.
Service with many opportunities.           • Have completed a formal vocational training
                                             program; or                                           Fire Integrated Recruitment Employment
                                           • Have received a statement from school                 Systems (FIRES) –
                                             authorities agreeing with their preference            index.php?action=home. Under this hiring pro­
                                             for employment rather than continuing their           cess you can select up to seven different fire job
                                             education; or                                         locations within the Department of the Interior
                                           • Be currently enrolled in a secondary school           using one application.
                                             and either work only during school vacation
                                             periods or work part­time during the school           NPS Fire­Related Job Searches – You can find
                                             year under a formal student employment                customized fire­related searches for employment
                                             program.                                              with the National Park Service by beginning at
                                                                                         , then:
                                           An applicant must be at least eighteen (18) years       • Click on the Employment link at the top of
                                           old to become a wildland firefighter.                     the page
                                                                                                   • Click on Job Search
                                           College coursework or a college degree aids in          • Choose which type of search to do (if you
                                           being hired at a higher pay level. The course­            are looking for fire jobs and have no previous
                                           work or degree can be in a variety of fields, but         federal employment, have not served in the
                                           many choose forestry, biology, natural resource           military, and have no preferential hiring
                                           management, and the like, especially for wildland         status, then choose National Park Service
                                           firefighting. If you are entering into the wildland       Fire Jobs – Public Non­Status applicants)
                                           fire arena without any previous experience you          • On the Employment page, you will also find
                                           may want to complete some basic classes locally,          information on how to apply, the application
                                           which will increase your chances of being hired,          forms, a brief description of the fire positions
                                           such as S­130 Firefighter Training and S­190              and a link to frequently asked questions.
                                           Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior. Contact
                                           your State Forestry agency or a nearby communi­         For more information, contact a specific national
                                           ty college to see if they offer any of these classes.   park unit to learn more about their fire manage­
                                                                                                   ment program and what jobs may be available
                                           Requirements vary by job so read the announce­          – and click on the link
                                           ment or contact the specific location where you         for “Park Contact Information”.
                                           would like to work for more details.

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