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					Name: Ng Cherry
Class: S3E
Class no.: 27

                 Moral essay: Should animals be kept in zoos?

      Have you ever been to a zoo? As we have zoos in the city, we can see those
wild animals such as monkeys, tigers, pandas, etc, without going to the forests.
However, some people disagree with the action of keeping wild animals in zoos. In
this essay, I will look at some of the arguments for and against keeping animals in
       One argument in favour of keeping animals in zoos is that we can give
protection to those endangered species. As there is rapid urban development and
deforestation, the wildlife habitats will be totally destroyed. As a result, those
endangered species will disappear at a high speed. It is humane of people to put those
wild animals in zoos.
      Another advantage is that children can learn more about wild animals. They can
see and observe those animals’ habits. Children can see wild animals in zoos but not
just learning them from books. It is educational.
       From the above, we can see that there are clearly advantages in keeping wild
animals in zoos. However, there are also some disadvantages.
       The first disadvantage is that keeping wild animals in zoos will show our
disrespect. Animals have their own thoughts and natural instinct. After being kept in
zoos for a long time, animals will lose their natural instinct. This will lead to the loss
of the purpose of living of the wild animals.
        Another disadvantage is that wild animals would have no freedom in zoos as
they are kept in cages, which is an extremely small area for them. Being kept in zoos
is just like being imprisoned.
         To sum up, there are both advantages and disadvantages to keeping wild
animals in zoos. However, I still think that, on balance, the advantages outweigh the
disadvantages. Therefore, I believe that it is best for people to keep wild animals in

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