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									If involved in accident, remain calm, take deep breath and follow these steps:
Tip: Keep all items (cell phones, toys, tools, spare tire) secured before accident! They can be painful projectiles!

1. After Impact. Check yourself for injuries, if safe to do so, check occupants of other car for injuries. Call 911 and give
them the location of the accident. Let them know if you think anyone was hurt or if an ambulance or fire truck is needed.
Turn on hazard lights to warn other cars. Having an emergency kit and flares inside the car are good to have.

2. Keep Safety First. Drivers involved in minor accidents with no serious injuries should move cars to the side of the road
and out of the way of oncoming traffic. Leaving cars parked in the middle of the road can be dangerous! If a car cannot be
moved, occupants should exit car and move to a safe distance away from traffic or if cannot exit vehicle put on seatbelts.

3. Exchange Information. After the accident, get the following information from driver of other car:

Full Name of Driver ______________________________________ Drivers License Number _______________________

Current Home Address ________________________________________________________________________________

Home Phone ___________________________________________________ Cell Phone ___________________________

Make, Model, Color and Year of Vehicle _________________________________________________________________

State and License Plate Number of Vehicle _________________________ VIN Number ___________________________

Insurance Company Name ______________________________________ Phone Number __________________________

Insurance Company Policy Number _____________________________ Claim Number ____________________________

Name of Insured Person Listed on Insurance Card ________________________________ Phone ____________________

If the driver's name is different from the name on the insurance card, establish what the relationship is of the driver to the
name on the insurance card (example: husband/wife, parents, friends) ___________________________________________

Passengers in other vehicle (How Many and Names) ________________________________________________________

If car is towed, Name of Tow Agency _____________________ Operator Name ________________ Phone ____________

Mileage of your car ________________________________ VIN Number of your car _____________________________

Important: Remove personal items from car before it is towed / Give only car key to tow operator, keep the house key!

4. If you already have a copy of your insurance card be sure to give driver of other vehicle the copy not the original.

Also make a written description of each car, including year, make, model and color and the exact location and time of the
collision and how it happened. Finally, be polite but don't tell the other drivers or the police that the accident was your fault,
even if you think it was. If car must be towed ask the person towing the car to help you get the VIN number of each car and
the mileage of your car. Get the name and number of the towing company and the address where the car is being taken.

5. Photograph and Document the Accident. Use your camera phone to document the damage to all the vehicles. Keep in
mind that you want your photos to show the overall context of the accident so that you can make your case to a claims
adjuster. If there are witnesses, try to get their contact information; they may be able to help verify what happened.

6. File An Accident Report. Once the police have arrived and taken all the information get an accident case number from
the police officer. Get the name and phone number of the officer working the accident, they usually have a business card. A
police report often helps insurance companies speed up the claims process. If accident may be your fault: Do not admit fault
to anyone! Do not say you are sorry! If the police officer writes you a ticket just take the ticket and don’t say anything.

Additional Notes: (Example: Location of accident, Time of Accident, Witness contact information, What happened)

(If needed continue notes on back of this paper)

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