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                U W – M A D I SON V I E W BO O K 2 011 –12

Table of Contents
The Wisconsin Experience . . . . . . . . 2
Academic Excellence . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Student Leadership . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Campus Life . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
University Housing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
Resources and Support . . . . . . . . . . 16
Engaged Community. . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
Orientation and the
First-Year Experience                     ............     20
Career Planning
and Placement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21
Freshman Admission . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
Transfer Admission                    ...............      24
International Admission. . . . . . . . . 26
Financial Aid
and Scholarships. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28
Visit Wisconsin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30
Schools and Colleges. . . . . . . . . . . . . 32
Undergraduate Majors
and Certificate Programs . . . . . . . 41

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4   V I E W BO O K 2 011–12

                   UW–Madison is renowned for the Wisconsin Idea, first defined more than 100
                   years ago by UW–Madison president Charles Van Hise as the principle that edu-
                   cation should influence and improve people’s lives beyond the boundaries of the
                   classroom. Wisconsin’s mission is that students, faculty, and staff apply in- and
                   out-of-classroom learning in ways that have significant and positive impact on
                   the state of Wisconsin, nation, and world.

                   Grounded in the Wisconsin Idea and UW’s progressive history, the Wisconsin
                   Experience is the way we refer to the time our students spend on campus
                   becoming creative problem-solvers, extraordinary citizens, and national and
                   global leaders. Wisconsin has produced more Peace Corps and Teach for America
                   volunteers than almost any other university, and we tie with Harvard in the
                   production of S&P 500 CEOs. We are ranked in the top ten research institu-
                   tions nationwide for the number of our students who are awarded Fulbright
                   Fellowships. We are among the top suppliers of faculty members who teach at
                   research-intensive institutions around the world. And our graduates hold local,
                   state, national, and global leadership positions.

                   The opportunities we offer to students make us unique in higher education. As
                   part of their Wisconsin Experience, our students take part in substantial academic
                   research, gain global and cultural competence, hold internships, travel abroad,
                   explore plentiful leadership opportunities, and—most important—apply their
                   learning in “real world” situations.

                   Before you arrive at UW–Madison, you’ll hear about our legacy of campus spirit
                   and student involvement. Whether it is cheering on the Badgers at Camp Randall,
                   spending time with friends at the Memorial Union Terrace, or sledding down
                   Bascom Hill in winter, you’ll feel connected to other students and to Wisconsin’s
                   rich history.

                   Freshman Profile 2009–10
                   Enrollment                                   Wisconsin Undergraduates
                   Applicants                     24,855        65%              Wisconsin residents
                   Admitted              14,228 (57%)           63%              receive financial aid
                   Enrolled                        5,680        14%                 students of color

                   Academic Profile of Admitted                 5%             international students
                   Freshmen (middle 50%)
                   GPA                          3.5–3.9
                   ACT                            27–29
                   SAT                      1860–2090
                   Class Rank                  85–96%
6   V I E W BO O K 2 011–12
                                                                                               U N I V ER SI T Y O F W ISCO NSI N – M A D ISO N   7

Choose from 157 majors,
70 of which are ranked in
the nation’s top 10.

The University of Wisconsin is a major research university, nationally and internationally renowned
for its academic excellence, resources, faculty, commitment to undergraduate education, and
dedication to out-of-classroom learning experience. You’ll quickly discover that academic
expectations are high. You will be challenged by your classmates, inspired by your professors,
and supported in your desire to learn. At Wisconsin, today’s experts train tomorrow’s leaders
at a university that is dedicated to advancing knowledge in innovative ways.
Options and Distinctions                 First-Year Interest Groups (FIGs)         Study Abroad
At Wisconsin, you’ll find eight               
undergraduate schools and colleges       A FIG is a cluster of three interre-      UW–Madison students study abroad
offering 157 majors and over 4,500       lated classes built around a theme in     in record numbers, with more than
courses per year. Seventy of our aca-    which a small group of students (20)      2,000 of our students participating in
demic programs are ranked in the         enroll together. Each cluster includes    150 programs around the world each
nation’s top ten, and UW–Madison is      a synthesizing course that actively       year. In fact, Wisconsin ranks in the
the country’s thirteenth-ranked pub-     integrates the material from the other    top ten of research institutions whose
lic university according to U.S. News    two. FIGs are only offered in the fall    students participate in overseas study.
& World Report.                          semester and most are connected to        You can study abroad for a summer,
                                         specific residence halls or residential   a term, or the full academic year.
Inspiring Students and Alumni            neighborhoods. A couple of reasons        Academic credits, scholarships, and
Our undergraduates come from             to join a FIG: the GPAs for each FIG      financial aid are generally carried for-
every county in Wisconsin, all 50        cohort are substantially higher than      ward during overseas study.
states, and more than 130 countries.     non-FIG students, even though their
We’ve educated several Rhodes            academic profiles are virtually identi-   Service Learning
Scholars and our students regularly      cal, and FIGs help students form close
receive prestigious awards, scholar-     bonds with peers in living-learning       Wisconsin has a vibrant academic
ships, and fellowships. Our graduates    communities.                              service-learning program; students
number 381,000 living around the                                                   can integrate course work with
world, including a roster of S&P 500     Honors Programs                           hands-on community service and
CEOs that places Wisconsin as the               research. The Morgridge Center for
nation’s top producer of today’s busi-   Since 1958, when Wisconsin was one        Public Service and its related programs
ness leaders.                            of the first schools in the country to    earned UW–Madison acclaim in the
                                         introduce an honors program, we’ve        Princeton Review guidebook, Colleges
Faculty                                  been offering our most academically       with a Conscience: 81 Great Schools with
Our professors are nationally and        talented students unique opportuni-       Outstanding Community Involvement.
internationally recognized teachers      ties to challenge and surround them-
and scholars. With over 2,000 fac-       selves with others who love to learn.     Undergraduate Research
ulty members, a student-to-faculty       Each school and college on campus         Scholars (URS)
ratio of 17 to 1, and just 29 students   offers an honors program, in addi-
in the average class, you can get to     tion to learning communities, ser-        Students who want to push the fron-
know your professors. And because        vice-learning courses, and research       tiers of knowledge have the opportu-
Wisconsin ranks first among public       opportunities geared toward those         nity to do so from their first day on
universities in the number of profes-    who have a desire to accomplish           campus. Students can join the URS
sors who have won prestigious awards     something special.                        program and work side-by-side with
and prominent grants, you’ll be learn-                                             world-renowned researchers, assisting
ing from the people who are creating                                               with ongoing research or designing
today’s cutting-edge knowledge.                                                    and directing their own projects.
8   V I E W BO O K 2 011–12

                   Faculty Profile: Professor Kristyn Masters
                   Professor Masters is an Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering. She recently
                   won the Emil H. Steiger Distinguished Teaching Award, has won two teaching awards
                   from the American Society for Engineering Education, and received a National Science
                   Foundation Career Award, a five-year multi-million dollar National Institutes of Health
                   grant. Besides devoting her time to lab research and teaching, Professor Masters is the
                   co-faculty director of the Delta Program for research, teaching, and learning; the fac-
                   ulty advisor for the Society of Women Engineers; and the faculty senator for biomedi-
                   cal engineering. And somehow, she finds time to rock-climb, do gymnastics, and play
                   tennis and intramural softball!

                   Q: Why did you accept a position                  We are interested in seeing how
                      at UW–Madison?                                 engineers can find better ways to
                                                                     mimic the processes that lead to
                   A: There is such a collegial and wel-
                                                                     heart failure, so that we can stop
                      coming environment here, which
                                                                     them before someone needs a
                      I felt immediately during my first
                      on-campus interview. Almost
                      everywhere you go, schools                  Q: What is your favorite course to
                      will tell you how collaborative                teach and why?
                      their school and programs are—
                                                                  A: Engineering 102, which is an
                      Wisconsin really means it.
                                                                     introduction to engineering’s
                   Q: You did something very cool                    grand challenges for freshmen. I
                      between your postdoctoral                      love teaching freshmen, and this
                      appointment and coming to                      class is great because it is open to
                      UW–Madison. Can you tell us                    both majors and non-majors. The
                      about it?                                      course focuses on the humanitar-
                                                                     ian applications of all of the engi-
                   A: I took a year off and rock-climbed
                                                                     neering disciplines. Engineering
                      around the world. I traveled to
                                                                     isn’t immediately identified as one
                      Australia, New Zealand, Thailand,
                                                                     of the helping professions, but
                      and Mexico. I love talking about
                                                                     it is. One section of the course
                      this with students, because I
                                                                     focuses on engineering beyond
                      think they should always make
                                                                     planet earth. We discuss how we
                      the most of these kinds of oppor-
                                                                     might terraform Mars, and my
                      tunities. I didn’t study abroad in
                                                                     students build a Mars rover out
                      college because I was worried
                                                                     of candy. The exercise asks stu-
                      about graduating young, but
                                                                     dents to consider the specifics of
                      after this rock-climbing trip, I see
                                                                     engineering design: they have to
                      it was totally worth it!
                                                                     pick materials and consider their
                   Q: What was the highlight of that                 strength and cost.
                                                                  Q: If you weren’t a professor, what
                   A: My favorite place was New                      would you be?
                      Zealand. It was so beautiful—
                                                                  A: Either a professional rock-climber
                      there are no other words for
                                                                     or a member of the Peace Corps.
                      it. There was also a moment in
                      Australia when my husband and I             Q: Can you tell our prospective
                      were on a ledge and thought we                 students something interesting
                      might die. That was exciting.                  about yourself?

                   Q: What subject do you publish                 A: I grew up terrified of public
                      most on?                                       speaking even through graduate
                                                                     school, and now I am a professor
                   A: Biomaterials and tissue engineer-
                                                                     and very comfortable speaking in
                      ing. In my lab, we try to develop
                      materials to replace or repair
                      diseased cardiovascular tissues.
                                                   U N I V ER SI T Y O F W ISCO NSI N – M A D ISO N   9

Professor Kristyn Masters | Department of Biomedical Engineering
Hometown: Birmingham, Michigan
Undergraduate Alma Mater: University of Michigan
Graduate Alma Mater: Rice University
Postdoctoral Research: University of Colorado
10    V I E W BO O K 2 011–12

                                                   STUDENT LEADERSHIP
                                                   The Wisconsin Experience is defined by student leaders who
                                                   inspire one another, advocate for change, and move the
                                                   university into the future.
                                                   Associated Students of Madison                           Homecoming Committee and
                   A sampling of our                                              Wisconsin Alumni Student Board
                                                   The Associated Students of Madison             
                   student organizations:          (ASM) is the official student govern-                    The Wisconsin Alumni Association
                                                   ment on campus. All students are                         (WAA) sponsors both the
                   Badger Skydiving Club,
                                                   automatically members and can get                        Homecoming Committee and
                   Capoeira Angola Madison,        more involved by volunteering for a                      the Wisconsin Alumni Student
                                                   committee or campaign, taking on                         Board (WASB). The Homecoming
                   Chess Club, Environmental       an internship, becoming a student                        Committee hosts a week of events
                                                   staff member, or by serving as an                        on campus each fall, including the
                   Studies Club, Emmie Music       elected or appointed official.                           Annual Homecoming Parade. Each
                   Magazine, Hillel, Hoofer                                                                 spring, the committee welcomes
                                                   Greek Life                                               close to 30 spirited Badgers selected
                   Ski and Snowboard Club,                                          through a rigorous process. WASB
                                                   For 150 years, Wisconsin’s fraterni-                     is a group of 65 enthusiastic stu-
                   Madtown Ballroom, Model         ties and sororities have connected                       dents who engage in philanthropic
                                                   students through the ideals of                           endeavors, campus and community
                   United Nations, Redefined       friendship, leadership, scholarship,                     outreach, recruitment, and campus
                                                   and service. Our 48 chapters boast                       events such as the All-Campus Party.
                   A Cappella, Slow Food           excellent academic records and raise
                   UW, Society of Women            thousands of dollars for charity, while                  Leadership Certificate
                                                   providing smaller, close-knit commu-           
                   Engineers, Wisconsin Black      nities. Approximately ten percent of                     UW–Madison students can complete
                                                   UW students participate in Greek life.                   a leadership certificate (similar to a
                   Student Union                   Wisconsin’s fraternities and sorori-                     minor) that requires documentation
                                                   ties include several historical African                  of a minimum of 100 hours total of
                                                   American, Latina/o, and Native                           experience in leadership roles, civic
                                                   American chapters.                                       engagement, work experience, and
                                                                                                            education activities within and out-
                                                                                             EMILY JULKA

     Get involved on campus and in the community   •   Join a club or organization           •             Volunteer for a committee or campaign
                                                                                             U N I V ER SI T Y O F W ISCO NSI N – M A D ISO N   11

       side the classroom focused on leader-     Committee organizes an annual
       ship; three online courses; and a cap-    series of high-profile speakers, as well
       stone education artifact (paper, Web      as many other events. The commit-
       site, presentation) that demonstrates     tee’s interest in challenging current
       the student’s growth, learning, and       norms and ideals brings speakers
       impact on the community.                  such as Chuck Palahniuk, Helen
                                                 Prejean, Al Sharpton, and the late
       Student Organizations                     Howard Zinn to campus.
       Joining one of our more than 750          Writing Fellows
       student organizations is a great way to
       get involved on campus, make friends,     The Writing Fellows program enlists
       and develop leadership skills. Whether    talented undergraduate writers to
       you love to dance, debate, play sports,   serve as peer tutors in writing cours-
       write poetry, volunteer, sail, or cam-    es across the university. Each year,
       paign, there’s a group for you. And if    through a competitive and selective
       you don’t find the organization that      application process, the program
       captures your interest, you can start     chooses 30 students who are trained
       your own. It’s really that easy.          and paired with professors in many
                                                 disciplines. Writing Fellows give stu-
       Wisconsin Union Directorate               dent writers thoughtful, extensive                    feedback on their writing and par-
       The Wisconsin Union Directorate           ticipate in the university’s teaching
       (WUD) is the student organiza-
       tion that designs, manages, and
                                                 mission.                                   Spotlight on
       promotes more than 1,000 events                                                      Student Organizations:
       on campus each year. You can be
                                                                                            Kappa Delta Chi
       a member of the committees that              Did You Know?
       organize concerts, film showings,
       the Distinguished Lecture Series, the         The WAA also offers and                This year, Kappa Delta Chi
       Union Theater events series, Hoofers          connects students with                 (KDChi), a philanthropic, non-
       outdoor recreation club activities, or        various scholarships. Visit
                                                                                            traditional sorority based on
       a variety of student publications.  
       The Distinguished Lecture Series                                                     service to the Hispanic com-
                                                                                            munity, won the UW Dean’s
                                                                                            Award of Excellence. The orga-
                                                                                            nization advocates for social
                                                                                            awareness and celebrates the
                                                                                            accomplishments of young
                                                                                            women of all nationalities,
                                                                                            backgrounds, and walks of
                                                                                            life. KDChi won the award
                                                                                            based on its promotion of the
                                                                                            values of unity, honesty, integ-
                                                                                            rity, and leadership among
                                                                                            women at colleges and univer-
                                                                                            sities, which it effects through
                                                                                            service events, sisterhood
                                                                                            retreats, and academic and
                                                                                            cultural workshops.

•   Develop leadership skills and make friends            •   Do an internship
12   V I E W BO O K 2 011–12

               Professor Patrick Sims | Department of Theatre and Drama
               Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
               Undergraduate Alma Mater: Yale University
               Graduate Alma Mater: University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee
                                                             U N I V ER SI T Y O F W ISCO NSI N – M A D ISO N   13

Faculty Profile: Professor Patrick Sims
Professor Sims is an Assistant Professor of Acting/Multicultural Theater. He recently
won the Class of 1955 Distinguished Teaching Award. He also won the UW Arts
Institute’s 2009 Joyce J. and Gerald A. Bartell Arts Award, UW–Milwaukee’s 2007
Graduate of the Last Decade Award, and the Wisconsin Speech-Language Pathology
and Audiology Professional Association’s 2008 Outstanding Service Award. Professor
Sims is currently writing a new solo performance called “Skin Like Mine,” which inves-
tigates the historical similarities between Panama’s and the U.S.’ involvement in the
African slave trade, as well as the impact on both cultures. He is also working on a
grant for a project called Digital Storytelling, which tries to close the achievement gap
by fusing technology, the arts, and minority students.

Q: What is your favorite course                 A: Students in this project will write
   to teach at UW–Madison and                      short stories about a specific
   why?                                            site/community in Madison and
                                                   then record and upload them
A: Theater 357 Introduction to
                                                   on YouTube. They will also use
   Theater for Cultural and Social
                                                   Google Maps to help them con-
   Awareness. This class allows me
                                                   textualize their site.
   to utilize my interests in act-
   ing and in cultural competency               Q: You are very active on campus;
   and outreach work. The cultural                 can you tell us about one of your
   awareness component provides                    out-of-classroom projects?
   students with a safe space to dis-
                                                A: I am a faculty affiliate member of
   cuss hot button issues that they
                                                   the First Wave Spoken Word and
   wouldn’t be able to in another
                                                   Urban Arts Learning Community,
   setting. In this class, we use plays,
                                                   a cutting-edge multicultural
   film, and current events as step-
                                                   artistic program for incoming UW–
   ping stones to launch conversa-
                                                   Madison students. This program
   tions about our own lived experi-
                                                   merges traditional arts such as
   ences, as well as race relations,
                                                   dance, music, theater, and educa-
   sexual orientation, politics, and
                                                   tion and brings an urban flavor
   gender dynamics. At the end of
                                                   to the expression of these forms.
   the semester, students in the class
                                                   First Wave recruits students across
   facilitate discussions on these top-
                                                   the country to compete in spoken
   ics in the campus residence halls.
                                                   word competitions, and UW–
Q: Can you describe a positive                     Madison is the first collegiate First
   teaching and learning expe-                     Wave program. There is a study
   rience you’ve had at UW–                        abroad component built into First
   Madison?                                        Wave, so students will study in
                                                   Panama; I am the faculty director
A: I took a group of undergraduates
                                                   for that initiative.
   to a national conference on race
   and ethnicity. One student was a             Q: If you weren’t a teacher, what
   Caucasian woman who had never                   would you be?
   been in the minority until this
                                                A: I wanted to be an Olympic track
   conference. At the conference, her
                                                   athlete, a lawyer, a psychologist,
   eyes were opened. It was great to
                                                   and a Hollywood actor.
   witness her experience the “aha”
   moment about what it means to                Q: What is something interesting
   live with privilege as part of the              about yourself that might inter-
   majority. Now she has academic                  est prospective students?
   language to put with the experi-
                                                A: I’m a Libra—the youngest of
                                                   three sons. And I dress really cool,
Q: Can you tell us a little about                  so I’ve been told.
   Digital Storytelling, the project
   you are writing a grant for?
14   V I E W BO O K 2 011–12

                    CAMPUS LIFE
                    Student life at Wisconsin is so much more than books, study
                    sessions, and exams. Some of your most important college
                    experiences and learning opportunities will take place
                    outside of the classroom.
                    Arts and Culture                           Hoofers
                    Wisconsin appreciates the arts—film,       Established in 1931, Hoofers is one of
                    music, dance, writing, and the visual      the premier collegiate outdoor recre-
                    arts. You’ll find it all on campus,        ational programs in the country. Ask
                    every day. We have ten museums             Hoofers and they will tell you that
                    and galleries, five theaters, and five     their Hoofers experiences are some
                    concert halls. There are more than         of their most memorable and prized
                    1,500 performing arts events on            college memories. There are six clubs
                    campus each year. Artists, speakers,       in Hoofers—mountaineering, outing,
                    politicians, and writers regularly visit   riding, sailing, scuba, and ski and
                    the university.                            snowboard.

                    Badger Athletics                           Wisconsin Union
                    For some, the essence of the               The Memorial Union, on the shore
                    University of Wisconsin is Big Ten         of Lake Mendota, is home to the
                    athletics and Bucky Badger. There are      famed Union Terrace. At the union,
                    23 varsity sports on campus—11 for         you’ll find live music, a coffee shop,
                    men and 12 for women. The 2009–            restaurants with lake views, movies,
                    10 season was another great one for        study lounges, art galleries, games,
                    the Badgers. Our men’s hockey team         ballroom dancing, and all sorts of
                    reached the NCAA championship              extracurricular classes. UW–Madison
                    game. For the eleventh consecutive         is currently in the process of building
                    year, the men’s cross-country team         a second student union on the south
                    won the Big Ten Championships.             part of campus, which will open in
                    Women’s rowing won its first Big Ten       April of 2011. Check out its progress
                    Championship, while the lightweight        at
                    rowing team took second at nation-
                    als. In football, the Badgers won ten      Recreation and Fitness
                    games in a season for just the sixth
                    time in school history. Men’s basket-      Our recreational facilities are state-
                    ball reached the NCAA Tournament           of-the-art and the Division of
                    for the twelfth straight season, while     Recreational Sports offers innova-
                    the women’s team qualified for the         tive programs and opportunities for
                    first time since 2002. Whether you’re      active involvement. Your student
                    competing or cheering from the             ID card gets you free access to our
                    stands at legendary venues such as         indoor recreational facilities,
                    Camp Randall and the Kohl Center,          two swimming pools, and 63 acres
                    you’ll quickly discover that every year    of outdoor recreational fields. You
                    is a great year to be a Badger.            can choose from more than 100
                                                               group fitness classes per week,
                                                               become a member of one of our 35
                                                               club teams, or participate in 40 dif-
                                                               ferent intramural sports.
                                               U N I V ER SI T Y O F W ISCO NSI N – M A D ISO N   15

EMILY JULKA                                                                                   EMILY JULKA

              The Insider’s Guide to Colleges
              “The University of Wisconsin is a thriving, bustling
              campus happily situated between two beautiful lake-
              shores in the heart of the city. The city is well-known
              and widely respected for its challenging academics, its
              strong athletic teams, its ground-breaking research
              in a variety of fields, and most importantly, its large
              and terrifically vibrant student body.”
                                        —The Insider’s Guide to Colleges
16   V I E W BO O K 2 011–12

                    UNIVERSITY HOUSING
                    We know an important consideration for students is where they will live. At Wisconsin,
                    you’ll have lots of options and the choice is yours.
                    Freshmen are not required to live in      University Residence Halls feature:      University Housing Contracts
                    the University Residence Halls, but       • Academic programs that enhance         Freshmen admitted for the fall term
                    we definitely encourage it. Living          the residential experience. Within     will automatically receive a University
                    in the halls is the best way to meet        the halls, you’ll find academic        Housing contract as long as space
                    people and feel at home fast. The           advising, class sections, study        remains available. The contract will
                    overwhelming majority of first-year         groups, tutoring services, writing     be created at the time of admission
                    students, as well as many sopho-            instruction, study rooms, class-       and sent within two to three weeks.
                    mores and transfer students, live in        rooms, and wireless access points.     Students admitted for the spring
                    University Residence Halls.               • Individualized attention: many         or summer terms should contact
                                                                parents and family members are         University Housing to request an
                    University Residence Halls                                                         application. Visit www.housing.wisc.
                                                                pleasantly surprised by the indi-
                    Our University Residence Halls are                                                 edu, e-mail AssignMe@housing.wisc.
                                                                vidualized attention their students
                    home to nearly 7,000 students and                                                  edu, or phone 608–262–2522 for
                                                                receive from our staff, who are
                    offer valuable programs and ser-                                                   more information.
                                                                available to assist students with
                    vices. The halls are clustered into two
                                                                issues such as the newfound
                    neighborhoods. One neighborhood                                                    Projected 2010–11 Rates
                                                                responsibilities and growth that
                    sits along the beautiful shore of Lake                                             While University Residence Hall rates
                                                                come with being a college student.
                    Mendota and features outdoor rec-                                                  for 2011–12 won’t be available until
                    reational fields and easy access to       • Popular and convenient dining          the spring of 2011, we provide these
                    libraries and classroom buildings. The      services. Students can choose from     cost estimates for planning purposes:
                    other is in the heart of the southeast-     a variety of dining rooms, car-
                                                                                                       Regular Double Room
                    area academic buildings and recre-          ryout stores, delis, coffee houses,
                                                                                                       and Food        $7,435
                    ational facilities, very near downtown      and even room delivery service.
                    Madison. No matter where you live           And we’re constantly increasing        There is an additional $200–300
                    on campus, you’ll quickly discover          our selections of locally sourced,     program fee for Residential Learning
                    that our residence hall communities         vegetarian, vegan, and organic         Communities. Students may qualify
                    give you the resources, support, ser-       foods. Residents pay only for the      for a grant to cover some or the
                    vices, and cultural and social opportu-     food they select (a meal plan is not   entire fee.
                    nities you need to learn, make friends,     required) using their Housing Food
                    and feel right at home.                     Account, which is part of the cam-
                                                                pus ID card (Wiscard).
                                                              • Residential Learning Communities

     Freshly prepared foods              •    Learning communities            •   Technology resources            •    Activities and events
                                                                                            U N I V ER SI T Y O F W ISCO NSI N – M A D ISO N   17

         Residential Learning Communities
         UW–Madison features seven Residential Learning Communities, living-
         learning communities that bring together faculty, staff, and students
         around an explicit focus within University Residence Halls. Students
         who share a common interest such as multiculturalism, sustainability,
         or entrepreneurship live together and benefit from unique seminars,
         course sections, and aligned co-curricular activities that help to produce
         smaller, more intentional communities that set students up for success.

         You can choose from the following communities: the Bradley Learning
         Community, Chadbourne Residential College, the Entrepreneurial
         Residential Learning Community, the GreenHouse, the International
         Learning Community, the Multicultural Learning Community, and
         Women in Science and Engineering.

      Additional Housing Options                    features may include resident assis-
      If you choose not to live in University       tants; dining halls and meal plans;
      Residence Halls, a variety of pri-            computer labs; fitness centers;
      vately owned housing options are              recreational and social programs;
      also available. These include private         and traditional rooms, suites, and
      residence halls, apartments, houses,          apartments.
      efficiencies, condos, rooms, co-ops,
      and fraternity and sorority chapter

      Access our online listing of housing
      options at www.campusareahousing. There are several private
      residence halls located near campus,
      although they are not owned or
      operated by the university. Available

                                                                                           Live on Campus,
                                                                                           Succeed on Campus
                                                                                           Students who live in
                                                                                           University Residence Halls
                                                                                           earn higher GPAs and benefit
                                                                                           from residence hall class sec-
                                                                                           tions, tutoring and academic
                                                                                           advising in the halls, and
                                                                                           learning communities.

•   Classes in the residence halls              •     Security       •   Small Seminars
18   V I E W BO O K 2 011–12

                    RESOURCES AND SUPPORT
                    Helping students succeed is a top priority at Wisconsin. Our students benefit from a
                    network of support designed to help them expand their minds and achieve their potential.
                    Academic Advising                         International Student Services            cultures, and where students gather
                                      to study, relax, hold meetings, use
                    Academic advisors are available in        The International Student Services        the computer lab, meet with an
                    each school and college and offer a       (ISS) office offers a wide variety of     academic advisor, receive writing
                    network of guidance and encourage-        services and support to Wisconsin’s       instruction, and attend lectures
                    ment. Your first advising appointment     international community. ISS assists      and cultural celebrations. Ten of
                    will take place during our summer         international students with visa and      Wisconsin’s multicultural student
                    orientation and registration program.     related immigration issues, while also    organizations are housed in the MSC,
                    From there you’ll be assigned an advi-    providing peer mentors, workshops,        including the Hmong American
                    sor in your area of interest—someone      social events, and advising on cultural   Student Association, the India
                    who will help you consider major          adjustment and social matters. In         Students Association, La Mujer Latina,
                    options, plan your course work, and       addition, ISS helps coordinate the        the Multicultural Student Coalition,
                    progress toward graduation.               international student orientation pro-    Students Living Inter-Cultural
                                                              gram, which takes place at the start      Experiences, the Wisconsin Black
                    Disability Resource Center                of each semester and is mandatory         Student Union, and Wunk Sheek.
                               for all new international students.
                    Students with physical, visual, hear-                                               Parent Program
                    ing, or learning disabilities, as well    Libraries                       
                    as those with psychiatric or chronic                      The Parent Program is designed
                    health disorders, can obtain infor-       The UW–Madison libraries boast the        to help parents stay connected to
                    mation and assistance from the            eleventh-largest research collection      campus and to serve as an ongoing
                    McBurney Disability Resource Center.      in North America and the largest          resource throughout each student’s
                    The center assists the university in      library in the state, Memorial Library.   college career. Parent Program ser-
                    creating an accessible campus com-        The library system includes more          vices include a newsletter, Web site,
                    munity where all students have an         than 40 libraries. Holdings total more    e-mail notice system, calendar and
                    equal opportunity to fully participate    than 7.3 million printed volumes,         handbook, and events throughout
                    in every aspect of the educational        over 20,000 electronic journals, and      the year.
                    environment.                              more than 7 million items such as
                                                              government documents, maps, films,        Technology
                    Health Services                           video games, and musical scores.
                                    The libraries offer free wireless, com-   We have been named one of the
                    University Health Services is the         puter labs, laptop checkout, study        most-connected campuses, as well as
                    health clinic on campus, open to          rooms (some can even be reserved          one with the best wireless technol-
                    all students. Services include treat-     online for study groups and meet-         ogy, with free wireless access in more
                    ment of injuries and illnesses, flu and   ings), digital collections, live online   than 80 percent of campus build-
                    allergy shots, counseling for stress      help, E-reserves, and a café.             ings. You’ll have unlimited access
                    reduction and mental health crises,                                                 to 16 computer labs across campus
                    and nutrition counseling. Most costs      Multicultural Student Center              that offer high-speed Internet access;
                    are paid by enrollment fees and an                          color printing; poster printing; slide
                    insurance plan is available for stu-      The Multicultural Student Center          scanning; digital audio/video editing
                    dents needing more comprehensive          (MSC) is a place where the univer-        resources; 650 laptop computers for
                    medical coverage.                         sity community comes together to          free checkout at 17 campus locations;
                                                              learn about and appreciate various        free computer training; a 24-hour
                                          U N I V ER SI T Y O F W ISCO NSI N – M A D ISO N   19

help desk; Web-based storage;
discounted software and hardware;
and the My UW Web portal, an
easy-to-use gateway to personalized
campus information and services.

Student parking on campus is
extremely limited, if available at all.
It’s much more convenient to walk,
bike, or take the bus. The student
bus pass provides free access to
campus and Madison city buses,
and a citywide network of bike
paths makes riding safe and effi-
cient. There’s also SAFE Nighttime
Services, providing free cab rides
and walking escorts to students.

Writing Center
To help students excel in their aca-
demic writing and become more
effective, confident writers, UW–
Madison has developed one of the
largest and most comprehensive
writing centers in the country. At
the Writing Center, students can
get feedback during various stages
of the writing process. The Writing
Center also offers noncredit classes
on topics such as taking essay
exams and writing literary analysis
papers. Students can make appoint-
ments for consultations at the main
Writing Center, visit one of the
Writing Center’s satellite locations
(in residence halls and multicultural
centers), or receive electronic feed-
back on their writing through the
online Writing Center.
20   V I E W BO O K 2 011–12

                                                            ENGAGED COMMUNITY
                                                            Madison is the perfect college town. Our students benefit
                                                            from both the campus community and Madison itself,
                                                            since both are right at their doorstep.
                                                            Wisconsin’s Capital City                   Madison Rankings
                                                                         The state capital city tops many
                                                            With a population of over 220,000,        “best” lists:
                                                            Madison offers the ideal combination       • #1 Farmers’ market
                                                            of a close-knit community with the           (The Huffington Post 2009)
                                                            natural beauty, stimulating cultural       • 2nd Best city for college grads
                                                            offerings, outdoor recreation, distinc-      (The Daily 2010)
                                                            tive restaurants, unique shops, and
                                                                                                       • #7 Most innovative city
                                                            vibrant nightlife of a big city.
                                                                                                         (Forbes 2010)
                                                           State Street                                • #20 Best place to launch a business
                                                           This Madison student favorite is a            (Forbes 2010)
                                                           renowned mile-long pedestrian mall          • Silver award for bike–friendliness
                                                           that links campus with the State              (League of American Bicyclists 2009)
                                                           Capitol. Along the way you’ll find          • #2 Best place to find a job
                                                           more than 35 restaurants, includ-             (Money Magazine 2009)
                                                           ing Italian, Japanese, Nepalese, and        • The nation’s smartest city
                                                           Vietnamese food; more than a dozen            (bizjournals 2008)
                                                           nightspots; 6 coffee shops; 5 book-
                                                                                                       • One of 5 perfect college towns
                                                           stores; 3 museums; the Orpheum
                                                                                                         (Smarter Travel 2007)
                                                           Theater; the Overture Center; and
                                                           more than 60 specialty shops and            • #1 City for the arts
                                                           boutiques.                                    (Creative Class Group 2007)
                                                                                                       • One of 10-best outdoor-oriented
                                                                                                         towns (Yahoo! Real Estate 2007)
                                          EMILY JULKA

      Miracle in the Midwest
      Madison is home to the nation’s
      best farmers’ market, five lakes,
      the Overture Center for the
      Arts, the State Capitol building,
      The Onion, Oscar Mayer, more
      than 220,000 people, Ironman
      Wisconsin, and Bucky Badger.
      It’s been called one of the best
      towns in America and the per-
      fect college town.

                                                        #1 walking city      •   Nation’s smartest city      •   #1 city for the arts           •   One
                                                                                                                        U N I V ER SI T Y O F W ISCO NSI N – M A D ISO N   21

      Great Outdoors                                        Wisconsin Film Festival                         Weather in Madison
      No matter the season, you’ll find                                         Madison enjoys four distinct sea-
      people making use of Madison’s                        Presented by the UW Arts Institute,             sons. During our warmest summer
      green space and five area lakes.                      this four-day festival features more            months of June, July, and August,
      There are 6,000 acres of parkland in                  than 150 films in eight theaters all            high temperatures average 80
      the city, including 260 parks and 14                  within walking distance of campus.              degrees Fahrenheit. Our winters are
      conservation parks, in addition to                    Tickets cost $4 and give students               cold and snowy. From November
      more than 150 miles of bike trails in                 the opportunity to experience new               through March, high temperatures
      the county.                                           American independent and world                  average near 30 degrees but can
                                                            cinema premieres.                               fall below zero. Think of it this way:
      Farmers’ Market                                                                                       Madison is blooming and cool in                                          Cinematheque                                    the spring, hot and sunny in the
      Every summer Saturday, Madison                                           summer, colorful and crisp in the
      hosts the Dane County Farmers’                        The Cinematheque is dedicated                   fall, frozen and snowy in the winter,
      Market, rated the number-one mar-                     to showcasing films that would                  and beautiful all year long.
      ket in the nation. It’s held on the                   otherwise never reach Madison
      Capitol Square and features 150                       screens. Every Friday and Saturday
      vendors selling everything from fresh                 night during fall and spring, the
      produce to baked goods to meat and                    Cinematheque screens films for free
      cheese to flowers.                                    in one of the finest projection facili-
                                                            ties in Wisconsin. It regularly show-
                                                            cases archival and other rare prints
                                                            from around the world.
                                              EMILY JULKA

of 5 perfect college towns         •   One of the 10 most livable cities                       •      #2 place to find a job         •    A top 10 green city
22   V I E W BO O K 2 011–12

                                          ORIENTATION AND THE FIRST–YEAR EXPERIENCE
                                          The transition to college is an exciting and challenging time for
                                          most students. At Wisconsin, our professors, advisors, staff, and
                                          especially your fellow students will challenge you to embrace
                                          the ideas, opportunities, and experiences that lie ahead.
                                          Orientation and Your First Year          2. Welcome Events. When you
                                          The transition to college is an excit-   return to campus in the fall and
                                          ing and challenging time. During         begin your classes, your orientation
                                          your first year at UW–Madison, you’ll    continues. The first weeks on campus
                                          participate in experiences that will     will include a series of programs and
                                          help you adjust to college life, get     events designed to help you make
                                          involved on campus and in the com-       friends, learn your way around, and
                                          munity, and take advantage of all        understand the expectations and val-
                                          the unique opportunities available to    ues of the Wisconsin Experience.
                                          our students.
                                                                                   3. Your First Year. As your aca-
                                          Your first-year experience has three     demic year continues, you’ll have the
                                          distinct components:                     opportunity to explore our various
                                                                                   majors, participate in student organi-
                                          1. Summer Orientation. It all begins
                                                                                   zations, live in a Residential Learning
                                          the summer before your first term at
                                                                                   Community, take freshman seminar
                                          UW–Madison, when new students
                                                                                   courses, conduct undergraduate
                                          attend our orientation program. This
                                                                                   research, join a First-Year Interest
                                          is when you’ll enroll in your first-
                                                                                   Group, experience service learning,
                                          semester courses, meet other new
                                                                                   and much more.
                                          students, and build a basic founda-
                                          tion for life on campus.                 All these opportunities and experi-
                                                                                   ences create the foundation for
      Go Big Read                                                                  your Wisconsin Experience and
                                                                                   provide a challenging and support-
      This is the second year of UW–                                               ive framework for your first year of
                                                                                   college. You can learn more about
      Madison’s reading program,
                                                                                   Wisconsin’s commitment to first-
      GO BIG READ, which gathers                                                   year students through the Center
      the campus community around                                                  for the First-Year Experience at
      one text and engages them in
      countless classes, events, and
      discussions related to the book.
      Throughout the 2010–11 school
      year, the campus will read and
      discuss Rebecca Skloot’s The
      Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks,
      which tells the story of an
      African-American cancer patient
      who was the unwitting donor
      of the “HeLa” cells that directly
      aided many advances in modern
      medicine. Learn more online at
                                                                                      U N I V ER SI T Y O F W ISCO NSI N – M A D ISO N   23

The University of Wisconsin is committed to helping students
acquire the skills, tools, contacts, resources, and knowledge
they need to live successful lives after graduation.
Each of our eight undergraduate            Part-Time Jobs
schools and colleges has a career
planning and placement center, offer-      The UW Student Job Center main-
ing a full range of programs to help       tains an extensive listing of part-time
students explore careers. When grad-       jobs, work-study positions, and paid
uation draws near, our career centers      internships, both on and off campus.
will help you polish your resume,          Thousands of students work part
improve your interviewing skills, and      time while also going to class and
refine your job search.                    staying involved on campus—it’s
                                           a balance that can be achieved at
Exploring Career Options                   Wisconsin.
The Exploration Center, part of the        On-Campus Recruiting
Cross-College Advising Service, con-       Hundreds of employers visit campus
ducts career exploration workshops         each year, recruiting students for
each semester. These sessions help         positions in corporations, small busi-
students assess their values, interests,   nesses, nonprofit organizations, gov-
and skills and then provide guidance       ernment agencies, school systems,
on how to use this information to          and beyond.
make solid career choices. The many
career and job fairs held on campus        Graduate and Professional School
serve to give students additional          Many of our students choose to
information and contacts for career        go on to graduate and professional
decision-making.                           degree programs at some of the
                                           best universities in the world, includ-
Internships                                ing the University of Wisconsin. For
More than 3,000 internship oppor-          instance, UW–Madison produces
tunities are posted on campus each         the fifth-highest number of medi-
year, in every field of interest, within   cal school applicants in the country.
the university and throughout the          These students are well-qualified and     Career Fairs and Events
world. Internships are required by         admitted at rates higher than the
some majors and recommended by             national average.                         Career Forum
all because they bring classroom                                                     Law School Fair
learning to life and add meaningful                                                  Retail Career Exploration Fair
experiences to educational resumes.
                                                                                     Big Ten Graduate School Exposition
                                                                                     Multicultural Career Fair
                                                                                     Mock Interview Day
                                                                                     Careers in Athletics
                                                                                     Personal Finance Internship and
                                                                                        Career Fair
                                                                                     Public Service Fair
                                                                                     IT Fair
                                                                                     Real Estate Career Fair
                                                                                     Spring Career Expo
                                                                                     Etiquette Dinner
                                                                                     Graduate School Fair
                                                                                     Career and Internship Connections
24   V I E W BO O K 2 011–12

                                          FRESHMAN ADMISSION
                                          The University of Wisconsin is a world-class university, and
                                          admission is both competitive and selective.
                                          Our admission counselors review                        Academic GPA
                                          each application individually, look-                   Students must earn good grades and
                                          ing for students who meet the uni-                     maintain a high level of achievement
                                          versity’s high academic standards                      in challenging course work.
                                          while also demonstrating leadership
                                                                                                 Grade Trends
                                          qualities, nonacademic achievement,
                                                                                                 Grade patterns over time are impor-
                                          diversity in personal background and
                                                                                                 tant. An increasingly strong aca-
                                          experience, and potential for contri-
                                                                                                 demic record improves the likelihood
                                          bution to the Wisconsin community.
                                                                                                 of admission; a downward trend
                                          Admission Requirements                                 diminishes it.
                                          and Expectations                                       Class Rank
                                          Academic preparation and success                       We request class rank from all appli-
                                          are the primary considerations for                     cants and consider it along with
                                          admission. We do not have a mini-                      other factors. In the absence of rank,
                                          mum GPA, test score, or class rank                     we look to other factors to help us
                                          above which admission is guaran-                       make informed decisions.
                                          teed. We consider all achievement—
                                          both academic and personal—with                        Test Scores
                                          emphasis on:                                           Either the ACT or the SAT is required,
                                                                                                 including results from a standardized
                                          Academic Course Preparation                            writing test sent directly by the test-
                                          Academic preparation, and specifi-                     ing agency.
                                          cally the rigor of your high school
                                          course work, is the primary consid-                    Applicant Statements
                                          eration for admission. The Academic                    Our two essays give students the
                                          Course Preparation chart below                         opportunity to distinguish themselves
                                          shows our minimum course require-                      among other applicants and help us
                                          ments for application. Students who                    get to know them beyond GPA and
                                          are most competitive for admission                     test scores. These crucial parts of your
                                          generally meet our typical standards                   application are your chance to tell
     Wisconsin Basecamp                   (right column), including four to five                 us things about yourself that aren’t
                                          academic courses each year and AP,                     revealed throughout the rest of your
     Wisconsin Basecamp is a five-day     IB, and honors courses when appro-                     application, such as character-defin-
     outdoor orientation program for      priate and possible.                                   ing moments, academic or personal

     incoming UW–Madison freshmen.
     It offers canoe, camping, and
     backpacking trips for students the   ACADEMIC COURSE PREPARATION
     summer before they start school.                                             Minimum for                       Typical for
     Each trip has ten students and two                                           Application                       Admission
                                          English                                         4                               4+
     current student or recent alumni
                                          Math*                                           3                               4+
     leaders with outdoor leadership
                                          Social Studies                                  3                               4+
     experience. All trips are
                                          Science                                         3                               4
     beginner–friendly and offer stu-     Single Foreign Language                         2                               4
     dents an opportunity to make new     Additional Academic/Fine Arts                   2                               2+
     friends before starting school.      Total Units                                   17                               22+
                                          *Math requirement includes at least one year each of algebra, geometry, and advanced math or an             integrated sequence of courses.
                                                                                                           U N I V ER SI T Y O F W ISCO NSI N – M A D ISO N   25

challenges faced, hardships overcome,           Dates and Deadlines                          How to Apply
or cultural awareness developed.                Applications are accepted beginning          Online. We encourage you to apply
Ultimately, you’ll want to provide us           September 15. All applications com-          online at Our
with all the details you would like us          pleted by February 1 receive full and        online application is secure and easy
to know before we make a decision               equal consideration. We offer two            to use.
on your application.                            notification periods as follows:
                                                                                             On Paper. If you prefer paper, visit
Nonacademic Qualifications                      First Notification Period: To receive a to print
In addition to academic achievement,            decision during the First Notification       a copy of the application.
we look for students who demonstrate            Period, students must complete the
qualities such as leadership and con-           application and submit all required
cern for others and the community;              materials by November 1. Admission
achievement in the arts, athletics, and         decisions for these students will be
other areas; diversity in personal back-        made on or by January 15.                       Dance and Music Majors:
ground and experience; and a family                                                             Students interested in major-
                                                Second Notification Period: Students
legacy of success at UW–Madison.                                                                ing in dance or music must
                                                who complete their applications
Recommendations                                 during the Second Notification                  complete the application
Insights from teachers, counselors,             Period (after November 1 but before             for admission, as well as the
employers, and coaches add perspec-             the February 1 application deadline)            dance/music application and
tive to each student’s achievement.             will have decisions made on or by               also schedule an audition.
A total of two is sufficient, with at           March 15.                                       Visit or
least one coming from someone who                                                      for appli-
                                                Applying during the First Notification          cation and audition information.
can attest to your academic ability
                                                Period will not increase the likelihood
(i.e., classroom skills, knowledge, and
                                                of admission. It simply gives students
work ethic). Other recommenda-
                                                the opportunity to receive decisions
tions might come from an employer,
clergy, research mentor, or coach.
Remember that quality is more
important than quantity.

    Freshman Application Checklist
    A complete application consists of the following                    Statements. Read our advice
    (read these pages carefully or see our Web site for details):       regarding statements in this
                                                                        viewbook and on our Web site
     Application for Admission. Apply online at
                                                                        so you can utilize this chance
                                                                        to tell us about yourself, clar-
     Application Fee. A nonrefundable $44 application fee
    q                                                                   ify your academic goals, and
     must accompany your application. Online applicants                 explain any extenuating circum-
     should pay the fee by credit card. Paper applicants can            stances that may have affected
     submit payment by check or money order.                            your academic performance.

     Official Transcripts. We require transcripts for all
    q                                                                   Letters of Recommendation.
     high school and college-level work. Official transcripts           We suggest you submit two
     should be sent directly by the school.                             letters, with at least one writ-
                                                                        ten by someone who can
     Official Test Scores. Scores from either the ACT or
    q                                                                   attest to your academic ability.
     SAT, including standardized writing test results, are
     required, sent directly by the testing agency. Our test
     codes are 4656 for the ACT and 1846 for the SAT.
26   V I E W BO O K 2 011–12

                    TRANSFER ADMISSION
                    Each year we welcome close to 2,000 transfer students to UW–Madison. These students come
                    to us from a wide range of colleges and universities, but when they arrive on campus, they
                    become members of the Wisconsin community. In fact, one in five UW–Madison students
                    begins as a transfer student.
                    Minimum Application Requirements           • Cumulative GPA (must be competi-       Admission to Majors
                    To apply, students must have complet-        tive not only for university admis-    All students are initially admitted to
                    ed the following minimum require-            sion, but for admission to the         the university and not into specific
                    ments. To be admitted, students need         intended major as well)                programs and majors. Admission to
                    to present academic achievement                                                     the university does not guarantee
                    significantly more competitive than        High School Record                       admission into a specific program or
                    these minimum requirements:                The fewer the number of college          college. In all cases, admission
                                                               credits earned, the more important       to intended majors requires a sepa-
                     • 24 transferable semester credits
                                                               the high school record becomes. In       rate procedure, application, and/or
                       (excluding AP and other test
                                                               these cases, we consider:                review process. You can learn more
                       credit; transfer students are not
                       accepted at the freshman level)         • Rank in class                          about admission to majors at
                     • Algebra (one year high school or        • Academic GPA                 
                       equivalent)                             • Grade trends
                                                                                                        Transfer Credit
                     • Plane geometry (one year high           • Curriculum/rigor of courses            After a transfer student has been
                       school or equivalent; must be           • ACT/SAT score                          admitted and has confirmed his or
                       regular college-track, not lower-                                                her intent to enroll, we will perform
                       track such as modified, basic, or       Standardized Test Scores                 an official evaluation of transfer cred-
                       informal)                               Results from the ACT or the SAT are      it. Credit is awarded for college-level
                     • College preparatory math (one           not required of transfer applicants.     course work completed at institutions
                       year high school or a college-level     However, if you’ve taken either test,    accredited by a regional or national
                       course)                                 we encourage you to provide us           accrediting organization recognized
                     • Single foreign language (two high       with your scores. Your results may       by the Council for Higher Education
                       school years or two college semes-      strengthen your application.             Accreditation. Continuing education
                       ters)                                                                            courses, graduate-level courses, and
                                                               Nonacademic Qualifications
                                                                                                        courses that are remedial, vocational,
                    Academic Course Preparation                Numbers alone do not determine
                                                                                                        technical, or doctrinal in nature are
                    Competitive academic course work           admissibility; nonacademic factors
                                                                                                        not transferable.
                    will include:                              may also be considered. We look for
                                                               students with special or unique talent   Transfer Course Equivalencies
                     • Breadth (English composition,
                                                               who bring significant extracurricular    Students transferring from UW
                       college-level math, science, social
                                                               or employment experiences and those      System schools or the Wisconsin
                       science, humanities/literature, and,
                                                               who will enrich our campus com-          Technical College System should
                       if appropriate, foreign language)
                                                               munity. While nonacademic factors        consult the Transfer Information
                     • Increasing level of difficulty          strengthen a good application, they      System (TIS) at to deter-
                     • Course rigor (appropriate for con-      will rarely make an academically weak    mine exactly how their credits will
                       tinued study at UW–Madison)             applicant admissible.                    transfer to UW–Madison. Students
                     • Appropriate preparation for major                                                transferring from Illinois or Minnesota
                                                               Application Process and Deadlines
                                                                                                        two-year colleges should consult our
                    Grades and GPA                             All applications received by the
                                                                                                        Transfer Equivalency Database (TED)
                    Most transfer students admitted in         dates indicated below will receive
                                                                                                        at for
                    recent years have a cumulative GPA         equal consideration for admission.
                                                                                                        transfer course equivalencies.
                    of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. However,   Applications received after these
                    students with a strong GPA but weak        dates will be considered if space is     Education, Nursing, and
                    curriculum will not likely be admitted.    available.                               Pharmacy Applicants
                    We look at:                                                                         Transfer students interested in entering
                                                               Fall Term              February 1
                     • Grade trends (steady or improving,      Spring Term            October 1         professional programs in the Schools
                       but not declining)                                                               of Education, Nursing, and Pharmacy
                     • Grade patterns (consistent across                                                must complete program applications
                       all academic areas, not weak in a                                                in addition to the Application for
                       particular area)                                                                 Undergraduate Admission. Contact
                                                                                                        the appropriate school to learn more.
                                                                                U N I V ER SI T Y O F W ISCO NSI N – M A D ISO N   27

Transfer Application Checklist
A complete application consists of the following:

 Application for Admission. It’s easy to apply at
 or visit to print a copy of the application.

 Application Fee. This nonrefundable $44 application fee must accom-
 pany your application. If your last institution attended is one of the
 two-year UW Colleges (freshman/sophomore campuses), you do not
 have to pay the $44 application fee.

 Official High School Transcripts. We require official high school
 transcripts. Transcripts should be sent directly by the school. If you
 have earned your General Educational Development (GED) certificate
 or a High School Equivalency Diploma (HSED), you will need to sub-
 mit your official score report in addition to the high school transcript.

 Official College Transcripts. You must submit official transcripts for
 every college or university you’ve attended. The transcripts should include
 all college-level course work completed (including that taken while in
 high school) up through and including your current term in progress.

 Official Test Scores. ACT and/or SAT test scores are not required for
 transfer admission. However, we do like to review these results if you
 are currently enrolled in your freshman year (approximately 24 or
 fewer credit hours completed). Test scores should be sent directly by
 the testing service. Our test codes are 4656 for the ACT and 1846 for
 the SAT. Students whose native language is not English and who were
 not educated in an entirely English-speaking country will likely need to
 submit results from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

 Statements. The statements are a crucial part of your application.
 Use this opportunity to clarify your academic goals and explain any
 extenuating circumstances that may have affected your academic
 performance. Ultimately, you’ll want to provide us with all the
 details you would like us to know before we make a decision.

 Letters of Recommendation. Though not required, we do like to see
 at least one recommendation from someone who can attest to your
 academic ability (i.e., classroom skills, knowledge, and work ethic).

                                                                               Transfer Admission

UW–Madison provides many services to and resources                             Our transfer admission counselors
for transfer students. Here are just a few:                                    review each application individually
• A private Facebook group for each new cohort of admitted transfer
                                                                               and are looking for students who
• A transfer experience coordinator                                            demonstrate strong academic
• Academic advisors who work specifically with transfer students               ability. We evaluate candidates
• A special transfer orientation program and welcome events                    based on both their high school
• The Student Transfer Association and Mentor Program (STAMP)
                                                                               and college records, valuing
• Transfer transition courses
                                                                               students who demonstrate strong
• The Transfer House, a residence hall dedicated to transfer students
• Course sections and seats reserved for transfer students                     performance in a challenging
• Transfer Student Visit Day program                                           curriculum.
• Online transfer course equivalencies
28   V I E W BO O K 2 011–12

                                          INTERNATIONAL ADMISSION
                                          With more than 4,000 international students studying on our
                                          campus hailing from China, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Turkey,
                                          Sweden, Brazil, and everywhere in-between, the University of
                                          Wisconsin–Madison ranks among the top 20 U.S. universities
                                          with the largest number of international students.
                                          UW–Madison’s geographic and cul-         school. The international freshman
                                          tural diversity enriches our campus      and transfer application priority
                                          and forwards the Wisconsin Idea, our     review deadline for the fall term is
                                          commitment to helping students           December 15. All applications com-
                                          apply in- and out-of-classroom learn-    pleted by December 15 are guaran-
                                          ing in ways that have significant and    teed review; applications submitted
                                          positive impact on the world. UW–        after the priority date of December
                                          Madison faculty and staff strive to      15 may not receive equal consider-
                                          connect international students with      ation. The deadline for spring term
                                          unparalleled academic, research, work,   is October 1.
                                          and social opportunities at a globally
                                                                                   Your Name and E-mail Address. Your
                                          renowned and focused university.
                                                                                   name and other personal informa-
                                          International Admission                  tion is important to us. Be sure to
                                          Because there are application com-       use your full legal name, exactly as
                                          ponents unique to international          it appears on your passport, on all
                                          students, a special admissions team      application materials. Once you have
                                          reviews applications from students       applied, please be consistent with
     BRIDGE Program                       who have studied outside the             your e-mail address and include your
                                          United States. While many interna-       date of birth and campus ID number
     The UW–Madison BRIDGE                tional students who apply to UW–         on all application materials including
                                          Madison have never been to the           SAT, ACT, and TOEFL tests. Doing
     program connects new interna-                                                 so will help us to ensure that your
                                          United States, we also work with a
     tional students with U.S. students   large number of students who have        application is complete.
     to help with the transition from     studied at an American high school.      University Preparatory Curriculum.
                                          Whether you need an initial visa, will   You must earn a secondary educa-
     their home countries to our          be transferring your F–1 visa, or are    tion diploma or completion certifi-
     campus and community. In return,     going through a visa status change,      cate that leads to university admis-
                                          we’ll assist you through the process.
     international students share                                                  sion in the country where you study
                                          Be sure to read the international        and live.
     their background, culture, and       admissions section of our Web site at
     experience with their U.S. part- for com-         English Proficiency. Applicants whose
                                          plete information and updates con-       native language is not English and
     ner. BRIDGE stands for Building      cerning international applicants.        who were not educated in an entire-
     Relationships in Diverse Global                                               ly English-speaking system must sub-
                                          Application Dates. The domestic          mit results from a recognized English
     Environments; what a way to          freshman notification periods do         proficiency test. To meet minimum
     begin your Wisconsin Experience.     not apply to international applicants,   criteria, students must earn a score
                                          even those studying in a U.S. high
                                                                                             U N I V ER SI T Y O F W ISCO NSI N – M A D ISO N   29

of 80 on the Internet-based TOEFL or     International Application Checklist
a 6.0 on the IELTS. International stu-
                                         A complete application consists of the following:
dents will also take the UW–Madison
English as a Second Language              Application for Admission, Application Fee, Application Statement(s).
Assessment Test (ESLAT) at the            It’s easy to apply online. Be sure to submit your nonrefundable $44
beginning of their first semester.        application fee with your application. Application statements are also an
                                          important part of your application.
Student Visas and Financial
Documentation. Those students who         Secondary School Records. Official secondary school records begin-
request an F–1 or J–1 visa or plan        ning with year 9 (commonly the last year of middle school) through the
to transfer their current F–1 visa in     last year completed thus far are required. Also be sure to list courses in
order to study at UW–Madison must         progress.
submit our Financial Verification Form
and supporting bank statements. U.S.      Post-Secondary Records (transfer applicants only): Official tran-
immigration law requires F–1 and J–1      scripts from each and every post-secondary institution (even if the
visa holders to document their ability    only action recorded is withdrawal) are required. Also list courses in
to pay tuition and living expenses for    progress.
at least one year of study. Our esti-     English Proficiency Test.
mated cost for tuition and one year
of living expenses is approximately       ACT or SAT Test Scores (freshmen only).
$43,000 for 2010–11.                      Financial Documentation.
Test Scores (freshmen only). Freshman     Letters of Recommendation.
Applicants must submit the results        Though not required, we recommend
of either the ACT or SAT, including       you submit at least one letter of support
results from the writing section, sent    from a teacher or principal attesting to
directly by the testing agency.           your academic ability.
How to Apply. Students should apply
online at

                                                                                                      FPO 11270
30    V I E W BO O K 2 011–12

                                                        FINANCIAL AID AND SCHOLARSHIPS
                                                        Wisconsin’s combination of academic excellence and great
                                                        value places us at the top of many “best buy” lists, including
                                                        those in The Princeton Review, Barron’s Best Buys in College
                                                        Education, and The Fiske Guide to Colleges.
                   Barron’s includes Wisconsin          In 2010, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance     complete list of scholarship programs
                                                        ranked Wisconsin as one of the 20         available to incoming students. Also
                   on its annual list of Best           best values in American public higher     keep in mind that there are a great
                                                        education. While we make every effort     many other sources of scholarship
                   Buys in College Education,           to keep our tuition rates affordable,     and grant money, including busi-
                                                        we realize many students rely on          ness and professional groups, service
                   stating that UW students             financial assistance to help meet the     organizations, churches, and alumni
                                                        difference between their resources        associations.
                   “may just be getting the             and the cost of college. Each year, at
                                                        least 60 percent of Wisconsin under-      How to Apply for Aid
                                                        graduates receive financial assistance    and Scholarships
                   biggest bang for the buck                                                      There are a few steps you need to
                                                        totaling $183 million. Awards are
                                                        based on demonstrated financial need      take to apply for financial aid at
                   in American education.”              and in recognition of academic merit,     Wisconsin:
                                                        athletic ability, and artistic talent.    1. Apply for Admission and
                                                                                                     Financial Aid. While we cannot
                                                        Aid comes in three forms:
                                                                                                     begin to process your financial aid
                                                        Scholarships and Grants, which do not
                                                                                                     application until you have been
                                                        need to be repaid
                                                                                                     admitted to the university, you can
                                                        Loans, which are generally based on          apply for financial aid at any time.
                                                        financial need and have to be repaid         We suggest you apply for admis-
                                                        Work-Study, which provides aid in            sion and financial aid by February
                                                        exchange for work                            1 to receive your award notification
                                                                                                     on the earliest possible date. When
                                                        Scholarships                                 you complete your application for
                                                        Wisconsin offers hundreds of schol-          admission, be sure to check Yes
                                                        arships each year, in recognition of         on the question that asks: Do you
                                                        academic achievement, athletic ability,      plan to apply for financial aid? We
                                                        and artistic talent. Please visit            will then let you know about the
                                               for a              necessary forms and next steps in

     National Merit Scholarship     •   Powers-Knapp Scholarship     •   William F. Vilas Scholarship     •   Chancellor’s Scholarship      •
                                                                                                                U N I V ER SI T Y O F W ISCO NSI N – M A D ISO N   31

                                          Wisconsin                 Minnesota                Nonresident
                                          Resident                  Resident
     Tuition and Fees                      $8,987                   $10,848                    $24,237
     Books and Supplies                    $1,100                     $1,100                    $1,100
     Room and Board*                       $7,690                     $7,690                    $7,690
     Travel and Personal                   $3,840                     $4,240                    $4,730
     Estimated Total                      $21,617                   $23,878                    $37,757
     *Room cost is based on double occupancy in a University Residence Hall. Food (board) cost is a combined
      estimate for standard residence hall food service and typical off-campus food purchases.

       the financial aid application pro-                    Receiving Your Financial
       cess. It can take three to six weeks                  Aid Award
       to receive your award notification                    Admitted students who submit
       after all forms have been received.                   all required financial aid materials
                                                             by February 15 will likely receive
     2. Submit the Free Application for
                                                             their award notification by May 1.
        Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). U.S.
                                                             The award notification will list all
        citizens or permanent residents
                                                             financial aid, including scholarships,
        seeking financial aid must com-
                                                             grants, loans, and work-study eli-
        plete the FAFSA. It’s available at
                                                             gibility. Applications completed in It is very important
                                                             March and beyond will be processed
        that you complete the FAFSA as
                                                             but award notification will likely not
        soon after January 1 as possible to
                                                             be sent until after May 1.
        receive full consideration for awards.
        Wisconsin’s FAFSA code is 003895.                    Still Have Questions?
     3. Apply for Scholarships. Applying                     The Office of Student Financial Aid
        for most scholarships is a separate                  is happy to answer your questions
        process. For tips on applying for                    and assist with the financial aid
        undergraduate scholarships, visit                    application process. Send an e-mail This                      to or call
        Web site also provides access to                     608–262–3060.
        online applications for school and
        college scholarships.

                                                                                                               Office of Student
                                                                                                               Financial Aid
                                                                                                               The Office of Student Financial
                                                                                                               Aid helps eligible students
                                                                                                               identify financial aid opportuni-
                                                                                                               ties to assist with their college
                                                                                                               expenses. In addition to provid-
                                                                                                               ing information about funding
                                                                                                               sources, the counselors review
                                                                                                               financial aid applications, award
                                                                                                               federal and state funds, and offer
                                                                                                               professional money-management
                                                                                                               advice to students.

Kemper K. Knapp Scholarship                 •    Wisconsin Alumni Association Scholarship
32   V I E W BO O K 2 011–12

                    VISIT WISCONSIN
                    The best way to find out if a university is right for you
                    is to spend some time on campus. We invite you to visit
                    Wisconsin, explore our campus, and meet the people who
                    study, work, and live here.
                    Information Sessions                      For those who prefer to drive, our
                    and Campus Tours                          location in south central Wisconsin
                    You can join one of our admission         is just 80 miles from Milwaukee, 150
                    counselors for a group information        miles from Chicago, and 270 miles
                    session followed by a student-guided      from Minneapolis. For directions, go
                    campus walking tour most weekdays         to
                    throughout the year. While you’re on
                                                              Several bus lines and motor coach
                    campus, you can also choose to sit in
                                                              companies also serve Madison and
                    on a class, tour one of our recreation-
                                                              the UW campus. Greyhound offers
                    al facilities, or attend an academic
                                                              daily service to and from two sepa-
                    presentation in your area of interest.
                                                              rate terminals in Madison (one at the
                    Our weekend visit program features
                                                              Memorial Union). Badger Coaches
                    a student-led campus walking tour
                                                              offers daily service to and from
                    beginning at noon on most Saturdays
                                                              Milwaukee. And for those traveling
                    and Sundays.
                                                              to or from the Chicagoland area, Van
                    Make a Reservation                        Galder Bus Company offers daily
                    The best way to make a reservation        round-trip service from the Memorial
                    is at Please     Union to downtown Chicago and
                    place your reservation at least two       O’Hare and Midway airports.
                    weeks in advance as some visit pro-
                                                              When to Visit
                    grams do fill. For more information,
                                                              The best time to visit is weekdays
                    phone 608–262–3318, or e-mail
                                                              when classes are in session. Check
                                                              out for our current
                    Getting to UW–Madison                     academic-year calendar.
                    Madison can be reached by car, bus,
                                                              Transfer Student Visits
                    or plane. Dane County Regional
                                                              Transfer students have specific
                    Airport, located just ten minutes
                                                              questions. That’s why we created
                    from campus, offers more than
                                                              a specialized transfer student visit
                    100 daily flights. Nonstop flights
                                                              program. Taking place on select
                    are available from 15 major cities,
                                                              Fridays, the program includes a
                    including Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas,
                                                              transfer admission information ses-
                    Denver, Minneapolis, New York, St.
                                                              sion, transfer academic information
                    Louis, and Washington, D.C.
                                                              session, and campus tour. To view
                                                              our upcoming schedule of dates and
                                                              times, and to make a reservation, go
34   V I E W BO O K 2 011–12

                                                                                        SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES
                                                                                        Wisconsin offers students extraordinary opportunities. Top
                                                                                        among them is the ability to learn and expand knowledge
                                                                                        in almost limitless fields of study. We have eight undergraduate
                                                                                        schools and colleges, 157 majors, 4,500 courses taught each
                                                                                        year, and more than 50 certificate programs (which are similar
                                                                                        to minors). The opportunities exist. The choice is yours. The
                                                                                        options are boundless.

                                                                                        Schools and Colleges                     The Cross-College Advising Service’s
                                                                                        The following pages provide an over-     Exploration Center helps students
                                                                                        view of the undergraduate schools        evaluate their interests, skills, and
                                                                                        and colleges. You’ll find information    values in order to make choices
                                                                                        about the various academic pro-          regarding academic and career goals.
                                                                                        grams, as well as the special oppor-     Choosing a Major workshops are
                                                                                        tunities and unique experiences that     offered throughout the year with
                                                                                        exist within each.                       the goal of helping students explore
                                                                                                                                 interests, determine an appropri-
                                                                                        Eight Undergraduate                      ate major, and remain on target for
                                                                                        Schools and Colleges                     graduation.
                                                                                        The University of Wisconsin is
                                                                                        comprised of eight undergraduate         Certificate Programs
                                                                                        schools and colleges. Each school        Many students choose to supple-
                                                                                        and college is distinct and provides     ment their major area of study with
                                                                                        unique academic communities, facili-     learning from another field. Our
                                                                                        ties, resources, and academic pro-       more than 50 certificate programs
                                                                                        grams. All the schools and colleges      are similar to minors and range in
                                                                          EMILY JULKA

                                                                                        are committed to the university’s        topic from African studies to business,
                                                                                        fundamental mission: to provide          environment, and social responsibil-
                                                                                        knowledge and opportunities that         ity to religious studies.
                                                                                        advance learning.
                                                                                                                                 Graduate and Professional Schools
                                                                                        Applying to Major Programs               Wisconsin has four graduate and
                                                                                        Most first-year students are initially   professional schools on campus. The
                                                                                        admitted to the university as a whole    Law School, School of Medicine and
     Schools and Colleges                                                               and not into specific programs and       Public Health, School of Pharmacy,
     College of Letters                                                                 majors. Students typically apply to      and School of Veterinary Medicine
     and Science . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34                 their desired program after complet-     offer master’s, professional, and
                                                                                        ing a year of prerequisite course work   doctoral degrees, in addition to the
     College of Agricultural                                                            in the College of Letters and Science.   advanced degrees offered by our
     and Life Sciences . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35                           It’s an approach to education that       other schools and colleges.
                                                                                        gives our students the flexibility to
     School of Business . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35                              explore and expand their breadth of      Undergraduate Catalog
                                                                                        knowledge before specializing in a       For detailed information about
     School of Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36                                 particular field of study.               schools and colleges, majors, pro-
                                                                                                                                 gram admission, course offerings,
     College of Engineering . . . . . . . . . . 36                                      Undecided?                               and degree requirements, visit the
                                                                                        It’s alright to be unsure. Some stu-     Undergraduate Catalog online at
     School of Human Ecology . . . . . . 37                                             dents come to Wisconsin knowing
                                                                                        exactly what they want to study, but
     School of Nursing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38
                                                                                        close to 60 percent are undecided
     School of Pharmacy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39                                  about a major.
36   V I E W BO O K 2 011–12

                                                    SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES
                                                    College of Letters                       ments. Major and certificate pro-
                                                                                             grams provide focused programs
                                                    and Science                              of specialized work in a major or
                                                                                             field of study. All bachelor’s degree
                                                    Majors: 65
                                                                                             programs require a minimum of 120
                                                    The College of Letters and Science is    degree credits.
                                                    the oldest and largest academic col-
                                                    lege at the University of Wisconsin.     Special Opportunities
                                                    Most undergraduates enter the            First-Year Interest Groups. FIGs are
                                                    university through Letters and           groups of 20 first-year students who
      Susan Gagliardi | Class of 2009               Science and more than half of UW–        live in the same residence hall or
      Hometown: Hudson, Wisconsin                   Madison’s undergraduate degrees          residential neighborhood and enroll
      Major: Finance                                are awarded by Letters and Science.      together in a cluster of three classes
                                                                                             that are organized around a com-
      Current Employment: Financial Analyst
                                                    The college’s faculty teach founda-      mon theme. Learn more at
        at 3M
                                                    tion to advanced graduate-level
                                                    courses, including the mathematics,
                                                    science, English and communica-          Honors Program. The Letters and
                                                    tions, social sciences, humanities,      Science Honors Program provides
                                                    and ethnic studies courses required      an enriched undergraduate curricu-
                                                    to enter and complete degrees in         lum, advising services, grants and
                                                    other schools and colleges at UW–        scholarships, and service-learning
     Susan Gagliardi                                Madison. The faculty, classrooms,        opportunities. Students admitted
                                                    cultural resources, and organiza-        to the program pursue the Honors
     Susan Gagliardi’s defining extracurricular                                              in the Liberal Arts, Honors in the
                                                    tions of the College of Letters and
     activity at Wisconsin was her participa-       Science plant the seeds of transfor-     Major, or Comprehensive Honors
     tion with the UW–Madison Marching              mation that have led generations         Degree. For more information, visit
                                                    of undergraduates to self-discovery,
     Band. She played on the drumline all
                                                    self-confidence, and, often, a life      World Languages, Literatures, and
     four of her college years. After graduation,
                                                    passion. This is a vital element of      Cultures. The college’s language and
     Susan was hired as a financial analyst         the college’s educational mission to     literature departments teach more
     at 3M.                                         produce future leaders.                  than 80 modern and ancient world
                                                                                             languages, literatures, and cultures.
     Q: How did you get involved with               Admission
                                                                                             Letters and Science is also home to
                                                    Students may declare their intent to
     the marching band?                                                                      11 internationally prestigious lan-
                                                    major in the College of Letters and
                                                                                             guage and literature departments
     A: I wanted to be involved with                Science as early as their first semes-
                                                                                             and 11 centers devoted to the study
                                                    ter. Some majors require an admis-
     something musical on campus, so                                                         of world regions.
                                                    sion process. Visit the Undergraduate
     I began asking students about the              Catalog online at www.pubs.wisc.         Undergraduate Research. Letters
     band; as soon as I would ask, their            edu/ug for more information.             and Science faculty and staff
                                                    Please note: The School of Music         mentor students in undergradu-
     eyes would light up. People would
                                                    requires auditions during the winter     ate research arranged through
     say things like “The band is so                prior to admission. For deadlines        organized programs such as the
     cool.” The summer before my fresh-             and complete application informa-        Undergraduate Research Scholars,
     man year, the band had a clinic for            tion, visit          Pathways Scholars, and the Letters
                                                                                             and Science Honors Program;
     drummers that I attended. I came               Curriculum                               through various campus programs;
     back the week before school to try             The College of Letters and Science       and through individual studies and
                                                    provides a broad education that          projects.
     out. It was an intense week, as all
                                                    encompasses the arts and humani-
     marching band people will tell you.            ties, social sciences, and natural
     I almost quit. The decision to stick           sciences. In addition to elective
     with the band was the best one I               courses, students take courses to
                                                    meet UW–Madison’s general edu-
     ever made.                                     cation and ethnic studies require-
                                                                                             U N I V ER SI T Y O F W ISCO NSI N – M A D ISO N   37

College of Agricultural                   and allows students to integrate the    place at the end of their freshman
                                          knowledge acquired during their         year. Admission decisions are based
and Life Sciences                         academic program. Faculty mem-          on a holistic application review,
                                          bers serve as mentors.                  which includes academic perfor-
Majors: 22
                                                                                  mance at UW–Madison and non-
                                          Honors Program. Students in the
The College of Agricultural and Life                                              academic strengths shared in essays
                                          CALS Honors Program participate
Sciences (CALS) is considered one                                                 and a student involvement record.
                                          in specialized courses, design and
of the finest colleges of its type in
                                          conduct independent research, and       Beginning in 2011, the undergradu-
the United States and offers under-
                                          collaborate with faculty mentors.       ate business program will only admit
graduates a bachelor of science
                                          Incoming freshmen may apply for         new students once per year in the
degree. Specialized bachelor of
                                          the honors program upon meeting         fall term. The School of Business will
science degrees are awarded in
                                          specific high school GPA and/or         also admit a small number of stu-
agricultural business management,
                                          test-score requirements. Visit          dents as incoming freshmen.
biological systems engineering,
dietetics, and landscape architec-                                                Transfer Admission
                                          for more information.
ture. Graduates of the college pur-                                               To be considered for admission,
sue careers in business and industry,     Student Organizations. There are        transfer students must complete
biotechnology fields, technical           more than 30 student organizations      the prebusiness curriculum require-
services, teaching, communication,        sponsored by the college. Examples      ments, including classes in commu-
conservation and recreation, human        include the Agricultural and Life       nications, economics, psychology,
nutrition, and public service. Many       Sciences Student Council, Badger        and mathematics, and have com-
CALS students go on to pursue             Crops Club, Badger Dairy Club,          pleted 24 or more credits.
graduate degrees in medicine and          Collegiate FFA, Horticulture Society,
veterinary medicine.                      Pre-Veterinary Association, and the     Curriculum
                                          Undergraduate Genetics Club.            The Bachelor of Business
Admission                                                                         Administration degree program
Students can declare their interest                                               is based on a broad educational
in the College of Agricultural and        Wisconsin School                        foundation combined with courses
Life Sciences on their application        of Business                             in business and economics. A mini-
for admission to UW–Madison.              mum of 120 credits is required for
Enrollment is limited in three            Majors: 10                              graduation, including 52 credits in
majors: landscape architecture, bio-                                              business and economics courses, 52
                                          The Wisconsin School of Business
logical systems engineering, and                                                  credits in courses other than busi-
                                          undergraduate program is consis-
dietetics. Transfer admission is avail-                                           ness and economics, and 16 elective
                                          tently ranked among the top 15
able, although students must com-                                                 credits.
                                          in the nation, with real estate and
plete their final 30 degree credits as
                                          insurance ranking in the top three.     Special Opportunities
CALS students.
                                          Admission                               Scholarships. Students who are
Curriculum                                                                        admitted to the School of Business
                                          Prospective business majors typical-
Curricula and graduation require-                                                 are eligible for scholarships.
                                          ly complete their freshman year in
ments vary across the college’s 5
                                          the College of Letters and Science      Study Abroad. Close to 35 percent of
degree programs and 22 majors.
                                          before applying to enter the            business students study abroad. The
The CALS curriculum is flexible by
                                          Wisconsin School of Business their      school offers more than 20 semester
design, though all bachelor’s degree
                                          sophomore year. To be eligible for      and summer overseas study pro-
candidates must complete credits
                                          admission, students must complete       grams with locations in Hong Kong,
in math, chemistry, ethnic studies,
                                          the prescribed prebusiness cur-         Singapore, Denmark, England, Italy,
humanities, social sciences, biologi-
                                          riculum. This includes courses in       Spain, France, Argentina, and more.
cal science, and international studies.
                                          communications, mathematics, eco-
Additional minimum degree require-                                                Student Organizations. There are
                                          nomics, and psychology. Students
ments vary by program.                                                            more than 35 School of Business
                                          apply to the undergraduate pro-
                                          gram at the beginning of the term       student organizations, under the
Special Opportunities
                                          during which they will complete         purview of the Wisconsin Business
Capstone Learning Experience.
                                          24 credits or more in residence at      Student Collaborative. Every major
All CALS students complete the
                                          UW–Madison and all prebusiness          in the School of Business has at least
Capstone Learning Experience. This
                                          requirements. This typically takes      one affiliated student organization.
experience is unique in each major
38   V I E W BO O K 2 011–12

                    School of Education                       graduation. It may take five years to     Admission
                              complete many teacher education           Students can specify engineering
                    Majors: 33                                programs. Specific degree require-        as their intended program of study
                                                              ments and course work vary by             when they apply to Wisconsin, and
                    As one of the most respected              program area. You can consult the         upon admission, begin with an EGR
                    education schools in the nation,          Undergraduate Catalog at www.pubs.        classification. At the end of the first
                    Wisconsin’s School of Education  for details.                  year of UW course work, students
                    prepares students in a variety of                                                   with 24 or more credits who meet
                    disciplines and for a range of profes-    Special Opportunities                     other admission requirements may
                    sional roles including artist, teacher,   Field Experiences for Teacher             apply to enter their desired engi-
                    and therapist. Majors include             Education Programs. Field expe-           neering department (e.g., biomedi-
                    teacher education in many subjects        riences are a critical part of            cal engineering). To enter an engi-
                    and at various levels, as well as art,    UW–Madison’s teacher education            neering department, students must
                    dance, kinesiology, and rehabilita-       programs. Certification requires          have at least a 2.5 GPA in core cal-
                    tion psychology.                          at least one pre-student teaching         culus and science classes, 24 degree
                                                              practicum and a full semester of          credits, and the necessary college
                    Admission                                 student teaching, and most pro-           English requirement, in addition to
                    Students can declare their intent to      gram areas provide additional time        other criteria. Admission is limited
                    major in the School of Education          in the schools. Students interested       by program capacity and may be
                    as incoming freshmen, at which            in student teaching abroad may            competitive.
                    time most begin with a preprofes-         participate in the International
                    sional designation. After two or          Student Teaching Program.                 Transfer Admission
                    three years of course work, students                                                The Engineering General Resources
                    apply for admission to their desired      Certificate Programs. Certificates in
                                                                                                        Office will help interested trans-
                    professional program (e.g., elemen-       dance (26 credits), educational pol-
                                                                                                        fer students plan an educational
                    tary education, kinesiology). Most        icy studies (15 credits), and global
                                                                                                        program, give advice on transfer
                    programs limit enrollment and             perspectives (21 credits) are avail-
                                                                                                        policies, and discuss degree require-
                    admission is competitive based on         able to all students.
                                                                                                        ments. Please contact the advising
                    a variety of criteria such as GPA, an     Minority Student Services. The            office at 608–262–2473 or
                    admission essay, credits earned, and      school provides recruitment, reten- for more
                    test scores. Freshmen interested in       tion, outreach, and advising services     information.
                    art or dance are admitted directly        to students of color. Scholarships
                    into the professional program,            and other sources of financial assis-     Curriculum
                    though admittance as a dance              tance are available.                      Course work and degree require-
                    major also requires an audition.                                                    ments vary by program, though all
                                                              Renovated Building. Thanks to a           engineering students complete one
                    Transfer Admission                        generous private gift, renovations to     year of a combination of college-
                    Students wishing to transfer directly     the Education Building were com-          level math and basic sciences, one
                    into a professional program must          pleted in July of 2010. Education stu-    and a half years of engineering top-
                    submit an application to the School       dents now enjoy a historic, Beaux-        ics (both engineering sciences and
                    of Education in addition to the uni-      Arts building that has been updated       engineering design), and a general
                    versity’s application for admission.      to twenty-first-century needs.            education component. Consult the
                    Because program admission policies                                                  Undergraduate Catalog at www.pubs.
                    and procedures vary, prospective                                           for details.
                    transfer students should contact          College of Engineering
                    Education Academic Services to                                                      Special Opportunities
                                                              Majors: 12
                    learn more about transfer admission                                                 Study Abroad. The college offers
                    requirements, application deadlines,      High-quality instruction, inspir-         semester and yearlong study abroad
                    and prerequisite course work. Visit       ing classmates, innovative research,      programs at leading engineering
           to             intensive course work, state-of-the-      schools in Australia, Chile, England,
                    learn more or phone 608–262–1651          art facilities, and well-supported        France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan,
                    to make an appointment with an            extracurricular activities. The           Mexico, Spain, Sweden, and other
                    academic advisor.                         College of Engineering offers all of      countries.
                                                              these benefits and resources, and for
                    Curriculum                                                                          Diversity Affairs Office. The Diversity
                                                              this reason, is a world leader in engi-
                    All School of Education programs                                                    Affairs Office (DAO) provides aca-
                                                              neering education.
                    require a minimum of 120 credits for                                                demic and career support to tradi-
                                                                                   U N I V ER SI T Y O F W ISCO NSI N – M A D ISO N   39

tionally underrepresented students        professional sequence upon satisfac-
in the science and engineering            tory completion of the prerequisites.
professions. DAO offers summer
engineering programs for high             Transfer Admission
school students, academic advising        The Student Academic Affairs Office
and support, financial assistance,        within the school will help interested
mentor programs, and professional         transfer students plan an educational
development opportunities. Phone          program, offer advice on transfer
608–262–2473 to learn more.               procedures, and discuss degree
                                          requirements. Phone the office at
Engineering Honors in the Liberal         608–262–2608 for more information.
Arts. The Engineering Honors in the
Liberal Arts program allows select        Curriculum
high-ability students with broad          The bachelor of science degrees
academic interests to take challeng-      offered by the School of Human
ing background courses in the lib-        Ecology require a total of 120 cred-
eral arts. Eligible high school seniors   its for graduation. Specific course
should apply by March 1 to receive        work varies by major but generally
full consideration. Visit www.engr.       includes classes in math and com- for application information      munication, social science, natural
and materials.                            science, and humanities, in addition
                                          to human ecology electives and
                                          eight or more courses within the
School of Human                           major area of study.
Ecology                         Special Opportunities
Majors: 8                                 Prospective Student Visits. To meet
                                          an advisor to discuss Human Ecology
The School of Human Ecology               programs, please call the Student
focuses on how individuals, groups,       Academic Affairs and Career Services
and families interact with their          Office at 608–262–2608.
material and social surroundings.
Program areas include consumer            Study at the Fashion Institute of
science, design studies, inter-           Technology. Students in the tex-
disciplinary studies, and human           tile and apparel design major can
development and family studies.           spend their final year of study at
Graduates are prepared for careers        New York’s Fashion Institute of
in consumer affairs; personal             Technology, participating in the vis-
finance; retail management; inte-         iting students program.
rior design; textile and apparel
                                          Internships. Internships are an
design; preschool/child care; com-
                                          integral part of the curriculum in
munity and social services, commu-
                                          Human Ecology. They provide an
nity and nonprofit leadership; and
                                          opportunity to apply academic
family, consumer, and community
                                          learning to real-world work experi-
                                          ences. Please contact the Student
Admission                                 Academic Affairs and Career
Students are encouraged to enter          Services Office for more information.
the School of Human Ecology as            Career Services. Career services are
freshmen. For information sessions        available to help students develop
on later admission, contact the           job preparation skills and tools,
Student Academic Affairs and Career       such as building a resume, interview
Services Office at 608–262–2608.          techniques, and effective search
Freshmen entering Pre-Interior            processes for internships and jobs.
Design or Pre-Textile and Apparel
Design are eligible to apply to the
40   V I E W BO O K 2 011–12

                                                   School of Nursing                        and social studies. The majority of
                                                                  these requirements are met in the
                                                   Majors: 1                                first two years of study. The nurs-
                                                                                            ing component (junior and senior
                                                   The goal of the bachelor of science      years) includes lectures, labora-
                                                   program is to foster the professional    tory, and clinical courses. Elective
                                                   skill, critical thinking, and compas-    courses in general education and
                                                   sion that together form the founda-      nursing permit students to pur-
                                                   tion of contemporary nursing. The        sue individual interests. Students
      Annika Konrad | Class of 2009                program provides a basis for pro-        have the opportunity to complete
      Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin               gressing to positions of increased       the nursing component either on
      Majors: English                              responsibility and leadership and to     the UW–Madison campus or at
      Current Status: Graduate Student in          undertaking graduate study in nurs-      the Western Campus in La Crosse,
        Composition and Rhetoric                   ing. Nursing is an excellent career      Wisconsin. Clinical experiences are
                                                   choice for those who want to work        offered in hospital settings and in
                                                   in the healthcare profession.            community health agencies.
                                                   Admission                                Special Opportunities
                                                   Freshmen interested in majoring in       Honors Program. The School of
                                                   nursing are admitted to the univer-      Nursing Honors Program offers
                                                   sity with the prenursing classifica-     enriched course work and research
     Annika Konrad                                 tion. Most students apply to the         involvement, as well as the oppor-
                                                   nursing program during the second        tunity to develop a mentoring
     Annika Konrad’s Wisconsin Experience
                                                   term of their sophomore year for         relationship with a member of the
     was defined by her work as a student,         the following fall. A separate appli-    nursing faculty. Students apply to
     writer, peer writing tutor, and researcher.   cation is required. Enrollment is        the honors program when they are
     In August 2009, Annika began her grad-        limited and admission to the             admitted to the nursing program.
                                                   nursing program is competitive.
     uate career in composition and rhetoric,                                               Early Entry Ph.D. Option. This
                                                   Factors considered during applica-
     a field dedicated to the study and teach-     tion review are academic perfor-         innovative program is designed
                                                   mance, pattern and trend of grades,      for undergraduates interested in
     ing of writing.
                                                   courses taken, admission essay,          pursuing research careers. Working
     My research experience at                     extracurricular activities, and work     with a faculty advisory committee,
                                                   experience related to health care.       students plan individualized pro-
     UW–Madison began the sum-                                                              grams of study integrating intensive
     mer before my freshman year at                Transfer Admission                       research training, clinical practice,
     Wisconsin, when I applied to the              Students wishing to transfer directly    and required and recommended
                                                   into the nursing program must            course work.
     Undergraduate Research Scholars
                                                   submit an application to the School
     (URS) program. I applied to work              of Nursing in addition to the uni-
                                                                                            Baccalaureate Option (R.N. to
                                                                                            B.S.). Registered nurses who would
     with a professor in the depart-               versity’s application for admission.
                                                                                            like to earn a bachelor of science
     ment of Spanish and Portuguese                The nursing program application is
                                                                                            degree can enroll in the R.N. to
                                                   available after October 1 and the
     who was doing historical research             deadline is February 1. Admission
                                                                                            B.S. program (BSN@Home), which
     on Carmen Miranda, a 1940s                                                             is offered via the Internet.
                                                   to the nursing program is available
     Brazilian samba singer and movie              for the fall term only. Go online to     Minority Student Services. The
                                          for information         School of Nursing is committed to
     star. Though I hardly knew who
                                                   and application materials, or you        increasing the representation of
     Miranda was when I started the                can phone 608–263–5202 to make           minority students within the school
     project, I found the historical               an appointment with an academic          and throughout the nursing profes-
     research unexpectedly interesting.            advisor.                                 sion. Scholarships and financial aid
                                                                                            opportunities are available.
     I spent a lot of my first semester            Curriculum
     browsing through issues of Time               The nursing curriculum has three
     magazine from the 1930s and 40s,              major components: general educa-
                                                   tion, nursing practice, and electives.
     looking for any mention of Carmen             The general education component
     Miranda, Latin America, or music.             includes courses in the natural and
                                                   biological sciences, humanities,
                                                                                            U N I V ER SI T Y O F W ISCO NSI N – M A D ISO N   41

School of Pharmacy                       note that a total of 68 credits will    requirements for admission must                    be required for students enter-         apply directly to the School of
Programs: 2                              ing the Pharm.D. program for the        Pharmacy.
The School of Pharmacy has provid-       fall 2011 and thereafter. For the
                                                                                 The School of Pharmacy Pharm.D.
ed educational leadership for more       B.S.-Pharmacology and Toxicology
                                                                                 application does not qualify appli-
than 125 years. Our excellent faculty    program, specified college-level
                                                                                 cants to be considered for admission
are internationally recognized as        preparatory course work and a total
                                                                                 to other majors at UW–Madison (for
leaders in their fields. Our health      of at least 60 credits are required.
                                                                                 such consideration, applicants must
sciences library, laboratories, com-     For more information, visit www.
                                                                                 submit an undergraduate applica-
puter instructional laboratory, and Students inter-
                                                                                 tion to the UW–Madison Office of
other facilities are among the best      ested in School of Pharmacy pro-
                                                                                 Admissions). The postmark appli-
in the country. Rennebohm Hall, the      grams should e-mail pharminfo@
                                                                                 cation deadline for all application
School of Pharmacy building, boasts or phone
                                                                                 materials (except Pharmacy College
advanced state-of-the-art education      608–262–6234 for up-to-date infor-
                                                                                 Admission Test scores) is November 1.
and research technology.                 mation about admission criteria
                                                                                 The School of Pharmacy application
                                         and application procedures, and for
The professional Doctor of                                                       is available at
                                         assistance in planning appropriate
Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) program pre-                                                 edu. Preference for admission to the
                                         and balanced academic programs.
pares students for licensure as reg-                                             Pharm.D. program is given to quali-
istered pharmacists and is designed      Admission Notes                         fied Wisconsin residents; a maximum
to keep pace with the rapid chang-       Prospective Students: Students who      of 20 percent of any new Pharm.D.
es taking place in health care. Our      still need to complete their pre-       class may be nonresidents. Admission
curriculum is based on course work       School of Pharmacy course require-      takes place for the fall term only.
designed to help students develop        ments for admission to either the
                                                                                 Multicultural Affairs Program
skills in counseling patients, plan-     B.S.-Pharmacology and Toxicology
                                                                                 in Pharmacy (MAPP)
ning drug therapies, determining         program or the Pharm. D. program
                                                                                 The School of Pharmacy embraces
dosage, and preparing medication.        must apply for undergraduate
                                                                                 and celebrates diversity through
                                         admission through the UW–Madison
In addition to the Pharm.D. pro-                                                 multicultural student organizations
                                         Office of Admissions. The comple-
gram, the School of Pharmacy                                                     and supports campus-level efforts.
                                         tion of pre-School of Pharmacy
offers the four-year bachelor’s                                                  Pharmacists representing diverse
                                         course requirements for admission
degree in pharmacology and                                                       cultural and ethnic backgrounds are
                                         does not guarantee later admis-
toxicology. The pharmacology                                                     needed to provide perspective on
                                         sion to the School of Pharmacy, as
and toxicology curriculum teaches                                                the divergent views, beliefs, and
                                         admission is very competitive.
students about the principles by                                                 practices related to pharmaceutical
which chemicals affect the health        B.S.-Pharmacology and Toxicology        care. For more information, phone
of humans and animals, either            Applicants: Transfer students who       608–262–6234.
adversely as toxins or beneficially as   have completed or who are in
therapeutic agents. This bachelor’s      the final stage of completing pre-
degree does not lead to licensure as     pharmacology and toxicology course
a registered pharmacist. Graduates       requirements for admission must
are prepared for entry-level posi-       submit both an admission applica-
tions in the pharmaceutical and bio-     tion to the School of Pharmacy and
technological industries, graduate       a separate undergraduate applica-
school in biomedical fields, profes-     tion to the UW–Madison Office of
sional school education (medicine,       Admissions. The postmark dead-
law, veterinary medicine, dentistry),    line for all application materials is
positions in government (regula-         February 1. Complete application
tory agencies, research labs), and       instructions are available at
research in academic institutions.
Course work leading to master’s          Admission takes place for
and doctoral degrees is also offered     the fall term only.
by the School of Pharmacy.
                                         Pharm.D. Applicants:
Transfer-Level Preparation               Transfer students who
For the Pharm.D. program, speci-         have completed or who
fied college-level preparatory           are in the final stage
course work and a total of at least      of completing the
62 credits are required. Please          pre-Pharm.D. course
42   V I E W BO O K 2 011–12
                                                                                            U N I V ER SI T Y O F W ISCO NSI N – M A D ISO N   41

College of Agricultural      Polish                       Geology and Geophysics             Educational Policy Studies
and Life Sciences            Political Science            German                             Engineering for Energy
Agricultural and Applied     Portuguese                   Hebrew                               Sustainability
 Economics                   Rehabilitation Psychology    History                            Engineering Risk, Uncertainty,
Agricultural Business        Russian                      History and History of Science,      and Decision Analysis
 Management                  Social Studies                 Medicine, and Technology         Environmental Studies
Agricultural Journalism      Sociology                    History of Science, Medicine,      European Studies
Agronomy                     Spanish                        and Technology                   Folklore
Animal Sciences              Special Education            Individual Major                   French Studies for Business
Biochemistry                 Theatre and Drama            International Studies                Students
Biological Systems                                        Italian                            German
 Engineering                 College of Engineering       Japanese                           German Studies for Business
Biology                      Biomedical Engineering       Jewish Studies                       Students
Community and                Chemical Engineering         Journalism                         Global Cultures
 Environmental Sociology     Civil Engineering            Languages and Cultures             Global Health
Dairy Science                Computer Engineering           of Asia                          Global Perspectives
Entomology                   Electrical Engineering       Latin                              Health Care Management
Food Science                 Engineering Mechanics        Latin American, Caribbean,           Specialization
Forest Science               Engineering Physics            and Iberian Studies              Integrated Liberal Studies
Genetics                     Geological Engineering       Legal Studies                      International Engineering
Horticulture                 Industrial Engineering       Linguistics                        Introductory Studies in
Individual Major             Materials Science and        Mathematics                          Dance/Movement Therapy
Landscape Architecture        Engineering                 Medical Microbiology and           Japanese Studies for
Microbiology                 Mechanical Engineering         Immunology                         Engineering Majors
Nutritional Sciences         Naval Science                Medical Science                    Jewish Studies
Plant Pathology              Nuclear Engineering          Microbiology                       Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and
Poultry Science                                           Molecular Biology                    Transgender Studies
Soil Science                 School of Human Ecology      Music                              Material Culture Studies
Wildlife Ecology             Community and Nonprofit      Philosophy                         Mathematics
                              Leadership                  Physics                            Medieval Studies
School of Business           Consumer Affairs             Polish                             Middle East Studies
Accounting                   Family, Consumer, and        Political Science                  Physics
Actuarial science             Community Education         Portuguese                         Religious Studies
Finance, Investment, and     Human Development and        Psychology                         Russian, East European, and
 Banking                      Family Studies              Religious Studies                    Central Asian Studies
Information Systems          Interior Design              Russian                            South Asian Studies
International Business       Personal Finance             Scandinavian Studies               Spanish Studies for Business
Management and Human         Retailing                    Social Welfare                       Students
 Resources                   Textile and Apparel Design   Social Work                        Specialist in Educational
Marketing                                                 Sociology                            Leadership and Policy
Operations and Technology    College of Letters and       Spanish                            Specialist in Gerontology
 Management                  Science                      Statistics                         Supply Chain Management
Real Estate and Urban Land   African Languages and        Theatre and Drama                    Specialization
 Economics                    Literature                  Women’s Studies                    Teaching English to Speakers
Risk Management and          Afro-American Studies        Zoology                              of Other Languages
 Insurance                   Anthropology                                                    Technical Communication
                             Applied Math, Engineering,   School of Nursing                  Women’s Studies
School of Education           and Physics                 Nursing
Art                          Art History                                                     Graduate/Professional
Art Education                Asian Studies                School of Pharmacy                 Schools
Biology                      Astronomy-Physics            Pharmacology and                   Law
Chemistry                    Atmospheric and Oceanic       Toxicology                        Medicine and Public Health
Chinese                       Sciences                                                       Pharmacy
Communicative Disorders      Biochemistry                 Certificate Programs               Veterinary Medicine
Dance                        Biological Aspects of        American Indian Studies
Earth Science                 Conservation                Archaeology
Economics                    Biology                      Artist Certificate in Music
Elementary Education         Botany                       Asian American Studies
English                      Cartography and Geographic   Biology in Engineering for
French                        Information Systems          Engineering Majors
Geography                    Chemistry                    Business
German                       Chinese                      CALS International Certificate
Hebrew                       Classical Humanities         Celtic Studies
                                                                                             The University of Wisconsin–Madison
History                      Classics                     Chicana/o and Latina/o             does not discriminate in its employment
                                                                                             practices and programs and activities on
Individual Major             Communication Arts            Studies                           a variety of bases including: race, color,
Italian                      Communicative Disorders      Classical Studies                  national origin, sex, disability or age. For
                                                                                             information on other covered bases, and
Japanese                     Comparative Literature       Computer Sciences                  the names of the Title IX and Americans
Kinesiology                  Computer Sciences            Concentration in African           with Disabilities Act coordinators, contact
                                                                                             the Office for Equity and Diversity at 179A
Latin                        Economics                     Studies                           Bascom Hall, Madison WI 53706, 608–
                                                                                             263–2378, WTRS 7–1–1; Web site: www.
Mathematics                  English                      Criminal Justice          Produced for the Office of
Natural Science              French                       Dance                              Admissions by University Communications.
                                                                                             Photos by University Communications except
Physics                      Geography                    East Asian Studies                 where otherwise noted. September 2010
              Office of Admissions
              Armory & Gymnasium
               716 Langdon Street
             Madison, WI 53706–1481

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