Talent Dilemmas and Establishing the Talent Mindset

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					NHS Talent Management Conference
Jackson Samuel ‘From Principles to Plan’ Workshop outputs

26th March 2009
Establishing Mindsets – The top ten talent dilemmas
 There are a number of dilemmas that organisations face when deciding how to
  establish talent principles
 The ‘top ten Talent Dilemmas’ are the ones we find key to debate at the start of
  the talent management journey as grounding these at an early stage leads to
  well embedded talent processes later on
 The top ten talent dilemmas were used in the Jackson Samuel ‘From Principles
  to Plan’ workshops
 Individuals were given two of the ten talent dilemmas to discuss in pairs and
  were asked to plot where they felt their part of the organisation is currently, and
  where they would like it to be
 Individuals were asked to have these discussions with their organisations
  strategy, structure and culture in mind and also to think about what the
  implications of these changes would be for their organisation
 The consolidated results from the three workshops are shown on the following
 These results may be useful to you in helping to draft some talent principles or to
  inform your Talent and Leadership Plan
 If you have any questions about this work or Jackson Samuel’s involvement in
  the conference, please email shalene.chugh@jacksonsamuel.com

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                                                        Where we are now
                                                        Where we would
                                                        like to be

            Source: ‘From Compliance to Commitment: Bringing talent
            processes to life’ (Jackson Samuel, 2006)

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