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					                                         TOWN OF PRINCETON
                                            Princeton, WI 54968

December 8, 2010

Present:       Allan Weckwerth, Chairman             Also present:   24 additional people (see listing)
               Francis Garro, Supervisor #1
               Bob Schweder, Supervisor #2
               Liz Otto, Clerk – Clerk
               Becky Wagner, Treasurer
               Duane Kuglin, Constable

Regular monthly meeting of the Board of Supervisors, Town of Princeton, called to order at 7:00 PM by Chairman
Weckwerth. Open meeting laws met through posting and publication. Motion Schweder/Garro to approve agenda.
Motion carried. Motion Garro/Schweder to approve minutes of November 10, 2010 meeting as read. Motion carried.

Monthly reports -      Treasurer – Motion Schweder/Garro to approve treasurer’s report as given. Motion carried.

                       constable – one call regarding a cat received. He told them he doesn’t take care of cats.

Maintenance supervisor – Brushing on Lazy L Road and Judy Lane done. Currently working on Oak Tree Acres. 22
new road signs installed. 3 fire extinguishers need to be replaced. Equipment is all ready for snow.

Public appearances – none

Payment of claims – Motion Schweder/Garro to approve checks #13853 - 13878. Motion carried.
                  General - $11,620.33 Recycling - $757.87 Fire Equipment Fund - $9,931.37

Hannah Lueneberg – assessment services – Hannah Lueneberg presented a proposal for assessment services for a 3
year term from 2012-2015. She recently completed her certification as an Assessor 1 and is offering her services for
maintenance of real estate and personal property for a cost of $12,600 per year with no added costs such as
postage, mileage, etc. The Town paid Associated Appraisal $14,554.96 in 2010. Lueneberg stated the contract
could be changed to a one year term if the Town desires. Chairman Allan Weckwerth will contact Associated
Appraisal to see if they would like to appear at the January meeting with their own proposal.

2011 ambulance service contract – Chairman Weckwerth read the proposed contract from the City of Princeton to
the Town of Princeton requesting $8,460.00 for ambulance service in 2011. He also read a letter he received from the
City of Princeton Attorney Ludwig Wurtz stating that the City is prepared to terminate service as of January 1, 2011 if a
working agreement is not reached. Weckwerth consulted Fred Hornby from the State of Wisconsin Emergency
Medical Services office regarding the letter. Hornby said that the City cannot stop service without first filing an
operation plan change with their office. The EMS office then has 60 days to respond to the request. Weckwerth also
contacted Carol Doran from the Wisconsin Dept. of Revenue regarding the depreciation expense listed on the 2010
ambulance budget. She stated that depreciation should not be charged in a general fund account which means
their 2010 budget is incorrect. She also stated that the ambulance audit charges of $15,440.00 in 2009 and $9,500.00
in 2010 were excessive for a $200,000 expense. Weckwerth also questioned $18,700.00 in miscellaneous expenses
which he feels needs to be investigated. Weckwerth informed the Board that the Town of St. Marie has signed a
contract but the Town of Brooklyn has not as of yet. Chairman Weckwerth stated that in his opinion the City came to
the Town “at the 11th hour demanding money or else” and that they have not followed proper procedures. City of
Princeton Alderman Ernie Pulvermacher stated that the City Council agrees that there have been problems in the
process but the City is willing to meet with the Towns early in the year to work on future contracts. Questions were
taken from those in attendance. Weckwerth stated that Fond du Lac, Waushara, and Marquette counties provide
ambulance service to their constituents so it is included on the tax levy. He also contacted a private ambulance
service out of Waupun and was told that the price would be much higher than the proposed $8,460.00 from the City.
Chairman Weckwerth made a motion in the “spirit of negotiation” to accept the $5.00 per person charge based on
population and $5.00 per person run charge if the following conditions are met: City of Princeton budget worksheets
must be changed to eliminate depreciation and audit expenses from the 2009, 2010, and 2011 budgets and in the
future, $18,700.00 miscellaneous expense must be itemized, ambulance write off line must be changed so that
expenses are not listed twice but rather deducted from ambulance fees income, the $100.00 extra fee charged to
out of city limit residents would be eliminated and all users charged equally, an annual report is due to the Town
before the first payment is due on July 31 which would include income and expenses from the previous year along
with a new ambulance fund balance, and there must be a provision in the contract to include a cap on the amount
that the fee can increase in one year. Second by Supervisor Schweder. Roll call vote taken: Garro – Aye, Schweder
– Aye, Weckwerth – Aye. Motion carried.

Date for 2011 caucus – Motion Schweder/Garro to hold 2011 Town caucus on January 15, 2011 at 1:00 PM. Motion
carried. Glen Otto will preside over the caucus.

2010 tax newsletter – no changes will be made to the tax newsletter except to add the caucus date.

Chairman’s report and correspondence – Wisconsin Town’s Association is requesting that the Town of Princeton join
the Urban Town’s Association. The annual dues of $407.75 would be in addition to the dues already paid to be a
member of the Association. No action taken. A blanket work order consent form from Adams – Columbia Electric for
2011 was signed by Chairman Weckwerth.

Clerk’s report and correspondence – Federal payroll taxes can no longer be paid at US bank for 2011 – they must be
processed electronically and an automatic debit will be done from the general fund. Mill rates for the town are set
and property tax bills should be received within 7-10 days.

Next meeting date set for January 12, 2011 at 7:00 PM.

Motion Schweder/Garro to adjourn at 8:45 PM. Motion carried.

                                                                         Liz Otto, Clerk

*Minutes subject to approval at January meeting