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Winning sustainably:
Around the world
in 60 days

Mega moves:
To bring an oil rig
out to sea

Comfort & Shelter
                  “Whenever I watch a Batman movie, I’m sure
                   I can recognize a part of Gotham City that is
                   actually Cardington... just north of London.”
                     Haig Gulvanessian, expert on Eurocodes
03                  Breaking a green record at sea
                    Running on biodiesel, Trimaran Earthrace breaks the
                    world record for the fastest round-the-world boat trip.

06                  Focus: Comfort & Shelter
                    We continue the Life’s Essentials series. The third part
                    focuses on applications that shelter and bring comfort.

10                  Rough and tough
                    Bombarded, blasted and shook from all directions,
                    a mock-up curtain wall goes through harsh quality tests.

                    An oil spill response kit
                    Oil out at sea is collected in a gigantic rubber bladder,
                    a Dracone barge, for later disposal on land.

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Future comfort
is our mission
SOME SUPPLIERS to the automotive industry feel
threatened by the constant endeavors of customers to
simplify and reduce weight. They fear this could result
in certain automotive components actually being elim-
inated in future designs. For Trelleborg, this trend is an
advantage, since our technology allows the replacement
of metals with polymers. Moreover, the need for anti-
vibration systems, which is one of our core competen-
cies, is rising continuously rather than declining, as
people demand greater comfort from their vehicles.
   Naturally, we cannot rest on our laurels. Our contri-
                                                                  Responsible under Swedish Press
bution to human comfort and shelter must be achieved              Law: Viktoria Bergman
through the continuous development of new and inno-     
                                                                  Editor-in-Chief: Rosman Jahja
vative solutions. Some examples of these are provided in
this issue of T-Time. One aspect in this area is that a           Co-editor: Donna Guinivan
building’s windows provide adequate insulation from               Trelleborg AB (publ) Box 153,
cold or heat and do not let in moisture. Polymer solu-            SE-231 22 Trelleborg, Sweden
                                                                  Tel: +46 (0)410-670 00
                         tions from Trelleborg help               Fax: +46 (0)410-427 63
                         ensure that homes, offices and 
                         public buildings stay warm and           Production: Appelberg Publishing
                         watertight. Read more in this            Group
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2 T-Time 3, 2008

 Running on 100-percent biodiesel, the trimaran Earthrace
 made its way around the world and re-entered Sagunto port on
 Spain’s Mediterranean coast in late June. The team on board
 wanted to break the world record for the fastest round-the-world

 boat trip. And they succeeded.   TEXT: Nick Terdre PHOTO: Peter Faretra and Earthrace

                                                                                         T-Time 3, 2008   3
CASE/Biodiesel at sea
DAY 0                                      DAY 6:                               DAY 10:                             DAY 28:
 (One day before the departure):           “Earthrace shudders and rocks as     “Food has become such an impor-     “Now that we’re running on one
“Life is a journey. It is not the desti-   the surge of energy transfers        tant part of our day. What basi-    engine, you feel very vulnerable.
nation that matters, but how we            through us. The cabin goes dark      cally happens is that your senses   We’re in the middle of the Pacific,
get there.”                                as we submarine through each         get deprived.”                      and over 700 nautical miles from
                                           wave…we crash out the other side,                                        the nearest bit of land, and it is a
                                           airborne for a split second, then                                        nerve-racking time …
                                           crashing down into the trough of                                         Thinking about it, the boat now
                                           the next wave. Actually it is not                                        feels a bit like a prison. Every day
                                           the wave that does the damage,                                            it is the same four blokes, the
                                           it’s the trough that follows.”                                           same boring routine, and the
                                                                                                                    scene rarely changes. We cannot
                                                                                                                    go anywhere to escape.”

»         after leaving the port
         of Sagunto on Spain’s
         Mediterranean coast on
         April 27, Earthrace’s skipper
         Pete Bethune needed to
return by July 10 to break the exist-
ing world record, which was set in
1998 at just under 74 days. In fact,
he knocked 14 days off the record.
                                                                     on 100-percent biodiesel fuel derived
                                                                     from rape seed and recycled cooking
                                                                     oil, the boat has a zero carbon foot-
                                                                     print. Bethune’s objective is to show
                                                                     that sustainable fuels provide a viable
                                                                     alternative to fossil fuels.

                                                                     travelling at high speeds over
                                                                     the open seas subjects the powerboat
                                                                                                               “The problem comes when the
                                                                                                               boat wave-pierces. The nose of the
                                                                                                               boat enters the wave cleanly, but as
                                                                                                               the wave hits the sponsons, the
                                                                                                               projections at the back, there is
                                                                                                               considerable deceleration.” If the
                                                                                                               engines were not held firmly in place
                                                                                                               by the mounts, they could
                                                                                                               be thrown forward.
   Earthrace is a 24-meter trimaran                                  to high levels of stress and strain.         “Earthrace has been known to
powered by two 540-horsepower                   Matt Easthope        “The big problem we have is the level     destroy a full set of mounts in 36
diesel engines and capable of speeds                                 of stress placed on the drive train,”     hours in high seas while piercing,”
of up to 40 knots. To enable high                                    explains the boat’s engineer Tino de      says de Freitas. “For this reason,
speeds to be maintained, the power-                                  Freitas. “When the propeller is           Trelleborg was contacted and Matt
boat is designed to pierce the waves,                                spinning at an operating speed of         Easthope, Design and Applications
which means that it can be com-                                      about 1,200 rpm, the thrust pushing       Manager at Trelleborg Industrial
pletely submerged at times. Running                                  the boat forward is extremely high.       AVS, worked carefully with us to get

4 T-Time 3, 2008
                                     DAY 29:                                DAY 37:                                DAY 60:
                                     “Our mundane life has two sweet        “There’s a dull thud as another        “The whole team hollers and yells
                                     things most days. The first            piece of wood or timber smashes        as we cross the finish line at full
                                     involves food. Oh the joy at finding   into the thin carbon hull of           speed…
                                     a blueberry yoghurt hidden deep        Earthrace. It’s 2 a.m. and it’s the    It’s a mixture of pride, elation and
                                     beneath an old lettuce in our          fourth clunk I’ve heard in the last    a sense of achievement all
                                     fridge. Or a long-forgotten choco-     hour. This one though was bigger       wrapped in the one moment …
                                     late that somehow hasn’t melted.       than the others, and there was a       Everybody should experience this
                                     The second is getting an e-mail. It    hint of splintering carbon, which      kind of thing once in a lifetime,
                                     is so nice to open the inbox and       doesn’t bode well.”                    I thought to myself.”
                                     find a precious little email waiting
                                     there for you. Skymate has
                                     become like our umbilical, keep-
                                     ing us nourished with a daily
                                     intake of what’s happening at
                                     home and around the world.”

                                                                                           A lifetime experience
                                                                                           Pete Bethune has been the skipper on Earthrace for
                                                                                           two and a half years, since the boat was first launched.
a new mounting system right.”             would not coincide with the fre-                    “I was not a boat person before I joined Earthrace,
   The mounts used in the first           quencies produced by the engines –               but now I definitely am.”
attempt, however, were supplied by        if that happened, the mounts would                  In joining the Earthrace team, Bethune (who is a
the engine manufacturer and were          start vibrating in harmony with the              conservationist by profession) saw an opportunity to
not fully specified for the task at       engine, the opposite effect from                 build an amazing boat, as well as be able to promote
                                                                                           biofuels and carbon trading.
hand. Once he understood what was         what was intended.
                                                                                              The launch off the coast of Spain, as well as repairing
needed this time around, Easthope             The mounts were required                     the damage to the boat in Singapore caused by rough
could recommend a suitable                straight away because the boat was               weather conditions and floating timber, are two
Trelleborg product – High Thrust          already being prepared for the new               moments that have stuck in Bethune’s mind. Some
Cushyfloat, which is specially            run. “Unfortunately, we didn’t have              weather experiences, he says, the team would simply
designed for high-thrust conditions.      any in stock, so we had to undertake             like to forget.
“It was pretty clear that this was the    a fast-track manufacture,” Easthope                 “We were most scared when we left Manukau Harbor
                                                                                           in New Zealand. We faced 80-knot winds
mount they needed,” he says.              says. “We had the delivery on the
                                                                                           and were surrounded by 12-meter waves. The
                                          truck within two days.” «                        brutal violent seas had us all thinking we were ‘gonners’.
it was also necessary to check the                                                         We had five meters of wave going over us as
resonance condition to ensure that        For further information:                         we crashed through big waves. I never want to be in
the natural frequency of the mounts       »                    such seas again.”

                                                                                                                                       T-Time 3, 2008   5
FOCUS/Comfort & Shelter
TEXT: Donna Guinivan and Margareta Mildsommar PHOTO: Trelleborg and Getty Images

A safe and comfortable

Whether it is for buildings, cars or the workplace, Trelleborg
supplies products and solutions that help to seal, damp
and protect applications associated with comfort and shelter.
In this issue of T-Time, we continue our series that mirrors
how Trelleborg helps provide what can only be regarded as
Life’s Essentials.
the protection of a roof over-                        additional comforts. Seals ensure      with an emphasis on ease of
head is something most people                         the efficient operation of air         movement and weight reduc-
expect and take for granted. But for                  conditioning and heating systems,      tion. Offshore, on oil plat-
the sake of comfort, ensuring that a                  and agricultural tires improve the     forms, fire-prevention
roof is waterproof and that a build-                  working environment in tractors.       products, such as the
ing’s windows are sealed is equally                   Out on the road, Trelleborg Auto-      passive coating Firestop
as important. Polymer and rubber                      motive also provides comfortable       and Elastopipe, an
solutions from Trelleborg contribute                  environments for professional          active rubber-based
to this, making homes, offices and                    drivers and for people using their     flexible piping for
public places warm and watertight.                    car for everyday transport. Polymer-   sprinkler and deluge
   However, the protection of a                       plated shims reduce the screeching     systems, keep workers
building itself should also be an area                sound of brakes, while hydramount      safe and secure. «
of focus. Damping of structures is                    anti-vibration systems dampen
critical, especially in regions prone                 noise and vibrations.
to earthquakes. Expertise in the                      Trelleborg’s latest invention, air
specification of bearings can help                    mounts, does this cost-effectively
limit damage during seismic activ-                    on smaller passenger cars.
ity, and ultimately, minimize loss
of life. When disaster strikes, provi-                there are also less obvious
sion of shelter becomes a top prior-                  contributions that improve people’s
ity. Inflatable tents made from spe-                  comfort. Specialist rubber flooring
cialist materials from Trelleborg are                 fitted in factories and shops makes    Trelleborg supplies products
used by rescue services worldwide.                    standing all day less of a strain,     and solutions that improve
   Trelleborg technology provides                     while protective suits are designed    people’s comfort.

6 T-Time 3, 2008
Railway and metro operators are seek-
ing to offer their passengers ever-
increasing comfort. The new Movia 237
trains for the London Underground’s sub-
surface lines are air-conditioned and
offer improved access, as the low-profile
design of the bogies ensures that the
carriages will be at the same height as
the platforms. This has meant that the
space envelope for the secondary sus-
pension, which has been supplied by
Trelleborg Industrial AVS under contract
from Bombardier Transportation, is
severely constrained. Trelleborg has met
this challenge with a low-profile solution
that combines an air spring with a new
design of Metalastik half hourglass spring.

                           T-Time 3, 2008   7
KEEPING THINGS COOL                                               WATCHING OVER THE CATHEDRAL
When the sun and heat are at their peak, going about daily        Situated near the Hollywood Freeway in downtown Los Angeles,
business can be a difficult task. Traveling long distances in a   the Cathedral of Our lady of the Angels is the third largest cathe-
stuffy, hot car is not a pleasant experience, nor is working in   dral in the world and the first to be built in the US in more than a
an office without adequate ventilation and cooling. In some       quarter of a century.
areas of the world, it is essential to have air conditioning         The cathedral and its neighboring plaza and cloister garden sit
virtually around the clock. It allows the user to dictate the     atop the Elysian Park Fault, an area expected to produce severe
indoor temperature and create comfort when outdoor                ground motion in the event of an earthquake. The 69,000-ton
temperatures climb to 30 or 40 °C.                                building rests on base isolation bearings supplied by Trelleborg
   Seals from Trelleborg are integral parts of air-conditioning   (Andre Structural Bearings). The concrete shear walls are
systems in vehicles and buildings. Specially engineered           supported by 149 damping natural rubber bearings and the
elastomers, often in the form of O-Rings or custom-molded         nave is supported by 49 flat-slide bearings. The cathedral has
components, seal in the gases and chemicals that enable           been designed to move laterally by 700 mm in any direction
these systems to function, thus ensuring a long product life      during an 8.4 magnitude earthquake.
by offering protection against these aggressive media.               Spanish architect Professor José Rafael Moneo designed the
                                                                  dynamic and contemporary building, which has been recognized
                                                                  as one of the 20th century’s top seismic isolation structural
                                                                  engineering and construction projects in the US by the
                                                                  Applied Technology Council and Engineering News Record
                                                                  in San Francisco.

                                                                     COMFORTABLE MOORING
                                                                     Although experience is an essential ingredient for effective
                                                                     and comfortable mooring, it cannot be completely relied on at
                                                                     all times. Trelleborg’s docking or berthing aid systems are
                                                                     tools used to assist in maneuvering vessels toward the jetty.
                                                                     Lasers mounted on the jetty measure vessel distance, angle
                                                                     and speed of approach. The data is then displayed and logged
                                                                     on a computer in the control room and also made available to
                                                                     the pilot on a large, jetty-mounted display board or via teleme-
                                                                     try to a handheld monitor. Once at the jetty, Trelleborg fenders
                                                                     make docking as smooth as possible and further enhance
                                                                     passenger comfort through damping the ship’s contact with
                                                                     the jetty walls.

8 T-Time 3, 2008
  A smooth ride
  suspension design is critical                  hydraulic, to vehicle platforms
  and determines the quality of the              worldwide.
  ride and handling of any vehicle.                 The new thermoplastic Hytrel
  The chassis is also a prime source of          jounce bumper – complementing
  unwanted noise and vibration. The              existing polyurethane versions – has
  steel structure, effect of road impact         been engineered to reduce vibration
  and tire noise all need damping to             and improve acoustic performance.
  provide the desired level of occupant          The bumpstop ensures a smooth ride
  comfort and safety. Trelleborg sup-            and contributes to increased vehicle
  plies a selection of bushes and                fuel efficiency, thereby offering addi-
  mounts, both conventional and                  tional environmental advantages. «

  The Hytrel jounce
  bumpers improves

Trelleborg specializes in agricultural tires for various applica-
tions, such as tractors. Following the brand switch from Pirelli
Agricultural, Trelleborg Wheel Systems recently launched the
TM700 tire range branded under the Trelleborg name. Fitted
on a tractor, with front and rear ballast set at 1.2 and 1.6 bar,
the TM700 ensures stability and the tire provides good han-
dling and comfort on the road. Vibration is also minimized
through the shape of the lug and deflection, which decreases
the stress and strain on the driver.

                                                                                           T-Time 3, 2008   9
     FOCUS/Comfort & Shelter
     TEXT: Gwladys Fouché PHOTO: Paul Thuysbaert

10 T-Time 3, 2008
Shelter from
     the storm
  Mock-up curtain walls go through fierce quality
  control to guarantee their rigidness.
  engineers will stop at nothing            1999 K Street. “The gaskets are
  to test a curtain wall – the protective   where problems can usually be
  façade used to clad a building. This      fixed, since it is easier to make
  is not surprising, since the structure,   adjustments in this area than to
  usually an aluminum frame fitted          change the frame or the glass of
  with metal and glass panels, is meant     a curtain wall,” says Scanlon.
  to completely seal an edifice from
  the outside elements.                     curtain wall tests usually take
     They bombard it with two-meter-        between four and six weeks, includ-
  long pieces of lumber from a cannon       ing a three-week period for building
  to check its resistance to flying         the mock-up and one week of actual
  debris. They blast it with hurricane-     testing, and each day costs between
  force winds using aircraft propeller      USD 15,000 and USD 20,000. In
  engines to monitor its behavior in        the US, tests are performed at one
  a storm. They even place the mock-        of four or five locations across the
  up, usually two-stories high, on          region, such as Miami or Los
  hydraulic jacks and shake it in all       Angeles. “A facility resembles organ-
  directions to see how it will fare in     ized chaos, with giant piles of steel
  an earthquake.                            and glass everywhere,” explains
     “It’s fun! Tests are run until the     Scanlon. “Five or six mock-ups are
  mock-up is completely destroyed,”         tested at any one time. They are not
  says Mike Scanlon, Vice President         pretty, since they are basic structures
  Sales and Marketing at Trelleborg         without any architectural features.”
  Sealing Profiles and Trelleborg EPG.         Curtain wall tests are crucial
     The Ohio-based Trelleborg              for the sake of quality, according
  company manufactures gaskets –            to Scanlon. The tests also bring
  elastomer seals wedged between a          tremendous pressure. “There are
  curtain wall’s frame and its glass        usually up to 30 people present,
  panels that prevent leakage into          including the building’s owner or
  the building – for the glazing            the curtain wall manufacturer, the
  industry. It is currently working         architect and the developer, so any
  on curtain walls for the Hard Rock        failure gets scrutinized down to the
  and Echelon Hotels in Las Vegas,          minutest detail,” he concludes. «
  a skyscraper at 150 Amsterdam
  Avenue in Manhattan, as well as           For further information:
  a building in Washington DC, at           »

                                                                                      T-Time 3, 2008   11
    CASE/Transport at sea
    TEXT: Alexander Farnsworth ILLUSTRATION: Frank Brundin

   The Dracone
     of the Seas
     The Dracone barge may not be a
     household name, but for coast guards
     around the world, this gigantic rubber
     bladder is part of the first response kit
     in an oil spill.

         How it cleans
         When an oil spill occurs, the oil is first contained with so-called booms.
         Skimmers, containers floating on the water surface, then set to work
         collecting the oil, water and other debris into a funnel, with the help of
         a pump attached to a hose at the bottom of the skimmer. The spill is
         pumped into the Dracone barge for discharge at land-based disposal
         facilities. The largest Dracone barge can accommodate more than
         935 cubic meters of liquid, is 91.5 meters long, 4.23 meters in
         diameter, and weighs 6.5 tons empty.

12 T-Time 3, 2008
the dracone barge is a mis-                 debris into a funnel where it all gets    4.23 meters in diameter, and weighs
nomer since it looks nothing like           pumped into a Dracone barge for           6.5 tons empty. It can, however, fold
the barges populating canals such           disposal on land.                         up into the size of a medium van.
as those in Amsterdam. In fact,                Sir William Hawthorne, a                  Dracone barges are made from
a Dracone barge looks more like             Cambridge University engineering          woven nylon coated with synthetic
a beached whale on land, and at sea,        professor, invented the Dracone barge     rubber polymers for high abrasion
like a giant sea monster.                   in the late 1950s following the Suez      resistance. Their lifespan is about
   “It was called a barge for legislative   oil crisis. He was better known for his   25 years and, unlike competitors’
and classification reasons,” says Mike      work developing the jet engine, but       products, they are reusable.
Saunders, Business Development              also had an interest in energy. Over
Manager, Trelleborg Dunlop GRG              500 have been produced since his          according to Saunders,
which manufactures Dracone barges           invention.                                Dracone barges are a niche product,
on demand for coast guard authorities.         According to Wikipedia, the name       yet there is a major growth market
   Dunlop GRG (General Rubber               Dracone is a reference to science fic-    for them in the cruise ship industry.
Goods), was once part of the Dunlop         tion author Frank Herbert’s Dragon           “Cruise ships are getting larger and
Group and is based in Manchester in         in the Sea novel.                         larger and are having a harder time
the UK. Trelleborg acquired Dunlop             “It needed a posh name,” says          entering ports, but they still have to
GRG in 2005.                                Saunders.                                 empty their bilge, waste and sewage
   A Dracone barge is basically a ves-         The largest Dracone barge can          water while anchored offshore,” says
sel for transporting any kind of liquid     accommodate more than 935 cubic           Saunders. “That is where a Dracone
– from jet fuel to crude oil – from         meters of liquid, is 91.5 meters long,    barge can come in handy.” «
point A to point B, without the need
for the infrastructure of a tanker.
   A tugboat usually drags a Dracone
barge through the water. It floats             Rescue missions
because of large buoyancy panels on            While Dracone barges are not the first items to capture world headlines
                                               during an oil spill, they are instrumental in mopping up the mess.
either end, but also because many of
                                                 Some famous disasters in which Dracone barges have been used
the liquids that it transports are             include the Exxon Valdez spill and Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans in
lighter than water.                            2005. After the hurricane, clean up crews used Dracone barges to empty
   When an oil spill occurs, the first         the fuel tanks of capsized boats and ships.
thing to do is to contain the oil with           Key customers: The US, Indian and Australian Coast Guards, and the
booms. Skimmers then set to work               Marine Spill Response Corporation.
pushing the oil, water and other

                                                                                                                                T-Time 3, 2008   13
    INNOVATION/Low-friction moves
    TEXT: Donna Guinivan ILLUSTRATION: Lönegård & Co

    Giant moves
      How to move a 15-story oil and gas platform deck
      from its construction site to final location offshore.

                                                                                    Orkot material is used for low-
                                                                                    friction pads that facilitate the
                                                                                           “skidding” of oil and gas
                                                                                                   platform decks.

           Loadout (fig. 1) – The platform deck’s journey begins at the con-
           struction site. The entire deck rests on Orkot pads laid on a run-
           way to “skid” the deck onto its transport barge. Due to the pads’
           low friction properties, hydraulic cylinders (stand jacks) can
           push the platform deck from the quay and onto the barge (fig.2).
           The deck is then towed to the offshore installation site (fig.3).

             1                                                                  2

14 T-Time 3, 2008
                                       An offshore home away from home
                                       The platform deck structures that are moved from        for months on end, they are also a home away from
                                       land to their jackets offshore are massive. They can    home. There is an average of about 100 individual
                                       be as high as a 15-story apartment building and         bedrooms and bathrooms on a platform. Much like
                                       each of the working levels is the size of a soccer      a giant hotel in the middle of the sea, they also fea-
                                       field. The platform is a complete factory made of       ture restaurants, fitness centers and occasionally
                                       steel, fitted with all the equipment to extract and     even running tracks. The decks are fully fitted with
                                       store oil and gas before transferring it to transport   everything from beds to plumbing before they are
                                       ships. For the personnel living on the offshore rigs    transported out to sea.

with high seas and winds               the pre-commissioning work can be
offshore, it is easier to construct    completed onshore prior to loadout,
oil and gas platforms on land. But     significantly reducing the duration
then the challenge is moving the       and cost of the offshore commission-
massive structures out to sea.         ing phase.”
French company Technip has                Trelleborg’s Orkot material is used
solved that problem with the           for low-friction pads that facilitate
floatover method, a technique          the “skidding“ of oil and gas decks
for moving a platform deck to its      onto transportation vessels and from
permanent offshore location.           them to the support structures at sea.
   “Installing a large deck onto its   The decision to use Orkot bearings
jacket, or legs, using the floatover   was based on the material’s proper-          DOCKING, LOAD TRANSFER
method is gaining popularity,”         ties such as a high load capacity and        AND SEPARATION:
says David Emery, a Project            compression strength, a low friction         Docking: Vessel Entry (fig.4) – At the installation site, the
Manager in the Offshore                coefficient and strong chemical              vessel is docked to the support structure, called the jacket.
Platforms Product Business Unit        resistance. Demands are high in a            Vessel positioning – At the final destination, the vessel is
of Technip. “This is because the       floatover operation. The material            moored inside the jacket by eight mooring lines to ensure
                                                                                    accurate positioning of the deck’s legs over the jacket legs.
operational cost is much lower         must remain stable during the skid-
                                                                                    Load transfer: The vessel is ballasted to make contact with
than other methods of installation,    ding operation, while continuously           the support structure and then prepared to transfer the deck.
such as modular lifts or a single-     withstanding high loads during the           Separation: After completion of the deck load transfer, a
piece installation by a heavy lift     time the decks are under construc-           separation occurs between the deck and the vessel and the
barge. Also, a high proportion of      tion, about two years. «                     vessel is retrieved from the jacket using tugboats.

   3                                                                                 4

                                                                                                                                      T-Time 3, 2008    15
  TECHNOLOGY/Manufacturing in China

  Tough seals for tile makers
  Hydraulics systems require seals that are strong and wear-resistant
  to enable them to handle pressure and temperature.
  TEXT: David Wiles ILLUSTRATION: Kjell Eriksson PHOTO: Trelleborg

16 T-Time 3, 2008
“They might only be shut down at the end of the
 year to perform maintenance, so these are very
 tough operating conditions.”
 Ceramic tiles have been pro-            they are of crucial importance
 duced in the city of Foshan in          to the functioning of these       Fluid power – creating
 Guangdong Province, China,
 for thousands of years, but the
                                                                           movement everywhere
 process has inevitably under-           Tiles are produced by pressing     Hydraulic systems are used for movement in everything from the
 gone huge changes since those           a powder consisting mainly of      brakes in a car to the large arms of excavators on construction
                                                                            sites. The basic concept for all hydraulic or fluid power systems
 first handmade examples.                clay and feldspar into a mold
                                                                            is that force applied at one point is transmitted to another point
    Today’s tiles are mass-              using a piston. Then, another      using an incompressible fluid, usually oil. Generally, these systems
 produced by machines that can           piston pushes the tiles out of     consist of a number of cylinders, where through the force multip-
 measure up to ten meters high           the mold and away for drying,      lication principle, cylinders of different sizes create greater power
 and four meters wide, exerting          glazing, and firing in a kiln.     relative to force.
 a force measured in thousands              Today, Trelleborg provides         Sealing in such fluid power applications is no easy matter. A
 of tons. Pistons and hydraulics         the seals for about half of        single seal will rarely suffice and usually a configuration of diffe-
                                                                            rent types and profiles of sealing elements is required. Each seal
 systems lay at the heart of these       the ceramic presses built in
                                                                            works in harmony with the others to exclude harsh media from
 huge machines, and Trelleborg           China, and supplies all three      the system and keep in the oil. Innovatively, they will also allow an
 Sealing Solutions provides the          of China’s main ceramic press      accepted level of lubrication to be retained under some seals. This
 seals that ensure their smooth,         manufacturers. The largest         improves efficiency by making piston movement easier and pre-
 efficient operation for hours           of these is Foshan Henglitai       venting any damage to machines on start-up, even after extended
 on end, all year round.                 Machinery (HLT), which was         shutdown periods.
    “Our seals are critical com-         established in 1957 and pro-
 ponents for these machines,”            duced China’s first hydraulic
 says Elton He, Application              ceramic press in 1988. The       contains between 100 and               offer very low friction to reduce
 Engineer with Trelleborg                company currently exports to     150 Trelleborg seals, ranging          power loss and minimize wear
 Sealing Solutions in southern           ten countries.                   in size from just 50 mm to             over a long life. Orkot wear
 China. “We supply all the                                                1.6 m. These include many              rings are also used, which
 seals used in the cylinders,            HLT’s biggest ceramic press      high-performance Turcon                are composite bearings that
 and since these provide all the         exerts a maximum pressing        PTFE based seals – engineered          incorporate advanced polymer
 power used to press the tiles,          force of 72,000 kN and           thermoplastic compounds that           technologies.
                                                                                                                    High-tech materials, such
                                                                                                                 as these, are crucial for the
    Seals for high pressures                                                                                     demanding conditions under
    Of the 100-plus Trelleborg seals in each of Chinese ceramic                                                  which the presses must
    manufacturer Foshan Henglitai Machinery’s ceramic pres-                                                      perform. “Most of the cylin-
    ses, the majority comprise four basic types: piston seals,                                                   ders move at a rate of about ten
    such as those installed on the groove of the pistons that                                                    or 15 cycles per minute and
    press the actual tiles. Turcon seals, such as Trelleborg’s                                                   the machines normally operate
    patented products Glyd Ring T, Stepseal 2K and Excluder;
                                                                                                                 about 20 hours a day,” says
    Orkot and Turcite Wear Ring; Large-diameter O-Rings, which
    function as static seals on all the cylinders and flanges in the
                                                                                                                 Elton He. “They might only
    ceramic press.                                                                                               be shut down at the end of
      The seals must be durable – sealing in the mineral-oil-                                                    the year to perform mainte-
    based hydraulic oil – as well as strong and wear-resistant                                                   nance, so these are very tough
    and capable of handling pressures up to 35 MPa while with-                                                   operating conditions.” «
    standing temperatures in the range of 60 to 80 °C.
                                                                                                                 For further information:

                                                                                                                                     T-Time 3, 2008   17
PEOPLE & TRENDS/Construction Codes
TEXT: Alex Games PHOTOS: Olof Hedtjärn

                         For all companies involved in the construction and
                         infrastructure sectors, Trelleborg for example, the new
                         Eurocode regulations will have decisive importance.
                         Haig Gulvanessian is one of the experts who was involved
                         in developing the Eurocodes.

  constructio            professor haig gulvanessian                Gulvanessian salutes the spirit of        never much doubt that Gulvanessian
                         has a medal on a unique ribbon that     positive collaboration between               would do something similar.
                         many people desire. In 2007, he         European engineers. “They have
                         received one of Britain’s top honors    different views but they are always          born in cyprus, the Gulvanessian
                         when, together with a famous travel     amicable, which is remarkable. These         family left there and arrived in the
                         writer, a jazz pianist and a former     are professionals who may disagree,          UK in 1960. Gulvanessian worked for
                         head of British Intelligence, he was    but never argue. We have the same            Consulting Engineers and the
                         awarded a Commander of the British      focus and I value that greatly.”             Departments of Environment and
                         Empire (CBE) by Queen Elizabeth            The EU encourages countries               Transport and, although he recently
                         for his “services to the construction   worldwide to adopt Eurocodes.                retired from the Building Research
                         industry.” He also has the Czech        Many countries in Asia, Africa and           Establishment (BRE), he is now visit-
                         Technical University’s prestigious      Australasia have historical links with       ing Professor at Imperial College,
                         “Gold Medal First Class,” an honor      European countries and one chal-             London. He lives in an area of north-
                         he shares with former US President      lenge is to encourage these countries        west London normally considered a
                         George Bush Sr. Both decorations,       to switch to Eurocodes.                      green suburbia. The houses are not
                         proudly placed on his mantelpiece,         But Gulvanessian is optimistic.           architecturally noteworthy, but behind
                         recognize his achievements in the       “China and Japan are looking at              this front door, at least, the quality of
                         fields of civil and structural engi-    their own codes to see if they are           thought remains outstanding.
                         neering, particularly in the field      workable,” he explains, with the                Gulvanessian, who is 66, writes
                         of Eurocodes.                           voice of a man who has spent many            regularly for Eurocodes News, a news-
                            Eurocodes are reference documents    years on committees, tactfully               letter published by the Eurocodes
                         for major construction projects and     smoothing over differences.                  Expert institution, still attends about
                         are also essential for some construc-      Having a father who had been a            15 meetings abroad each year and lec-
                         tion products to obtain CE marks.       British civil service architect, there was   tures regularly in the UK and Cyprus.

18 T-Time 3, 2008
                                                             At BRE’s Innovation
                                                             park, a wall is made
                                                                of recycled tires.

   Supporters of Eurocodes look           who have grown up with Eurocodes
forward to a Europe without borders,      come onto the market, even smaller
which is an attractive prospect for the   companies will begin to see and reap
construction and design industries.       the benefits. If they can get through

Will there be resistance to change?       the tough transition period needed to
Of course, says Gulvanessian, but         fulfil these codes,
not as much as one might think.           they will emerge
“Scandinavia and the Nordic coun-         successful.”
tries are more open to change than           However, he
other countries, but as new engineers     acknowledges,

                                                                                     T-Time 3, 2008   19
“Even smaller companies will begin
 to see and reap the benefits.”                                                                        Profession: civil engineer
                                                                                                      Education: The English School, Nicosia
                                                                                                      Cyprus, University of London, University
                                                                                                      of Wales
                                                                                                      Nationality: British, of Armenian extraction
                                                                                                      Family: Married, two children (31 and 28)
                                                                                                      Latest book: The Error World by Simon
                                                                                                      Garfield: a story of stamp collecting and
                                                                                                      Favorite movie: Moonstruck and any
                                                                                                      Meg Ryan movie
                                                                                                      Leisure: Stamp collecting, reading, and
                                                                                                      London-based Arsenal Football Club


Gulvanessian writes regularly for Eurocodes News, attends about 15
meetings abroad each year and lectures regularly on Eurocodes.

                                                                                         Gotham City in Cardington

                                                                                         As well as being heavily involved with the development
                                                                                         of Eurocodes EN1990 Basis of Structural Design and
                                                                                         EN1991 Actions on Structures, Haig Gulvanessian was
                   “Smaller, standard,          Another big change involves trans-       responsible for the large-scale “whole building test-
                   non-specialist com-      port loads. “Trucks will become              ing” projects at the Building Research Establishment
                                                                                         (BRE) in Cardington in 1994. The company took over
                   panies may experi-       longer and bigger over the next ten
                                                                                         one of the huge hangars that had originally been built
                   ence financial and       years. We need to work with manu-            for the ill-fated R101 luxury airship that crashed in
 logistical problems in adjusting to        facturers so that our bridges are able       France on October 5, 1930.
 the new requirements.”                     to cope with these extreme loads.”              “We built three full-size buildings: one eight-story
                                            Thus speaks a man whose favorite             steel, one seven-story concrete, and one six-story
 the eurocodes comprise a head              construction is the Clifton                  timber. We carried out all sorts of tests on them,
 code, “Basis of Structural Design.”        Suspension Bridge in southwest               starting fires and doing some very valuable research.”
                                                                                            Eventually the project had to be phased out due to
 This focuses on foundations and min-       England, and whose proudest project          lack of UK government funding, but luckily the hangar
 imization of earthquake damage.            is the otherwise unremarkable                did not fall into disrepair. It was leased by Warner
 Further codes cover such traditional       Western Avenue Extension that takes          Brothers, and so began its third incarnation, as the set
 materials as concrete, steel, timber,      traffic west out of central London.          for the Batman films. “Whenever I watch a Batman
 masonry and aluminum. And it won’t             “I spent three years on it,” he says     movie,” says Gulvanessian, “I’m sure I can recognize
 be long before newer construction          fondly. “It’s been there since the 1960s     a part of Gotham City that is actually Cardington in
 materials, including glass and fiber-      but it has never had to close for repairs.   Bedfordshire, just north of London.”
 reinforced polymers (FRP), are added.      It’s that functionality I like.” «

   20 T-Time 3, 2008
                                                HOTSEAT/Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx

Some call you talented.
We call you Trelleborg potential.

At Trelleborg, we aim high. Not only with our high-performance polymer
solutions, but also with our people. Our world is challenging and        Trelleborg is a global engineering
demanding, which often results in pioneering developments. To stay       group creating high-performance
                                                                         solutions that seal, damp and
world leading, we need talented people. Are you Trelleborg potential?    protect in demanding industrial
                                                                         environments, all over the world.
Trelleborg. Where talents grow.                                          Find out more about our world

                                                                                     T-Time 2, 2007   21
                                                                         Solutions Securing Values™



                                            Why did God create economists?                                                                                A 1936, 2-liter supercharged ALTA Sport.
                                               To make weather forecasters look good.
                                                A company’s future and people’s careers are no laughing
                                                                                                                                                     Classic order for Wills Rings
Adding serious humor to corporate culture

                                            matter, believe me. But I have tried to keep laughing through-
                                            out my life.                                                                                                  Wills Rings, which are metal O-Rings, have been produced at Trelleborg
                                               Five laughs a day keeps the doctor away. That is the best                                                  Sealing Solutions in Bridgwater, UK, since 1935 when they were invented
                                            advice I have ever received. It was given to me by a friend                                                   and the company founded. The original seals of this type are still used,
                                            here at Wall Street who runs a stand-up comedy show with a                                                    especially in extreme environments. Trelleborg was really pleased to
                                            business theme and he looks very healthy (He just turned 92!).                                                receive an order for 16 Wills Rings for one of its original applications, an
                                               Humor is a powerful tool and it would appear as though an                                                  engine of a rare 1936, 2-liter supercharged ALTA Sport, of which there
                                            increasing number of companies in the US are warming to                                                       were only six ever manufactured.
                                            this thought in the hope that it will give them a winning edge.
                                               In an era of merger mania, downsizing, global competition
                                            and depressing media reports about an approaching reces-
                                            sion, it is important to seize every possible advantage,
                                                                                                                                                          Trelleborg’s acquisition
                                            especially in the business world.
                                               Adding humor and measuring mirth in the corporate world
                                                                                                                                                          of GNL SpA finalized
                                            might make it easier, as well as more fun, to manage a company.                                               Trelleborg’s acquisition of the privately owned Italian company Officine
                                               I believe that knowledge of a culture’s sense of humor                                                     Meccaniche GNL SpA, with approximately 60 employees and sales of
                                            provides an excellent guide to the basic values and fundamen-                                                 about SEK 90 M, has been finalized.
                                            tal relationships that make up that culture. The business world                                                  GNL strengthens Trelleborg’s position in the area of specialty seals for
                                            also consists of entities that represent a vast array of cultures.                                            heavy-duty applications, such as seals for the construction industry, min-
                                            Each corporation has its own culture, meaning its own set of                                                  ing industry and agricultural machinery. The company headquarters and
                                            values, relationships, and ways of conducting business.                                                       production unit, which will be integrated in the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions
                                               Jokes appeal to me because they provide a much more                                                        business area, are based in Modena, Italy.
                                            authentic statement of values and world views than can be
                                            obtained from social scientists who conduct surveys.
                                               In a business world ruled by sanitized press releases and
                                            carefully worded annual reports, humor can play a major role
                                            in identifying an organization’s real values.
                                                                                                                 Photo: Forum for Sustainable Transport

                                               Here are this year’s top jokes on Wall Street, according to a
                                            completely unscientific survey:

                                            – Why couldn’t the Day traders agree upon where to meet?
                                            – They all wanted to keep their Options open until the
                                            last minute.

                                            – My husband’s business is rather up-and-down ...
                                            he makes yo-yos.

                                            – An economist is someone who gets rich explaining to
                                            others why they are poor.                                                                                     Tool for sustainable
                                            – I once knew a couple who were in the iron and steel                                                         transport launched
                                            business – she did the ironing, while he went out stealing.                                                   In Sweden, Trelleborg has               company’s social responsibility.
                                                                                                                                                          participated in work to develop a       It will be simpler for companies
                                            Welcome to the unknown and cheerful part of Wall Street!                                                      new procurement tool that helps         offering road transport to meet
                                                                                                                                                          purchasers of road transport            buyer demands when there is
                                                                                                                                                          demand that harmful emissions,          a common standard. The tool
                                                                                                                                                          such as carbon dioxide be reduced,      was launched in Stockholm in
                                                                                                                                                          as well as increase safety.             the middle of August 2008. See
                                                                                                                                                          The idea behind the group, named
                                                        Bengt Göransson, a Wall Street reporter
                                                                                                                                                          Forum for Sustainable Transport, is     for additional information.
                                                                           for business media.                                                            that transport is a part of a

            22 T-Time 3, 2008

                                                                                                                                                                                        Photo: Trelleborg
Photos: Trelleborg

                                                                                                                  Staff at Trelleborg Engineered Systems in
                                                                                                                  Ahmedabad, India.

                                                                                                                  Marine potential
                     Keeping stride with                                                                          The growing economic activity in India has seen its transport
                                                                                                                  sector contributing an increasing amount to GDP. The shipping

                     Life Sciences                                                                                industry now plays a significant role in India’s economy with 12
                                                                                                                  major and 187 smaller ports along its coastline of around seven
                                                                                                                  and a half thousand kilometers. And gross registered tonnage,
                     A prosthetic limb must be durable and        computerized damper inside the Plié             the amount of cargo that the Indian shipping fleet can carry, is
                     ensure utter comfort for its user. Thanks    MPC. The damper is a monotube with air          due to grow more than 10 percent over the next three years.
                     to an intricate microprocessor solution,     on one side and oil on the other. Internally,      “This is the right time to be in this region,” says Amit Madan,
                     the new Plié MPC prosthetic knee from        Trelleborg’s Zurcon AS Wiper keeps              Country Sales Manager (Central Asia), Trelleborg Engineered
                     US-based Freedom Innovations allows          contamination out and a bushing that            Systems.
                     the knee to make nearly instantane-          absorbs side load keeps the rod from hit-          The relatively new Trelleborg Engineered Systems in
                     ous adjustments to knee position and         ting the sides of the damper, while a cus-      Ahmedabad, India, serves markets in Pakistan, Bangladesh
                     pace, freeing the user to look beyond the    tom FKM bladder forms a barrier between         and Sri Lanka, with the main customers in the port sector. It’s
                     next step and enjoy what lies ahead.         the oil and the air. A Zurcon L-Cup is the      already made a big impression on the marine sector with an
                        Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has          main rod seal and the Turcon Slydring           outstanding 60-65 percent market share in India for marine
                     supplied several components for a            is the main piston seal in the knee.            fendering and mooring systems.

                                                  Trelleborg is a global indus-      Trelleborg Engineered Systems is a             Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is a leading
                                                  trial group whose leading          leading global supplier of engineered          global supplier of precision seals for the
                                                  positions are based on             solutions that focuses on the sealing,         industrial, aerospace and automotive
                                                  advanced polymer technology        protection and safety of investments,          markets.
                        and in-depth applications know-how.                          processes and individuals in demanding
                        Trelleborg develops high-performance solutions that          environments.                                  Trelleborg Wheel Systems is a leading
                        seal, damp and protect in demanding industrial envi-                                                        global supplier of tires and complete
                        ronments. The Trelleborg Group has annual sales of           Trelleborg Automotive is a world-leader        wheel systems for farm and forest
                        approximately SEK 31 billion, with about 25,000              in the development and production of           machinery, forklift trucks and other
                        employees in some 40 countries. The Group comprises          polymer-based components and systems           materials-handling vehicles.
                        four business areas: Trelleborg Engineered Systems,          used for noise and vibration-damping for
                        Trelleborg Automotive, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions          passenger cars, and light and heavy trucks.
                        and Trelleborg Wheel Systems.

                                                                                                                                     SOLUTIONS SECURING VALUES ™

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