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Canada is a land of varied contrasts, that
                                                  clients budget and desires.
combined, has created one of the worlds’
most beautiful and cultural countries.
                                                  At Valhalla Tours we take pride in what
Now in its 10th year, Valhalla Tours’ offers      we do and would welcome the
expertise and product knowledge to enhance        opportunity to show our world to you.
your clients Canadian Experience.
We work closely with our partners in travel,
allowing you to have more and diverse
opportunities to discover the cities. towns and
villagers – each filled with character, charm
and personality.                                                              DS Consultants

       Most people's conception of Canada goes little beyond
 appreciating its vastness, recognizing its flag and identifying a
   few well-known physical features. And while it's true that the
 majority of travelers are attracted by the opportunity to explore
 Canada's wilderness areas, natural wonders and low-key rural
 charm, there is a lot more to Canada than maple trees, Niagara
                       Falls and wide open spaces.
    It's the edginess between Canada's indigenous, French and
       British traditions that gives the nation its complex three-
   dimensional character. Add to this a constant infusion of US
  culture and a plethora of traditions brought from Europe, Asia
       and Latin America by migrants, and you have a thriving
multicultural society very much in the process of forming its own
identity. Those expecting Canada to be a blander counterpart of
      the USA should check their preconceptions at the door -
 Canada's wild northern frontier, which has etched itself into the
    national psyche, and its distinct patchwork of peoples have
  created a country that is decidedly different from its southern

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ONTARIO      Discover a place so diverse
          that all your hearts desires can
              be fulfilled. Ontario is the
            shimmering waters of more
                than 250,000 lakes and
            100,000 km (60,000 mi.) of
           rivers, vast tracts of towering
            forests, long sandy beaches
              and the natural wonder of
                   Niagara Falls. It is
            cosmopolitan cities offering
             world-class entertainment,
              shopping and dining. And
             charming small towns with
           lots of local colour. Ontario is
              canoeing, hiking, cruising,
            hiking, diving, rafting and a
          place where the fishing season
             lasts 12 months. Ontario is
               inviting accommodations
                ranging from hotels and
          resorts, to quaint country inns
          and B&Bs to rustic cottages or
               camping under the stars.
                 Wherever you go and
               whatever you do, there's
             always more to discover in
                                DS Consultants
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•   City Breaks
•   Sightseeing
•   Event & Theatre Tickets
•   Motor Homes
•   House Boats
•   Soft Adventure

              Falls              DS Consultants
 Hotel Accommodation
 Home Stays for players – where available
 All games - Tournament or Exhibition format                HOCKEY

 Ground Transportation
 Sightseeing Tours and Excursions
 Letters of invitation from Sporting Association

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         Toronto…You belong here!
Welcome to the World’s Best-Kept Travel Secret.
Toronto is a city that holds all the wonders of the world in one
clean, safe, friendly place: a theatre scene rivaled only by
London and New York, more than 80 cultures from across the
globe, attractions that range from high art to rowdy family fun,
and polished services for business travelers. What could make
that better? How about packing many of our most popular
attractions within walking distance of each other. In downtown
Toronto, a short stroll is all it takes to travel between thousands
of hotel rooms, great sports venues, the CN Tower, major
convention centres, endless shopping, top theatre, the
waterfront, and inspired cuisine.

                            GREATER TORONTO AREA (GTA)
          Explore Canada's largest and most exciting city with museums, galleries
               and theatres that rival the best in the world. Globetrot to culturally
              diverse neighbourhoods with eclectic shops and restaurants serving
          delectable cuisine from all corners of the world. Follow the Lake Ontario
           shoreline to the Royal Botanical Gardens and awaken your senses with
            over 50 collections of magnificent blossoms and blooms. Hop aboard a
              vintage streetcar or ride historic rails through a showy display of fall
            colours. Combine the best of city and country life on a vacation in this
           glorious region - locally referred to as the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).
                                                                            DS Consultants
 Let your spirits soar in Canada's capital region where
 over 300 years of nation building have blanketed the
  landscape with glorious heritage buildings, diverse
   museums and cultural venues. Meander along the
  banks of the historic Rideau Canal and watch boats
   being lifted by hand-operated locks dating back to
  1832. Board an elegant Edwardian style vessel for a
    cruise on the Ottawa River. Go museum hopping
 through all your special interests and be sure to try a
Beavertail - a unique, sweet pastry treat. Plan to spend
    your vacation in a capital destination - a place of
   endless attractions and warm hospitality that's an
         engaging blend of English and French.

                                                           DS Consultants
                       NIAGARA FALLS
    The Canadian Falls is approximately 52 metres(170 ft) high.
The Horseshoe Falls crest line is estimated to be 675 metres (2200ft)
 The depth of the river at the base of the falls is actually higher than
 the falls itself. The river's depth is estimated at 56 metres (184 ft).
The flow of water over the crestline of the falls is estimated at more
                        than 168,000 cubic metres.
  The Canadian Falls was first described as "horseshoe" shaped in

                                                                 DS Consultants
 Delight in a tapestry of flowering parks and gardens, bountiful
 orchards and lush rolling hills gracefully set down between the
 shores of two Great Lakes. Be awed by the mighty grandeur of
  Niagara Falls - rightly considered one of the world's greatest
   natural wonders. Feel your heart quicken as you cruise right
into the basin of the famed falls aboard the Maid of the Mist. Set
     out for a hike and spot scores of raptors on the Niagara
  Escarpment. Celebrate the bounty of the vine in September at
  the annual Niagara Grape and Wine Festival and at January's
      Ice-wine Festival. Come and stay in charming bed and
     breakfasts and country inns during every season in this
                        enchanting region.

                                                            DS Consultants
  The Town has retained its 19th century
 charm and is a wonderful place to explore
  with its forts, grand mansions, colourful
 gardens and parks, and pot-pourri of arts
                  and crafts."

 The Shaw Festival is a major annual
  theatre event, featuring top quality
   productions of the plays of George
Bernard Shaw and his contemporaries.       Originally named Newark, and the first
 Staged in the Royal George Theatre,
                                           capital of Upper Canada (Ontario) from
    The Court House Theatre and the
 impressive modern Festival Theatre.         1791 to 17 96, this is one of the best
                                            preserved (and prettiest) 19th century
                                            towns in North America, in a beautiful
                                          setting on Lake Ontario, at the mouth of
                                           the Niagara River. Worth a visit for its
                                         charm alone, it has many other attractions,
                                         not the least of which are several pleasant
                                               inns offering tranquil dining and
                                                       accommodation.        DS Consultants
Extending between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie to the East          Sip golden Chardonnay on a winery
and Lake Huron to the West is where Ontario wine producers        patio overlooking acres of sun-
grow their grapes. The fertile soils and moderate climate         drenched vineyards. Tour the cool
combine to produce orchards and vineyards yielding fruits of      cellars where great Merlots and
unique character and supreme quality.                             Cabernets age in oak casks. Situated
The word Ontario means sparkling water. To some of us, it         at the same latitude as the great wine
means tasting the fruits of the soil…                      producing regions of Europe, Ontario
                                                                  vintners’ bottle over 40 varieties.
                                                                  Sample award-winning vintages at
   "wine country"                                                 the source where Ontario's wine
                                                                  makers compete with the worlds
                                                                  finest. Enjoy a live summer jazz
                                                                  concert in the vineyard. Dine al fresco
Did you know?                                                     at a romantic winery café. Celebrate
                                                                  September's bounty on a harvest tour.
Ontario's vineyards cover                                         Or step into January's frozen silence
                                                                  to discover vineyards alive with the
about 5,000 hectares                                              Ice-wine harvest. Ontario's wine
(12,350 acres) of rich, fertile                                   country will delight both your eyes
land, at about the same                                           and your palate.
latitude as Europe's major
grape growing regions.                           From its' humble beginnings over 100 years ago,
                                                 Niagara's "wine country" is now producing some
                                                 of the world’s finest wines.

                                                      For the past 20 years Ice-wine has been
                                                      produced in the Niagara Peninsula on an ever
                                                      expanding scale. Grapes are left on the vine
                                                      long past their usual Autumn harvest date.
                                                      Changes in temperatures during this period,
                                                      help to develop the character of the ice-wine.

                                                                                               DS Consultants
   Come to where adventure is a way of life and nature's
 spectacles are just part of the scenery. Paddle your own
   canoe through pristine wilderness routes and ancient
forests. Fish an angler's paradise, your way - From trophy
 fishing to fly-in at a remote wilderness camp. Follow the
    rugged shore of Lake Superior - the world's largest
  freshwater lake. Venture into the world's largest game
 preserve to observe magnificent wildlife like moose and
caribou roaming freely. In winter, snowmobile and ice fish
  in the special warmth of Northern hospitality. For more
   ways to find adventure, enjoyment and relaxation, get
   ready to play in the "real" great outdoors, also called     Near North / Algoma / Rainbow
                       Northern Ontario.
                                                                Country / James Bay Frontier /
                                                               Lake Superior North Shore /Lake
                                                                        of the Woods

     Gaze out over glorious lakes, sandy beaches, rocky
    islands adorned with windswept pines and stunning
      scenery tucked around every inlet and cove. Spoil
    yourself at a grand resort set on sparkling lakes and
 surrounded by lush forests. Sail, scuba dive or fish in the
  clearest, bluest waters you've ever seen. Be spellbound
       as you trek through dense woodlands and along
 towering sand dunes and limestone cliffs. Whisk away a
       winter day skiing, try your luck at ice-fishing or
    snowmobile over a vast, white network of groomed
        trails. Central Ontario is a playground open for
 recreation, relaxation and adventure - 12 months a year.
                                                                                       DS Consultants
   Feel the pride of a nation and the rich sense of history at the
  heart and soul of the country. Delve into the long-ago days of
the Loyalists, faithfully preserved in towns and villages that dot
the region. Cruise down wondrous waterways and past emerald
    islands numbering in the thousands. Pamper yourself at a
Victorian country inn. Traverse rolling hills, rocky highlands and
 sand dunes that soar over 30 metres (10-ft.) high. Enjoy warm
     hospitality and "joie de vivre" in charmingly rural French
  communities. Wander through the valleys and highlands for a
spectacular show of fall colours. No matter what time of year it
         is, Eastern Ontario provides a rewarding retreat.

                                    Discover a land of charm, culture and diverse natural beauty
                                         set down between two Great Lakes. Venture to the
                                     southernmost point of mainland Canada or to land's end at
                                    the tip of the Bruce Peninsula. Spread your wings at some of
                                      the world's most renowned birding spots and witness the
                                    spectacular late summer migration of thousands of monarch
                                    butterflies. Hike along towering limestone cliffs and through
                                    rare Carolinian forests. Join a chorus of resounding ovations
                                        at theatres all over the region. Visit vibrant cities and
                                      enchanting towns that celebrate their ancestry. Come and
                                     experience Southwestern Ontario - where nature's gifts are
                                               abundant and hospitality is a way of life.

                                                                                   DS Consultants
ALGONQUIN PARK             First established in 1893 as a wildlife sanctuary and to conserve the
                           headwaters of the rivers that flow out of the park, Algonquin Provincial
                           Park has earned a worldwide reputation amongst those who value its
                           natural and cultural heritage.
                           The essence of Algonquin is in its vast interior of maple hills, rocky ridges,
                           and thousands of lakes. The only way to explore the interior of this park is
                           by canoe or on foot. There is also a second Algonquin – along the 56-
                           kilometre stretch of Highway 60. Here you can enjoy camping at one of
                           eight campgrounds, hike one of 14 trails, take part in extensive education
                           programs, and visit Algonquin’s superlative Visitor Centre and the Logging

                            Just inside the East Gate, the Algonquin Logging Museum brings the story
Algonquin Logging Museum
                            of logging to life from the early square timber days to the last of the great
                            river drives. Start your tour with a video presentation that sums up the
                            logging history of the Algonquin area. On the easy to walk 1.3 km trail, a
                            recreated camboose camp and a fascinating steam-powered amphibious
                            tug called an "alligator" are among the many displays. Take a step back in
                            time and learn about this very colourful aspect of Algonquin's human
                            history. The Algonquin Logging Museum also has an excellent bookstore.

                            No visit to Algonquin Provincial Park would be complete without a stop
Algonquin Visitor Centre
                            at the Visitor Centre at km 43. Opened in 1993 to celebrate the 100th
                            anniversary of Algonquin Park and the entire Ontario provincial park
                            system, the centre has world class exhibits on the Park's natural and
                            human history, a relaxing restaurant, an excellent bookstore and "The
                            Algonquin Room" featuring ongoing exhibitions of Algonquin art. A
                            theatre presentation sums up the Park story and then takes you out to
                            the viewing deck from where you can admire a breathtaking panorama
                            of wild Algonquin landscape.
                                                                                             DS Consultants
                                         Did you know?
                                    Ontario is a hiker's haven
                                     boasting 2,000 marked
                                      hiking trails covering a
                                    distance of approximately
                                     10,000 km (6,200 mi.).

   Hike Ontario's oldest and
longest trail - the Bruce Trail -
 as it winds its way along the
  Niagara Escarpment from
 Niagara Peninsula to the top
    of the Bruce Peninsula.

                                                          DS Consultants
     Come to an angling paradise where more than 400,000 lakes, rivers and
 streams are brimming with the most desirable freshwater fishing experiences
   in the world. Fly-in to the wilderness and drop bait on a tranquil lake where
 the only sound is the call of a loon. Experience the thrill of reeling in a fighting
  trophy fish and telling fish stories you don't have to make up. Savour a shore
  lunch as your guide turns the morning's catch into scrumptious golden fillets.
    In winter, hunker down in a heated hut and ice fish on a frozen lake. Make
      plans to experience the angling adventures of your dreams in Ontario.

                                                          Did you know?

                                                Ontario has the widest variety of
                                                   freshwater fish in the world,
                                                including North America's largest
                                                      population of walleye.

     Walleye / Northern Pike / Muskie/
Bass/Lake Trout/Brook Trout/Rainbow Trout
                                                                             DS Consultants
White water

                                                 Hiking           Dog
  Jet Ski



Kayaking      Scuba Diving
                                                                         DS Consultants
                                        DID YOU KNOW?
 Alexander Graham Bell made the world's first                              Lacrosse, Canada's national game
long distance telephone call from his Brantford                            since 1867, is a modern version of
                 home in 1876                                             the Aboriginal game of baggatawy.

                                           When Ottawa's famed            One of the world's longest and most
    Ontario can boast about having         Rideau Canal freezes it          colourful shows of holiday season
      more lakeside resorts than        becomes the world's longest       lighting is the Niagara Falls Festival
     anywhere else in the world.         skating rink, stretching for       of Lights that stretches along the
                                                8km (5 mi.).                        Niagara Parkway.

       Burlington's Royal Botanical Gardens
      began as a make-work project in an old
       quarry during the Great Depression.
       Now 100,000 flowering bulbs bloom
                there every spring.                                               An adult male moose grows a
                                                                                   new 27 kg (60 lb.) rack of
                                                                                       antlers each year.
  Niagara Falls was first illuminated in 1860 to
 commemorate the royal visit of Albert Edward,
                Prince of Wales.
                                                          Toronto and the nearby lake district
                                                          of Muskoka have some of the finest
                                                             golf courses in North America.

     Toronto is the only Canadian city to have
        teams in the major leagues of four                   With approximately 20% of the world's fresh
      professional sports: baseball, hockey,               water Ontario is the ultimate vacation destination
             basketball and football.                          for adventures on waves and waterways.

                                                                                                  DS Consultants
DS Consultants
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