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Would you like to be a volunteer at Alaska Public Lands Information Center?

∗Learn more about Alaska’s
  great public lands                   Y    ou may qualify for a meal
                                            and transportation
                                       stipend. We will work with
∗Assist visitors to Alaska in a
  setting of natural history           your university professors for
  exhibits                             possible college credit.
∗Meet interesting people               “Letters of Recommendation”
∗Participate in staff field trips      will be written for volunteers
  (when available)                     who reach a certain number             Anchorage Alaska Public Lands
∗Work on special projects e.g.         of hours and who meet                  Information Center in is an
  GIS, Internet, library               performance standards.                 interagency facility managed by
∗Gain experience working in                                                   the National Park Service. The
                                       For information Contact                Center represents eight different
  an outdoor recreation/                                                      state and federal agencies in
  public information office            Chris Smith
                                                                              helping to provide visitors and
∗Do volunteer work where               National Park Service/APLIC            residents with meaningful, safe,
  YOU can make a difference            605 West 4th Avenue, Suite 105         enjoyable experiences on public
                                       Anchorage, Alaska 99501                lands while encouraging them
                                       (907) 271-2743                         to sustain the natural and
                                       Chris_Smith@nps.gov                    cultural resources found therein.

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