Annex 3 MSc thesis research - 1 by liwenting


									Annex 3 Overview of MSc thesis research
                                                          Completed MSc Thesis
                                                                                                                       Field of       IPMS/ILRI
No              Name             Registered University                  Research Thesis Title                           Study         Supervisor
                                                             Vegetable market chain analysis in the ANRS: The       Agricultural
  1   Abay Akalu                 Haramaya University         case of Fogera Woreda                                  Economics        Dirk/Berhanu
                                                             Dairy extension and adoption of dairy package in       Agricultural
  2   Addis Alemayehu            Haramaya University         Fogera                                                 Extension        Ranjitha
                                                             Characterization of Dairy Production Systems,
                                                             Marketing and on-Farm Evaluation of the effect of
                                                             Feed Supplementation on Milk Yield and                 Animal Science
  3   Adebabay Kebede            Bahir Dar                   composition at Bure District Ethiopia                  and Technoloy    Azage
                                                             Analysis of fruit and vegetable marketing chains:      Agricultural
  4   Adugna Gesesse             Haramaya University         The case of Alamata Woreda                             Economics        Berhanu/Dirk
                                                             Analysis of the role of cooperatives in agricultural
                                                             input and output marketing in southern zone,           Cooperative
  5   Alema Woldemariam          Mekelle University          Tigray Region                                          Marketing        Berhanu
                                                             Comparative analysis of the performance of dairy
                                                             cooperatives input supply and output marketing in      Agricultural
  6   Almaz Mesfin               Mekelle University          Atsbi and Alamata and Enderta Woredas                  Economics        Berhanu
                                                             Women's Land Use Rights and implications for
  7   Almaz W/Tensaye            Addis Ababa University      market oriented agriculture                            Gender Studies   Ranjitha
                                                             Role of women in value-chain systems of                Rural
  8   Ametemariam Gebremichael   Mekelle University          vegetables and spices, in Atsbi Wemberta Woreda        Development      Berhanu
                                                             Determinants of farmers innovativeness in Alaba        Agricultural
  9   Amsalu Bedasso             Haramaya University         Special Woreda                                         Extension        External
                                                             Dairy services delivery and analyzing options to
                                                             develop pluralistic service delivery in the dairy      Agricultural
 10   Anteneh Girma              Haramaya University         sector                                                 Extension        Tesfaye/Ranjitha
                                                             Assessment of coffee quality problems in Jimma         Agricultural
 11   Anwar A/Sambi              Jimma University            Zone                                                   Extension        External
                                                             Market chain analysis of honey production in Atsbi     Agricultural
 12   Assefa Abebe               Haramaya University         Womberta district                                      Economics        Berhanu/Dirk
                                                             Effects of nitrogen fertilizer and harvesting stage
 13   Ashagre Abate              Haramaya University         on yield and quality of natural pasture in Fogera      Animal Science   Azage
                                                             Analysis of rice profitability and marketing chain:    Agricultural
 14   Astewil Takele             Haramaya University         The case of Fogera Woreda                              Economics        Berhanu/Moti
                                                             Analysis of poultry market chain, The case of Dale     Agricultural
 15   Awol Zeberga               Haramaya University         and Alaba Special Woreda                               Economics        Berhanu
 16   Babur Damtie               Haramaya University         Effectiveness of Farmer field schools (FFS) in         Agricultural     Ranjitha

                                                     promoting coffee management practices: the case         Extension
                                                     of Jimma and Sidama Zones
                                                     Cattle milk and meat production system in Fogera
                                                     Woreda: production systems, constraints and
17   Belete Anteneh         Hawassa University       16opportunities for development                         Animal Science    Azage/Berhanu
                                                     Production and marketing of sheep and goat in
18   Belete Shenkute        Hawassa University       Goma district                                           Animal Science    External
                                                     The impact of agricultural policy involvement on
                                                     smallholder innovation: The case oh household
19   Berhane Hailu          Wageningen University    level immigration schemes in Eastern Tigray             Agro-Ecological   External
                                                                                                             Regional &
                                                     Assessment of Hides and Skins Marketing, in             Local Dev't
20   Berhe Arkebe           Addis Ababa University   Atsbi Womberta                                          Studies           Berhanu
                                                     Effectiveness of modular training and farmers           Agricultural
21   Biruk Tefera           Haramaya University      training center: the case of Miesso Woreda              Extension         External
                                                     In Situ Characterization of local chicken eco-type
                                                     for functional traits and production system in
22   Bogale Kibret          Haramaya University      Fogera                                                  Animal Science    Tadelle (ILRI)
23   Bosena Tegegne         Haramaya University      Analysis of cotton marketing chains in Metema           Economics         Dirk/Berhanu
                                                     Access and utilization of agricultural information by
                                                     resettler farming households: The case of Metema        Agricultural
24   Daniel Tadesse         Haramaya University      Woreda                                                  Extension         Ranjitha
                                                     Cattle production systems and off take by export
25   Daniel Tewodros        Haramaya University      abattoirs in Ethiopia                                   Animal Science    Azage
                                                     Market chain analysis of Poultry: The case of           Agricultural
26   Dawit G/Egziabeher     Haramaya University      Alamata and Atsbi Womberta                              Marketing         Dirk/Berhanu
                                                     Performance of coffee farmers marketing
                                                     cooperatives and members satisfaction in Dale           Agricultural
27   Demeke Tilahun         Haramaya University      Woreda                                                  Marketing         Dirk/Berhanu
28   Dereje Tsegaye         Loughbrough Univ. UK     Congestion Control Program for internet traffic         Computing         External
                                                     On-farm performance evaluation of indigenous
29   Deribe Gemiyu          Hawassa University       sheep and goats in Alaba                                Animal Science    External
                                                     Agricultural information networks of farm women
                                                     and the role of agricultural extension: The case of     Agricultural
30   Deribe Kaske           Haramaya University      Dale Woreda                                             Extension         Ranjitha
                                                     Assessment on problems associated with artificial
                                                     insemination service in Ethiopia case study in
31   Desalegn Gebremedhin   Addis Ababa University   selected areas of five regions                          Animal Science    Azage
32   Dessalegn Molla        Haramaya University      Social networks in tech diffusion of agricultural       Agricultural      Ranjitha

                                                            innovation: The case of Sorghum Technology             Extension
                                                            Package in Metema Woreda
                                                            Analysis of butter marketing chains: The case of       Agricultural
33   Embaye Kidanu             Haramaya University          Atsbi Womberta and Alamata Woreda                      Extension        Dirk/Berhanu
                                                            Scenario analysis of the proposed upland rice
                                                            production through GIS and RS Techniques in
34   Endaweke Assegid          Addis Ababa University       Fogera Woreda                                          Earth Science    Noah
                                                            Production systems, marketing and carcass
35   Endeshaw Assefa           Hawassa University           evaluation of goats at Dale District                   Animal Science   Azage/Berhanu
                                                            Impact assessment of rainwater harvesting              Tropical Land
36   Ephrem Assefa             Addis Ababa University       technologies: The case of Tigray                       Resources Mg't   Berhanu
                                                            The role of dairy cooperatives in stimulating
                                                            innovation and market oriented smallholder
                                                            development: The case of Adaa Dairy                    Agricultural
37   Eshetu Tefera             Haramaya University          Cooperatives                                           Extension        Ranjitha
                                                            Study on production and marketing system of local
38   Fisseha Moges             Hawassa University           chicken ecotype in Bure Woreda                         Animal Science   Tadelle (ILRI)
                                                            Factors affecting the status of farmers training
                                                            centers: The case of Adaa woreda East Shewa            Agricultural
39   Fisseha Teshome           Haramaya University          Zone                                                   Extension        External
                                                            The role of ICT on agricultural knowledge
                                                            management challenges and opportunities in             Business and
40   Fraol Lemma               Uniity University            Ethiopia                                               Economics        External/Ermias
                                                            Determinants and role of farmer's seed and
                                                            seedling multiplication in the SNNP Regional Seed      Agricultural     Dawit Alemu
41   Gezahegne Walelign        Haramaya University          System                                                 Economics        (EIAR)
                                                            Water resources assessment and sustainability of       Tropical Land
42   Hailay Berhane            Haramaya University          ground water utilization                               Resources Mg't   Sileshi (IWMI)
                                                            Factors determining improved poultry production        Agricultural
43   Guy Inns/Juliana Matson   University of Sanfrancisco   intervention in Dale Woreda                            Economics        External
                                                            Agricultural knowledge management and its              Regional and
                                                            implication for local development: the case of dairy   local
44   Habtemariam Assefa        Addis Ababa University       production in Bure Woreda                              development      External
                                                            Effects of vermicom posting of rice husk, cow dung
                                                            and fresh biosolid with different carbon to nitrogen   Land
45   Hailu Kinde               Mekelle University           ration on onion production                             Resources Mg't   Azage
                                                            Analysis of the role of cooperatives in agriculture    Cooperative
46   Jemal Mahamud             Mekelle University           Input and output marketing in Tigray Region            Marketing        Berhanu
                                                            Access and utilization of agriculture knowledge
                                                            and information by women dairy farmers: the case       Agricultural
47   Jamal Kuru                Haramaya University          of Adaa District                                       Extension        Tesfaye

                                                      Spatial analysis of farming systems: the case of       RS-GIS, Earth
48   Jemal Abass             Addis Ababa University   Bure Woreda                                            Science          External/Noah
                                                      GIS based irrigation potential assessment of river     Natural
                                                      catchment for irrigation development in Dale           Resource
49   Kebede Ganole           Haramaya University      Woreda                                                 Mgmnt            External/Noah
                                                      Characterization of milk production systems and
                                                      opportunity to market orientation: Case of Miesso
50   Kadija Hussen           Haramaya University      Woreda                                                 Animal Science   Azage/Berhanu
                                                      Analysis of Agricultural input supply system: the      Agricultural
51   Kassu Kubayo            Haramaya University      case of Dale Woreda                                    Extension        Ranjitha
                                                      Sesame market chains: The case of Metema               Agricultural
52   Kindie Aysheshum        Haramaya University      Woreda                                                 Marketing        Dirk/Berhanu
                                                      Apiculture development in Atsbi Kilete Awlalo          Rural
53   Mehari G/Medhin         Mekelle University       Woreda                                                 Development      Gebremedhin
                                                      Characterization of the smallholder poultry
54   Mekonnen G/Egziabeher   Hawassa University       production and marketing system in Dale Woreda         Animal Science   Tadelle (ILRI)
                                                      Influence of genotype and processing methods on
55   Mekonnen Hailemichael   Hawassa University       quality of Yirgacheffe and Sidama Coffee, Dale         Plant Science    External
                                                      Social networks and gender dimension in use of         Agricultural
56   Mikinay Hailemariam     Haramaya University      irrigation by farmers in Alamata Woreda                Extension        Tesfaye
                                                      Determinant factors and intensity of adoption of
                                                      old coffee stumping technology on coffee farmers       Agricultural
57   Mulugeta Arega          Haramaya University      in Dale Woreda                                         Extension        External
                                                      Effectiveness of agricultural development training     Agricultural
58   Ousman Surur            Haramaya University      program teff and livestock farmers                     Extension        Ranjitha
                                                      Institution for irrigation water management in Atsbi   Tropical Land
59   Rahel Deribe            Addis Ababa University   and Adaa                                               Resources Mg't   Berhanu
                                                      Determinants of adoption of haricot bean               Agricultural
60   Rahmeto Negash          Haramaya University      technology package in Alaba Special Woreda             Extension        Ranjitha
                                                                                                             Tropical Land
61   Rebeka Amaha            Addis Ababa University   Impact assessment of rain water harvesting ponds       Resources Mg't   Berhanu
62   Rehima Mussema          Haramaya University      Analysis of red pepper marketing chains, Alaba         Marketing        Dirk/Berhanu
                                                      Dairy production, processing and marketing
63   Sintayehu Yigrem        Hawassa University       systems: Shashemene, Dila Area                         Animal Science   Azage/Berhanu
                                                      Determinants of smallholder farmers access to          Agricultural
64   Sisay Yehuala           Haramaya University      formal credit: The case of Metema Woreda               Extension        Tesfaye
                                                      Assessment of the major feed resources
                                                      availability and performance evaluation of cattle      Tropical Land
65   Shitahun Mulu           Mekelle University       fattening practice and market system in Bure           Resources Mg't   Azage

                                                      Design, construction and performance test of a
                                                      small biomass gasifier stove which uses
                                                      combustible and compressible dry wastes as feed       Environmental
66   Shimelis Nigatu         Addis Ababa University   stock                                                 Scinece           Azage
                                                      Farmer evaluation and adoption of improved
                                                      Onion production package: The case of Fogera          Agricultural
67   Tadesse Adgo            Haramaya University      district , South Gondar                               Extension         External
                                                      Introduction of community based garlic(Allium
                                                      sativumL) seed production: Varietal Test and          Dry Land
68   Tadesse Tewoldeberhan   Mekelle University       Farmers Perception in Atsbi Womberta Woreda           Agronomy          External
                                                      Members' saving behavior and determinants of
                                                      savings in rural savings and credit cooperatives in   Agricultural      Berhanu/Gebrem
69   Teka Gebretekle         Mekelle University       Alamata Woreda and Ofla Woreda                        Marketing         edhin
                                                      Effectiveness of upland rice farmer-to-farmer seed
                                                      production exchange system: the case of Fogera        Agricultural
70   Tesfaye Alemu           Haramaya University      District                                              Extension         Ranjitha
                                                      Characterization of Rangeland condition and
71   Tesfaye Desalew         Haramaya University      assessment of feed resources in Metema District       Animal Science    Azage
                                                      Characterization of production processing and
                                                      marketing system of dairy and meat products of
72   Tesfaye Mengiste        Hawassa University       cattle in Metema District                             Animal Science    Azage/Berhanu
                                                      Characterization of goat production and marketing
                                                      systems and on farm evaluation of the growth
                                                      performance of grazing goats supplemented with
73   Tesfaye Tsegaye         Haramaya University      isonitrogenous protein sources in Metema Woreda       Animal Science    Azage
                                                      On-farm evaluation of urea treated rice straw and
                                                      rice bran supplementation on milk yield and
74   Teshome Derso           Bahir Dar University     composition of Fogera cows, Fogera                    Animal Science    External
                                                      Honeybee production and marketing systems,
75   Tessega Belie           Bahir Dar University     constraints and opportunities in Bure Woreda          Animal Science    Azage
                                                      The role of community forest in conserving            Natural
                                                      biodiversity and understanding the community          Resource
76   Tirhas Mebrahtu         Mekelle University       forest management institutions in Alamata Woreda      Mgmnt             Berhanu
                                                      Production, marketing system and performance
77   Tsedeke Kocho           Hawassa University       potential of sheep in Alaba, Southern Ethiopia        Animal Science    Azage/Berhanu
                                                      Accessibility and utility of market information for   Dry Land
                                                      market oriented commodities in Alamata and            Agriculture and
78   Tsegay Okubay           Mekelle University       Atsbi Womberta                                        Natural Res.      Moti Jaleta
                                                      Operation analyis of the cascaded Wadecha-            Hydrology and
                                                      Belbela Reservoir system in Adaa Woreda               water resource
79   Wakena Tototoba         Arbaminch University                                                           management        Sileshi (IWMI)   MS

                                                     Dairy marketing chains analysis: the case of
                                                     Shashemene , Awassa and Dale Districts' Milk
80   Woldemichael Sunamo    Haramaya University      Shed in Southern Ethiopia                              Animal Science   Dirk/Berhanu
                                                     Determinants of adoption of improved box hive in       Agricultural
81   Workneh Abebe          Haramaya University      Atsbi Womberta Woreda                                  Extension        Ranjitha
                                                     Characterization of small ruminant production
                                                     systems and on farm evaluation of urea treated
                                                     teff straw and concentrate feeding in sheep body
82   Yenesew Abebe          Haramaya University      weight change in Bure Woreda                           Animal Science   Azage
                                                     Efficiency of livestock feed resources utilization
83   Yeshitila Admassu      Haramaya University      and forage development in Alaba Woreda                 Animal Science   Azage
                                                     Adoption of small ruminants fattening package in       Agricultural
84   Zelalem Tamirat        Haramaya University      agro pastoral areas, Miesso Woreda                     Extension        Ranjitha
                                                     Analysis of haricot bean marketing chains: A case      Agricultural
85   Zeleke Agid            Haramaya University      study of Dale and Alaba Woredas                        Economics        Wolday/Berhanu
                                                   On-going MSc Thesis
                                                     Determinant of Credit repayment and Agricultural
                                                     input use market through primary cooperatives:         Agricultural
 1   Abebe Mijena           Haramaya University      The case of Adaa district                              Marketing        Moti
                                                     The role of farmer to farmer knowledge sharing in
                                                     innovation process: The case of dwarf Cavendish        Agricultural
 2   Adugna Gela            Haramaya University      banana production technology in Metema Woreda          Extension        Ranjitha
                                                     Market Chain Analysis of Red Pepper the Case of Bure   Agricultural
 3   Alemnew Abay           Haramaya University      Woreda                                                 Economics        Berhanu/Moti
                                                     Impact assessment of output market development
                                                     interventions by IPMS project: the case of Goma        Agricultural
 4   Alemu Tolemariam       Haramaya University      Woreda                                                 Marketing        Moti
                                                     Assessment of factor affecting adoption of             Plant and
                                                     improved haricot bean varieties and its agronomic      horticulture
 5   Alemitu Mulugeta       Hawassa University       practices in haricot bean production in Dale Worea     Sciences         External
                                                     Seasonal Availability of common bee flora in           Forestry and
                                                     relation to land use and colony performance in         Natural          Gebremedhin
 6   Alemtsehay Teklay      Woondo Genet College     Atsbi Woreda                                           Resource         Woldewahid
                                                     Comparative Feedlot performance of Washera and
                                                     Horro Sheep Fed Different Roughage to
 7   Assefu Gizachew        Haramaya University      concentrate ration in Bure Woreda                      Animal Science   Azage
 8   Ayelecth Tadesse       Haramaya University      Market Chain Analysis of Fruits in Gomma Woreda        Economics        Moti Jaleta
                                                     Comparative evaluation on production/quality and
                                                     management of modern bee keeping and bee               Wildlife         Gebremedhin
 9   Bahilen Gebremichael   Mekelle University       forage potential at highland midland altitudes of      Sciences         Woldewahid

                                                    Atsbi Woreda
10   Bayissa Gedefa        Haramaya University      Adoption of improve sesame in Miesso Woreda           Extension         Tesfaye
                                                    Indigenous Institutions for Market –oriented
                                                    Smallholder Development the Case Study of             Rural
11   Bezayit Mohammed      Haramaya University      Women Milk Groups in Mieso District                   Development       External
                                                    Assessment of Bread wheat Production, Marketing       Agriculture and
                                                    and Selecting of N-Efficient Varieties for Higher     Environmental
12   Birhanu Bayeh         Bahir Dar University     Grain Yield and Quantity at Bure District             Sciences          Yigzaw
                                                    Analysis of challenges and opportunities for          Regional and
                                                    innovation in rice value chain technological and      Local
                                                    organizational options: the case of Metema            Development
13   Biruhalem Kassa       Addis Ababa University   Woreda.                                               Studies           Ranjitha
                                                    Impact evaluation of input and output market
                                                    development interventions: a case study in Bure       Agricultural
14   Habtamu Yesigat       Haramaya University      Woreda                                                Economics         Motil/Berhanu
                                                    Impact evaluation of forage development for
                                                    market oriented livestock production in Miesso        Agricultural
15   Ibrahim Mohamed       Haramaya University      Woreda                                                Economics         Moti/Berhanu
                                                    Relevance and Effectiveness of Modular-Based          Agricultural
16   Luchia Tekle          Haramaya University      Training at FTC: the case of Alamata Woreda           Extension         Tesfaye
                                                    Opportunities and Challenges for Private Service
                                                    Delivery: The Case of Private Crop Protection
                                                    Spray and Community Animal Health Service             Agricultural
17   Mathewos Muke         Haramaya University      Delivery in Alaba Special Woreda                      Extension         Tesfaye
                                                    Socio-Economic Analysis of Market Oriented
                                                    Beekeeping in Atsbi Womberta, Eastern Tigray          Business and      Berhanu/Gebrem
18   Meaza Gebreyohannes   Mekelle University       Zone                                                  Economics         edhin
                                                    Characterization of Village Poultry Production and
19   Meseret Molla         Jimma University         Marketing System in Gomma Woreda                      Animal Science    Tadelle
                                                    Marketing of kabuli and Desi chickpea by              Agricultural      Shiferaw
20   Mitiku Demessie       Haramaya University      smallholder farmers in Eastern Shewa                  Economics         (ICRISAT)
                                                    Economic Analysis of Forage Development Market
                                                    Oriented Livestock Development in Atsbi
21   Mizan Gebremichael    Unity University         Womberta Woreda                                       Economics         Berhanu
                                                    Market chain analysis of Teff and Wheat               Agricultural
22   Mohammed Urgessa      Haramaya University      production in Alaba Woreda                            Economics         Wolday/Berhanu
                                                    Organizational options to promote collective cattle   Agricultural
23   Mulu Diress           Haramaya University      fattening and marketing: the Case of Bure Woreda      Extension         Tesfaye

                                                                                                             Sociology and
                                                      Household food security and women's pivotal role       Social
24   Muzeyin Hawas          Addis Ababa University    in the context to market oriented agricultural devt.   Anthropology       Ranjitha
                                                      Assessment of Environment Livestock Interactions
                                                      in Crop-Livestock production system of the Central
25   Nigatu Alemayehu       South Africa University   Highland                                               Animal Science     Azage
                                                      Analysis of Performance and Innovation Capacity        Development
                                                      of Private Dairy Farms and Dairy Cooperatives in       and Agricultural
26   Redae Berhane          Haramaya University       Alamata Woreda                                         Extension          Tesfaye Lemma
                                                      Economic Impact of IPMS Improved Apiculture: a         Agricultural
27   Solomon Kebede         University Hohenheim      case of ALABA Wereda, Ethiopia                         Science            Azage
                                                      Current production system of Frankincense from
                                                      Boswellia papryifera tree:its implication on
                                                      sustainable utilization of the resource in Amhara      Land Resources
28   Tafesse Kebede         Mekelle University        Region , North Gondar Zone                             Mg't               Azage
                                                      Response of highland sheep body weight and
                                                      intake to different feeding systems in Atsbi
29   Teklay Gebru           Mekelle University        Wemberta Woreda                                        Animal Science     Azage
                                                      Social and Economic Assessment of the
                                                      resettlement program in the Amhara Region: in the
                            Kasetsart University      case of Metema Quara Woreda of North Gondar
30   Teshome Walle                                    Zone                                                                      External
                                                      Market chain analysis of small ruminant
                                                      production: The Case of Alamata and Atsbi              Agricultural
31   Tewodros Gebremedhin   Haramaya University       Woredas                                                Economics          Berhanu/Dirk
                                                      Pastoralists' perception about range resource
                                                      utilization and their traditional range management     Range Ecology
32   Tigeneh Shiferaw       Haramaya University       techniques in Miesso District                          Mg't               External/Azage
                                                      Adoption of conservation tillage technologies in       Range Ecology
33   Tigist Petros          Haramaya University       Metema Woreda                                          Mgmt               Tesfaye
                                                      The impact of input and output market                  Dry Land
                                                      development intervention of IPMS project: the          Agricultural and
34   Tihitina Abebe         Haramaya University       case of Miesso Woreda                                  Natural Res        Moti/Berhanu
                                                      Analysis of effectiveness of modular training at       Agricultural
35   Wuletaw Mekuria        Haramay University        farmer training centre: the case of Fogera District    Extension          External
                                                      Impact assessment of Input and Output Market
                                                      Development Interventions of the IPMS Project:         Agricultural
36   Yemisrach Getachew     Haramaya University       The case of Dale and Alaba Woreda                      Economics          Moti/Berhanu


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