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									Chartering Aircraft
to Alaska’s Backcountry
The engine coughs and sputters to      Refuges provide lists of
life as you sit in a small plane       commercial permit holders which
awaiting clearance to taxi. The        may be obtained from the
adventure you seek still hours         individual agency offices or from
away as you gaze out the window,       the Alaska Public Lands
yet flying in Alaska is a unique       Information Center. For names of
adventure in itself. Often it is the   air charter operators in other areas
only way to reach backcountry          of Alaska, check local telephone
areas that offer superb wilderness     directories, visitors bureaus,
recreation opportunities. You can      community visitor guides, or the       A Grummen Goose transporting
reduce costs by taking a scheduled     official State Vacation Planner,       people on the Aleutian Islands
commercial or mail flight to the       available free from the Alaska
community nearest your                 Division of Tourism, PO Box
destination and chartering an          110801, Juneau, AK 99811-0801,
aircraft from there. Aircraft may      (phone 907-465-2010, fax 465-
also be chartered, which is more       2287).
convenient but usually more
expensive because of the longer        What Type of Aircraft Do I
distances involved. There are          Need?
many companies providing               The type of aircraft depends on a
scheduled and charter service;         number of factors, including the       World War II brought an increase
check under “airlines” in the          number and weight of people in         of water landing aircraft to Alaska
yellow pages of the telephone          your party, the amount of gear, the
directory, which may be available      length and condition of the            so your party may require more
in your local library.                 landing area, weather conditions,      flights for the pick-up than the
                                       and the aircraft available that day.   drop-off. For your own safety do
Who Should I Fly With?                 A Cessna l85 can carry 2-3             not pressure the pilot into taking
Air charter operators must have a      passengers and their gear,             more weight than the aircraft can
permit to operate within National      depending on the above factors. A      safely handle for existing
Parks and National Wildlife            Cessna 206-207 carries 3-5 people      conditions.
Refuges and some other public          and gear. A PA-l8 (Cub or Super
                                                                              How Much Will the Charter
recreation lands in Alaska. You        Cub) carries only one passenger
should check in advance with the       but is best suited to short, rough
                                                                              Check with the operator for an
land managing agency for the area      landing areas. Pilots insist on
                                                                              estimate. For an approximate cost,
that you plan to visit. National       lighter loads when operating out
                                                                              measure the length of the trip in
Parks and some National Wildlife       of shorter, rougher landing areas,
                                                                              statute miles, check the

605 W. 4th Avenue* Anchorage Alaska * (907) 271-2737 *
appropriate airspeed on the next                                                 of air freighting them to bush
page and multiply the flying time                                                communities is extremely high.
by the hourly rate. Charter costs                                                For these reasons, canoes are
always include the pilot’s round                                                 generally not practical in remote
trip, so double the one-way cost.                                                parts of Alaska. Collapsible craft,
Poor weather or wind can increase                                                such as folding canoes or kayaks,
flying time. If your plane picks up                                              inflatable kayaks or rafts, and
another group after dropping you                                                 some smaller hard-shell kayaks,
off, you may not need to pay for                                                 readily fit into Cessna l85 and
that portion of the flight,                                                      larger aircraft and are preferred.
                                      Float planes can transport you to Public   Plan on bringing your craft with
depending on the initial
                                      Use Cabins in Kenai Fjords National Park
arrangements. Some operators                                                     you, as there are few businesses
have a fixed rate to more popular                                                that rent collapsible craft at this
                                      plans should allow for a one- or           time.
destinations. You should have a
                                      two-day delay on each end of the
clear understanding of how costs                                                 PLEASE NOTE: If you are
                                      trip due to weather. Longer
will be figured before leaving.                                                  carrying any red pepper-based
                                      delays are certainly possible, so
                                      plan accordingly and take extra            (capsicum) aerosol sprays for bear
AIR CHARTER SERVICE                                                              protection be sure to notify the
                                      food. Remember, the weather
INFORMATION                                                                      pilot. For safety reasons, he or she
                                      could be fine at your pick-up
What About the Pick-up?                                                          may have special procedures for
                                      point but unflyable where the
Make certain there are no                                                        handling these substances.
                                      plane is based.
misunderstandings about where
and when you should be picked         Can Small Aircraft Carry                   For more information on visiting
up. If you miss a pick-up it could    Canoes?                                    Alaska check our website:
cost more for the operator’s time     Some larger aircraft, such as a  
spent looking for you. The pilot      DeHavilland Beaver, can                    Or visit us at:
should be familiar with the           accommodate a canoe and                    605 W. 4th Ave. Ste 105
landing area and certain that the     passengers together. Smaller               Anchorage, AK 99501
plane can land there. Discuss         aircraft may carry canoes, but only
                                                                                 Additional materials are available
alternatives with the pilot in case   when there are no passengers on
                                                                                 for purchase through:
the landing area becomes              board, and an external load permit
                                                                                 Alaska Natural History
temporarily unusable.                 is required by the Federal Aviation
                                      Administration. Consequently
                                                                                 750 W. 2d Ave., Ste. 100
What If There’s Bad                   you would have to pay for two
                                                                                 Anchorage, AK 99501
Weather?                              round-trips — one for yourself
                                                                                 (907) 274-8440
Bad weather is often a problem in     and one for your canoe. Canoes
Alaska, especially in coastal and     normally must be chartered in a
mountainous areas. Your trip          larger city or town, since the cost

 Aircraft                     Approximate rates*                Approximate airspeed            Passengers
 C-l85, wheels                $230 - $275/hour                  130 mph                       2-3
 C-l85, floats                $250 - $290/hour                  125 mph                       2-3
 C-206 or 207, wheels         $225 - $275/hour                  130 mph                       4
 C-206, floats                $250 - $290/hour                  120 mph                       4
 PA-l8 (Cub), wheels          $135 - $150/hour                  95 mph                        1
 PA-l8 (Cub), floats          $140 - $160/hour                  90 mph                        1
 Helio-Courier                $250 - $290/hour                  140 mph                       3
 DeHavilland Beaver           $360 - $415/hour                  135 mph                       5
* These are approximate rates for 1998 based on quotes from six air taxi services. The higher rates reflect
charter service from more remote communities, which are generally closer to your destination.
605 W. 4th Avenue* Anchorage Alaska * (907) 271-2737 *

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