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					       Alex Castaneda, MSN, FNP-BC, MBA
                                  730 Eagle Creek
                               Floresville, TX 78114
                                  (210) 386-3562


PROFILE               Family Nurse Practitioner with solid experience able to work


Nov 2008 – Present    Family Nurse Practitioner
                      San Antonio, TX

                         Provide general medical care and treatment to homeless patients.
                         Perform physical examinations and preventive health measures
                          within prescribed guidelines.
                         Order, interpret, and evaluate diagnostic tests to identify and
                          assess patient's clinical problems and health care needs.
                         Record physical findings, and formulate a plan and prognosis,
                          based on patient's condition. Discuss case with physician and other
                          health professionals to prepare comprehensive patient care plan.
                         Prescribe or recommend medications or other forms of treatment
                          such as physical therapy, inhalation therapy, or related therapeutic
                         Refer patients to physician for consultation or to specialized health
                          resources for treatment.

Jul 2006 – Oct 2008   Registered Nurse
                      Odyssey Healthcare
                      San Antonio, TX

                         Hospice nurse responsible for all aspects of palliative care, and
                          coordination of holistic care to patient, caregiver and family.
                          Manage all facets of care including assessment in complex and
                          difficult cases.
                         Responsible for providing nursing care to hospice patients, in
                          accordance with the physician’s orders and the interdisciplinary
                          plan of care, with the goal of maintaining the comfort of the
                          patient and family.
                         Performed basic nursing functions in all aspects of care required in
                          the Hospice setting.
                         Taught and supported patients and their families, in preparation of
                          the patient’s death.
                         Arranged for the provision of supplies, equipment, and medications
                          needed for the patient’s comfort.
                         Organized and implemented individual patient care based on
                          ongoing interpretation of physiologic, psychological, and
                          sociological need.

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                         Planned and supervised the activities of the hospice aides as
                          appropriate to individual patient requirements and in accordance
                          with department policy.
                         Worked as a member of the interdisciplinary team members to
                          provide comprehensive care and continuity of services.
                         Communicated with the patient’s physician in matters pertaining to
                          patient’s care, and adjusted the patient's plan of care as directed.
                         Provided on-call coverage as needed.
                          Maintained accurate, complete documentation of care in the
                          clinical record.
                         Supervised the home health aide by evaluating compliance with
                          the aide care plan and interviewed with the patient/family every
                          two weeks in the patient’s home.

Mar 2007 –Jan 2008    Guest Column Writer
                      Medical Patriot – Prime Time Newspapers
                      San Antonio, TX

                      • Created and developed an advice column titled Ask the RN. Advised
                      on medical issues important to readers.

Aug 2006 – Dec 2006 Graduate Teaching Assistant
Jan 2006 - May 2006 University of Texas Health Science Center
                    San Antonio, TX

                      • Taught assessment skills to first semester male nursing students.

Feb 2005 - Aug 2005   Registered Nurse
                      Baptist Health System
                      San Antonio, TX

                      • Performed total patient care on a Medical -Surgical ward setting.

Oct 2003 - Jan 2005   ER Tech
                      Baptist Health System
                      San Antonio, TX

                      • Assisted medical team in delivering care.
                      • Performed EKGs, and phlebotomy,
                      • Gained IV access, and catheterized patients.

Jul 2001 - Oct 2003   Phlebotomist / Lab Tech
                      Baptist Health System
                      San Antonio, TX

                      • Phlebotomy
                      • Processed specimens and blood samples.

1999 - 2000           Phlebotomist
                      Audie Murphy Memorial Veteran's Hospital
                      San Antonio, TX

                      • Responsibilities include blood collecting, ward collects and
                      recollects. Certified for type and cross and type and screen blood
                      collection. Assist in training new hires on safety and proper blood
                      drawing procedures and technique. Acting Team Leader on rotating

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1997 - 1998          Financial Analyst
                     First Card Services Inc.
                     Uniondale, NY

                     • Financial Analyst for the Risk Management Division. Responsible
                     for all phases of budgeting, forecasting and analysis of credit
                     collections. Analyzed staffing levels, as well as collector productivity.
                     Reported financial position directly to Regional Operations Director.
                     Responsible for reporting of daily, cycle and monthly delinquencies,
                     aged accounts and balances. Tested and measured strategic
                     initiatives for Collections and Recovery divisions.

1994 - 1997          Business Manager
                     CMP Media Inc.
                     Manhasset, NY

                     • Business Manager for CMP’s Information Technology Division.
                     Directly responsible for all phases of budgeting, coordinated and
                     tracked a $26 million dollar budget, advised and instructed
                     department managers on effective use of resources. Identified and
                     optimized cost cutting measures.
                     Created and implemented annual budgets resulting in the IT Group
                     finishing below budget in expenses for the last 3 years .
                     o Developed and implemented a capital spending program allowing
                          CMP to come in below budget for the first time ever.
                     o Identified tax reduction opportunities of $230K through $500K
                          asset write-off.
                     o Developed, implemented, and enforced purchasing policies and
                          procedures that increased corporate savings          through
                          economy of scale
                     o Track and report company wide capital expenditures to board of
                          directors and senior management

1988 - 1994          Financial Analyst
                     CITIBANK North America,
                     New York, NY
                     • Financial Analyst directly responsible for budgeting, forecasting,
                     identifying future financial opportunities, risk analysis, and
                     coordinating transfer of consumer loan portfolio’s within Citicorp.
                     o Transferred $500 million of loan portfolios within 12 months.
                     o Performed physical inventory of regional facility resulting in the re-
                       deployment and sale of organizational assets in excess of $15
                     o Developed mechanism for analyzing and tracking variable labor
                       expense providing department managers greater flexibility in
                       payroll expenses.
                     o Maintained salary files for 156 Officers and Non-officials.

Clinical Rotations

Jan 2008 – May 2008 Office of Dr. Robert Frets, M.D.
                    Seguin, TX

                     • Worked alongside Dr. R. Frets

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                      • Completed 285 hours in primary care

Jan 2008 – Apr 2008   Planned Parenthood – Las Palapas
                      San Antonio, TX

                      • Worked alongside Mrs. Linda Liebe, WHNP
                      • Completed 90 hours in women’s health

Sep 2007 – Dec 2007   Office of Dr. Maryann Pinkston, M.D.
                      San Antonio, TX

                      • Worked alongside Dr. M. Pinkston
                      • Completed 180 hours in primary care

Sep 2007 – Dec 2007   Planned Parenthood – Las Palapas
                      San Antonio, TX

                      • Worked alongside Mrs. Alicia Cruz, WHNP
                      • Completed 16 hours in women’s heath

May 2007 – Aug 2007 Gonzaba Medical Group
                    San Antonio, TX

                      • Worked alongside Mrs. Paula Golden, FNP-BC
                      • Completed 90 hours in adult primary care

May 2007 – Aug 2007 Building Blocks Pediatrics
                    Pleasanton, TX

                      • Worked alongside LeAnn Ware, CPNP
                      • Completed 90 hours in pediatric primary care


Jan 2005 – May 2008 University of Texas Health Science Center
                    San Antonio, TX

                      MSN Honors - May 2008 (3.5)
                      Teaching Minor

                      Family Nurse Practitioner III (A)
                      Family Nurse Practitioner II (B)
                      Family Nurse Practitioner I (B)
                      Nursing Leadership (B)
                      Financial Planning (B)
                      Nursing Science I (B)
                      Nursing Science II (B)
                      Advanced Pathophysiology (B)
                      Advanced Health Assessment (B)
                      Assessment of Populations (A)
                      Advanced Pharmacology (A)
                      Mental Health (A)
                      Roles of the Teacher (A)
                      Curriculum & Instruction (C)

Jan 2003 - Dec 2004   University of Texas Health Science Center

Alex Castaneda, FNP-BC                                                 Page 4
                    San Antonio, TX

                    BS Honors Nursing (3.1)
                    Sigma Theta Tau: National Nursing Honor Society - Inducted December

                    Introduction to Professional Nursing (B)
                    Pharmacology (B)
                    Nature of Health Transition (B)

                    Nursing Research (A)
                    Mental Health Transitions (B)
                    Chronic Health Transitions (B)

                    Childbearing Families (B)
                    Childrearing Families (C)
                    Nursing Leadership & Management (B)
                    Bridge to the ER (A)
                    Cardiac Dysrhthymias (A)

                    Nurse as a Professional (B)
                    Major Health Transitions (B)
                    Community Health (B)

Aug 1998 - May 2001 University of Texas
                    San Antonio, TX

                    Obtained 54 Credit Hours (3.3)
                    Alpha Epsilon Delta: National Premedical Honor Society - Inducted
                    February 2000.

                    Organic Chemistry (B)
                    Organic Chemistry Recitation (A)
                    Calculus I (B)
                    General Physics I (B)
                    Microbiology (B)
                    Microbiology Lab (B)
                    Organic Chemistry II (B)
                    Organic Chemistry II Lab (A)
                    General Physics I Lab (A)
                    General Physics II (A)
                    Independent Study (A)
                    Histology & Cytology (B)
                    Histology & Cytology Lab (B)
                    Biochemistry (C)
                    Biochemistry Lab (B)
                    Pathology (B)
                    Pharmacology & Toxicology (B)
                    Cellular Biology (B)
                    Molecular Biology (B)
                    Intro to Literature (B)
                    General Physics Lab II (B)

Sep 1986 - May 1990 Long Island University
                    C.W. Post Campus, Brentwood, NY

                    MBA Finance (3.2)

                    Principles of Financial Management (B+)

Alex Castaneda, FNP-BC                                                            Page 5
                      Economic Environment of Business (B)
                      Introduction to Computer Systems (B+)
                      Management of Market Systems (B)

                      Management Processes (B)
                      Corporate Financial Policy (B+)
                      Operations Management (B+)

                      Organizational Behavior (B)
                      Money & Capital Markets (B+)
                      Capital Budgeting (C+)

                      Business Policy I (B)
                      Economics of Management Decisions (B)
                      Quantitative Analysis (C+)
                      Financial Accounting (C)

                      Investment Banking (B+)
                      Introduction to Quantitative Analysis (B)
                      Business Policy II (B+)

                      Business Law (B)
                      Business, Government & Society (A)
                      Security Analysis (B+)

Aug 1982 - Dec 1985   State University of New York
                      Stony Brook, NY

                      BA Psychology (3.2)

                      English Composition (B+)
                      Introduction to Psychology I (A-)
                      Principles of Biology I (A)
                      Elementary Chemistry (B)
                      Introduction to Psychology II (A)

                      Principles of Biology II (B)
                      General Chemistry I (B+)
                      General Chemistry Lab (A-)
                      Developmental Psychology (B)

                      Comparative Psychology (A-)
                      General Genetics (B)
                      Teaching Practicum I (S)
                      Organic Chemistry Lab (B)
                      Aerobic Fitness (A)
                      Brain & Behavior (B+)
                      Elementary Spanish I (A-)

                      Statistical Methods (B-)
                      Abnormal Psychology (B-)
                      Psychological Lab (A)
                      Human Brain Function (B-)
                      Intermediate Spanish II (B-)

                      Logic & Critical Reasoning (P)
                      American History to 1877 (P)
                      Research Methodology (B+)

Alex Castaneda, FNP-BC                                            Page 6
                   Advanced Statistics (B-)
                   Psychological Development in Infancy (A-)
                   Introduction to Sociology (P)

                   General Chemistry (C+)
                   General Chemistry Lab (B+)
                   Classical Drama (P)
                   Research Methods Lab (B-)

                   Poetry in English (B+)
                   Special Topics (A)
                   Politics of Conflict (C)


                   • Fluent in Spanish


                   Available on request.

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