Fibre shed on steel structure on Macpherson hostel Tender by niusheng11


									                                                      Cost of Tender Paper – Rs. 500/-

             West Bengal University of Animal & Fishery Sciences
                   37 & 68, Kshudiram Bose Sarani, Calcutta-700 037
                                  TENDER FORM

        For the work Fibre shed on steel structure at Macpherson Hostel at Belgachia
amount a sum of money Rs. 7,92,453/- (Rupees seven lakhs ninety two thousand four
hundren fifty three) put to tender, at the West Bengal University of Animal Fishery
Sciences at Belgachia Campus, vide N.I.T No……………. of………………

The Registrar,
West Bengal University of Animal & Fishery Sciences,
68, Kshudiram Bose Sarani,
Calcutta – 700 037

        I/We namely………………………………………………………………………
having my/ our registered office at…………………………………………………………
…………………….highly glad to offer my/ our lowest rate to execute the above
mentioned work. My/ our rate is…………………. at per …………………………%
above Schedule of rate…………………..% below of schedule rate.

                                                      (Strike out which is not applicable)

        Further, I/ We like to undertake after careful consideration of N.I.T that I/We
abide by the (i) General Conditions of Contract, (ii) Specification of Work, (iii) Mode of
Measurement for Building, Sanitary, Plumbing and Drainage work as per State P.W.D
       The following documents are enclosed herewith for your consideration:
i)     Constitution of the company: - i.e. enlistment certificate
ii)    Solvency Certificate:
iii)   List of work executed with completion and payment Certificates:
iv)    List of equipment:
v)     Name of the Technical personnel:
vi)    Tax clearance Certificates (P.T, S.T & I.T)

      I/We enclose herewith all the tender documents duly signed by me/us.

                                                              Signature of the Contractor
                                                                With Office Seal & Date
               West Bengal University of Animal & Fishery Sciences
                  37 & 68, Kshudiram Bose Sarani, Calcutta – 700 037

Notice Inviting Tender No……………………Dated………………………………………
Name of the work Fibre shed on steel structure at Macpherson Hostel at Belgachia

1. Sealed Tender is hereby invited on behalf of the University from experienced,
   bonafied and reliable contractors for Fibre shed on steel structure at Macpherson
   Hostel at Belgachia. The University Campus situated at Belgachia as per drawings
   including supply of all materials, Labour and equipments. The estimate amount put to
   Tender is Rs. 7,92,453/- (Rupees seven lakhs ninety two thousand four hundred fifty
   threee) only.
2. The tender shall submit the detail programme of work and method of construction.
   The work shall be completed within the period specified in the Tender and i.e. 45
   (forty five) days from the date of written order to commence the work.
3. The construction shall follow the detailed drawing to be supplied during construction.
   The drawing enclosed with the Tender is specification drawing and are for guidance
   for submitting Tender.
4. Contract documents consisting of specification drawings, complete specification of
   the schedule of items of the various classes of work to be done and the set of
   condition of contract to be complied with by the Tenders whose Tender may be
5. Tenders which shall always be placed in sealed cover with name of the work written
   on the envelope to be received by the university up to 2 P.M on 15.09.2010 (date) and
   will be opened on the same day at 3 P.M.
6. Tender shall be submitted in the form which can be obtained from website.
7. The rates shall be submitted on the basis of schedule of items attached with the
   Tender. The Tenderers shall quote the rate for work by mentioning of percentage
   above/ below or at per for the total schedule of work. Item wise rates will not be
   accepted. Quoted rates should be in figures as well as in words. In case of any
   discrepancy in rates quoted in words and in figures, the lower of the two shall be
   taken as correct.
8. Last date of issue of Tender Form is……………………………………………………
9. Earnest money – The amount of Earnest money which will be refunded/ adjusted
   without any interest to be deposited @ 2% of the estimate cost if not mentioned in the
    Tender Notice. Bank draft for deposit a call receipt of any schedule bank in favour of
    Finance Officer of the University payable at Calcutta.
10. Earnest Money in any other form shall not be accepted.
11. The Tender shall also submit with his / her Tender following particular.
       i)    Constitution of Company (i.e. Enlistment Certificate)
       ii)    Solvency Certificate.
       iii)   List of work executed with the payment and completion Certificate.
       iv)    List of equipments
       v)       Name of the Technical Personnel.
12. All rates shall be quoted in the proper form of the Tender above. Conditional Tender
    shall be liable for rejection.
13. The Earnest Money shall be refunded to unsuccessful Tenderers without any interest
    thereof. No claim for delay shall be admissible.
14. The security Deposits shall be collected by deduction from the running bills of the
    Contractor @10% of the value of work and the Earnest Money deposited by the
    Contractor shall be treated as a part of the Security Deposits for the Successful
15. Tax clearance Certificate to be submitted with the Tender Form. The contractors will
    have to abide by the provision of West Bengal Contract Labour (Regulation &
    Abolition) Rules – 1972, as enforced during the period of the contract Mainly labours
    accommodation, sanitation, medical, insurance etc to be provide by the Contractor.
16. Tax at source will be recovered as per income Tax and West Bengal Sales tax
    Act/Rules as applicable.
                           TENDERS UNDERSTANDING

        It is understood and agreed that the Tender has by careful examination, satisfied
himself about the nature and location of work character of equipment and facilities
needed preliminary to and during execution of work the general and local condition and
all other matters which in any way may effect the work under this contract. No verbal
agreement conversation with any Officer of the University either before or after the
execution of the contract shall effect or modify any of the terms or obligations of the
contract if there obtained for executing the work in terms of the Contract including all
details and incidental work not specifically mentioned in the contract but necessary for
ensuring complete construction of the work. The (i) General specification, (ii) General
Conditions and (iii) Mode of Measurement of State P.W.D. shall be strictly followed. A
contract Agreement will be executed in a Non–Judicial stamp Of Rs. 50/- by the

                                     CHECK LIST

1.  Tender Form
2.  N.I.T. No.
3.  Drawing
4.  Constitution of Company
5.  Solvency Certificate
6.  List of work executed
7. List of equipments
8. Name of the Technical Personnel
9. Tax Clearance Certificate
10. (a) Professional Tax
    (b) Sales Tax (if applicable)
    (c) Income Tax
11. Bank Draft for Earnest Money
         Estimate of Work:
S.L.                                                                        Rate      Amount
                    Description of Items                 Quantity   Unit
No.                                                                         (Rs.)      (Rs.)
   1 M.S. structural works in roofs trusses with
     tubular section conforming to IS:806-1957 &
     IS:1161-1958 connected to one another with
     bracket, gusset, cleats as per design, direction
     of Engineer-in-Charge complete including
     cutting to requiste size, fabrication with
     necessary metal are welding conforming to
     IS:816-1956 & IS:9595 using electrodes of
     approved make and brand conforming to
     IS:814-1957, haulage, hoisting and erection
     all complete. The rate includes the cost of
     rolled steel section, consumables such as
     electrodes, gas and hire charges of all tools
     and plants and labour required for the work
     including all incidental charges such as
     electricity charges, labour insurance charges
     etc. ii) for trusses spanning above 12.0 m. and
     upto 20.0m.                                         4.50MT     M.T.   70673.43   318030.00
   2 Supplying fitting and fixing glass reinformced
     polyester translucent fiber glass sheet to
     match with GCI corrugation as per IS:12866-
     1989 in roof fitted and fixed with 10mm dia
     'J' or 'L' hook, bolts and nuts, limpet and
     bitumen washes and putty with 150mm end
     lap and one corrugation mi nimum side lap
     complete. a) 1.6mm + 0.2 mm thick sheet. ii)
     fire resistant white or tinted blue colour sheet.   442.00m2   Sqm.     690.00   304980.00
   3 Supplying fitting and fixing glass reinformced
     polyester translucent riding 250mm long each
     way as per IS: 2866-1989 fitted and fixed
     with bolts. J-hook and screws and bitumen
     washers complete. a) 1.6mm + 0.2 mm thick
     sheet. ii) fire resistant white or tinted blue
     colour sheet.                                       74.00mtr   Mtr      626.00    46324.00
   4 Supplying fitting and fixing glass reinformced
     polyester translucent fiber sheet 300mm wide
     in half round gutter in roof as per IS: 12866-
     1989 fitted and fixed with 50 x 6mm M.S
     clamp with necessary bolts, nuts, screws and
     joining material complete as per direction of
     Engineer-in-Charge. a) 1.6mm + 0.2 mm
     thick sheet. ii) coloured othet than blue.          148.00mtr Mtr       678.00   100344.00
5 Supply of High Desity Polythine pipe &
  fittings for Soil & Rain water conforming to
  IS:4984-1985(Dia). B) 110mm dia.               100.00mtr Mtr.    198.75       19875.00
6 Priming one coat on timber, plastered or on
  steel or other metal surface with synthetic
  enamel/oil bound primer or approved quality
  including smoothening surface by sand
  papering etc. (This item is applicable to new
  work or old work when the original surface
  has been exposed by removal of oil paint)      50.00m2   Sqm.     20.00        1000.00
7 (A) Painting with best quality synthetuic
  enamel paint of approved make and brand
  including smoothening surface by and
  papering etc. including using of approved
  putty etc. on the surface if necessary: (b) On
  steel or other metal surface with higloss or
  approved quality. Two coats(with any shade
  except white)                                  50.00 m2 Sqm.        38.00      1900.00
                                                                   TOTAL       792453.00
     Estimated amount is rupees seven lacks ninety two thousand four hundred
     fifty three only

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