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									Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite Convertible Car Seat review

Car seats are one necessity that every parent with a baby or young child has to be careful when
choosing one. The problem is that there are so many different types and brands that it can be difficult
to know which one is the one that offers the features that the parents are looking for. There are those
who have no monetary issues and can buy top of the line car seats with ease. Others need to keep the
price in mind when they are making their decision but that does not mean that they want to give up on
safety and comfort for the child. This can make the decision making process even more difficult.

I did a great deal of research on the many different brands of car seats and know how much conflicting
material that can be found on just one car seat. Parents can have a trying time trying to find the perfect
one which is why I decided to write my own reviews in order to offer parents an easier way to find the
car seat that is perfect for their needs. None of these reviews contain any car seat that is considered
unsafe not are there any limitations to price. This means that no matter the budget, one of the car seats
that I have reviewed is safe and a car seat that is most often getting the best reviews from actual users.
How lucky for you that you do not have to go to all this trouble, yes?

The Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite Convertible Car Seat offers a convertible car seat that can be used until
the child is able to sit like an adult passenger. The new babies as well as the older child find this car seat
to be comfortable. The seat can be faced backwards and then frontwards with the final position of the
booster seat for the older children who weight up to one hundred pounds. The cost is not as much as
many of the other top of the line car seats but the quality is not lacking in this model.

Are you wondering if the Safety 1st seat is comfortable? This is probably the highlight of this car seat. It
is incredibly comfortable no matter which position the car seat is placed in. There are arm rests for the
older child and a well padded base that offers comfort to the newborns that are a bit more sensitive.
When in the rear facing position, there is a good recline that allows the baby to stay stimulated when
awake and yet comfortable enough for nap time. It can be put in a more reclining position when it is
front facing as well. This is an important aspect with older children who may fall asleep but not sleep as
much as an infant would. I know that my little ones typically fall asleep on all trips no matter how short
they may be so having the option to recline the seat for their comfort is a huge factor for me.

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What Other Parents Think About This Car Seat

For some parents, the seat is one of the best ones in the price range and can even compete with much
more expensive models. One parent has this to say about the Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite Convertible
Car Seat:
“We bought these car seats for our 1-yr-old (22 lb) twin boys and WE LOVE THEM!! They're really
padded, cushiony and roomy, so they were very comfortable for the road trip we just took. Once I
figured out how to use the hooks to attach to the LATCH bolts built-into my car (incl. in most cars built
after 2002), it didn't take long to install.”

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