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					  Fire and Natural Disaster
victims information center
“Loss of a home is the
next thing to death.”
 We hope you take a moment to thank the Firefighters,
  EMS, Police, Red Cross, Hospital and others who make it
  their life’s passion to help others and responded to your
What to do now?
 Most people never experience this once so it is only after the facts you
    look back to see what you could have done differently.
   The first trip to the hospital my 85 year old mother was far worst then the last one at 94 because I knew
    what to do and expect. I understood this was personal to me while the hospital was dealing with
    hundreds which wasn’t person to them. It was their job.

 So understand this is yours personal assets, you family or business and
    you paid insurance premium just in case this happens.

 You need to look at this sort of like a general contractor, president,
    military leader and direct the operation.

 Right now do whatever you can to reduce further damages and then get
    directs from the adjuster
       Time Frame to complete?
 I met a fireman who just moved back in his 1,400 sq ft
  home 11.5 months after it burned.
 We were involved in a 110 boats marina fire where some
  companies settled immediately while others were in court 3
  years later. (same cause of loss)
 The time frame depends on the insurance company,
  adjuster, contractor managing funds, workers, equipment,
  and materials around different job sites, the weather and
  how many other such losses are in the area,
 You need to know this to get your family or business settled
  down in temporary quarters as soon as possible.
Memories    We know this may have
            been your home for 30
            years and all the
            memories that went with

            Hopefully only property
             was lost which can be
            replaced over time.
            Purpose of Insurance
 Insurance was designed as a social safety net not a
  profit center. Example: If a factory burns down
  it may cost double to rebuild to reduce the
  impact on the community from unemployed
 It is neither a profit or loose center for the insured.
 Claims are resolved easier with both parties
  respect the others position.
        The Insurance Industry
 Thousands of companies sell property insurance
  around the world. They also buy re-insurance to
  make certain they can pay large claims.
 The industry is regulated by the States
  Corporation Commission in your state under the
  Bureau of Insurance.
 You can contact them anytime concerning this
  claims and procedures.
                        The Policy
 If it was lost in the fire get a copy (of the entire policy) immediately and
    put it in a file market CLAIM so you can refer to it as needed
   It has a cover page listing your name, insurance company name, policy
    #, date of protection and amount of insurance in each category
   You will have a different policy depending on if you are the
    homeowner, tenant or property owner renting property.
   It will show a deductable (amount you must pay)
   It will have endorsement listed which show items like jewelry, guns,
    antiques which were added
   The premium must be shown as paid.
   You may want to go over these items with your agent so you can agree
    together from the start
      The Insurance Adjuster
 While you just experience the emergency response team some
    adjusters don’t appear to fully appreciate you are without a home,
    cloths and food and depending on them to get your life back as soon as
   This is their normal job where they have families, soccer games along
    with 50 or more claims all over the place to justify and settle.
   Some are company employees and other independent contractors with
    various years of experience.
   In large hurricane and similar losses teams are assigned to other states
   So write down their instructions but don’t be afraid to question their
    experience in your type of loss and location.
   If you feel things are not right call the insurance company
             The Contractors
 Between the news and the adjusters you will
    be contacted by several.
   They will have many different ideas which
    will be helpful.
   Do not let them move anything until it is
    cleared with the adjuster.
   Get everything in writing
   They must be licensed by the Board of
    Contractors in you state and you can call and
The Damages Building
          HUD (is the building code) for mobile and some
           modular homes.

          Many older building (were built before building
           codes existed) and insulation, fire blocking,
           electrical fires were understood.

          A HUD roof collapse 15 minutes after the smoke
           alarm went off on a client. Fireman report
           similar concerns in older building

          Today the International Building Code (IBC)
           oversees safety, energy and green building.

           But due to the nature of your damages it may
           NOT be required to bring your entire home up
           to IBC standards.

          Consult your local building inspectors office.
          The policy will list the amount of insurance on
           the structure
The contents
        This is different because some
         items are visible while others
         are totally destroyed.

        Some companies require every
         tooth brush to be listed.

        Gather pictures and videos
         from your family and friends
Additional Living Expenses
 If your policy list additional living
  expenses it is for clothes, food and
  lodging expenses created by this loss.
   If Red Cross, church or other
    organizations paid for that make sure
    you include it with your bills and

 Many not only responded to your loss
  but work fun raisers to pay for gas for
  the equipment.

 Many volunteers were in your
  situation so once this is behind you
  they need help from those with true
You will hear actual Cash Value and
replacement value
 You bought a 32” TV 8 years ago and paid $800
 You see it listed today for $300 because Plasmas
  has replaced them.
 You see on craigslist the same TV for $100.

 Actual Cash value means you get $100
 Replacement value means you must replace the TV
  and will get $300 toward your new TV.
Now the home to be rebuilt. There are many issues
attached to older property before the loss such as:
                           High maintenance cost.
                           High Heating bills.
                           Safety issues of electrical systems
                           $5,000+ per month for care facilities
                              for seniors due to design
                             Crime as many become vacant
                             Under built to today’s changing
                              weather pattern
                             Outdated to IBC building standards
                             What issues were you faced with
                              before the loss?
                             Will the money to be spent address
                              any of these issues?
Now how has the fire, flood or wind
further impacted your home?
 Now fires, smoke, water, heat and exposure to the weather,
  freezing, etc. has added to an already outdated structure
  according to IBC standards.
Concerns of Repairing
 Review the issues of cost of energy, maintenance, design
    and values before the loss.
   Now add the concerns of smoke smell, mold, mildew,
    wood, etc.
   Will your insurance company provide protection against
    these concerns?
   Will the contractor?
   Will the house sell knowing it was practically rebuilt?
   Will your insurance company cancel you after this loss?
   Will another company insure you and at what cost?
    What does our government want to
    see happen in housing?
 Only in the past several years
    have we seen such a push on
    energy savings and Green

 FEMA along with the
    International Construction
    Council are working together on
    building to meet the changing
    weather patterns
So what is the insurance industries roll?
  Insurance calculates the risk to determine cost.
  So what does FEMA project in your area?
  If you had an electrical fire in one part of the home but
   the other part wasn’t required to be brought up to code
   can your family sleep?
  Now tens of thousand of dollars will be spent shouldn’t
   these issues be addressed properly?
You are the property owner who didn’t expect
this much money to be spent on your place.
What would you like to see happen now?
 Do you want to up date to IBC inspection and the
  government green and energy standards?
 Do you want to redesign to stay home longer and not
  waste $5,000+ a month in care facility cost.
 As you receive estimates you can decides these issues.
        So let’s review what the adjuster
        knows and now the owner knows.
 Normal fires can take a year to move back home whether
    you rebuild or replace
   Homes contractors must follow the International Building
   Rebuilding can mean a portion of the home will be left
    outdated to IBC standards
   Rebuilding causes concerns of smoke smell, mold mildew,
    wood rot and future property value issues.
   Replacing eliminates most concerns but the time frame is
    still a year.
What if-
 the time frame could be cut to 2 months on an avg. 2,000 sq ft home?
 A new home meets AND EXCEED IBC inspection requirements?
 The cause was totally eliminate so the family sleeps better at night?
 It meet 195 mph winds, snow loads of the north east, etc?
 the owners can have a first floor master, Viking appliances, Anderson
 energy and green standards were met?
 Smokes smell, mold, mildew and wood rot worries were replaced with a
  2 year all risk and a 10 year structural warranty?
 This can been done by incorporating the additional living expenses,
  demolition, rebuilding and claims cost with funds the owner may have
  been considering to spend on updates anyway?
We have gotten ahead of ourselves!
 We hope this provides a helpful overview for people caught up is a
 We hope the adjusters will realize their roll is an extension of the
  emergency responders now.
 We hope this help he police, fire fighters, RED CROSS and others to get
  the reorganization they deserve and people with volunteer their time
  and money where we know it works.
 Most of us agree we do not like to see money wasted so if you have
  questions you feel we can help with let us know.

                 Building Management Services
                           1-800-211-5660
                       bldgmgt@gmail.com

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