Relationship by raygee


									The Four Stages Of A Relationship

1. The Perfect Phase is the first three months. If this phase were a season, it would be summer, when
you feel warm and malleable toward each other. The chemical attraction is strong between the two of
you. You both look right to one another, dress right, talk right and your manners are correct. Everything
is perfect. You have met your ideal mate.

2. The Imperfect Phase occurs during the second three months. This is the period when things start to
cool down. People who have a fear of intimacy, usually like to abort the relationship between the third
and sixth month. As soon as the Perfect Period is over, they run off to again seek the perfect person.

3. The third three months make up the Negotiable Phase, when you and your prince face the cold, hard
facts about each other and decide whether or not you can accept the other’s faults and adjust to the
problems within the relationship. If you find you are more compatible than incompatible, that you like
each other more than not, you will begin to negotiate a commitment.

4. The Commitment Phase is the last three-month phase. Like a new spring, this period provides new life
to the relationship and is a foundation for permanence. It is at this time that you negotiate a long term
commitment, usually involving marriage.

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