Yuma Senior Games Results Track _ Field - Running Long Jump

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Yuma Senior Games Results                                        Yuma, AZ 13012
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Sex          Ages           Medal      Last Name         First Name                Distance

Men          50-54 Years    1-Gold     Lugo              Eddie                            11' 11''

Men          55-59 Years    1-Gold     Christians        John                               9' 09''

Men          60-64 Years    1-Gold     Thiede            Lance                            12' 01''

                            2-Silver   Hernandez         Melvin                           11' 09''

Men          65-69 Years    1-Gold     Howard            Fred                             12' 03''

                            2-Silver   Damschen          Ron                              10' 03''

Men          70-74 Years    1-Gold     Armstrong         Mervyn                           12' 05''

                            2-Silver   East              Les                              10' 09''

                            3-Bronze   Huether           Robert                           10' 01''

Men          75-79 Years    1-Gold     Scheffner         Gordon                           10' 01''

                            2-Silver   Nett              Arnold                             8' 05''

                            3-Bronze   Tveit Pettersen   Arne                               7' 04''

Men          80-84 Years    1-Gold     Stombaugh         Mel                                6' 08''

Women        65-69 Years    1-Gold     Cox               Doris                              6' 07''

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Description: Long jump, long jump over the past called the emergency line, which is the ancient Greek Olympic competition and has five sports in a project, is now the school physical education and one of the main track and field competition. Practicing the long jump to the development of human speed, jumping ability and dexterity, and can enhance the function of the heart and other organs to enhance physical health. The site equipment is relatively simple jump, long jump and relatively easy to learn, so young people who prefer the sport.