Long jump and Triple jump

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					                                               Long jump and Triple jump

                                                                                                                Cart for plasticine inserts
                                                                                                                Cart of steel for working with plasticine and
                                                                                                                transporting of the inserts. With storing space for
                                                                                                                necessary tools.
                                                                                                                art no 2101 250                                805 €

                                                                                                                To be placed in plasticine insert.
                                                                                                                art no 2104 434                                 23 €

1. Take off board Comp                                 4. Adjustable cover
High quality take off board. With under structure of   Made of aluminium with height
aluminium on which a board of wood is mounted.         adjusters. On top of the cover a
Equipped with height adjustment for perfect fitting.    synthetic all-weather surface can be installed. To be
Complete with demountable plasticine insert. Steel     placed in the foundation tray.
scraper for applying plasticine included.              art no 2101 257                                 223 €
IAAF certified no E-01-0324.
art no 2101 243                              420 €
                                                       5. Plasticine insert comp
                                                       Made of red painted wood.
2. Exchange board for take of                          art no 2102 433                                  73 €
board comp                                                                                                      Take off markers
Made of white painted wood. Measures 122x20x2
                                                                                                                Set of 12 take off markers in different colours. Made
                                                       Scraper                                                  of steel.
art no 2101 435                                97 €    For plasticine insert comp (art no 2102 433).            art no 2100 432                                180 €
                                                       art no 2102 434                                   7€
3. Foundation tray
Made of aluminium.
art no 2101 256                              224 €

   All prices are ex Works and ex VAT

   78       track and field              long jump and triple jump                                        längdhopp och tresteg

Measuring frame long jump                               Measuring frame triple jump                           Wind indicator
Measuring frame of aluminium for long jump. Shows       Measuring frame of aluminium for triple jump.         Wind sock on a steel stand.
the distance from the take off board. Shows lengths     Shows the distance from the take off board. Shows     art no 1150 317                                288 €
5-9 meters.                                             lengths 14-18 meters.
art no 2105 242                                648 €    art no 2105 243                            648 €

Board marker                                            Rake                                                  Sand rake 3 m
An aid to help the jumper and the public see the        Rake of aluminium. With a wide levelling blade and    Aluminium profile for evening out sand
position of the take off board. Delivered in pairs.     turned replaceable pins. Extremely durable and easy   in landing pit.
art no 2101 500                                  89 €   to work.                                              art no 2100 437                                253 €
                                                        14 pins art no 2100 434                      99 €
                                                        8 pins art no 2100 435                       95 €
                                                        6 pins art no 2100 436                       87 €
                                                        Spare pins art no 2100 440                     4€

                                                                                                                                All prices are ex Works and ex VAT

                                                                                            long jump and triple jump             track and field            79

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Description: Long jump, long jump over the past called the emergency line, which is the ancient Greek Olympic competition and has five sports in a project, is now the school physical education and one of the main track and field competition. Practicing the long jump to the development of human speed, jumping ability and dexterity, and can enhance the function of the heart and other organs to enhance physical health. The site equipment is relatively simple jump, long jump and relatively easy to learn, so young people who prefer the sport.