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									                              Hurricanes: Make Plans for Pets, Too

With the heartbreaking images of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation on the Gulf Coast and the
tragedy it wrought on property, pets and people fresh in everyone’s minds, we should all be
making plans on how to deal with the arrival of another hurricane. Pet owners need to add a few
extra details to their plans to accommodate their pet family members, too.

All of the experts in disaster planning suggest making two plans: one for if you are staying to ride
out the storm, the other if you plan to leave the area as the storm approaches. Gathering
information and supplies now gives you ample time to do a thorough job.

The very first thing you must do for both plans is to think ID: If your pet does not have an ID
microchip, get one. If your pet is lost, rescuers will need that information to return the pet to you.
Because not everyone who finds your pet will have a microchip reader, get a collar with an
address and telephone number on it for each of your pets.

Now for your stay-at-home plan. Staying at home with your pets means that you may be stranded
for days without power and without the ability to purchase any supplies for your pets as well as

To be on the safe side, buy enough pet food and, if you have cats, enough litter for at least two
weeks. Your pets will need lots of fresh water too, so have plenty of that on hand too. The amount
of water a pet consumes varies according to its size, so consider that when storing or buying
water. If your pet is on medication and needs medical supplies such as syringes if it is diabetic,
buy enough for at least one month, two months is better. Place these items and a current picture
of your pets in separate watertight containers; large items can go in garbage bags.

Never leave pets outside during a hurricane. The storm will terrify them and they need the
protection of a home just as you do. Also, a strong storm will erase scent markers and familiar
outdoor references that pets use to determine location, so if they are outside, they may easily
become lost.

During the storm, put your pet and some of its toys and a towel in a carrier. This will calm the
animal somewhat and keep it from running out into the storm should there be a breach in the

If you intend to leave your pet behind, find a boarding kennel or local friends or relatives and
make arrangements with them now or as soon as possible. Do not leave your pet home alone. It
could be weeks before you are allowed back into your neighborhood and it is terrifying for the pet
to be alone during the storm. If you absolutely must leave your pet behind in your home, give a
house key to at least two trusted neighbors or friends who promise to feed and check on your pet
every day you are away.

If your pets are small enough to fit in a carrier, get one larger enough for them to stay in for
several days. Also, bring an ample supply of water and pet food for the estimate length of travel,
food and water bowls, pet medication, pet toys, immunization certificates, a recent pet photo,
trash bags, towels, leash, litter or newspaper, an enzyme cleaner for any accidents and room
freshener spray. Also bring pet prescriptions for refills your pet may need.

Wherever you plan to go and stay, be it with friends, relatives, or at a hotel, call now to make sure
both you and your pet will be welcome. If you had a hotel selected last year that accepted pets,
call again this year to make sure their policy hasn't changed. After you plan your evacuation
routes and overnight stays, call ahead today or as soon as you can to selected hotels/motels/inns
in those areas to find out about their pet policies. Have at least two possibilities for each stay.
There are several listings of pet-friendly accommodations in Florida. Online resources that
maintain lists of pet-friendly accommodations are,,, and These same sources also publish national lists
of pet-friendly accommodations.

Some hotel and motel chains that usually accept pets are Choice Hotels, Red Roof Inn, Motel 6,
La Quinta Inn, and Holiday Inn. However, each facility sets its own policy regarding size and type
of pets allowed and has different rules for pet size, pet deposits, and records requirements.
Again, their policies change constantly, so be sure to call in advance before heading out of the
house with your pet.

The Humane Society Naples (239-643-1555) can provide information regarding county run
facilities in the State of Florida and any services available for pets and under what circumstances.
There is only one public shelter in Collier County that accepts pets and it requires pre-registration.
Information on the pet-friendly shelter can be found at the Collier County Domestic Animal
Services site: or by calling: 239.252.PETS.

The Humane Society Naples does not board pets and is not a public pet shelter. All our available
pet housing is filled with orphaned pets waiting for adoption. Twenty-four hours before a hurricane
strikes, our facility closes and the gate is locked. Anyone caught tying a pet up to our fence or
tossing it into our yard will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

County-specific information for Florida***:

Collier County
Collier County will host a public Emergency Pet Shelter at North Collier Regional Park
located at 15000 Livingston Rd. The shelter will be an adjacency shelter, which means pet
owners and pets will be sheltered separately within the park and pets cannot just be dropped off.

The Bureau of Emergency Services (BES) determines the activation of the Emergency Pet
Shelter based on mandatory evacuations and storm surge vulnerability. Pet owners who
preregister for the Emergency Pet Shelter will be notified by an automated call system when the
shelter opens, if they are located in a mandatory evacuation zone or live in manufactured

The shelter will hold 75 pets. The County will only accommodate dogs and cats at this time.
Owners are required to provide care for their pets prior to and post storm. DAS staff and
trained volunteers will be available to feed and care for the pets during the storm. While DAS will
have emergency supplies on hand, owners are reminded that it is their responsibility to provide
crates, food, medications, supplies and water for their pets.

Pre-registration for the shelter does not guarantee a space for each animal. It operates on
a first come, first serve basis for pre-registered pet owners. Registrations will be suspended if
there is a Tropical Storm and/or Hurricane Watch issued for Collier County.

For the safety of all animals, pets in the shelter MUST HAVE UP-TO-DATE vaccinations
with a printed copy of the vaccinations available for inspection. Pets without vaccinations or
contagious illnesses will not be admitted. Hurricane season runs from June 1 to Nov 30 and if the
public has questions they may call DAS at (239) 530-PETS (7387).

***NOTE: Palmetto Ridge High School, 1655 Oilwood Road, Naples, is a special needs shelter,
not for the general public. It is operated by the emergency management department, along with
Collier Domestic Animal Services, for the pets of special needs patients. The program includes
transportation for the people and animals in the program. Participating pets must be pre-
registered, have identification and be up to date on required immunizations. Special needs
residents can register their pets for this program by calling the Collier County Emergency
Operations Center hotline at 239-774-8400.

The following hotels are pet-friendly and are supporters of The Humane Society Naples:

1. Hilton Naples, 5111 Tamiami TRL N, Naples, 34103 - (239) 430-4900

2. The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort, 2600 Tiburon Dr, Naples, 34109 - (239) 593-2000

Alachua County

No pet-friendly shelters.

The following area motels will allow pets during disaster evacuations - they'll fill up fast, so act

1. Budget Lodge, 352-331-1601
2. Days Inn, 352-376-2222, $10 fee
3. EconoLodge, University of Florida, 352-373-7816
4. Florida Motel, 352-376-3742, $5 fee
5. Holiday Inn Express of Gainesville, 352-376-0004, $10 fee for two pets, $10 for two additional
pets. For extended stays (over 15 days) there would be a $50 fee.
6. LaQuinta Inn, 352-332-6466
7. Motel 6, 352-373-1604
8. Rush Lake Motel, 352-373-5000, $25 first night, $5 per night thereafter
9. Traveler's Inn, 352-372-4319, $10 nightly fee

Baker County

No pet-friendly shelters.

The following area motels/hotels accept pets during evacuations, but reserve early:

1. American Inn, MacClenny, 904-259-5100, $10 pet fee.

2. Econo Lodge, MacClenny, 904-259-3000, small pets only, 15 pounds or less.

Bay County

Bay County Fairgrounds, 2230 E. 15th Street (corner of Sherman Ave. and Hwy. 98) has been
used in the past as a pet-friendly shelter area, but the county will only make announcements "per-
storm." So check the Bay County link above, or check back here if a storm threatens your area
before headiing out to this shelter.

There are a couple of pet-friendly motels/hotels in the area - reserve early:
1. Days Inn Bayside, Panama City, 850-763-4622, Pets permitted in smoking rooms only. $10 fee
for first night; $5 per night thereafter.

2. Super 8 Motel, Panama City, 850-784-1988, small pets only, $15 fee per night.

Bradford County

No pet-friendly shelters.

The following are area pet-friendly motels/hotels - reserve early:

1. Days Inn-Starke, 904-964-7600, $5 fee per night, per pet.

2. Best Western Motor Inn, Starke, 904-964-6744, $11.10 fee per night, per pet.

Brevard County

1. Port St. John Community Center, 6650 Corto Road, Port St. John.

2. Viera Regional Community Center, 2300 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, Viera.

3. Melbourne Greyhound Park, 1100 N. Wickham Road, Melbourne. Note: This is a pets-only

4. McCarty Park, 790 Barton Boulevard, Rockledge.

You don't have to pre-register to get into these shelters, but you should contact Brevard County
Animal Services at 321-633-2024 and make sure they're open before you leave home. All but
Melbourne Greyhound Park accept pets and their people. Pet guardians using these facilities
must provide proof of animal's rabies vaccination, food, identification, a carrier and cleaning

Broward County

1. Millennium Middle School, 5803 NW 94th Avenue, Tamarac.

This pet-friendly shelter is only for pet guardians living in the county's evacuation zone (east of
US 1) and/or those living in mobile homes. Pre-registration is required and can be accomplished
beginning June 1 by calling 954-989-3977 or going in person to the Humane Society of Broward
County, located at 2070 Griffin Road, Fort Lauderdale, Monday through Friday between the hours
of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. To register, you'll need: proof of your address, i.e., utility bill, proof of pet's
vaccinations and license, veterinarian's information, photo of pet and a carrier for your pet.

Pet guardians must also stay at the shelter; animals will be housed in individual crates in the
school's gym and people will stay in the cafeteria. Humane Society volunteers and a veterinarian
will supervise the pets. For more information, go to Humane Society of Broward County. There is
room for a maximum of 350 pets and 500 people.

Calhoun County

No pet-friendly shelters.
There are four cities in this county, Altha, Blountstown, Clarksville and Kinard. We've only found
one pet-friendly motel in those areas. If anyone knows of others, please let us know.

1. Quality Inn, 2175 Hwy 71 South in Marianna. 850-526-5600. There is a $12 per night pet fee.
This property is 9.9 miles north of Altha.

Charlotte County

Charlotte County has no shelters for people or pets if a Category 3 or higher storm is forecast for
the area.

1. Port Charlotte Middle School, 23000 Midway Blvd., Port Charlotte.

Only dogs and cats will be accepted at this shelter and they must have current immunizations.
Guardians must provide crates, bedding, feeding supplies, medical records, identification tags
and pictures of the pet. Pets must be accompanied by their guardian, but they will be kept in
separate parts of the school. Designated times will be given for guardians to walk and care for
their pets.

There are a few pet-friendly motels/hotels in the area, but reserve early:

1. Best Western Inn, Lake City, 386-752-3801, small pets only, $5 pet fee.

2. Econo Lodge, Lake City, 386-755-9311, small pets only.

3. Days Inn, Lake City, 386-758-4224, pets OK.

4. Driftwood Motel, Lake City, 386-755-3545, small pets only, $5 pet fee.

5. Jameson Inn, Lake City, 386-758-4440, small pets only, $10 pet fee.

6. Rodeway Inn, Lake City, 904-755-5203, small pets only, $5 pet fee.

7. Scottish Inn, Lake City, 386-755-0230, pets OK, $5 pet fee.

Citrus County

1. Lecanto Elementary School, 3790 W. Education Path, Lecanto.

Animals arriving at this shelter must have proof of rabies vaccination.

Congratulations to Citrus County Animal Services. They have worked hard with other groups to
establish this shelter. While it took them a few years, it shows what team work can do.

Clay County

Clay County should be applauded for their hard work this past year, establishing the three
following pet-friendly shelters:

1. Clay High School, 2025 State Hwy 16 W, Green Cove Springs.

2. Keystone Heights Junior-Senior High, 900 S. W. Orchid Avenue, Keystone Heights.
3. Orange Park High School, 2300 Kingsley Avenue, Orange Park.

Dogs, cats, seeing-eye animals, hamsters, gerbils, rabbits and birds will be accepted at any of
these shelters. Reptiles will not be permitted. Users of the shelters should bring along a three-day
supply of their pet's food, bottled water, a can opener, food containers, medical and registration
records, medications, pet toys, bedding, a current picture of the pet, cat litter and litter box,
leashes and pet carriers. Pet guardians wishing to use the shelters will be required to register

There are three Clay County horse boarding facilities to help with your horses if you have to
evacuate your home and land:

1. Hoofbeat Hollow Hunter Barn
3027 Black Creek Drive
Middleburg, FL

2. Sunset Farms Arena & Boarding
3996 Sunrise Farms Road
Middleburg, FL

3. Taylor Oaks Equestrian Center
4105 Compton Road
Middleburg, FL

Columbia County

No pet-friendly shelters.

There are a few Lake City area motels that allow pets during disaster evacuations:

1. Best Western Inn, 386-752-3801, small pets only, $5 fee.
2. Econo Lodge, South, 386-755-9311, small pets only.
3. Days Inn, 386-758-4224.
4. Rodeway Inn, 386-755-5203, small pets only, $5 fee.

DeSoto County

No pet-friendly shelters.

The following area motels are pet-friendly during emergencies:

1. The Holiday Inn Express
2709 SE Highway 70, Arcadia, FL 34266
863-494-5900 Contact: Karen Cassels
20 pet-friendly rooms are available in the smoking rooms only.

2. Hi-Way Motel, Arcadia, 863-494-5455, pets OK.

3. Best Western, Arcadia, 863-494-4884, small pets only, pets must be in carriers/kennel cages.
Dixie County

No pet-friendly shelters.

Duval County

1. Landmark Middle School, located at 101 Kernan Boulevard N.

2. Mandarin Middle School, located at 5100 Hood Road

3. Chimney Lakes Elementary School, located at 9353 Staples Mill Drive.

All animals except reptiles will be accepted at these shelters. Pets must have identification and
proof of vaccination and registration. Pet guardians will need to supply their own crates, supplies,
food, etc. It's important to note animals may be housed in separate rooms than their guardidans,
but the guardians will still be required to care for and maintain their own pets.

Registration is required. You may do so by going online or by picking up registration forms at area
library branches and mailing the completed forms to: Animal Care and Control, 2580 W. First St.,
Jacksonville, FL 32254. For more information, call City Link at 904-630-2489.

Escambia County

Molino Park Elementary School, 899 Highway 97, Molino.

This is Escambia County's first pet-friendly hurricane shelter. Between 148 and 350 dogs and
cats (only) will be able to be sheltered in the school's gym in carriers or cages. Guardians will be
located in a separate area of the school and will would be responsible for providing their own
food, water, medicine and cleanup supplies. More shelter rules and guidelines will soon be
available on the web site given above.

Escambia County Department of Public Safety has put together a list of area pet-friendly
motels/hotels - this isn't a new list, so please verify pet policies before making reservations and
reserve early!

Flagler County

1. Flagler County Agricultural Extension Center, at the Flagler County Fairgrounds, located on CR
13, 154 Sawgrass Road, Bunnell. They can be reached by calling 386-437-7464. Officials tell us
this shelter will be used only for Category 1 storms; they will evacuate for storms above that

Franklin County

No pet-friendly shelters.

There are a few pet-friendly motels/hotels in the area:

1. Apalach River Inn, Apalachicola, 850-653-8139, pets OK.

2. Bay City Lodge, Apalachicola, 850-653-8139, pets OK.
3. The Gibson Inn, Apalachicola, 850-653-2191, pets OK, $5 pet fee .

4. The Rancho Inn, Apalachicola, 850-653-9435, pets OK. $10 pet fee.

5. The Moorings at Carrabelle, Carrabelle, 850-697-2800, $10 pet fee plus $50 deposit.

Gadsden County

No pet-friendly shelters.

There seems to be one area pet-friendly motel:

1. Allison House Inn, Quincy, 850-875-2511, small dogs only.

Gilchrist County

No pet-friendly shelter information at this time.

Glades County

No pet-friendly shelters.

Gulf County

No pet-friendly shelters.

Hamilton County

No pet-friendly shelters.

There are a few pet-friendly motels in the area:

1. Budget Lodge Motel, Jennings, 386-938-5544, $10 per night fee.

2. Jennings House Motel, Jennings, 386-938-3305, pets are allowed, but be sure to call before
you go as they usually have a high occupancy in summer months. $5 pet fee.

Hardee County

1. Hardee Junior High School, 2401 US Highway 17 N., Wauchula. Interested persons should
review the rules and complete a pet-friendly shelter pre-application form.

Hendry County

No pet-friendly shelters.

We have found one pet-friendly motel in the area:
1. Rivers Edge Motel, La Belle, 863-675-6062, small pets OK.

Hernando County

1. D.S. Parrott Middle School, 19220 Youth Drive, Brooksville.

This pet-friendly shelter will accommodate 172 people and around 300 dogs and cats. One wing
of the school will be for people; the other wing will be for pets. People can remain in the pet wing
until a storm approaches. No exotics allowed. Pre-registration available - and smart - but not
required. Pet guardians are required to bring their pet's carrier. For more information, call 352-

There will be a need for volunteers to care for animals left at this shelter by guardians who stay
elsewhere. We can't imagine anyone not wanting to stay with their pets but, nonetheless, if you
can help, please call the above number.

In case you do not wish to use a public shelter, the following motels/hotels will accept pets during
hurricane evacuations. Check each for space before heading out the door.

Sunrise Motel
250 North Broad Street
Brooksville, FL 34601

The Oaks Motel, $10 per pet
630 South Broad Street
Brooksville, FL 34601

Best Western
30307 Cortez Street
Brooksville, FL 34602
Exit 61 off I-75, go west
$25 per room, 2 pets allowed, dogs or cats, must be crated when alone in room.

Comfort Inn, limited number of rooms are pet-friendly, $20 per pet
9373 Cortez Blvd
Weeki Wachee, FL 34613
Located 0.3 miles east of Jct SR 50 & US 19

Highlands County

1. Avon Park Youth Camp, 1001 West Lake Isis Avenue in Avon Park. For pets and their people.
The humane society will staff this shelter. Only dogs and cats will be accepted and guardians
must provide proof of Highlands County residency, pet rabies vaccination tag attached to pet's
collar, photo of pet, as well as pet's leash, water and food bowls, food sufficient for seven days,
carrier, medication, first aid kit and beds and toys. Space is limited, so don't delay in getting there
if officials feel a storm will affect the county. The camp can be reached at 863-453-6426.

2. Dog Designs by Dana, 701 Thunderbird Hill Road in Sebring. 863-314-9883. Pets only. This
option separates you from your pet.
3. The Dawg House, 69 Dawg House Drive in Lake Placid (off Henscratch.) 863-465-9674. Pets
only. This option separates you from your pet

In addition, the county has provided the following list of motels/hotels throughout the county that
will accept pets during evacuations:

Avon Park
1. Oak Tree Inn. Call (863) 453-3165

Lake Placid
1. Lake Henry Rentals. Call (863) 465-5722
2. Camp Florida Resort. Call (863) 699-1991
3. Ramada Inn. Call (863) 465-3133 (There is a $25 per pet fee)
4. Plumosa Hotel. Call (863) 465-2134

1. Inn on the Lakes. Call (863) 471-9400 (There is a $35 pet fee)
2. Highlander Motel, Call (863) 655-1735 (Pets under 15 lbs., $40 one-time pet fee)

Hillsborough County

Note: Officials are seeking volunteers to help with the animals (dogs, cat, rabbits and birds
allowed) at the following shelters during hurricanes. Contact Hillsborough County Animal Services
at 813-744-5660 if you are an interested animal lover.

1. Sickles High School, 7950 Gunn Highway in the Citrus Park area of Tampa. It will hold
between 200-300 pets.

2. Burnett Middle School, 1010 Kingsway Road, on the corner of US 92 and Kingsway Road
North, just south of I-4 in Seffner. This shelter accepts both pets and their guardians (100 dogs
and 100 cats; no other type pets allowed at this time.) Pet guardians will be able to care for their
pets in the gymnasium area and outside the facility before and after the main winds. When it's
time to seek shelter, the animals will stay in cages in the school locker rooms. Guardians should
bring their own collar, food, food bowl and other supplies.

No registration required, so verify availability with the county before heading out the door to go to
one of the following with your pets:

3. Bartels Middle School, 9020 Imperial Oak Blvd., in the Live Oak Preserve area of Tampa, in
the northern portion of Hillsborough County.

4. Shields Middle School, 15732 Beth Shields Way, Ruskin, in the southern portion of
Hillsborough County.

The above accomodations are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you choose a pet-
friendly shelter, take along proof of current rabies vaccination and a pet carrier.

This county was one of the first in Florida to include animals and agricultural needs in disaster
plans. The Community of Hillsborough Animal and Agricultural Response Team (CHAART) will
assess what is needed and will be able to dispatch teams to do things like take food to animals or
generators to fish farms.

In case you don't want to use a public shelter, check area pet-friendly motels/hotels for
1. Behind the Fence Bed & Breakfast, Brandon, 813-685-8201, small pets only, pet fee.

2. Ramada Inn, Plant City, 813-752-3141, pets OK.

3. Days Inn, Plant City, 813)-752-0570, small pets only, $20 pet fee.

4. Masters Economy Inn, Seffner, 813-621-4681, small pets OK, $20 deposit

5. Sun City Inn, Sun City Center, 813-643-3331, pets OK.

6. La Quinta - Tampa Fairgounds, Tampa, 813-626-0885, pets OK.

7. Best Western All Suites Hotel, Tampa, 813-971-8930, pets OK.

8. La Quinta Inn & Suites, Tampa, 813-643-0574, pets OK.

9. Days Inn – Airport, Tampa, 813-877-6181, small pets only, $25 pet fee.

10. Howard Johnson – Airport, Tampa, 813-875-8818, pets OK, $25 pet deposit.

11. La Quinta Inn - Airport, Tampa, 813-287-0440, small pets only

12. Tahitian Inn, Tampa, 813-877-6721, pets OK.

13. Red Roof Inn – Fairgrounds, Tampa, 813)-623-5245, pets under 40 lbs. only, pet fee

14. Baymont Inn & Suites, Tampa, 813-930-0563, small pets only, $10 pet fee.

15. Days Inn, Tampa, 813-977-1550, pets OK, $8 pet fee.

16. Clarion Inn, Tampa, 813-971-4710, small pets under 20 pounds only.

17. Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites, Tampa, 813-910-7171, pets OK

18. Wingate Inn, Tampa, 813-971-7676, Tampa, pets OK.

19. AmeriSuites, Tampa, 813-622-8557, small pets only, pet fee.

20. La Quinta, Tampa, 813-684-4007, small pets only.

21. Red Roof Inn, Tampa, 813-681-8484, small pets only.

22. Red Roof Inn, Tampa, 813-932-0073, pets under 50 lbs. only.

23. Extended Stay Deluxe, Tampa, 813-637-8990, pets OK, $100 pet fee.

24. Residence Inn by Marriott, Tampa, 813-221-4224, pets OK.

25. ------------Best Western Brandon Hotel & Conference Center, Tampa, 813-621-5555, pets OK.

26. Homestead Village, Tampa, 813-643-5900, pets OK.

27. Masters Inn, Tampa, 813-, pets OK.

28. Residence Inn by Marriott, Tampa, 813-627-8855, pets OK.
29. Econo Lodge, Tampa, 813-933-7681, pets OK.

30. La Quinta Inn & Suites, Tampa, 813-910-7500, pets OK.

31. Quality Inn, Tampa, 813-961-1000, pets OK.

32. Travel Resort, Tampa, 813-933-4011, pets OK.

33. Wingate Inn, Tampa, 813-979-2828, pets OK.

34. Chase Suite Hotel, Tampa, 813-281-5677, pets OK.

35. Hampton Inn, Tampa, 813-901-5900, pets OK.

36. Homestead Guest Studios, Tampa, 813-243-1913, pets OK.

37. Residence Inn by Marriott, Temple Terrace, 813-972-4400, pets OK.

Holmes County

No pet-friendly shelters.

There is one pet-friendly motel in the area:

Best Western - Tivoli Inn, Bonifay, 850-547-4251, small pets only, $10.00 pet fee.

Indian River County

Note: We are currently updating the following info:

The humane society plans to develop a pet-friendly pet shelter for people with special needs, but
one must qualify to utlize it. Call 772-388-3331 for more information.

Jackson County

No pet-friendly shelters.

There are a couple of pet-friendly motels in the area:

1. Best Western Marianna Inn, Marianna, 850-526-5666, small pets only, $5.00 pet fee.

2. Comfort Inn, Marianna, 850-526-5600, pets OK, $12.00 pet fee.

Jefferson County

No pet-friendly shelters.

There are at least a couple of motels in the area that allow pets during hurricane evacuations:

1. Brahman Inn & Restaurant, 1530 W. Washington Street, Monticello, FL 32344. Call (850) 997-
2. Days Inn Monticello, 44 Woodworth Drive, Lamont Florida 32336. Call (850) 997-5988.

Lafayette County

No pet-friendly shelters.

Lake County

We are awarding Lake County the honor of being the best county in Florida when it comes to pet-
friendly emergency shelters!
All 8 county shelters are people and pet-friendly and four of them are also for people with special
needs. All pets must be crated and have proof of rabies vaccination. To register for the special
needs program, contact Lake County Emergency Management at (352) 343-9420.

1. Astatula Elementary School, 13925 Florida Ave., Astatula.

2. Leesburg Elementary School, 2229 South Street, Leesburg. Also special needs.

3. Lost Lake Elementary School, 1901 Johns Lake Road, Clermont. Also special needs.

4. Pine Ridge Elementary School, 10245 County Road 561, Clermont.

5. Round Lake Elementary, 31333 Round Lake Road, Mount Dora

6. Treadway Elementary, 10619 Treadway School Road, Leesburg

7. Umatilla Elementary, 401 Lake Street, Umatilla. Also special needs.

8. Villages Elementary School, 695 Rolling Acres Road, Lady Lake. Also special needs.

In case you do not wish to go to a public shelter, the county Web site, given above, provides a list
of pet-friendly hotels and motels in the area.

Special: It is worth noting in 2005, Lake County earned the National Association of Counties
Achievement Award for its work in developing a pet-friendly hurricane shelter program. This
proves it can be done by all counties in Florida.

Lee County

1. South Fort Myers High School, 14020 Plantation Road, Fort Myers.

Only dogs and cats will be permitted at these shelters. Pets and their people will have to stay in
separate classrooms and guardians must provide pet's food, leash, etc. Pet guardians will be
required to pre-register and we'll post the specifics as they become available.

2. East Lee County High, 715 Thomas Sherwin Avenue S., Lehigh Acres.

Will have one section for pets, another for people.

Leon County
1. Chiles High School 7200 Lawton Chiles Lane, Tallahassee

This pet friendly shelter is north of I-10. It has limited space. The Red Cross partners with
Disaster Animal Response Team (DART) to accomplish this. DART is affiliated with the Humane
Society of the United States and works to coordinate rescue efforts in communities affected by
natural disasters such as hurricanes. The Leon County Humane Society partnered with DART for
the first time in 2004, providing crates, resources, and volunteers to staff the pet friendly shelter.
This is a great example of what can be accomplished when everyone works together!

Levy County

Levy County Animal Services Shelter, 12055 NE 69th Lane (Levy County Landfill Compound).
This is a joint effort between Levy County Animal Services and the Humane Society of Levy
County, Inc. The shelter will be able to shelter about 250 animals and will open only when the
Emergency Management Office opens shelters for people. Guardians need to provide roomy
kennels for their pets, current vaccination record, including rabies, pet food, bottled water, strong
leashes, medication, food dishes, mechanical can opener, favorite toy or blanket, and cat litter
and a pan. People with special needs should make arrangements with the Health Department for
their transport as well as their pets. Go here for more info.

Even though we applaud Levy County for making an arrangement for pets, readers should know
this option separates you from your pet.

There are a few pet-friendly motels and hotels in the area:

1. Park Place Motel & Condos, Cedar Key, 352-543-5737, small pets only, $7 pet fee.

2. Best Western, Suwannee Valley Inn, Chiefland, 352-493-0663, small pets only $6 pet fee.

3. Holiday Inn Express, Chiefland, 352-493-9400, pets OK, $10 pet fee.

4. Williston Motor Inn, Williston, 352-528-4801, small pets only, $6 pet fee.

Liberty County

No pet-friendly shelters.

Madison County

1. Old Ag Center, NE College Loop, Madison.

Directions: From NE College Loop, go about 100 yards, turn right onto Ag Center Circle. Follow
this around past the first building, which is the old Ag Center building. Officials tells us this
location will hold aboout 25 dogs. Call 850-973-4138 for more information.

Manatee County

1. Braden River High School, 6545 State Road 70 East, Bradenton.

2. Manatee High School, 1 Hurricane Lane, 902 33rd Street Court West, Bradenton.
Officials said these shelters will only accept dogs, cat and birds. Pet guardians must stay with
their pet(s) and pet(s) must arrive and remain in carriers, except for potty breaks, of course.
Guardians must provide pet food, supplies and proof of rabies vaccination.

Marion County

1. Forest High School, 5000 S.W. Maricamp Road, Ocala.

They will accept dogs, cats and birds, if in their own cages. Pet guardians should bring all
necessary supplies. They may stay with their pets before and after the storm and will be
responsible for their animal’s care during those times. During the storm, pets will be secured in
one building and humans will be in another. Animal Control and Animal Center professionals will
care for pets during this time.

If you do not wish to go to a public shelter, there are a few Ocala area motels that allow pets
during evacuations:

1. Budget Host Inn, 352-732-6940, $6 fee.
2. Comfort Inn, 352-629-8850, Small pets only, $5 fee
3. Days Inn, 352-629-7041, $5 fee
4. Hilton, 352-854-1400, Small pets only
5. La Quinta Inn & Suites, 352-861-1137

Martin County

1. The Humane Society of the Treasure Coast, 4100 SW Leighton Farm Road, Palm City.

This option is only for Martin County residents living in evacuation zones. This is a drop-off option
and separates people from their pets.

Pre-registration will be required and pet guardians will need to present their pet's vaccination
records to register. For more information, contact the Humane Society at 772-287-5753 or 772-

A note about the future of pet-friendly shelters in this county: Per an article on in early 2008, the Council on Aging of Martin County has received a
$748,000 grant from the state to redo the proposed Charles and Rae Kane Senior Center on
Salerno Road into a hurricane shelter. The facility will be ready by 2010. It will cost $10 million
and hold around 200 seniors with special needs and their dogs, cats or birds.

Update of 12-05-08: Per news reports, the Martin County Council on Aging is trying to raise the
final $400,000 for this 33,000 square-foot facility. If all goes well, construction could begin
January 1, 2009 and be finished by January, 2010.

Miami-Dade County

Note of 09-07-08: A request for volunteers to help staff the two pet-friendly shelters detailed
below during Hurricane Ike is here.

1. Sunshine Pavilion, on the grounds of the Miami-Dade County Fair & Exposition, located at
10901 SW 24th Street in southwest Miami. They will accept cats, dogs, small mammals and
birds, but no reptiles. Pets must be registered in advance and pet guardians must provide pet
food and toys and be responsible for cleaning their pet's crate. There's room for about 150
animals and 350 humans to be housed on separate sides of the pavilion's 49,000-square-foot
area. This was the county's first-ever pet-friendly shelter, first used in 2005.

2. Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School, 1410 NE 215th Street, Aventura, in northern Miami.
For residents and their pets.

To use either shelter, Miami-Dade residents must preregister their pets and have up to date
records of vaccinations. For info about preregistration or to acquire an application, go here or call

Monroe County

Note of 09-07-08: News reports say, South Florida residents evacuating from Hurricane Ike "may
take their pets with them to the shelter at Florida International University. Residents with pets will
be met there by representatives of a Miami-based animal control agency who will take custody of
the pets for the storm." However, this option separates you from your pet and is not the best
choice if you have an alternative.

Note of 08-17-08: In class 1 or 2 hurricanes, Monroe County will open four storm shelters at local
schools in Islamorada, Marathon and Key West. The shelters are equipped to handle pets. Pet
guardians must bring vaccination records, leashes, collars, appropriate size cages, food and
special diet, three day water supply and bowl, sheets, blanket, towel, muzzles, flea spray,
grooming supplies, first aid kit, and any medication pet requires. Contact the Monroe County
Emergency Management Information Hotline at 1-800-955-5504 for more information.

This is the Keys area of Florida and county officials say there are simply no safe shelters here
during category 3,4, or 5 storms. During those times, people are instructed to evacuate to the
mainland, which is Dade County.

During category 1 or 2 storms, only people with special needs who have previously registered
their pets may request transportation to shelters allowing pets. An Emergency Shelter Agreement
for Pets of Special Needs Clients form must be completed prior to evacuation.

Nassau County

1. Yulee Elementary School, located at 86063 Felmore Road in Yulee. Pre-registration is required
and only cats and dogs will be allowed. Pet guardians must stay at the shelter with their pet, but
may be in separate rooms during the height of a hurricane. Guardians must bring their pet's own
cage, water, food, medications, blankets and towels. For more information and to register, call
904-225-0006, 904-225-2298 or 800-894-7006.

Okaloosa County

1. Panhandle Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) satellite office, 752 Lovejoy Road NW, Fort Walton

Pets only. Pet guardians will be housed separately at Davidson Middle School, located at 6261
Old Bethel Road in Crestview. PAWS will transport the pets from there to Laurel Hill, but this
option separates you from your pet. The group is still looking for a place to keep pets and their

There are several pet-friendly motels/hotels in the area:
1. Motel 6. Call (850) 837-0007.
2. Carousel Beach Resort. Call (850) 243-7658.
3. Days Inn of Ft. Walton Bch. Call (850) 244-6184.
4. Dolphin Inn. (850) 244-2443.
5. Howard Johnsons. Call (850) 244-8663.
6. Leeside Inn. Call (850) 243-7359.
7. Marina Motel. Call (850) 244-1129.
8. Sandman Motel. Call (850) 243-1511.
9. Soundside Inn. Call (850) 243-6162.
10. Best Inn. Call (850) 244-0121.
11. Days Inn. Call (850) 837-2599.
12. Grand Courtyard. Call (850) 650-9099.

Okeechobee County

No pet-friendly shelters.

There are two pet-friendly motels in Okeechobee:

1. Budget Inn, 201 South Parrott Avenue. $10 additional fee per day for pets.

2. Pier II Resort, 2200 U.S. 441 S.E. Also charges a daily pet fee; inquire as to amount.

Orange County

County officials tell us they will have at least two pet-friendly shelters, but may not use the same
locations this year they used last year. In case evacuation becomes necessary, they recommend
people call the Citizen's Information Line at 407-836-3111 which will provide the latest info and
shelter locations. Pre-registration will not be required.

Note: Not knowing where you'll be able to go with your pet until the very last minute is poor
planning on everyone's part. Please engage a Plan B if you live in this county, to ensure the
safety of you and your pet prior to a storm, not when it's bearing down on your neighborhood.

Osceola County

Officials tell us "the plan" is for pet guardians to contact animal control at 407-343-7101 to pick up
and shelter pets during emergencies. This option separates you from your pet; you would be
better to take your pet and get out of town. The above Web site is slow to load.

Palm Beach County

1. West Boynton Recreation Center, located at 6000 North Tree Boulevard, between Hypoluxo
Road and Gateway Boulevard, off the east side of Jog Road in Lake Worth. Pre-registration will
be required. Do it here or print out the form from there and mail it to the county.

Dogs, cats, parakeets, gerbils and sugar gliders will be permitted - no reptiles. The shelter will be
located in the rec center's gymnasium. The recreation center will hold about 600 animals and
about 300 people. Large dogs will be kept separate from small dogs with a room divider. Pets of
people with special needs will also be accepted but the people will have to stay at a separate
special needs shelter, which means they will be separated from their pets. For more information,
call Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control at 561-233-1266 or go here.

Palm Beach County officials are working to establish an additional pet-friendly shelter. This
county has had a pet-friendly shelter since the 2006 storm season.

2. The Animal Rescue League of the Palm Beaches (also known as Peggy Adams Animal
Rescue League,) located at 3200 North Military Trail in West Palm Beach will take dogs and cats
when an evacuation order is given. Reservations can be made online at the link given here.
There is a non-refundable required deposit of $100 per pet, good for the whole hurricane season.
For more specifics and information, call 561-472-8874. This option separates you from your pet
and if you are delayed more than 5 days in returning to the area, your pet could be considered

If you do not wish to go to a public shelter, your next best option is to find an area hotel or motel
that allows pets. There's a good list of those here - scroll to about half way down the page. Verify
the pet policy, including any fees, of any of these properties before heading out the door with your

Pasco County

1. Pine View Middle School, 5334 Parkway Blvd., Land O'Lakes

Pre-registration will be required. Call Animal Services at 727-834-3216 or 813-929-1212 or visit
Evacuating with Pets for more info, rules and forms. There will be space for 200 cats and 100
dogs. This shelter is available to all residents of coastal Pasco County. Pet guardians will be
housed across the street at the Pine View Elementary School, 5333 Parkway Blvd. in Land
O'Lakes. Guardians will be given armbands to wear to walk and play with pets as long as the
weather remains good. Animals will be required to have vaccination records.

This option separates people from their pets, plus there is a two-pet limit.

Note: In 2007, several area residents organized a group called PascoPrepared4Pets, They are
looking for concerned Pasco pet guardians who know the importance of pet friendly shelter during
situations such as hurricanes. The group is seeking volunteers from the North West part of Pasco
County to help in times of crises (aftermath of storms, etc). Goals for the group include finding a
physical location where people and their pets can safely ride out disasters, and volunteers to help
rescue pets left behind. For information on how you can get involved, go to the link above or write

Pinellas County

1. Dunedin Highland Middle School gymnasium, 70 Patricia Avenue, Dunedin

2. Oak Grove Middle School Gymnasium, 1370 S. Belcher Avenue, Clearwater

3. Thurgood Marshall Middle School Gymnasium, 3901 22nd Avenue South, St. Petersburg

Registration is mandatory if you wish to use any of these shelters. Spaces fill fast, so contact
Pinellas County Animal Services at 727-582-2150 or visit to fill out the
registration form. People should bring their pet carriers, leashes, food and water bowls and
current Pinellas County license and rabies vaccination record. In case of an emergency, not all
pet-friendly shelters may open, so check with the county before heading out your door.

Note: Pinellas Co. Animal Services is seeking volunteers who can transport the pets of special
needs residents who evacuate during emergencies. If you can help, please call Greg Andrews at

In case you do not want to use a public pet-friendly shelter, call the St. Petersburg/Clearwater
Area Convention & Visitors Bureau at (727) 464-7200 or check for area pet-friendly motels/hotels.

Polk County

1. Philip O'Brien Elementary, 1225 East Lime Street, Lakeland.

2. Lake Region High School, 1995 Thunder Road, Eagle Lake.

3. Alta Vista Elementary, 801 Scenic Highway, Haines City.

Not all pet-friendly shelters will be opened for all storms, so check evacuation information before
leaving home.

Only dogs, cats, and birds are allowed at the shelters which will be managed by the Polk County
Sheriff's Office Animal Control Department. Pet guardians must bring shot records for each pet,
an airline-approved carrying case, and enough food for three days. An agreement must be signed
upon arrival at the shelter that says the guardian will stay with the pet(s) at all times.

Shelter preregistration is required and can be accomplished by contacting the Emergency
Management Division at: Polk County Emergency Management, Attention: Pet-Friendly Shelter,
1295 Brice Blvd., Bartow, Florida, 33830. For more information, pet guardians should call 863-
534-5600 or e-mail

Putnam County

1. Ochwilla Elementary School, 299 N. State Road 21, Hawthorne.

Directions to shelter and evacuation routes. Information line is 386-329-0379.

Farm animals (no household pets) may be taken to the Putnam County Agricultural Extension
Service office, 111 Yelvington Road in East Palatka, but call 1-386-329-0318 and verify they'll be
open during a weather-related event.

Santa Rosa County

No pet-friendly shelters.

Pet-friendly hotels/hotels in the Santa Rosa County area.

Sarasota County

1. North Port High School, 6400 W. Price Blvd., North Port

2. Pine View School, 501 Old Venice Road, Osprey
3. Heron Creek Middle School, 6501 W. Price Blvd., North Port

4. Brookside Middle School, 3636 S. Shade Ave., Sarasota

Not all shelters will open during each emergency, so check the county evacuation info before
leaving your home.

Guardians must stay at the shelters with their pets. If you use a pet-friendly shelter, bring your
pet's own food, water, water bowl, medications, up to date immunization records and be prepared
to sign a Pet Friendly Shelter Agreement. You can get an agreement and more information about
the rules by calling Sarasota County government at 941-861-5000.

Seminole County

1. Bentley Elementary School, 2190 Oregon Avenue, Sanford.
Only for residents with special needs and their pets.

2. Lyman High School, 865 S. Ronald Reagan Blvd., also known as County Road 427,

3. Sanlando United Methodist Church, 1939 Boothe Circle, Longwood.
Humans using this shelter must stay with their animals and provide pet's own carrier, food and
proof of rabies vaccination.

St. Johns County

1. South Woods Elementary School, 4750 SR-206 West, Elkton.

2. Timberlin Creek Elementary School, 555 Pine Tree Lane, St. Augustine (North St. Johns

Both choices will provide shelter for people and their pets. Pre-registration is not required and
there are no restrictions as to acceptable species of pets. Guardians must bring pet's carrier,
collar and Rabies tag, leash, 3-day food supply, water, bowls and any necessary medication.

St. Lucie County

Update of 03-21-09: Port St. Lucie now has its first pet-friendly shelter! It will be located in the
Ravenswood Commnity Center on Prima Vista Blvd. More news to follow...

Sumter County

No pet-friendly shelter information at this time.

Suwannee County

The Live Oak Coliseum, 1302 SW 11th Street/CR 136, Live Oak.

Sometimes referred to as the "Suwannee County Coliseum," this facility will provide shelter to
pets and people during evacuations.

Taylor County

No pet-friendly shelters.

Union County

No pet-friendly shelters.

Volusia County

1. Volusia County Fairgrounds, 3150 E. State Road 44, DeLand (1/4 mile east of Interstate 4 on
State Road 44.)

This shelter is for pets and people. Transportation to the fairgrounds is provided at regular bus
stops if animals are in carriers. Pets must have ID, current license and rabies tags affixed to
collar. Each animal must also have proof of vaccinations and be confined to a carrier or crate.

2. Hinson Middle School, 1860 N. Clyde Morris Blvd., Daytona Beach.

3. Palm Terrace Elementary, 1825 Dunn Avenue, Daytona Beach.

Wakulla County

No pet-friendly shelters.

Walton County

No pet-friendly shelters.

Residents can contact the County at 850-892-8066 and ask for a list of area pet-friendly motels.

Washington County

No pet-friendly shelters.

Pet-Friendly Hotels & Motels in Florida.

In addition, if you don't have friends or relatives in non-threatened areas where you and your pet
can stay temporarily, call these pet friendly hotel chains toll free and make a reservation. Reserve
as early as possible since these facilities fill quickly during storms.

Best Western Inns 1-800-528-1234
Clarion Hotels 1-800-252-7466
Comfort Inns 1-800-228-5150
Days Inn 1-800-329-7466
Econo Lodge 1-800-553-2666
Holiday Inn 1-800-465-4329
Howard Johnson 1-800-465-4329
La Quinta Inn 1-800-531-5900
Masters Econo Inns 1-800-633-3434
Motel 6 1-800-466-8356
Quality Inn 1-800-228-5151
Ramada Inn 1-800-228-2828
Red Roof Inn 1-800-843-7663
Residence Inn 1-800-331-3131
Roadway Inn 1-800-228-2000
Super 8 Motels 1-800-800-8000

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