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          Ogidi Patrick
 Nigeria’s No.1 Facebook Wealth Expert

Facebook is the largest social network on earth today and the third most
visited website on the internet. See proofs below:

From the above chart, you can notice that Facebook recorded about 100.5
million unique visitors in September 2009. That’s about 3.35 million hits

In Nigeria, Facebook is the second most visited site after Nairaland.com.

Let’s see what Google Insight has about the term ‘Facebook’.
From the chart above, it’s evident that the term ‘Facebook’ enlists among the
first 3 keywords that receive the highest number of searches in Nigeria.

Facebook happens to be among the top 3 rising searches.

With the above peculiar qualities of Facebook, one should be sure that lots
of money exchanges hands on Facebook daily. Take a look at some
screenshots of proofs of earnings from Facebook below:

The above screenshot is a payment proof from just using one of the methods of
MAKING MONEY FROM FACEBOOK I’ll show you in minutes in a moment.

And yet another…

And another…
The sweetest part of making money on Facebook is that one keep making
money almost in autopilot (without you logged into Facebook). That means
that you simply set up the system and the system runs itself. You continue to
make this money even while you are NOT logged into Facebook.
One common question that has become prevalent in the lips of many
Nigerians in recent times is this: ‘Are you on Facebook?’

However, it’s disheartening to learn that most Nigerians and other Africans
alike only join Facebook to hook up with and socialize with friends. Such
people are yet to come to the terms that a lot of money can be made on
Facebook, while still catching their fun! If that’s too important.

In this short report, I am going to show you some eye opener into what it
looks like to make money on Facebook. Once you go through the tips
contained in this report, your instinct will want you to get more details as
you will want to learn more so as to earn more.

After all, who doesn’t need more money!

Then, if you happen to be among the *LUCKY 500 Nigerians*, I’ll hand
you over my Facebook Naira Ultimate Report that contains sneaky ideas to
turn Facebook into your business empire that will keep cranking out cash for
you like an invisible paymaster. Just read on…

Are you ready? If you really you are, then let’s go;

Some online companies pay you for just sending visitors to their site. Here,
the visitor is not required to buy anything before you are paid. Instead the
person performs a free action on their site such as downloading music, trying
out a new product, simply filling a form, enjoying a free hosting package

Let’s see some examples of such sites:

   1. Tik Tik Cash:

TikTik Cash not only pay you for doing some other online jobs with
them, they also pays you $5 for every of your friend you refer to

Even if you ain’t interested in doing their jobs, all you need to earn
$200 is simply to sign up with this site and refer just 40 friends. I tell
you, if you follow simple techniques that you’ll get to find out how to
access it in a while, you can easily set up this system in auto pilot and
keep raking the money in daily basis. Their minimum payout is $50
and you get your money via PayPal.
How Does Facebook Come In Here?

TikTikCash.com pays you $5 for each friend you refer that joins them.
Since, there minimum payout is $50, all you need is to request for your first
payment is to invite just 10 of your Facebook friends and you’ll earn $50
and withdraw it into your Nigerian bank account using a simple way I’ll
show the *LUCKY 500 Nigerians*. No stress!

What you do is to apply the simple strategies contained Facebook Naira
Ultimate Report telling your friends about this and maximize your
earnings. For example, using just one of the methods which is the
Facebook group invitation method, you can simply send out a mass
email to your Facebook group.

Say you have 300 members on your group, if 50 persons respond to
your message; you make an instant $2500 into your PayPal.

The more reason I like working with this company is that unlike other
programs, you cash out your earnings once it gets to $50 within 1
business day using PayPal.

   2. Affiliano.com
When you visit this site you will notice a statement written vividly on the
homepage. “Don’t Sell, Refer and We Pay You $4.

If a site promises that and you have an easy avenue like Facebook, from
where you can get as many friends as you like, what would you do?

Will you let the easy dollar roll away?

All you need to hit $500 is to tell your 125 Facebook friends about it. This
you can do in 24hrs. I bet you! If you happen to be among the *LUCKY 500
Smart Guys*, you will understand what I mean.

   3.        ClickAndFlirt.com
Click&Flirt is an International casual dating site where everyone can make
new friends, communicate and find a date. A place where people from all
over the globe flirt non-stop.

Click&Flirt pays you $4.50 for each confirmed referral you bring to their
I hope you are getting excited and convinced that you have been letting off
go a lot of cash on Facebook…

I just gave you three sites right?

TikTikCash.com pays $5 instantly for joining and $5 each time you refer
someone to them.

Affiliano pays $4 for each friend you refer.

ClickAndFlirt pays you $4.5 per referral.

Even if you work with the above site alone, you should be making more than
the N35, 000 I guaranteed weekly. That’s cool cash right?

But what do you think will happen to your bank account if you’re given “not
4, not 5, not even 9, but above 10 of more sites that pay you from $15 to
$40 per visitor you refer to them. Not only will the lucky 500 people get
access to more than 10 sites, but I’ll also show them some push the button
approach to have almost everyone in Facebook want to be your friend and
always run after any site you refer them to?

Hmmm! I know you wouldn’t want to miss out in this the *LUCKY 500
Nigerians*. Would you?

Guess you’re already itching to know what it takes to secure a slot in the
tight *LUCKY 500 Nigerians*squad.

I’ll let you know that, but before you do, let me quickly take you into
another cash cranking strategy of making unending income from Facebook.
           CASH BUSINESS [MIMC]:
Yes, this is a secret that if armed with the slice and dice approach now,
you’ll simply hate me for revealing it late. This is one business that has been
called different names by different people.

In the larger society, it’s often referred to as Information Marketing.
Little wonder then, Pastor Sunny Ojeagbese [Editor, SDE], having realized
the lucrativeness of this business, called it the Invisible Paymaster.

What is MIMC all about?

MIMC is all about figuring a group of individual with similar problem,
needs or demand and providing solutions to such problems in honest
exchange for a token. All you need for this business is integrity and your
savings/current bank account. That’s all!

How does Facebook come in here?

Facebook has more than 300 Million active users, hence provides one of the
best platform to meet a larger number of people with the common problem.

This explains why I recently created a group on Facebook which I called;
The Internet Money Makers Club: Wealthlifters Team.

You can check it out by clicking on FACEBOOK.COM
In less than just 3 months of starting this group, I have close to 864 people
who are looking for one way or the other to make money online {My target

How do I make my money?

I simply ask my group members what areas of internet business that poses a
big challenge to them using a method that will make every member of my
Facebook group want to be the first to reply you. Once I get replies, I
quickly do a research on possible solutions to these problems and come up
with a short report on the need with higher demand and sell to them at a
dead cheap price; say N2500.
That means selling to just 50 persons makes you cool N125,000 from just
one report that never cost you a dime to prepare except your time.

Are you wondering if you can only sell “make money” reports? Hell NO.

There are other hot niches you can easily crank out a report that solves
common problem on and make killer sales from them. Few of such niches
   • Scholarship Abroad. [very HOT]
   • Visa Acquisition Made Easy.
   • Natural Infertility Cure.
   • How to make N150,000 in 3 hours selling a land you didn’t even buy
      yourself….100% legal.
   • How to forestall divorce in 15 minutes.
   • How to stop masturbation.
   • The list is simply endless...

I tell you a lot of people not just Nigerians are looking for solutions to these
problems. If I’m right, how then do you think such people will react to any
advert that genuinely promises a solution to their problem in exchange for a

Don’t even think that your Facebook friends won’t want to buy from you!

The truth is that, natural instinct will always cause you to buy from people
you know than an outsider. If you doubt this, grab one of the slots in the fast
filling *LUCKY 500 Nigerians*squad and you’ll understand better.

My friend, this business rocks!

I know you will need some proofs? Here is one:

One of the greatest and quickest ways of making cool and legitimate money
online and offline is by selling information products. I’m in love with this
business so much and I know you do too!

A lot of people who have cashed in on the big opportunity this business
offers are already raking it big. Yes!
One of the things I am going to show the *LUCKY 500 Nigerians* is how
to build an information Marketing Business Empire around Facebook from
where they will be selling ‘common information products’ to Nigerians and
the international market.


Did I Say Common?
Yes, the products may be tagged common because these products have in the
past been ignored by most Nigerians. Per chance, no one has ever thought of
making money off them!

Ok, let’s take scholarship opportunities for instance. Sometime ago, I
thought about the huge demand for educational and scholarship
opportunities abroad by Nigerians. I quickly went to Facebook and created a
simple poll with the following question: How many of you will like to study
in one of the best UK schools that offer free tuition and accommodation to
students from Nigeria? Plus 4 unknown ways to secure a visa while paying
just N30,000 out of your pocket?

Lo and behold, I went back to check on the polls after 48 hours and found
out that more than 480 responses have been made on the poll.

What did I do? I went into action!

I simply carried out a research into the mode of admission of some UK
schools and immediately came up with 4 solid schools that answer my
respondents’ questions.

 I packaged this information in an electronic format [like I’ll show the
*LUCKY 500 Nigerians*] and came back to the exact place I made the poll
[Facebook], then presented them with the information at N5,000 per copy.

Guess what?

They rushed it like ‘American visa’. In just 5 days, my bank account
That’s cool N60,000 from an information that cost me almost nothing to
research and package. I never went through the headaches of sending this
information by courier as I sent them through email. And I’ll keep selling
this information till thy kingdom come…

You think you’ve got nothing on your head to write about, better think
again. The truth is that you don’t need to be another Shakespeare or Wole
Soyinka to write. There are what we call PLR products, you can get these
products, and legally put your name on it as the author and sell.

For instance, I’m not a doctor, not even in the medical line, but I have
secretly sold a report on “How to Cure Infertility Naturally” to Nigerians
and have recorded enormous sales.

You want to know how I do it, then strive to be among the 500 lucky fast
action taking Nigerians.

Not only will I’ll show you how and where to get hot selling PLR products
you can put your name on and become the author legally, I’ll also go ahead
to show this *LUCKY 500 Nigerians*, the easiest ways to turn Facebook
into their own ATM machine.
I believe that even though this report is free, I have shared some secrets that
if applied carefully and judiciously, you can start making money from
Facebook almost immediately.

If you have read the report attentively, you would also notice that several
times in this report, I have been talking about *LUCKY 500 Nigerians*
who may want to take a step further, so as to have an edge over other
competitors and be better equipped to make it big from this business.

I believe the question on your mind right NOW should be;

Who Then Are These *LUCKY 500 Nigerians*

I will not answer that question, but leave you to answer it for yourself after
visiting http://www.FacebookNaira.com/fb.htm

But before you do so, note this point: With more than 50,000 people reading
this report with you in the first day of launch coupled with upcoming full
page adverts in major business newspapers, I am going to be getting a lot of
traffic to http://www.FacebookNaira.com/fb.htm, which
invariably implies that more people are going to be queuing up for spaces.
So filling up the 500 spaces will be in a matter of days.


I seem to be forgetting something. I didn’t mention that I have lines up lots
of bonuses and goodies that will simply make you think that this guy is

Well, I think I’m not, because as soon as I get the number of responses I
want, I’ll swiftly pull down some of the BONUSES that you wouldn’t get
anywhere there.
So, don’t waste any time further. Rush to

And bid eternal farewell to lack and money worries and make the best out of

That will be all for now.

See You Later!
Ogidi Patrick

The Facebook Wealth Expert
CEO: WealthLifters Concept.

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