LeAnn Rimes Gets Expensive Engagement Ring

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					LeAnn Rimes Gets Expensive
    Engagement Ring
Margaret LeAnn Rimes is an American Country singer-
songwriter, actress, and author. She has got engaged to
American actor, Eddie Cibrian.

Rimes’s engagement ring from fiancé Cibrian is likely to be
worth around $85,000. The ring is a 5-carat oval diamond
in a platinum and rose-gold setting.
Both Rimes and Cibrian were already married when they
began a public romance. Eddie, 37, met LeAnn, 28, while
they were both on the set of TV movie ‘Northern Lights’ in
2008. Only a few months after they met on the set,
pictures emerged of the pair spending time together on
the beach. Cibrian divorced his spouse shortly after the
media storm and Rimes followed suit within months.
While the ring is being hailed as one of the best celebrity
engagement rings of 2010, Rimes remained modest. She tweeted
yesterday: “The ring is beautiful, man is better:)”.
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