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									Cooking Simplified with the Cuisinart DLC-2011BCN Prep
11 Plus Food Processor
A food processor can replace other equipment you need in the kitchen. It does everything for
you, from chopping, slicing, dicing, peeling and anything else you may require. It can mix
dough, beat eggs and lot more. Since a food processor is so handy, you need one that will lasts
long and promises quality.

Cuisinart is brand known for its quality kitchenware. It has been here for a long while now and
they are a reckoning force when it comes to quality in kitchenware. Their products are used not
just homes but also in restaurants and eateries. This is proof enough to the ruggedness and
durability of their products.

Cuisinart food processors are no different when it comes to quality. The Cuisinart DLC-
2011BCN Prep 11 Plus Food Processor, is even better than the best. It is comes with an extra-
large feed tube to take in whole vegetables and save you time and effort. You don’t have to
sweat it out anymore in the kitchen.

A dough blade, a small feed tube, slicing and shredding discs in addition to the large feed tube is
provided with the food processor. The motor is powerful and with its sheer 600 watt power, it
can even shred the toughest of the vegetables in little time, also making it one of the fastest in its

Mixing and kneading dough can be done in a jiffy. Most would detest doing it but this food
processor makes the task enjoyable thanks to the dough blade. It can be used to even mix cookie
dough. The machine has a feed tube and the pusher assembly in the front for easy handling.

The work bowl provided is shatter proof, in addition to being heat and cold resistant. The blades
are made of stainless and are meant for strength. A small pin hole inside the hollow pusher can
be used for dribbling oil if required when mixing foods that need some oil or butter.

With the recipe booklet, the warranty against defects for ten years and parts for 3 years, this food
processor is worth spending your money on.

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Plus Food Processor.


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