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					Free IT Courses - Upskilling for the New Work
Information technology, or IT as its commonly referred to, is defined as the ‘development, installation and
implementation of computer systems and applications’. However, in a business sense, this could be
further expanded to include the streamlining of business operations, reduction of operating costs and
improving bottom line profits through the meaningful application of these technologies.

As technology develops at exponential rates, the rate of advancements, along with the amount of
technology in the marketplace, will continue to increase rapidly. One of the first adopters of these
technologies is business ... and this is not just large corporations. Nearly every small to medium business
now has access to advanced computer systems and software at affordable prices that were not to be
seen a decade ago. With the popularity of the home and business computer, advanced software
applications that increase workplace productivity and operational efficiency, along with the popularity of
websites, databases and online marketing techniques to attract and capture potential customers, the
reliance businesses place on technology is unprecedented. Through the use of the available technology,
businesses have been able to reach new markets and apply new services to current and potential clients.

However, as systems and software become increasingly complicated, organisations require specialist IT
staff to implement and manage such applications effectively. The greatest software in the world will simply
be unproductive if not installed and maintained correctly. In response, the demand for qualified and
experienced IT staff is booming. This was highlighted by a report released in November 2010 by a
leading recruitment agency, illustrating that demand for IT professionals, especially within the retail
sector, has increased nearly 50% over the past six months. In the analysis of the data in respect to the
business environment and trends in technology, the increase had been correlated with a demand and
willingness of businesses and retailers to invest in new or updated computer hardware and software
applications. Business owners held a strong belief that the implementation of the latest information
technology would give them a competitive edge in the marketplace and better satisfy their customers.

With technology creating massive changes in the workforce, in respect to roles, functions and capabilities,
those who have previously relied on IT specialists require a basic understanding of the systems and how
they be applied in the workplace. Specialist educational providers, who have recognised the need for this
have developed free IT courses for upskilling those who require more confidence in utilising these
applications. Furthermore, with the increasing use of IT within the business environment comes with it an
increased demand for experienced and qualified IT staff to manage the technology. Whether you are
considering your career options or are feeling like a change, a free IT course is a great way to obtain the
skills you need to make this transition.

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