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					Halitosis Causes
by David Rose

Bad breath can be awful, both for your overall health and for your social life. It cannot be
remedied by eating breath mints, nor can it be remedied by the vigorous use of listerine.
The base cause for bad breathe goes much deeper. In this article, I will explain some
of the causes of bad breath and some easy remedies you can use to help eliminate the

Halitosis is the medical term most used to describe bad breath. The condition makes
possible the production of a type of bacteria that live in your mouth, and this bacteria
is what generates the odor you and others smell. Usually, you can do a scraping at the
back section of your tongue with a clean plastic knife to see if it is the condition you are
suffering. If the scraping is smelly, then you have the problem.

Halitosis is caused for many reasons. Amazingly, one of the most prevalent causes is
the excessive use of alcohol-based mouthwash, such as Listerine. So, if you use this
product, it’s probably best to cease using it, or at least, don’t use it before you turn in for
the night, as the alcohol dries out the inside of your mouth and promotes the growth of
the very bacteria you are trying to eliminate. The best thing to do is to brush your teeth
well. Also brush your gums and your tongue. Do not use any type of mouthwash, as
most are alcohol-based, and you really want to stay away from them.

Here is a great routine you can try that will help improve your breath and possibly
eliminate it altogether. Give it some time, and you should see good results.

First things first. Buy a new toothbrush. It should have soft bristles, not the medium or
hard kind. The store brand is fine. You don’t need anything name brand. Brush your
teeth morning and night. If possible, also brush midday, but I know that this is not
possible or practical for many of us. Spend at least 5 minutes brushing your teeth, your
gums, and your tongue. Brush softly, but completely. Try not to miss any areas and try
not to cause any bleeding. You can use just about any toothpaste, but I recommend
using simple baking soda. Just put some on your toothbrush and go for it.

Keep your toothbrush in a glass container of vodka. Vodka is a neutral spirit and is
excellent for getting rid of just about any germ known to man. You can buy cheap vodka
at the store, but make sure it hasn’t been watered down. Any 80-proof brand will do. Fill
a glass to the half way mark and store your toothbrush bristles down in the glass. Make
sure it’s a genuine glass and not plastic, as plastic loves to attract all sorts of germs.
Wash the glass thoroughly every week and replace with new vodka. Replace your
toothbrush every 3 months. They’re cheap and well worth replacing.

Gargle right after you brush. Don’t use a typical mouthwash. Instead, use hydrogen
peroxide. You don’t need a lot. Just a capful in a quarter cup of water will do. Gargle,
rinse, spit out, and repeat two more times. Do not ingest the hydrogen peroxide. This
amount is not really dangerous, but it still should not be swallowed.

You probably don’t floss. Most of us don’t. But if you can, it would be a good idea to
start. Floss at night. This will eliminate food particles that can linger in your mouth and
promote the growth of bacteria. Don’t give them the chance.

Make sure you consume plenty of water during your day. This will not only hydrate you
but will also assist to clean your mouth of anything that might be building up in there. Six
to eight glasses a day should be fine.

If you eat foods that contain refined sugar, you should see if you can eliminate them
from your diet. If not, at least see if you can limit them. Did you know that cavities were
almost unheard of before we introduced refined sugar into our diets? It’s that bad. This
includes soft drinks, ice cream, sugary cereal, and just about everything else sweet you
can buy at the supermarket. I know it’s not practical to eliminate it all, so do the best job
you can. The best bet is to try to stay away from eating anything after you’ve done your
night time brushing.

These suggestions will start you on your way to better breath and general all-around

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