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You are the receptionist of the Alba Hotel in Buenos Aires (Argentina) Here some details about the hotel.

       All rooms with showers are toilets.
       All rooms with colour TV (but not cable or satellite)
       Bar, but no restaurant
       Private car park

Room prices: 50 dollars/night

Breakfast:      5 dollars

Car parking space:      4 dollars/night

Note: Rooms are available for the dates requested.


Your name is Johanna/Johan Fitzbender. Telephone the Alba Hotel in Buenos Aires. You want to book:
a single room with shower and toilet

For 13-17 April (four nights) a car parking space

You want to know

       The price of the rooms
       The prices of breakfast and the parking space
       If your room has satellite TV
       If the hotel has a restaurant
Useful expressions
How may I help you?

I’d like to book a room, please?

Certainly, Sir.

When for, please?

From the 13th to 17th of April

Just a minute, please

I’ll have a look.

What sort of room?

A single, with a bath preferably.

That’ll be alright.

Does the room have a television?

There‘s a TV

Could you give me your name, please?

How much is the room, please?

And is service included?

How would you like to play,      by cheque or in cash?
Credit card, if that’s OK.

Is there a car park?

How much does it cost?

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