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									                      CSF Meeting – Thursday, October 14th , 2010
I.     Introduction of Advisor and Board
       a. Advisor: Ms. Rose
       b. Officers: President: Tam Au, Vice President: Quincy Vien, Secretary: Michelle
           Le, Treasurer: Royal Pham
II.    Acceptance
       a. Congratulations on being accepted to one of the most prestigious clubs on
                i. CSF is all about Scholarship for Service – on campus and in our
               ii. Members MUST reapply each semester
              iii. Based on academics (academically-excelling & well-rounded members)
III.   Membership
       a. Active vs. Inactive Membership
                i. Reapply each semester using last semester’s grades
               ii. Donate $5 for the college trip, annual dues, and awards at graduation
                      1. If you haven’t turned the donation in, please turn it in at the next
                          meeting on 10/21. This donation is STRONGLY suggested.
              iii. Must complete 8 hours per semester
                      1. 4 hours of an Individual service project (can be with another club
                          on campus or found on your own)
                      2. 3 hours of tutoring for CSF Afterschool Tutoring Program
                               a. Peer tutors and Calculus AB tutors’ hours can count in
                                  place of the CSF Program, but must receive a verification
                                  from a teacher/advisor or an officer.
                      3. 1 hour of helping a teacher/faculty member on campus
                *****For 1st semester, because we started tutoring late, we will only require
                      you to complete 2 hours of tutoring and instead of 1 hour for helping a
                       teacher, we will require 2 hours. If you need clarification, ask any
              iv. Quarter Projects
                      1. Each officer manages a project for a class/grade leve l:
                      **Each quarter project can be used in place of that semester’s
                      Individual Service Project. The project will take place sometime
                      during the range of 3 months indicated below in the parentheses
                               a. Quincy – Juniors (Oct – Nov)
                               b. Royal – Sophomores (Dec – Feb)
                               c. Michelle – Seniors (Mar – April)
                               d. Tam – Freshmen (May – June)
               v. Tutoring Program
                      1. Tuesdays and Wednesdays – 3-4PM
                      2. Mr. Barton’s room (Rm 307) and Ms. Terry’s room (Rm 310)
                      3. At least 1 officer will be present at each session
                      4. Sign- ups are posted online on the LQ Website:
                          laquintahs.org>>activities>>clubs>>CSF>>Scholarship               for
IV.   College Trip
      a. To attend, you MUST be a junior or senior. Seniors will receive top priority. If
         you are a junior and there are extra spots, you must bring a chaperone.
      b. 50 students maximum can attend including 1 advisor, and 4 chaperones
      c. Most likely at UCLA on November 18th
      d. Another meeting will be held for those that want to sign up and go
V.    Communication
      a. LQ Website will be updated weekly
      b. Announcements will also be posted outside of Ms. Rose’s room weekly
      c. Check the roster if you have not checked already
VI.   Old Business
      a. Completely new members can leave
      b. For last year’s members, some of you forgot to turn in spring hours for helping a
         teacher. This means your semester was invalid. If you forgot to turn it in and still
         have it, you have until October 21 st to turn it in outside of Ms. Rose’s room by 3
         P.M. There will be NO exceptions. Also, if you did not turn in $5 for the second
         semester of last year, please turn it in next week at lunch (Oct 21). If you have a
         financial conflict, please let Tam know.

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