Requisition and Issue Slip RIS Instructions by MikeJenny


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									               REQUISITION AND ISSUE SLIP (RIS)

A. The form shall be accomplished as follows:
   1. LGU – the name of the province/city/municipality
   2. Division/Office – name of the requesting division/office
   3. Responsibility Center Code – the code of the requesting office as
       assigned by the LGU.
   4. RIS No./Date – the number assigned by the designated personnel
       in the Supply and Property Division as a control measure and the
       date of preparation, it shall be numbered continuously in the
       following manner:
         00 - 00 – 00 – 000
                                        serial no.(one series per year)
    5. SAI No./Date – the number and date of the Supplies Availability
       Inquiry (SAI) attached to this RIS.
   6. Requisition Stock No. – the stock number of the item being
       requested as provided by the Supply Property Division
   7. Requisition Unit – the unit of measurement of the stock being
       requisitioned as to quantity
   8. Requisition Description – the description of the item being
   9. Requisition Quantity – the number of quantity of the stock being
   10. Issuance Quantity – the number of item issued
   11. Remarks – additional information regarding the requisition and
   12. Purpose – a brief explanation of purpose or other information or
       details pertaining to the stock being requisitioned
   13. Requested by – shall be signed the personnel requesting for the
   14. Approved by – shall be signed by the head of the requisitioning
   15. Issued by – shall be signed by the personnel in charge in the
       issuance of the supplies
   16. Received by – shall be signed by the person receiving the supplies
B. This form shall be used to request for goods/supplies carried in stock
   based on the SAI received from the Accounting Division.
C. Shall be prepared in three copies distributed as follows:
       Original – to be attached to the Summary of Supplies and
                      Materials Issued (SSMI) which together with the SAI
                      shall be forwarded to the Accounting Division.
       Duplicate – copy of the requisitioner
       Triplicate – file copy of the Supply and Property Division


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