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Architects, Inc.
                                                   Firm Philosophy                        Headquarters
                                                                                      WLC Architects
                                                                                      Rancho Cucamonga, CA

As a client-focused        goals are met.             team approach led
firm of talented                                      by people in our office
professionals, WLC         The close, personal        who are working daily
Architects is passionate   attention WLC              on your project, which
about creating             provides our Clients       results in trustworthy
timeless designs           is a key factor in         and long lasting
that are inspiring,        successfully achieving     partnerships between
valuable assets to the     established goals on       the firm and our
community. Ability         numerous projects,         Clients.
Magazine represents        both large and small.
selected projects          The participatory          WLC Architects
that have achieved         process of stakeholders    embraces every
excellence in both         and end users is the       project with a
design and process.        catalyst for producing     commitment to
At WLC, we believe         affordable, functional,    Service, Design,
that buildings and their   and innovative design.     Integrity, Dedication,
surrounding spaces                                    Creativity, and
must enrich the human      We believe that the        Excellence in every
experience. This can       best opportunity for       phase of the project.
only be fully realized     quality design exists      WLC has the Ability to
when a Client’s facility   with an integrated         design your future.

                                                                   Architects, Inc.

                            For over three decades,     in design solutions that     needs assessments.
                            educators have              specifically target client   Design of new
                            entrusted their future      needs. We believe that       construction, additions,
                            facilities planning         the design of a school       and minor and major
                            and design to WLC           should enhance the           renovations will be a
                            Architects. With over       educational experience       natural by-product of
                            1,000 educational           to allow young minds to      a meticulous planning
                            facilities including        dream, imagine, and          process.
                            preschool and K-12,         create.
                            WLC is an expert and                                     Our educational
                            leader in the field of      We provide a wide            portfolio includes
                            educational planning.       range of planning            comprehensive
                                                        services to enable           elementary, middle, and
                            WLC will provide skillful   clients to make well         high schools.
                            guidance through            informed decisions
                            complex state agency        including bond
                            and application             management, site
                            processes while             selection, facilities
                            maintaining creativity      master planning, and

Modernization of
Middle School
Cucamonga School District                                                                                 WLC
                                                                                                          Architects, Inc.
Elementary Schools                                                        WLC
                                                                          Architects, Inc.

Yerba Buena Elementary School                  West Palms Conservatory
Las Virgenes Unified School District               Victor Elementary School District

                                        Oak Meadows Elementary School
                                                     Menifee Union School District

Valley Region Elementary School No. 8
Los Angeles Unified School District
Middle Schools                                                                                                                WLC
                                                                                                                              Architects, Inc.

                                 Sitting Bull Middle School
                                    Apple Valley Unified School District

Hans Christensen Middle School                                             Gualberto J. Valadez Middle School Academy
Menifee Union School District                                                              Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District
High Schools                                                           WLC
                                                                       Architects, Inc.

Tamalpais High School                    Jurupa Hills High School
Tamalpais Union High School District             Fontana Unified School District

Tamalpais High School                        El Cerrito High School
Tamalpais Union High School District   West Contra Costa Unified School District
Additions                                                                                                                                       WLC
                                                                                                                                                Architects, Inc.

                                                      Addition to                                                                      Additions to
                  Las Positas College (Aquatic Center)                                                       West High School (Stadium & Pool)
                         Chabot-Las Positas Community College District                                                       Tracy Unified School District

                                                                         Additions to
                                                                         West High School (Stadium & Pool)
                                                                         Tracy Unified School District

                                                      Addition to
                       Long Beach Community College
            (Automotive Technology and Aeronautics Lab)
                                            Long Beach, CA
Renovations                                                                                                       WLC
                                                                                                                  Architects, Inc.

Modernization of
Cucamonga Middle School
Cucamonga School District

                                                                                                  Modernization of
                                                                        Ralph Waldo Emerson Elementary School
                                                                                         Long Beach Unified School District

Modernization of                     Renovations to
Stanford Middle School               Willard Middle School
Long Beach Unified School District   Berkeley Unified School District
Master Planning                                                                    WLC
                                                                                   Architects, Inc.

Hawthorne High School                         Philip J. Reilly Elementary School
Centinela Valley Union High School District   Capistrano Unified School District

                                              Dana Hills High School
                                              Capistrano Unified School District
                                                                         Higher Education

                          As universities and           College Chancellor’s        campus-wide master
                          community colleges            Office (CCCCO) as well      planning, needs
                          respond to the growing        as all state agencies       and infrastructure
                          need for higher               that govern institutional   assessments, project
                          education, they look          projects. WLC is an         budgeting, and
                          to WLC Architects, Inc.       active member of the        development plans.
                          to design facilities that     California Community        As a full service
                          are distinguished, inspire    College League,             architecture firm, we
                          students, and enhance         the Association             have the capability to
                          curriculum. Colleges          of Chief Business           design and develop any
                          and universities have         Officials (ACBO),           campus project from
                          established reputations       the Foundation for          inception to completion.
                          to maintain. While they       California Community
                          are educating students        Colleges, and the           Our higher education
                          in the present, these         Chancellor’s Circle.        portfolio includes
                          leading institutions are      We understand the           science labs, allied
                          visioning the future. It is   importance of shared        health labs, classrooms,
                          critical to understand        governance and have         aeronautics labs,
                          how today’s student           developed a proven          culinary arts facilities,
                          learns and what they          interactive design          performing arts theaters,
                          expect of the teaching        process. Participatory      aquatic facilities,
                          and learning spaces.          planning and design         athletic facilities, and
                          Higher education              methodology builds          student centers.
                          architecture must be          partnerships, consensus,
                          adaptable, sustainable,       and teamwork. It
                          and forward thinking.         empowers decision
                          Facilitated teaching          makers with tools for
                          through an interactive        creating optimum
                          learning environment is       strategies for the best
                          key.                          facility design.

                          WLC has extensive             For our university and
                          experience with the           community college
                          California Community          clients, we provide

Culinary Arts Academy
Laney Community College
Oakland, CA                                                                                              WLC
                                                                                                          Architects, Inc.
Higher Education                                                WLC
                                                                Architects, Inc.

                   Student Center     Culinary Arts Academy
                   Laney College      Laney College
                        Oakland, CA   Oakland, CA

                                      Student Services Center
                                      Southwest College
                                      Los Angeles, CA

                   Student Center
                   Laney College
                        Oakland, CA
Higher Education                                                                     WLC
                                                                                     Architects, Inc.

                   Child Development Center
                   Long Beach City College
                                Long Beach, CA

                   Child Development Center      Automotive Technology and Aeronautics Lab
                   Long Beach City College                Long Beach Community College
                                Long Beach, CA                                 Long Beach, CA

                                      WLC provides our             produces affordable,          Our innovative solutions
                                      private sector clients       functional, and valuable      maximize real estate
                                      the means to transform       projects.                     investment ventures and
                                      facility challenges into                                   offer desirable building
                                      rewarding developments.      We believe that when          products. By meeting
                                      Every WLC corporate          private enterprises realize   market expectations
                                      project results from         the full potential of their   for our clients, we have
                                      unique opportunities and     investment in space,          developed trustworthy
                                      challenges; it is shaped     buildings, facilities, and    partnerships throughout
                                      by a participatory           land development,             the years.
                                      design process, research     they are able to meet
                                      methodology, and             critical market demands
                                      effective problem solving.   that position them at a
                                      Our systematic approach      competitive advantage.

        Mixed Use Development
5 Star Hotel, Luxury Apartment
         and Commercial/Retail
                     Abuja, Nigeria                                                                                WLC
                                                                                                                   Architects, Inc.
Corporate                                                                                WLC
                                                                                         Architects, Inc.

Door Components, Inc.                                                             Cinemapolis
Tenant Improvements                                                       Anaheim Garden Walk
Fontana, CA                                                                          Anaheim, CA

                                                    Anaheim Garden Walk
                                                    Anaheim, CA

                        Door Components, Inc.
                          Tenant Improvements
                                      Fontana, CA
Corporate                                                                        WLC
                                                                                 Architects, Inc.

                                                      Disneyland Resort Bakery
                                                      Anaheim, CA

Disneyland Resort Bakery
Anaheim, CA

                           Disney Plaza Pavilion
                             Reactivation Project
                                        Anaheim, CA

                            WLC has designed             to provide solutions      require preparation
                            a wide range of              that enrich and knit      of long-range
                            community service            together the fabric of    master plans, needs
                            buildings. These projects    local neighborhoods       assessment and
                            feature civic centers,       while celebrating their   feasibility studies, and
                            community centers,           diversity. We address     detailed architectural
                            libraries, senior centers,   public safety concerns    programming. WLC is
                            and performing and           by creating facilities    able to lead any group
                            cultural arts centers.       that are neighborhood     in developing complex,
                            Our essential service        friendly which helps      detailed plans for future
                            portfolio includes fire      inspire trust between     development. We
                            and police stations, fire    law enforcement and       have well-established
                            training centers, and        the communities they      relationships with
                            emergency operations         serve and protect. Our    many California
                            centers.                     civic facilities strive   public agencies and
                                                         to inspire pride in a     municipalities and can
                            Community architecture       community.                skillfully obtain approvals
                            is born from careful                                   through planning and
                            planning and expert          Many of these             building and safety
                            design. WLC endeavors        specialized facilities    departments.

            City Hall
Santa Catalina Island, CA                                                                                WLC
                                                                                                         Architects, Inc.
Civic                                                   WLC
                                                        Architects, Inc.

Montclair Police Facility   Escondido Police Facility
Montclair, CA               Escondido, CA

Gilroy Police Facility
Gilroy, CA
Civic                                         WLC
                                              Architects, Inc.

                                Fire Station No. 11
                                          Anaheim, CA
        Fire Station No. 8
                 Fremont, CA

                                 Fire Station No. 4
                                        San Marcos, CA

        Fire Station No. 3
                Escondido, CA
Civic                                                                                                WLC
                                                                                                     Architects, Inc.

Haskett Branch Library   Victoria Gardens Cultural Center
Anaheim, CA              Performing Arts Center and Public Library
                         Rancho Cucamonga, CA

                                                                      Victoria Gardens Cultural Center
                                                                Performing Arts Center and Public Library
                                                                                        Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Haskett Branch Library
Anaheim, CA
Civic                                                                                               WLC
                                                                                                    Architects, Inc.

Yucaipa City Hall
Yucaipa, CA

                                                                                   Montclair Youth Center
                                                                                                Montclair, CA

                       Hall of Geological Wonders
                    San Bernardino County Museum        Yucaipa Community Center
                                         Redlands, CA   Yucaipa, CA
Civic                                                                             WLC
                                                                                  Architects, Inc.

         San Marcos Senior Center
                        San Marcos, CA

                                          Fontana Senior Center
                                          Fontana, CA

        Janet Goeske Senior Center                                Fontana Senior Center
                          Riverside, CA                                        Fontana, CA

                       WLC continues to            members to make wise         purposeful community
                       work faithfully with a      decisions. With every        of believers. There are
                       diverse cross section of    project, the design and      few other building
                       devout congregations        building process is an       types in which spirit
                       throughout California.      opportunity for WLC and      and substance come
                       For religious               the congregation to          together, translating
                       organizations who           be part of a wonderful       something that is
                       typically build             spiritual growth             intangible into that
                       generationally,             experience.                  which can be fully
                       constructing a place                                     realized. The most
                       of worship requires full    WLC seeks to create          rewarding religious
                       trust in their Architect.   places for worship and       architecture results from
                       WLC takes special           fellowship that balance      worship settings that
                       care to lead a building     tradition with technology,   invite a deeply personal
                       committee through a         encourage seekers,           relationship between
                       process of education        support members, and         each believer and God.
                       to enable entrusted         bring them together as a

St. Paul the Apostle
Catholic Church
Chino Hills, CA
                                                                                                     Architects, Inc.
Religious                                                          WLC
                                                                   Architects, Inc.

Abundant Living Family Church
New Ministry Center
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

                                                       Community Church
                                                              Temecula, CA

Fountain of Truth Church
Fontana, CA

                                Community Church
                                Rancho Cucamonga, CA

                                 WLC has a long-            business practices as      the future.
                                 standing commitment        well as sustainable
                                 to environmental           architecture.              Our sustainable
                                 stewardship. In 1995,                                 portfolio includes the
                                 WLC designed the first     At WLC we believe          planning and design
                                 LEED pilot project in      that sustainable           of specialty systems:
                                 California. Southern       architecture and           windmill generation, ice
                                 California Gas             environmental design       storage systems, solar
                                 Company’s Energy           can achieve greater        hot water heating, solar
                                 Resource Center was        energy efficiency,         photovoltaic systems,
                                 used as model to help      create rewarding           and straw bale building
                                 test the benchmark for     work and learning          construction. Attention
                                 future high performing     environments, achieve      to site orientation,
                                 projects. Since then       optimum indoor air         envelope design, and
                                 we have designed           quality, enhance user      systems are standard
                                 numerous sustainable       performance, and           practice in our firm.
                                 projects for our           provide savings to         We provide energy
                                 educational, civic, and    operation budgets.         modeling with the use
                                 community clients.         With every project,        of BIM technology to
                                 WLC’s commitment           clients, architects, and   assist us in achieving
                                 to sustainability is       contractors have the       LEED and CHPS
                                 demonstrated by our        opportunity to minimize    certification or to obtain
                                 stellar team of 27 LEED    the impact on the          grants from the Savings
                                 Accredited professionals   environment by working     by Design program.
                                 and our commitment         together to establish
                                 to become an AIA 2030      performance standards
                                 Firm. This commitment      and making wise
                                 requires sustainable       choices that will impact

Prime Desert
Wilderness Interpretive Center
Lancaster, CA                                                                                                  WLC
                                                                                                               Architects, Inc.
Sustainable                                                                                        WLC
                                                                                                   Architects, Inc.

               Eleanor Roosevelt High School                    Fire Station No. 4
                       Corona-Norco Unified School District     San Marcos, CA
                              Savings by Design:
                        22.61% Above Title 24 Requirements
                                                                LEED Rating: Gold
                     Incentives Received from Proposition 47
                                          Savings by Design:

              Maywood Academy High School
                          Los Angeles Unified School District
                                                                                     Fire Station No. 81
                2000 Southern California Edison                                              Los Angeles, CA
                Energy Efficient Schools Awards
                                        CHPS: 54 pts                                 LEED Rating: Silver
                 2007 CHPS Green Apple Award
                                   Honorable Mention
Client List

ABC Unified School District                           City of Cerritos           City of Scottsdale                                  Lassen International                       Peninsula Seniors Corporation                     Team Concept Development Services, Inc.
Abundant Living Family Church                         City of Chino              City of Sunnyvale                                   Lefevre Corporation                        Peralta Community College District                Temecula Valley Unified School District
Acton-Agua Dulce Unified School District              City of Chino Hills        City of Temecula                                    Lewis Center for Educational Research      Perris Union High School District                 The Movie Experience
American Canyon Fire Protection District              City of Clovis             City of Upland                                      Lewis Operating Corporation                Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District     The Pegasus School
American Honda Motor Co., Inc.                        City of Corona             City of Walnut                                      Life Changing Ministries                   Placerville Union School District                 The Webb Schools
American Jewish University                            City of Costa Mesa         City of Yucaipa                                     Lifeway Church                             Pleasanton Unified School District                Tracy Unified School District
Animal Samaritans SPCA                                City of Culver City        Coachella Valley Water Distsrict                    Little Lake City School District           Pomona College                                    Trona Joint Unified School District
Apple Valley Unified School District                  City of Downey             Coldwell Banker                                     Loma Linda Academy                         Rainbow Acres, Inc.                               UCLA Capital Programs
Azusa Pacific University                              City of Duarte             Colton Joint Unified School District                Long Beach Community College District      Rancho Community Church                           University of California, Irvine
Azusa Unified School District                         City of Escondido          Community Baptist Church                            Long Beach Mitsubishi                      Rancho Cucamonga Fire Protection District         University of California, Riverside
Banning Unified School District                       City of Folsom             Concordia Lutheran Church                           Long Beach Unified School District         Redding School District                           University of California, San Diego
Bear Valley Unified School District                   City of Fontana            Conejo Valley Unified School District               Los Angeles City College                   Redlands Unified School District                  Upland Unified School District
Beaumont-Cherry Valley Recreation and Park District   City of Fremont            Congregation B’Nai Emet                             Los Angeles Community College District     Redwood City School District                      Upland YMCA
Bella Vista Elementary School District                City of Garden Grove       Corona-Norco Unified School District                Los Angeles Harbor College                 Renu Hope Foundation                              Vallejo City Unified School District
Berkeley Unified School District                      City of Gilroy             County of Los Angeles                               Los Angeles Pierce College                 Riverside County Office of Education              Ventura County Fire Protection District
Bonita Unified School District                        City of Glendale           County of Napa                                      Los Angeles Southwest College              Riverside Unified School District                 Ventura Unified School District
Brittan Elementary School District                    City of Glendora           County of San Bernardino                            Los Angeles Unified School District        Saddleback Valley Unified School District         Victor Elementary School District
Burbank Unified School District                       City of Grand Terrace      Cucamonga School District                           Los Banos Unified School District          San Bernardino City Unified School District       Victor Valley Union High School District
Cajon Valley Union School District                    City of Hawthorne          East Nicolaus Joint Union High School District      Marysville Joint Unified School District   San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools   Vista Fire Department
California Baptist University                         City of Irvine             El Dorado Union High School District                Medallion School Partnership               San Diego Unified School District                 Walt Disney Imagineering
California State University, Fullerton                City of La Habra Heights   El Monte Union High School District                 Menifee Union School District              San Francisco Unified School District             Water of Life Community Church
California State University, Los Angeles              City of Lancaster          Empire Union School District                        Middletown Unified School District         San Jose/Evergreen Community College District     West Contra Costa Unified School District
California State University, Northridge               City of Laguna Niguel      Escalon Unified School District                     Montclair Police Department                San Leandro Unified School District               Whittier Area Community Church
California State University, Pomona                   City of La Quinta          Exeter Union High School District                   Monte Vista Christian School               San Manuel Band of Mission Indians                Whittier Union High School District
California State University, San Bernardino           City of La Verne           Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District            Moreno Valley Public Works Department      Santa Barbara School District                     Williams Unified School District
California State University, San Marcos               City of Los Angeles        Faith Lutheran Church                               Moreno Valley Unified School District      Santa Maria Joint Union High School District      Woodland Joint Unified School District
Calvary Chapel of Fontana                             City of Manhattan Beach    Folsom Police Department                            Morgan Hill Unified School District        Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District       Yeshiva Gedolah of Los Angeles
Cameron Park Community Services District              City of Merced             Fontana Unified School District                     Mountain View School District              Santa Paula Elementary School District            Yeshiva Rav Isacsohn Torath Emeth Academy
Carlsbad Unified School District                      City of Modesto            Forecast Homes                                      Mt. Baldy School District                  Santa Paula Union High School District            Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified School District
Central School District                               City of Montclair          Fountain of Truth Church                            Murrieta Valley Unified School District    Sequoia Union High School District
Castaic Union School District                         City of Montebello         Fremont-Rideout Health Group                        National School District                   Shasta Union High School District
Centex Homes                                          City of Moorpark           Fresno Unified School District                      Natomas Unified School District            Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church
Chabad of the Inland Empire                           City of Moreno Valley      Glendale Water & Power                              Naturex                                    Simi Valley Unified School District
Chabot-Las Positas Community College District         City of Norco              Granada Hills Charter High School                   Needles Unified School District            Snowline Joint Unified School District
Chaffey College                                       City of Oceanside          Hayward Unified School District                     New Hope Elementary School District        South Whittier School District
Chaffey Joint Union High School District              City of Ontario            Helendale School District                           Norco Fire Department                      Southern California Edison
Charter Oak Unified School District                   City of Orange             Hillside Community Church                           North County Joint Union School District   Southern California Gas Company
Chino Valley Unified School District                  City of Pacifica           Hilmar Unified School District                      Northkirk Presbyterian Church              Southfork Development Group
Cihigoyenetche, Grossberg and Clouse                  City of Palm Desert        Holy Family Catholic Church                         Northminster Presbyterian Church           St. Anthony’s Catholic Church
City of Agoura Hills                                  City of Pasadena           Hughes-Elizabeth Lakes Elementary School District   Oakland Unified School District            St. Helena Unified School District
City of Anaheim                                       City of Pico Rivera        Hughson Fire Protection District                    Oakley Union Elementary School District    St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church
City of Arcadia                                       City of Placerville        Hutton Development Company, Inc.                    Ontario Fire Department                    St. Jeanne de Lestonnac School
City of Arroyo Grande                                 City of Poway              Inland Empire Utilities Agency                      Ontario-Montclair School District          St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church
City of Atwater                                       City of Rancho Cucamonga   John Wayne Airport                                  Ontario United Reformed Church             St. Joseph’s Catholic Church
City of Avalon                                        City of Riverside          Jurupa Unified School District                      Orange County Fire Authority               St. Kilian Church
City of Azusa                                         City of San Bernardino     Kenwood Elementary School District                  Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church      St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
City of Bell                                          City of San Diego          Kern Steel Fabrication, Inc.                        Our Savior Lutheran Church                 St. Patrick’s Catholic Church
City of Buena Park                                    City of San Marcos         Keyes Union School District                         Oxnard Union High School District          Stanford Hotels Corporation
City of Burbank                                       City of Santa Ana          Kim Commercial Properties                           Pajaro Valley Unified School District      Stanislaus Union School District
City of Calabasas                                     City of Santa Clarita      Lake Elsinore Unified School District               Palo Verde Unified School District         Summit Career College, Inc.
City of Carlsbad                                      City of Santa Monica       Las Virgenes Unified School District                Palomar Community College                  Tamalpais Union High School District

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Architects, Inc.

Southern California Area
Sacramento Area
Bay Area

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Architects, Inc.

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