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Quick Guide to Document Delivery Services for Science Technology


									                                                                 SCIENCE REFERENCE SERVICES
                                    Quick Guide to Document Delivery Services for Science & Technology
        A brief guide to some of the services available for quickly obtaining documents not available at LC. W ith some exceptions, there are charges for
        these services. Most of the services listed below involve fees, depending on how many pages, format, and how fast you need it. Check their web
        pages for m ore details. This list is only a brief selection of the num erous se rvices, large and sm all, available for providing on-dem and pay-per-
        view c opies of a ll types of d ocu m ents . Interlibra ry Loan se rvices co nstitute doc um ent delivery of th e leas t expens ive kind. Electronic de livery to
        the desk top fo r m any LC databas es is also a vailable for fre e in the Library. Additional inform ation c an b e fou nd o nline at: or from the Science R eference staff.

These are large government-funded data warehouses. Fees are cost-recovery-based. No copyright fees are added for government funded information.

                                                               Materials Available: Print copies          Subject Areas: DOD -sponsored           Delivery Options: Many full-
 Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC)                   of DOD tech. rpts., nonprint               technical reports; all areas of         text PDFs online for free; print                                           materials, other products.                 engineering & tec hnology.              & nonprint delivery options.

 Public Database (STINET)                                      Processing Time: Refer to home page for details.                                        Other Information: Ava ilable to govt. & con tracto rs; m ust qualify for s ervice. ST INE T s earc h is op en to
                                                               the public. Many reports also available through NT IS (see next entry).

                                                                Materials Available: Govt.- sponsored           Subject Areas: Technical           Delivery Options: Print
 National Technical Information Service (NTIS)                  U.S. and worldwide scientific, tec hnical,      reports; all areas of              (mail), downloadable PDFs,                                  engineering, and business-related               engineering & tec hnology.         cus tom CD -RO Ms , links to
                                                                publications.*                                                                     web docs.
                                                                Processing Time: Depends on delivery format; refer to home page for details.
                                                                Other Information: Minimal han dling fe es; ru sh s ervice available.

                                                                Materials Available: Research reports,                 Subject Areas:        Delivery Options: Print
 NASA Scientific & Technical Information                        journal articles, conference papers, technical         Astronautics          (UP S/FedE x), PDF online.
 (STI)                                                          videos, mission-related operational                    and aero spa ce.
                                                                documents, and preliminary data.
 NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)                         Processing Time: Sta ndard - 3 bus. d ays; Rush - 1 bus. d ay.
 NACA Technical Reports Server (NACATRS)                        Other Information: On line ord er form ; fees dep end on docu m ent.
                                                                      Materials Available: Patents            Subject Areas: All      Delivery O ptions: Print (Mail, CD -RO M);
 U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO)                               granted in U.S. since 1790.             areas of technology     full-text online (to 1976); digital images                                                                                                               only to 1790 (do wnloadable im age viewers
                                                                                                                                      requ ired to view).
 Patents Search:
 http://www.usp ain/pa tents.htm                             Processing Time: Online retrieval is imm ediate with high-speed connection.
 Trad em arks Sea rch(TE SS):                                         Other Information: Patent full-page images requires downloading viewing software, available on site.          All online text and images are free. Certified copies available for fee.

* Most government technical reports are also held in LC and available for free + photocopy costs; for assistance ask at the Science Reference Desk.

These servic es are affiliated with eithe r private, n atio nal or a cadem ic libraries. F ees are cost-recovery-based. Copyright fees are usually additional.

                                                                     Materials Available: Journals,           Subject Areas: Every aspect          Delivery Options:
 British Library's Document Supply Service                           books, conferences, reports,             of scientific, technical, medical    Photographs, microfilm, digital um ent/dsc.h tm l                     patents, theses, official                and human knowledge, in many         & paper copies via m ail,
                                                                     publications, music scores, and          languages.                           encrypted PDF.
 Integrated Catalogue:                                               image s.
                                                                     Processing Time: 24 hrs. for electronic delivery.
                                                                     Other Information: Copyright restrictions - fees where appropriate.

                                                                     Materials Available: Books, journal           Subject Areas: All areas of physical       Delivery Options:
 Canada Institute for Scientific & Technical                         articles, papers, reports; conference         and life sciences, engineering,            E- formats available.
 Info rm ation (C IST I)                                             proceedings a specialty.                      tech nology and hea lth science s.
 http://cisti-icist.nrc-cnrc.gc .ca/docd el/doc del_e.htm l
                                                                     Processing Time: 90% of orders are in 24 hrs; 50%+ sam e business day.; 72-hrs. for partnered
 Catalogue:                                                          resourc es; 2-hr rush a vailable. Glob al service w ithin 4 wks .                        Other Information: Delivery options include Ariel, Secure Desktop, Fax, Courier. Order via catalog
                                                                     function available. Copyright fees extra.

                                                                              Materials Available:            Subject Areas: See web page         Delivery Options: Print, Fax,
 Engineering, Science and Technology Information Service                      Materials held by the           for details on libraries &          and electronic delivery via W eb
 (ESTIS)                                                                      Un iv. of M inn. U nivers ity   collections.                        server. FedEx or local courier                                                Libraries                                                           added on as applicable.

 Catalog (M NC AT):                                                           Processing Time: Most requests are shipped within 48 hours, and many are sent the same   day. Rush service available.
                                                                              Other Information: Copyright fees extra.
                                                                     Materials Available: Journal           Subject Areas: Ex ceptio nally strong in     Delivery Options: Mail,
 Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering and                      articles, papers, & historical         mathem atics, astronomy, physics,            Fax, Ariel, Email, FedEx.
 Technology                                                          documents at LHL.                      chemistry, and engineering.
                                                                     Processing Time: 24-48 hrs.
 Catalog (LEO NARD O):
                                                                     Other Information: Research services; rush services. Multiple request options. Copyright fees extra.

                                                                   Materials Available: Theses, MIT tech.          Subject Areas: All areas of         Delivery Options:
 MIT Libraries Docum ent Services                                  reports, working papers, journal articles -     science, engineering &              W eb-docs PDF, Mail, Fax,                                    from MIT collections; o ut-of-print M IT        tech nology.                        FedEx
                                                                   Press m aterials.
 Catalog (BART ON ): e=find-b
                                                                   Processing Time: 3-5 b usiness days.
                                                                   Other Information: Rush services available.

                                           Materials Available: Newspaper and journal                  Subject Areas: All       Delivery Options: Mail, Pickup, NYC-area
 NYPL Exp ress                             articles, patents, proceedings, government                  subject areas.           courier, Fax, FedE x, W eb posting (em ail alert).
 The New Y ork Pu blic Library             documents, reports, and book excerpts.
                                           Processing Time: Standard, Ne xt Day (Order by 2 p.m .), Rush, Expres s (3 hrs.).
 Catalog (CATN YP):                        Other Information: M-F, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; links to document suppliers around the world; copyright fees extra.

There are hundreds of comm ercial services that offer document delivery of various types. The list below does NOT constitute endorsement by the Library of
Congress; it is m eant to be a re presentative sam pling of services with strong support in the are as of s cience and tec hnology.

                                                                         Materials Available: ISI journal               Subject Areas:          Delivery Options: Ele ctronic
 Institute for Scientific Information (ISI)                              holdings, patents, conference                  Com prehens ive         (virtually any request can be
 Thom son-Gale
                                                                         proceedings, government reports, book          science &               delivered as a PD F file), Fa x, M ail,
 http ://www .isin et.c om /do cum entde livery/
                                                                         chapters, theses, standards &                  engineering topics.     FedEx, or other couriers.
 Complete Journal List:                                                  spe cifications.
 PDF-only Journals List:                                                 Processing Time: For docum ents in the ISI collection - within 24 hours of receipt of order.           Other Information: Multiple ordering option s: via W eb: Direct links to D ocum ent So lution® ; via
                                                                         select ISI W eb-b ase d pro duc ts - DIALO G® , DataSta r®, & OC LC ®. Also via E m ail, Fax , Phone, M ail.
                                                                         Charges include copyright fees.
                                                Materials Available: Journals             Subject Areas: All areas of science,                     Delivery Options: W eb,
 IngentaConnect                                 articles, chapters, reports and           technology, engineering, mathematics, medicine           Fa x/A riel, Mail.
 Search:                                        more.                                     and more.
                                                Processing Time: Contact vendor for details.
                                                Other Information: Three search options: Electronic content,Fax/Ariel, journal or book title. Browse by subject
                                                grou p. Article royalty fees are set by the individual pu blishe r, together w ith an Ingen taConn ect delivery ch arge .
                                                Inge ntaC onn ect delivery fee s are $10 for electron ic delivery and $15 for fax or A riel delivery.

                                                                      Materials Available: All areas of              Subject Areas:             Delivery Options: e-100
 Infotrieve                                                           medicine and the life sciences; includes       Sc ience, tec hnology,     (100% electronic delivery),
                                                                      the Inspec Collection (from 1994 -             & medicine (STM)           Fax, E-mail, Expedited and
 Search & Discovery Tools:                                            present) and the IEE Collection.               con tent.                  regular m ail, C ourier, Ariel.

                                                                      Processing Time: Contact vendor for details.
                                                                      Other Information: Multiple order options: Fax, Email, or online; price of most articles
                                                                      includ es a cop yright ch arge . Rush a nd ‘pa nic’ services available.

                                            Materials Available: Includes               Subject Areas: Sources and                   Delivery Options: Paper or
 Information Express                        IEEE/IEL fulltext database; core            collections include extens ive               electronic docum ents; electronic fu ll
 http://www.ieonline .com /doc del.htm l
                                            journals covering the fields of             coverage in science, technology, and         text delivery is available for selected
                                            science, technology and medicine;           medicine.                                    titles.
 Search:                                    outs ide so urces.
 Re gister or bro wse as a guest.           Processing Time: Article o rder requ ests are filled within one d ay.
                                            Other Information: Multiple order options include Telephone, Fax, Mail, Email, & W eb. Alert services. Free trial

Online Lists of Document Delivery Services
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