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									    Missouri State University
8-Week Intensive English Program

         June 2-July 30, 2010
Overview of Presentation
 General Overview of Program
 Introduction to Location/University
 Housing/Meals
 Classes
 Costs
 Application Process
General Overview of Program
   English classes M-F at the English
    Language Institute at Missouri State

   Housing accommodation on campus

   Trips on Friday afternoons and
  Springfield, Missouri

Located in the beautiful Ozark "Mountains."
Springfield: Missouri's Third
Largest City

            * Kansas City

                                      * St. Louis

                      * Springfield
Springfield, Missouri

• Population –200,000

• Very safe city with low crime rate

• 1.5 hour flight from Dallas or Atlanta
The Climate
• Temperatures vary:
  • 0°F to 45°F (-18°C to 7°C) in
    winter (January average
  • 60°F to 95°F (16°C to 35°C)
    in summer (July average
• Fall and spring: usually
  pleasant in the 60°F to
  70°F range.
• Occasional thunderstorms
  in summer; occasional
  snow in winter.
 Southwest Missouri:
 An Outdoor Wonderland
Canoeing on clear
Water skiing
Mountain biking
    MSU’s Recreation Center rents outdoor equipment
Missouri State University
 Missouri State University

• One of the major universities of the
 Midwestern United States

• Current enrollment of more than 20,000

• More than 150 undergraduate major fields
 of study and 47 graduate programs
  Campus Facilities
Plaster Student Union
houses a post office,
bank, convenience
store, and restaurants.

Workout facilities are
available for swimming,
racquetball, basketball,
soccer, tennis and exercise.
      Campus Facilities
Taylor Health Center

--Provides health services for Missouri State

--Has a pharmacy where students can
  purchase over-the-counter drug items

Computer Facilities

--24 hour computer labs all over campus,
  including each dormitory

--Wireless internet across campus
Campus Facilities
Campus Shuttle Bus
--Free service for students to get around
 campus more easily

On Campus Police Station
--Provides greater safety for students on
 campus and downtown
On-Campus Housing
Typical Room Plan
 Usually two to a room—sometimes four
  to a suite
 Sheets and pillows are provided by the
 Each person has his or her own bed,
  desk and closet
 Bathroom with shower in room
 24-hour computer labs in dormitory
   19 meals per week (buffet-style) will be
    served on campus in a cafeteria.
Who are our students?
Students who need to show English proficiency before being
admitted to Missouri State. No TOEFL score required for ELI
graduates applying to MSU.

Community members with jobs who want to improve their
English skills

People who want to improve their English skills and return to
their country

Students who have been admitted to Missouri State, but want
to brush up on their English skills
Who Are Our Instructors?
    Most of our instructors have a Master’s degree or
     higher in Teaching English as a Second
     Language, Linguistics or English.

    Most of our instructors have taught English in
     other countries like Korea, Japan, France,
     Morocco, Egypt and China.
Our Instructors

Jane Robison    Pascal Hamon          Alicia Coverston
  Director     Assistant Director   Admission Specialist
       Your Classes

Writing/Grammar—10 hours per week
  Special Topic—5 hours per week
     Speaking—5 hours per week
     Listening—5 hours per week
ELI Levels
Level One—Complete beginners
Level Two—High-Beginners
Level Three—Intermediate
Level Four—High-Intermediate
Level Five—Advanced
Friday Local Trips
   You will visit Bass Pro Shops, the largest
    retailer of outdoor sporting goods in the
   You will also visit many other interesting
    locations in the Springfield area that will help
    you experience American culture.
Weekend Trips
   Canoe trip

     You will go
     canoeing on the
     White River and
     have a typical
     American style
     cookout beside
     the river!
    Weekend Trips
   Weekend in St. Louis
                                      St Louis Cardinals Baseball

     You will visit the largest
      city in Missouri, with
      the world famous St.
      Louis Arch. In addition,
      you will tour the
      Brewery and will have
      some other options of
      places to visit.
Weekend Trips!
  Branson Shopping Trip

   You will have the chance to visit some outlet
   malls before returning to Colombia. At these
   malls, you can buy famous brands including
   Polo, Tommy, Levis, Coach, etc. at very low
Program Includes
 English classes (25 hours per week)
 Airport transfer
 On-campus housing
 On-campus meals
 Friday and weekend trips
 Educational materials
 Welcome/goodbye parties
 T-shirt and certificate of attendance
 Health insurance
   $3100 per person plus $30 application
   Group members are responsible for:
     Airfare to Springfield
     Visa fee
     Personal expenses
Application Process
 Submit the application form and pay
  application fee by April 1, 2010.
 Submit a copy of your passport
  information page.
 Missouri State University will send you
  an admission letter and an I-20 form.
 Pay your SEVIS fee.
 Make an appointment with the U.S.
  consulate for your visa interview.
 Make your air travel arrangements.
  We’ll meet you at the airport!

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