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Hostel Scene Presentation by Bulldog Hotel


									The Bulldog Hostel
   Serving the nation
      Since 1996
Amsterdam – New York …almost magical names! Magnetically attractive...
Some cities in the world function like magnets attracting many different kinds
of people for many different reasons.
If you hear their names you heart starts to pulse faster. Or you feel butterflies
in your stomach.
                                  happened…That           city, Amsterdam.
Some can t even remember what happened That s my city Amsterdam

Some say: a city of sin. We say: a city with spirit. But this city you enjoy the
most if you bring your sense of humor with you. It is not only a fun city but
                                                                   stoned to
also a very funny city!! And you do not necessarily have to be stoned….to
experience that. However watching the paintings of V Gogh with mushrooms
is a whole new experience…

O Reilly and Amsterdam – the movie
According to the O Reilly video Amsterdam is a totally out of control city with
free drugs & sex (wow)– ATCB made the right choice to use humor to strike
back and as a matter of fact, personally, I think the best advertising/ city
marketing they could imagine
But I have to disappoint the people here who can t wait to go to Amsterdam,
sorry the sex & drugs are not for free!!
According to the international travel site Trip advisor, Amsterdam is on the
second place of most friendly Europeans (Dublin 1, Paris worst but most
romantic) . Also a second place for the best night life (London 1 but most dirty
city) A third place for the best parks (London 1 Paris 2)
city).                                          1,       2).
We are nice but not he most handsome ones. We are not even in the top 10 of
most handsome Europeans (1. Rome, 2. Paris , 3. Stockholm)!
2nd place nicest people in Europe!!
but it seems our city still believe we have an attitude I believe that every city would
love to have the following issues:

Negative elements                              Positive elements
 Tourists can t bike (and                      Due to many tourists we
    we do not brake) )                           can easily obtain ice
   Every tourist believe we
                                                Thanks to the many
    are stoned                                   bike rentals we can
   Japanese prefer to take                      pump up our bicycle
    pictures on the middle of                   No tourists means no
    the road                                     prostitutes & no coffee
   We have problems finding                     shops
    a free chair on a terrace                   Without tourists we are
                                                 just villagers
   Long waiting lines at the
                                                    th h t l           t
                                                If the hotels are empty
    Anna Frank House                             many people lose their
Facts about Amsterdam these triple
                What about
767.347 inhabitants   x? Do you guys have
1 200 000 bikes       lions?
Facts about Amsterdam
165 canals     2.500 people life in/on
1281 bridges   houseboats
Facts about Amsterdamexport: flowers
187 nationalities living Famous
on 16.657m2 (1/3 is   but only 1 flower
water)                market!
Facts about Amsterdam of
                22 paintings
0 cheese markets but   Rembrandt 206
6 windmills            paintings of v Gogh
Facts about Amsterdam
51 museums      1.215 cafes and bars
141 galleries   1.250
                1 250 restaurants
The Bulldog Hostel Amsterdam
 Date of opening: August 20th 1996 with 80 beds in 7 rooms.
    November 2001: 253 beds :14 dorms, 25 p  ,          ,    p
                                                privates, 8 apartments
   Average prices per night:
    Low season: Dorm € 24---Private € 110---Apartment € 160
    High season:Dorm € 30---Private € 140 ---Apartment € 180
   25 hostels in Amsterdam and 30 B&B, budget hotels, house
    boats calling themselves hostels
   Key issue for the Amsterdam hostels
      difficult to t li          for    h t l
    - diffi lt t get licenses f new hostels
    - lots of illegal budget providers
    - coffee shop law may change
        d light district li is i to h
    - red li ht di t i t policy i going t change
    - traditional hotels are getting cheaper
   9 million overnight. 4.5 million tourists (……)
      Nothing is normal everything
private              dorm
“Obviously the staff is going to be high a lot of the time, and the
place reeks of pot, but if you've got some patience and a sense of
humor the place is really great. One of the best hostels I've been in
                ,                p y       y     g g
“ The staff rock, seems like the party always is going on.”
“If you're looking for a hostel that embodies everything you
know about Amsterdam, this is the place for you.”
                          ,           p       y
  Thank you

Enjoy the big apple!!

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