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					                                         Fernley Elementary PTA

                                         Executive Board Meeting

                                  August 23, 2010 Kelly Mulls Classroom


Call to Order: 7:35pm

Present: Kim Leverett, Benita Owens, Maria Sablan, Amanda Connolly and Kelly Mull

Treasurers Report: We have 1309.03 In the bank with 4 checks outstanding. Because we are switching
banks we have contacted the holders of the checks and asked them to destroy them and we will reissue
with new account. We have 2 deposits to make; returned check 24.98 and Scolaris 26.94. The opening
balance on the new account will be 1361.45. We will need to reissue checks to Mrs. Blackorby for 60.00
and Mrs Sandberg for 71.00 leaving us with 1230.45.

Presidents Report: Kim talked about the discussion at the School Improvement Plan meeting about
creating a program where volunteers could supplement the PE programs we lost to budget cuts. There
will be logistics to figure out and we will apply for a Healthy Lifestyles Grant to fund the program. Kim
will report further as administration directs us.

Kindergarten Welcome Lunch: Postcards were mailed out. Mrs Hogan will purchase lunch. PTA will set
up a membership table and greet parents. Those available will meet at the school on Thursday August
26 at 11am.

Back To School Carnival: Sept 9th. All proceeds to benefit Student Activities Fund.

       5:30-6:00
             o Meet and greet
       6:00-7:00
             o carnival
       PTA will set up games and create sign in sheets for teachers to volunteer.
       Mrs. Geil will purchase prizes.
       2 teachers per game
       Air slide instead of bounce house (on loan from Boys and Girls Club)
       Food-hotdogs, chips, drink – sold by ticket (ex blue tickets will be $3 for food)
       Kasey is renting dunk tank-Hogan is sitting on dunk tank
       PTA sells tickets-25cents each/5 for a dollar, blue ticket for food
       PTA will set up and watch games during meet and greet time.
       PTA will sell snow cones and cotton candy.
       PTA will order Wolf Print T-Shirt in kid sizes to sell. Benita Owen will price.
Membership Drive:

       Envelopes to be sent home in folders with all school paperwork
       Kim will track class membership numbers on front bulletin board.
       Memberships returned the first week of school earn a carnival ticket.
       Classes that reach 100 percent membership get an ice cream party.


October- Booktober Fest- create activities around bookfair. We will have a Read and Rise Book Fair that
is specialized to a title 1 school. Lower Price Point and more Multi Lingual books.

        Start the Art Week- Kelly Mull will chair Reflections, Kim will assist . “Together we can…..” this
        year’s theme.

        Bike Rodeo-Shari Whalen will report back on this

November-Healthy Lifestyles Month- Kim working on grant. See presidents report.

February- Shadow Day and Talent Show- Sheri Banks and Kelly Mull will work on

March-Reading Week

May-Teacher Appreciation and Nevada Moves Day


Nevada PTA is offering computers for sale; will forward the information.

Meeting Adjourned: 9:15 pm