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List of Selected Students on the basis of

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					     List of Selected Students on the basis of CGPA for continuation of
                               Hostel Facility

The following students have been selected for continuation of hostel facility in
Fall 2008 on the basis of CGPA. They are required to

1.     pay their outstanding dues by August 27, 2008.
2.     submit a fresh color Photograph.
3.     submit a copy of the challan forms of Hostel Dues.
4.     submit missing documents, if any, as indicated by the Hostel Office,
On fulfillment of above requirements, they may join hostel on August 31, 2008 in

 Sr. No.   Reg. #                                             Name
    1      FA06-BET-003              Abdul Rehman
    2      SP07-BCE-003              Adeel Shahid
    3      SP07-BBA-045              Affan Ud din Ahmad
    4      SP07-BET-010              Ahmad Maqsood Baiq
    5      SP08-BET-011              Ahmad Talal Riaz
    6      SP07-MBA-004              Ahsan Ashfaq
    7      FA05-BCE-002              Ali Ejaz
    8      SP08-BBA-004              Amer Mumtaz Bajwa
    9      SP08-BCS-068              Amir Muhammad Nur
   10      FA05-BET-014              Assad Ali
   11      SP08-BCS-067              Ayoub Idris Abu Baker
   12      SP07-BET-021              Azhar Riaz
   13      SP07-BBA-044              Babar Fareed Afridi
   14      SP08-BBA-013              Bilal Afzal
   15      FA07-BET-033              Danish Ali
   16      FA07-BBA-031              Faizan Askari
   17      FA07-BCS-105              Hafez Salammudin
   18      SP08-BEL-017              Hafiz Muhammad Kashif Iqbal
   19      FA07-BET-051              Hammad Waheed
   20      FA07-BET-054              Hasan Dawood Rattu
   21      SP08-BBA-025              Haseeb Ahmed
   22      SP08-BCE-034              Hassan Nisar
   23      SP07-BET-038              Iftikhar Ahmad
   24      FA07-BBA-045              Jahangir Ali Sundrana
   25      SP05-BBA-021              Junaid Asghar
   26      SP07-BET-043              Junaid Iqbal Baig
   27      SP08-BCS-066              Kemal Mahmoud Adem
   28      SP05-BSB-014              Khuram Shahzad
   29      SP08-BBA-034              Moaeed uz Zaman
   30      SP07-BSB-021              Mohammed Omer
   31      SP07-BEL-014              Mohsin Awan
   32      SP08-BCE-049              Muhammad Azeem
33   FA07-MBA-061    Muhammad Imran Safdar
34   SP08-BET-058    Muhammad Nadeem Zafar
35   SP07-MBA-032    Muhammad Ramzan
36   FA06-BET-064    Muhammad Raza Sargana
37   FA06-BSM-007    Muhammad Saad Arshad
38   SP07-BBA-023    Muhammad Saad Fareed
39   SP05-BSB-020    Muhammad Saad Noon
40   SP07-BET-124    Muhammad Saad Sahu
41   FA07-BET-108    Muhammad Saqib Javaid
42   SP07-BET-072    Muhammad Saqib Raza
43   SP07-BCE-040    Muhammad Usman Ali
44   SP07-BBA-024    Muhammad Usman Maqsood
45   SP08-BET-066    Muhammad Usman Tariq
46   SP08-BET-068    Muhammad Waqas Arshad
47   SP06-BBA-047    Muhammad Yasir Khan
48   FA06-BEL-054    Muhammad Zeeshan Babar
49   SP08-BET-074    Muneeb Ur Rehman Umer
50   FA05-BET-052    Naqi Abbas
51   FA07-MBA-074    Naseer Afzal
52   SP07-BBA-025    Naughman Safdar
53   FA07-BET-121    Nauman Ali
54   FA06-BCE-082    Naveed Alam
55   SP08-BSB-056    Raja Faraqat Sarfraz Khan
56   SP08-BCE-045    Rameez Ahmed
57   FA06-BSB-022    Saad Raza
58   SP08-BET-091    Saleem Khalid
59   FA07-BEL-055    Salman Tariq
60   FA07-BSB-028    Samar Hayat Khan Tareen
61   FA07-BET-146    Saqib Shabbir
62   FA07-MBA-100    Shahzad Hanif
63   SP07-BCE-057    Sharjeel Abrar
64   SP08-BCE-077    Sharjeel Sarwar
65   FA03-BBA-083    Sher Nawaz Hoti
66   FA07-MBA-102    Sohaib Raheel
67   FA05-BET-068    Syed Ayaz Bin Zahid
68   SP07-MBA-051    Syed Wajahat Ali
69   FA05-BET-079    Talha Ghafoor
70   FA05-BBA-044    Talha Hussain
71   FA07-BBA-139    Tasawar Hussain
72   SP07-BCS-013    Tauseef Aslam
73   FA06-BCE-125    Umar Saleem
74   SP07-MBA-055    Usama Jamshaid
75   SP08-BET-104    Waheed Ashraf
76   SP07-BCE-074    Wahid Aslam
77   FA07-BET-171    Waqar Ali
78   SP08-BCE-099    Waqas Taqi Shah
79   SP07-BBA-042    Younis Muhammad Wani
80   SP08-BET-112    Zain Asghar
81   SP08-BBS--018   Zeeshan Javed
82   FA07-MBA-121    Zia Ur Rehman
83   SP08-BCE-106    Zubair Rahat
All the students who have not vacated their rooms( they were required to vacate by June 18,
2008), are advised to vacate by August 21, 2008, after which rooms will be opened and luggage
will be put in the hostel stores. Hostel administration will not be responsible for any loss/damage
to luggage.

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