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                                 PMD NEWS BULLETIN
                                                     Volume X, Issue II                         April-June 2010

                                                    PAKISTAN METEOROLOGICAL DEPARTMENT

WEATHER SUMMARY:                                                           direction on 5 June (0600 UTC), it was centred around 24.0°N & 61°E
                                                                           at about 80 Km south of Gwadar and it was the time when Makran
Sixteen westerly low pressure waves passed across the country during       coast came under the grip of very heavy downpour accompanied by
the quarter April-June 2010. Under the influence of these westerly         strong winds over 40 Kts. with Jiwani recording the maximum surface
waves, most of the weather i.e. rain/thundershowers occurred at a few      wind of 45 Kts. The very heavy downpour gradually turned into record
places in northern and central parts of the country, whereas rainfall      breaking torrential rains with Gwadar measuring 370 mm, Jiwani: 208,
occurred at one or two places in southern parts of the country, during     Pasni: 140, Ormara: 60 and Turbat: 63 mm of rainfall. Also a wide-
the said period.                                                           spread very heavy rainfall occurred in entire lower Sindh with Karachi
                                                                           recording 152mm, Thatta: 154 mm and Hyderabad 101.6mm.
During the month of May, the day temperatures remained moderately
to largely above normal in plains of the country on most of the days.      From 5 June mid-night onwards, the TC PHET started accelerating
Previous highest maximum temperature record, of 52.7 °C at Larkana         eastward with a speed of 10 Kts. per hour and at 0600 UTC 6 June its
on 31-05-1998, has been broken and current highest maximum tem-            centre was around 23.4°N – 65.6°E with finally making landfall at about
perature was recorded as 53.5 °C at Moen-jo-Daro on 26-05-2010.            24.6°N – 67.3°E at 1200 UTC over Sindh coast, just south of Karachi.
Nawabshah, Padidan and Sibi also recorded their highest tempera-
                                                                   Damages caused: Total 44 persons died in the wake of PHET with 24
tures as 52.2 °C, 52.5 °C & 53.0 °C, respectively.
                                                                   in Oman, 15 in Pakistan and 5 in India, besides financial damages of
Similarly, the highest maximum temperature of 50.5°C was recorded about 780 million U.S. $.
by Noorpur Thal on 27-05-2010, 50.5°C was recorded by Multan on 27
                                                                   Tropical Cyclone track and cloud imagery is depicted in the following
-05-2010 and 50.5°C was recorded by RY Khan from 26-05-2010 to 28
-05-2010 (03 days).
Highest wind speed of 90 knots was recorded by Islamabad Airport on

(01– 06 JUNE, 2010)
On 31 May, 2010 a Low Pressure Area, with deep convection and an
organized low level circulation centre (LLCC), formed in the central
Arabian Sea at around 15°N and 63.9°E and later accentuated into a
depression. Based on the sea surface temperatures of 30° C and other
environmental conditions, it was forecast by PMD Marine Meteorologi-
cal & Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre, Karachi that the system could
develop into a Tropical Cyclone (TC) and it practically occurred so.
On 1 June, 2010 at 0000 UTC, the Depression intensified in to a Tropi-
cal Cyclone and was centered at 15.7°N & 63.8°E, about 1100km
south-southwest of Karachi.
On June 2, the TC, having drifted initially in northwesterly direction,
further intensified into a Severe Tropical Cyclone, with centre at 17.5°
N & 61°E about 950 Km southwest of Karachi. The TC was named
“PHET”, a Thai word pronounced as “PET” meaning diamond. PMD,
through its Cyclone Warning-3, warned the fishermen, of Sindh and
Balochistan, who were in the open sea to return back to the coast,
TC “PHET” kept moving slowly (at a speed of 6 Kts./hour) along north-
west course and by the evening of 2nd June it underwent further inten-
sification from Severe Tropical Cyclone to a Very Severe Tropical
Cyclone, with maximum sustained surface winds of about 120 Kts.
and lay centred at around 18.2°N & 60.0°E.
Having sustained its severity of category-4 cyclone till noon of 3rd of
June, ‘PHET’ kept moving north-northwestwards, struck the northeast-
ern tip of Oman during night and weakened into a Severe Tropical
Cyclone centered around 21.5°N & 59.5°E, where it remained practi-
cally stationary for about 12 hours.
After crossing the Oman coast on 4th June (1200 UTC), it crested the
subtropical ridge (STR), entered the west North Arabian Sea and
started re-curving towards northeast as a Category-1 Cyclone with                   TROPICAL CYCLONE -IMAGE ON 2 JUNE/0530Z
centre at 23.5°N & 59.5°E. Keeping on its course in the east/northeast
                VOLUME X, ISSUE II                                                                                                 Page 2

During the whole Cyclone period, the Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre
(TCWC), Karachi kept a very close watch on the tropical cyclone “Phet”
from its formation stage to intensified stages and till its land fall in the
South of Karachi. TCWC also issued necessary weather advisories/
warnings, from time to time, to different Government authorities, press
and electronic media and also to fishermen not to venture in deep sea
during the threat period. Some of the significant total amounts of rainfall
from 5 to 7 June, 2010 are as under:-
                     Rainfall                                   Rainfall
    Stations                              Stations
                      (mm)                                        (mm)
     Pattan           171.4                 Astore               177.6
      Kalam           157.0               Rawalakot              135.0
     Gwadar           370.0                 Jiwani               208.0

      Thatta          154.0         Karachi (PAF Masroor)        152.0

   Hyderabad          101.6              Mirpurkhas               93.0
    Tandojam           86.0                 Turbat                63.0
                                                                                       MAP DEPECTING MAGNITUDE/DEPTH OF EARTHQUAKE EVENTS
Chief amount of precipitation recorded by different stations during a
month (June) is as under:
                                                                                TSUNAMI REPORT:
     Station        Rainfall (mm)       Stations        Rainfall (mm)
                                                                               During the quarter the NSM & TEWC (National Seismic Monitoring &
   Parachinar           159.9            Balakot             123.2             Tsunami Early Warning Centre), Karachi issued Tsunami information
                                         G. Dop-                               bulletins for following three events, detailed below:
   Rawalakot            157.0                                120.6
                                                                                Sr.#     Ocean      Date         HH:MM       Mg.     Remarks
  TOTAL NUMBER OF EARTHQUAKES RECORDED                                                                           (PST)
  NUMBER OF EARTHQUAKES LOCATED IN PAKI-                                                                                             Vanuatu
                                                               269              1        Pacific    27-05-10     22:15       7.2
  STAN/NEIGHBOURING REGIONS (Graph Below)                                                                                            Islands
  NUMBER OF PRESSRELEASES ISSUED                                59                                                                   Nicobar
                                                                                2        Indian     13-06-10     00:26       7.5
  NUMBER OF EARTHQUAKES FELT IN PAKISTAN                        12                                                                   India Re-
                                                                                                                                     Irian Jaya
                                                                                3        Pacific    16-06-10     08:16       7.2     Region,

                                                                                 DROUGHT MONITORING:

                                                                               By using Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI) and Cumulative Pre-
                                                                               cipitation Anomaly (CPA) Techniques, Analysis of rainfall data was
                                                                               completed on monthly basis and drought monitoring maps were devel-
                                                                               oped for assessing drought conditions in the country.
           Page 3                                                                         PMD NEWS BULLETIN

                                                                        8. Mr. Sarfaraz, Director (BS-19), attended the "Maritime Safety Ser-
                                                                            vices enhancement Workshop" during 03-06 May 2010 at Mel-
                                                                            bourne, Australia.
                                                                        9. M/S. Ameer Hyder Laghari, Deputy Director (BS-18) and Najib
                                                                           Ahmad Aamir, Deputy Director (BS-18) participated in twelve days
                                                                           training course on "Seismic Data Analysis and Processing" from 24
                                                                           June to 05 July 2010, in China.

                                                                        ACTIVITIES AT NATIONAL SEISMIC MONITORING AND
                                                                        TSUNAMI EARLY WARNING CENTRE, KARACHI
                                                                        (APRIL- JUNE 2010)

                                                                        A meeting of the “Technical committee on Tsunami, Cyclone and
                                                                        Ocean related Hazard Management”, to discuss the "Capacity As-
                                                                        sessment Draft", regarding capacity building of stake holders involved
                                                                        in coastal hazard especially Tsunami, was held at NSM & TEWS, Ka-
                                                                        rachi on 1st of April 2010.
                                                                        The meeting was attended by participants from PMD, UNESCO, Paki-
                                                                        stan Navy, PDMA Sindh, National Institute of Oceanography (NIO),

                                                                        Karachi University `and NED University, Karachi.
                                                                                   A glimpse of the participants of the meeting
1. Dr. Qamar-uz-Zaman Chaudhry, Director-General (BS-21), at- ACTIVITIES AT INSTITUTE OF METEOROLOGY & GEO-
   tended the Seventh Session of the Intergovernmental Coordination
                                                                     PHYSICS (IMG), KARACHI
   Group for the Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning and Mitigation Sys-
   tem (ICG/OTWS-VII) (GEO-VI) from         14 to 16 April, 2010, at
   Banda Aceh, Indonesia.                                            •    71st Preliminary Meteorology Course started on 10 May, 2010
                                                                          for Neighboring Developing Countries including Sri Lanka,
2. Dr. Qamar-uz-Zaman Chaudhry, Director-General (BS-21), had a           Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh.
   Study Tour and attended the “WMO Symposium on Meteorological
   Service Delivery and Disaster Risk Reduction" during 06 to 15 •        The Director-General, Met. Services Visited IMG Hostel on 12th
   May, 2010, held at China.                                              May, 2010 to check the status and quality of newly con-
3. Mr. Arif Mehmood, Chief Meteorologist (BS-20), took part in the        structed 1st floor building of IMG Hostel.
   “First Session of the South Asian Climate Outlook Forum
   (SASCOF-I)” from 13 to 15 April 2010, at Pune, India.                •      Students, from Public Schools besides Government Organiza-
                                                                               tions visited the Institute. They were briefed about the Func-
4. Mr. Hazrat Mir, Chief Meteorologist (BS-20), participated in the            tions and Objectives of Pakistan Meteorological Department
   “Second Meeting of the Regional Integrated and Multi-Hazards                (PMD). They were also taken around various units of P.M.D, at
   Early Warning System for Africa and Asia (RIMES) Execusive                  Met. Complex Karachi, during the quarter under review.
   Board” from 05 to 06-April 2010, at Bangkok, Thailand.
5. Mr. Zia-Ud-Din Khan, Director (BS-19) attended the “IOC/WMO              MISCELLANEOUS ACTIVITIES
   First in-Regional Capacity Building Workshop of the Data Buoy
   Cooperation Panel for countries of the Western India Ocean” from
   19 to 23 April, 2010 at Cape Town, South Africa.                     •      Mr. Hazrat Mir, Cheif Met.(BS-20) FFD, Lahore looked after
                                                                               the office work of D.G., Met. Services from 13-04-2010 to 17-
6. Mr. Abdul Rashid, Director (BS-19) attended the Sixth Session of            04-2010 as D.G. Met. Services was abroad on official tour.
   the Forum on Regional Climate Monitoring Assessment and Pre-
   diction for Asia (FOCRAII) from 06 to 08 April 2010, at Beijing,     •      Mr. Hazrat Mir, C.M (BS-20) FFD attended a meeting of Na-
   China.                                                                      tional Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) on 19-04-2010
7. Mr. Jan Muhammad Khan, Director (BS-19), took part in the                   at Prime Minister's Secretariat, Islamabad to review the current
   “International Training Course on Multi-hazard Early Warning" from          situation of Attabad/ Hunza Landslide Lake.
   14 to 28 May 2010, at Nanjing, China.
                 Page 4                                                                          PMD NEWS BULLETIN

                                                                              Electronic Engr (Bs-17) to Senior Electronic Engr (BS-17) =02
•        JICA Follow-up Study Team visited F.F.D, Lahore on 24 & 25-04
         -2010 for discussion with Chief Met, FFD, Lahore regarding           Met. Asstt. (BS-12) to Prof.Asstt. (BS-13)               =09
         JICA project to be implemented within PMD.
                                                                              Asstt. (Tech ) (BS-09) to Met Asstt. (BS-12)             =06
                                                                              Sr. Observer (BS-07) to Asst. Tech. (BS-09)              =04
The (MSSEW) workshop was held at Bureau of Meteorology, Mel-                  Observer (BS-05) to Sr. Observer (BS-07)                 =02
bourne, Australia on 3 – 6 may 2010 under the auspices of JCOMM
(WMO-IOC Joint Technical Commission on Oceanography and Marine                Observer (BS-05) to Sr. Observer (BS-07)                 =73
Meteorology). The workshop was aimed at enhancing the quality of
                                                                                                    (on acting charge basis)
Marine Forecast and Warning Service under the WMO Marine Broad-
cast System for the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System                Daftary (BS-02) to DMO (BS-03)                           =01
(GMDSS) of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).
                                                                              Balloon Maker (BS-02) to Lab. Attendant (BS-02)          =02
Mr. Sarfaraz, Director, TCWC - the Coordinator and Focal Person on
Met. Area-IX from PMD participated in the workshop and presented the    Naib Qasid (BS-02) to Daftary (BS-02)                       =02
Self Assessment Report on Marine Meteorological Service. JCOMM and
                                                                        Naib Qasid (BS-02) to Balloon Maker (BS-02)                 =29
stressed upon the improvement in marine forecast and preparation and
issuance of early warning for shipping with implementation of Quality The following officials resigned from Govt. Service during the quarter
Management System (QMS). Besides this, Periodical Internal Techni-
cal Audits in the service was also urged.                              RESIGNATION
                                                                         April-June, 2010:
                                                                               M. Asif, Met. Asstt.(BS-12) NSMC, Karachi w.e.f, 09-04-10.
                                                                               M. Kamran, Radio Mech (BS-07), FFD, Lahore w.e.f 12-04-10
                                                                               Irfan Haider, Observer (BS-05), R.M.C, Lahore w.e.f 13-05-10.
                                                                         The following officers/officials proceeded on retirement during the quar-


                                                                         ter, w.e.f. the dates as mentioned against their names:-
A Group Photo of The Participants of Joint Technical Commission                 1.       Abdul Razaque Sial, CAO (BS-19), retired w.e.f 14-06-
          onOceanography and Marine Meteorology                                          2010
    RECRUITMENT                                                                 2.       Ghulam Mustafa, Asstt. Programmer (BS- 16), G.C
                                                                                         Quetta retired w.e.f 14-04-2010
The following recruitments were made during the quarter:                 1      Mr. Akhtar Muneer, Sweeper (Bs-01), R.M.C Peshawar has
      Electronic Engr.        (BS-17)                         =08             LPR
      Sub-Eng.                (BS-13)                         =01
                                                                                been granted 365 days LPR w.e.f 18-01-2010 to 17-04-2010
      Met. Asstt.             (BS-12)                         =02
                                                                         1.          Qari M. Hanif, Balloon Maker MWS, Karachi died on 25-
      C.D.E.O.                (BS-12)                         =01
      Radio Mech              (BS-07)                         =02             OBITUARY
      (Naib Qasid)            (BS-01)                         =02                    05-2010 It is prayed that the departed soul may rest in
      Chowkidar               (BS- 01)                        =02                    eternal peace.

The following promotions took place during the quarter, under review:-
    Admin Officer (BS-17) to DCAO (BS-18)                   =01          Nil
    Stenographer (BS-15) Private Secy. (BS-17)              =01
    Asstt. Programmer (BS-16) to Programmer (BS-17)         =04
       Vol. X No. II       Pakistan Meteorological Department            Quarterly News Bulletin        April – June, 2010
            Compiled & Printed by Director (F&C), Pakistan Meteorological Department, University Road, Karachi-75270.