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Las Vegas - Selling Foreclosed Home ........................................................................ 4

Definitive Guide To Finding The Best Las Vegas Realtors ............................................ 6

Methods of Avoiding Foreclosure In Las Vegas ........................................................ 10

Points You Should Consider In Las Vegas Mortgage ................................................. 13

Las Vegas Short Sale Made Easy ............................................................................ 16

Different Tips To Prevent Foreclosure ..................................................................... 19

How To Sell Foreclosed Homes In Las Vegas........................................................... 21

Foreclosed Home In Las Vegas: How To Sell Them .................................................. 24

How Local Realtor Can Help You Sell You Las Vegas Home ..................................... 27

Helping You Sell Foreclosed Homes In Las Vegas..................................................... 29

LasVegasShortSaleServices Helps Homeowners Through Short Sale Process ................. 31

                        LAS VEGAS SHORT SALE SERVICES

                  Las Vegas - Selling Foreclosed Home

The US is going through an economic crisis. Although this is the case, there are certain
things that you could do so as to benefit from a negative situation like this.

                                                     Economic crises, like what the country is
                                                     currently experiencing, can be managed.
                                                     Despite the fact that there are many a
                                                     homeowner who lose their houses to
                                                     foreclosure since they cannot pay their
                                                     mortgages, these homeowners can still
                                                     make something that could be beneficial
                                                     to them. The only thing to do is to know
                                                     each and every detail when it comes to
                                                     the situation of homes and real estate in
                                                     Las Vegas.

Regularly, several homes are being sold when homeowners are going through some dire
monetary straits. Several house owners sell their mortgaged houses at a lesser rate compared
to what they owe to their lenders.

Many people typically go this route if it happens that their lenders gave them discounts for
their balances. Any money gained this way is going to go directly to some economic
establishment that got involved. This is what is referred to as a short sale and this is part of
selling homes within the Las Vegas area.

                           LAS VEGAS SHORT SALE SERVICES

The foreclosure of houses takes place when lenders have come up short in their efforts to sell
these houses to other people. This happens even when homeowners are no longer in a
position to pay their respective mortgages. When this happens, the house rights get
transferred to the lenders.

Foreclosure happens a lot in Las Vegas and in the state of Arizona. Many homes are up for
sale and you might as well be interested in selling your home before it gets foreclosed. All
you have to do is to be persevering in looking for a good Las Vegas realtor. In selling your
house, you’re solving your financial problem apart from decreasing the debts that you might
already have to start with.

One of the good ways of getting rid of debt is selling a foreclosed home. You just need to
make sure that the house is in good enough condition where renovations ar e set to a
minimal rate. This makes your house worth a buyer’s hard-earned cash and more salable.
You can be certain that you get some breathing room in attempting to pay debts and getting
your life back together.

You can always embark upon the bus tours so you can see which houses in Las Vegas are
up for sale and how your foreclosed house fares with them. These houses in Las Vegas, also
known as real-estate owned properties, are priced in a reasonable manner and getting an
idea as to how much you can sell your home gives you a good vantage point as to the value
you're getting.

In the state of Nevada, where Las Vegas is situated, the government could do away with
any kind of tax if there are any. This makes your foreclosed home more salable. Now go
and partner with a good Las Vegas realtor and get started selling foreclosed home in Las

                        LAS VEGAS SHORT SALE SERVICES

    Definitive Guide To Finding The Best Las Vegas Realtors

Finding the best Las Vegas Realtors may be tricky. You should know the difference between
techniques that fits all types of approach when it involves marketing as opposed to a
specialized technique on how to get to where you would like to be.

It is important to have a realtor who is
acquainted with the Las Vegas real
estate scene. Your Las Vegas realtors
need to have sufficient knowledge of the
region they're working with. Places like
the city library, Boulder City, school
districts and local affiliate stations must
be familiar to them.

This means that they must be deeply rooted in the community and the various issues
surrounding the area at the moment. Saving money is definitely one among your goals and
your Las Vegas realtors must be able to tell you how you can save precious money
throughout the entire process.

Las Vegas realtors should have relevant experience relating to foreclosed homes and they
should provide a bus tour of the whole region. Being able to tour the area as soon as
possible offers you the advantage of viewing Las Vegas properties while not having to drive
to every house.

Since we are living in an internet-connected world, they must be easy to contact on-line so
that you can save time. If these details could be given to you in a heartbeat, then you have
found the right Las Vegas realtors to work with.

                       LAS VEGAS SHORT SALE SERVICES

One way to verify if your Las Vegas realtors are eager on helping you save money is if they
are in a position to suggest services like Citizens Area Transit system and other recreation
areas that you can make use of once you decide to stay.

The knowledge of the realtor when it involves existing foreclosed homes is important.
Foreclosed homes tend to be cheaper; it spares you from spending more cash as opposed to
purchasing a brand new home. Las Vegas is known for the highest foreclosure rates and you
should benefit from this. Be careful when selecting your contractors; you would like to be
certain that they possess the legal paperwork before you start working with them.

Be vigilant and ask for community listings. Watch videos and suggestions posted on their
website. Before deciding on anything, read up and make sure to understand the fine print.
Browsing through blogs and getting informed will help you pick the best choice for you.
Now that’s the way to go.

                                    SHORT SALE

A short sale occurs when your lender accepts less than what is owed as a payoff for your

Many residents of Las Vegas have been suffering through the turmoil and stress that comes
from losing a job, or experiencing trauma in their lives including divorce and bankruptcy.
To know that your house is about to be seized from the banks can take a serious toll on your
health and emotions.

We work with the top local realtors to accomplish one goal: To get your lender to discount
your mortgage as much as possible. Don’t worry; we’ll pay the realtor costs too! Our
negotiation team has been discounting up to $15 million per month for homeowners like
you who are in need of a short sale. Does this sound like a service you could use?

                        LAS VEGAS SHORT SALE SERVICES

Every day, someone in Las Vegas receives a Notice of Default and feels that it’s an
automatic foreclosure. They feel that because their house may need a few repairs, or that
because the market tanked that no one will buy it. That couldn’t be further from the truth;
we will buy your house in cash.

Short sales have quickly become the method of choice not only for homeowners trying to
avoid foreclosure, but for banks because they actually save money when they prevent
someone from falling into foreclosure. When a bank does a short sale, they save
approximately $16,000 per house as opposed to letting the property go into foreclosure and
up for auction. That’s a lot of motivation for the bank, especially with all the homes in
default in Las Vegas!

Banks are certainly not in the business of being property managers. They don’t want the
headache of paying taxes, upkeep of the properties, paying realtors, etc. So they are very
motivated to work with you, the distressed homeowner. When a bank does a short sale,
they save approximately $16,000 per house as opposed to letting the property go into
foreclosure and up for auction. That’s a lot of motivation for the bank, especially with all
the homes in default in Las Vegas!

In Las Vegas, over 100 people per day are receiving notices of default from their lenders and
wonder what to do. If you have received a notice of default and would like the bank to just
“consider” a short sale for you, it could take several weeks to a few months.

That’s why you need the very best negotiators at 1 800 SELL NOW Las Vegas AND the
know-how of your local realtor. We’ll make sure your short sale is handled in the timeliest
manner, with respect and privacy. We aggressively pursue the best solution for you, for

                        LAS VEGAS SHORT SALE SERVICES

Simply pick up the phone and call: 1 800 SELL NOW (735-5669) 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week. A live operator will take your call and make sure your case is handled with care and
privacy. A local realtor in Las Vegas will work with you and explain your options for
getting rid of your housing headache.

Don’t let just anyone handle your Las Vegas Short Sale; you need certified professional
realtors to help you solve your foreclosure situation.

                              LAS VEGAS IN NIGHT

                        LAS VEGAS SHORT SALE SERVICES

           Methods of Avoiding Foreclosure In Las Vegas

One sad truth that many people face these days is losing their homes since they come up
short with their mortgage payments because of various factors. Getting laid off from work,
credit card debt that is extremely high and medical expenses are only some of the factors
why people lose their houses. The very same could be said when you are within the state of
Nevada particularly in Las Vegas. Yes, the Las Vegas foreclosures of homes do take place.

It's not strange to feel lost, confused
or ashamed when you get to know
that your house is going to be
foreclosed in time. Home foreclosure
could be a very devastating event to go

Well, if you happen to be one among
those individuals whose house is getting
foreclosed, there is hope for you. Yes, you can prevent foreclosure with the assistance of a

If you sincerely want to prevent foreclosure, don’t be shy or ashamed to approach a
prospective lender. It can be a stressful incident however losing your house is an experience
no one would like to go through. Moreover, there are factors, like those mentioned earlier,
that affects why you miss on your mortgage payments and consequently lose your home.

Being in a state of denial would not at all help you when it involves a thing like this. The
foreclosure’s date would only be getting nearer and you only run out of time because of it.

                        LAS VEGAS SHORT SALE SERVICES

Not only that, being in a state of denial and procrastinating as to when you’re going to pay a
visit to your lender won’t do you any good. In wanting to prevent foreclosure, it's very
important that you contact your lender as soon as possible. Contact him or her and tell them
what is happening exactly and request him or her for some help.

Once your lender knows and learns about your scenario, he or she can truly let you off easy
even if you miss a payment or if you only partially paid for one. This is a practice that
lenders refer to as “forbearance” and it is an option that your lender could give you in order
for you to pay in a suitable way.

This also prevents them the added trouble of sending you to court for an immediate trial. In
line with forbearance, your lender can even change the time that you do your repayments.
This would make your monthly dues smaller and prevents Las Vegas foreclosure.

                        MEET YOUR LOCAL EXPERT

                                                         Jeanne Sorenson

                                             A long time Las Vegas Resident, Jeanne began
                                            her career in the rewarding world of Real Estate
                                            in 2002. With Real Estate being a passion from
                                            watching her aunts exciting career in Prescott,
                                            AZ.,    Jeanne   joined   Prudential   American
                                            Group, Realtors.

                        LAS VEGAS SHORT SALE SERVICES

Jeanne became a top agent in her first year in Real Estate. It is this passion that allowed her
to remain consistent and successful through the volatile changes in Las Vegas Real Estate
Market over the last several years.

Short Sales became of interest early on before they were popular with banks or agents as
Jeanne saw a need to help her clients and found short sale very rewarding as she was
helping people understand and change their current difficult situation.

Over the years, Jeanne has obtained multiple designations and keeps up to date with up and
coming changes by attending multiple conferences and seminars.

With the relationship Jeanne has built with major banks and investors such as Fannie Mae
and Freddie Mac, she has been extraordinarily successful with Short Sales and helping
buyers/investors find the best deals in the foreclosure (REO) and Short Sale Market.

The Sorenson Group was started by Jeanne in 2004 and consists of a small group of
experienced, passionate, and successful agents, whom all have a different area of expertise.
This enables us to assist the needs of every client.

So the Sorenson Group looks forward to assisting you with all of your Real Estate ventures!

                        LAS VEGAS SHORT SALE SERVICES

      Points You Should Consider In Las Vegas Mortgage

Selling your house is an important decision and ought to be done with the right mortgage
company. One should have the upper hand on business transactions. Las Vegas is one
among the best cities to live in. The energy and the spirit of the moment can be found in this
area, it has so many things to offer. It's normal to expect that Las Vegas property would be
costly and this could discourage people from buying.

The challenge at present is how to
attract the buyer's attention. This
might be a distressing fact for house
owners who need a short sale done
on their properties.

The key is to find ways on how one
could meet the requirements of the
buyer halfway.    In order for one to
reach this step one must ask for the help
of the right kind of people.

There is an enormous number of Las Vegas mortgage providers who are willing to help
house owners. There are lending companies that provide solutions when it involves these
types of problems. The help of these companies is crucial for you to prevent confusion with
the business transactions they have to undergo.

You should be able to find a trustworthy company. Confidence and trust is the key to a
successful enterprise. There must be a clear knowledge of the transactions which you would
have to endure before selling the property.

                         LAS VEGAS SHORT SALE SERVICES

Make certain to research and request professional advice. It gives you explanations
regarding Las Vegas mortgage policies. You can even ask for the suggestions of friends, the
members of your family and co-workers who have already been through the process.

It is highly vital that, as a homeowner, you're not confused with what you want. Talk to
your family members concerning what amount you would like to settle on. When it comes
to mortgages, factors like interest rate, the amount you wish to borrow, and the duration of
the mortgage requires to be clarified.

Before reaching any decision make sure that you have studied the numerous service
providers with regard to Las Vegas mortgage. There is no need to rush when selecting the
company you would prefer transacting with. After all, it would be your choice finally which
Las Vegas mortgage provider to go with.

The objective here is gain the ideal timing as you observe thoroughly. This must be done
with good sense to avoid misfortune along the way.

                                     QUICK SALE

Ok, let’s make a deal. Not just any deal, a special one. One that makes sense for you and
your family. One that puts cash back in your pocket.

In Las Vegas there are so many reasons why someone would need to sell their home, but
not every buyer wants your property. Some buyers don’t want the hassle of fixing up a
home, or dealing with neighbors who don’t look after their own property. Buyers can be
“finicky”, can’t they?

                       LAS VEGAS SHORT SALE SERVICES

Whether you are in distress, going through a divorce, bankrupt, or just need to move in
hurry, we’ll buy your home in cash!

The most valuable asset that people own is their own home. Weighing your options can be
difficult, especially when there is turmoil in your life. It’s so important that you make an
effort to explore every option. Pick up the phone and call 1 800 SELL NOW (735-5669)
and we’ll have a representative at your door to help offer solutions and buy your house.

All it takes is one phone call. Finding proven solutions are right here at your fingertips.
These are times when families need to make difficult choices and doing the right thing can
easily be overshadowed by emotion and fear. Don’t let that happen to you. Take charge of
your life, pick up the phone, and connect with the top realtors in your neighborhood.

Leaving your house problem to a “guy I saw on the net” can be very risky. Weekend real
estate courses and sub-standard education can ruin your ability to sell your house fast.
Connect right now to a local professional who has been properly trained, has experience
and is bound by law to make sure all decisions about your home are made in your best

Call 1800 SELL NOW (735-5669) 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. A live operator will take
your call and make sure your case is handled with care and privacy.

                       LAS VEGAS SHORT SALE SERVICES

                     Las Vegas Short Sale Made Easy

One can easily get perplexed with all the suggestions coming from the media on what a
person has to do to achieve success on Las Vegas short sale transactions. You could get lost
in information overload and that is why here are simpler ways on how to gain success.

                               A successful short sale happens when an owner is able to
                                  sell their house before experiencing a foreclosure.
                                   Foreclosure statistics is predominantly high in the Las
                                   Vegas investment scene. Las Vegas short sale makes half
                                   of the sales much like Arizona. You must understand
                                  what it means to achieve a worthy Las Vegas investment.

                           Lenders and various banks are immensely active in distributing
letters to possible customers; they explain the short sale program. The prospect is so high
that they have designated offices for Loss Mitigation. This is the fastest way to get the
inactive asset out of their system. The trick is to understand how the business works from
top to bottom.

As a house owner, you could focus on these steps to guide you when making a Las Vegas
short sale. There are a lot of aspects to think about when it comes to short sales like the
present condition of the home, for instance. You need to see whether there is a need for

Here also lies the issue of how much the homeowner owes on the property and the recent
market value. One should be informed concerning the bank owned homes and distressed
property on the market. An individual has to think outside the box to save oneself.

                        LAS VEGAS SHORT SALE SERVICES

Problems are certain to be found along the way like if you already tried to sell the house for
the money you presently own and found out the value is less than what is owed to the
lender. All of these need to be tackled that's why it's necessary to contact a dependable short
sale specialist. A smart agent can save you time and money.

Without the correct guidance Las Vegas short sale might prove to be exhausting. The goal
isn't to settle for less. A good Las Vegas investment could be reached if you get to know
what you're dealing with. It is necessary to educate yourself regarding the ins and outs of
Las Vegas investment. You would not wish to increase your losses by being tricked into
schemes. You are already facing issues and the least you could do is save yourself from
another one.

                        MEET YOUR LOCAL EXPERT

                                                      Jennifer Weinberg

                                         Jennifer is a Las Vegas native and has been in Las
                                         Vegas for over 33 years. She has two children that
                                         attend The Adelson Educational Campus and she
                                         volunteers there with the PTO philanthropy group
                                         and donates her time to United Way as well. She
                                         has been in Real Estate for over 10 years and has
                                         consistently been a top producer throughout her

                       LAS VEGAS SHORT SALE SERVICES

Jennifer’s in depth training includes specialized real estate courses such as Real Estate
Practice, Economics, Financing, Legal Aspects, Real Estate Valuation, REO Default
Servicing, Short Sale Negotiations and Processing, Real Estate Investments, Property
Management, 1031 Exchanges, Taxation, and Creative Financing. She has received her
certifications as an accredited buyer’s agent, short sale negotiations and as a relocation

Prudential’s comprehensive relocation services to corporations worldwide transacted into
approximately 200,000 relocation transactions with a client base, ranging from Fortune 500
companies to US government Agencies Company wide. Jennifer works with the
Knowledge, Experience, Professionalism, Integrity, and Personal Service to provide you
with the best experience possible. Excellence is her minimum standard.

She attended private school through junior high school at the Hebrew Academy, then
attended and graduated from Clark high school. She then received her bachelor’s in business
management at UNLV. Jennifer then went on to study for her Real Estate license and has
been engaged in the Real Estate industry ever since.

She is a big supporter of United Way and donates her time to this worthy cause. Jennifer
has two children that attend The Adelson Educational Campus and there she heads up the
Business Networking group for the entire school.

In Jennifer’s words:”If you are looking for Knowledge, Experience, Professionalism,
Integrity, and Personal Service, I hope you will consider me when you need a dedicated

                        LAS VEGAS SHORT SALE SERVICES

                 Different Tips To Prevent Foreclosure

The worldwide housing boom that was experienced by all the markets in the 2000s is over at
present. Most of the home owners are dealing with foreclosure due to the worldwide
recession and several of them are losing their jobs. The past few years have shown a real
growth in foreclosure activity.

The foreclosure crisis is because of the
under regulated mortgage lending. Most of
the house owners do not have the ability to
pay for adjustable rate loans due to their
low income and poor credit balance and
even due to the higher monthly

Foreclosure is one among the English words that really frighten the majority of the house
owners. If a person loses his house due to foreclosure he would not be able to buy another
home for the next seven years. This is one among the worst parts of foreclosure.

When you're a house owner you should first educate yourself and you shouldn’t get very far
behind on your mortgage payments. You'd be able to prevent majority of the foreclosures if
you acknowledge all of the warning signs and if you take the help of a lender right away to
get the issue solved.

Every single minute counts when you would like to avoid foreclosure. The house owners
should get in touch with the lender within the initial 15 days of missing the payment to
prevent the devastation of foreclosure.

                        LAS VEGAS SHORT SALE SERVICES

Most of the individuals could not prevent foreclosure since they did not get in touch with a
lender when they fell behind on their mortgage payments. You should by no means hesitate
to contact your lender. You do not have to be afraid or embarrassed regarding anything.

Most of the individuals get emotional or they might be afraid to contact their lender. The
lender would help you out by giving you an option to prevent foreclosure like refinancing,
restructuring or short sale.

Foreclosure prevention service

You could get in touch with a foreclosure prevention service if you don’t know who to turn
to. These people will contact your lender and would negotiate with them on your behalf and
work out a payment option that is more suitable for you. Free initial consultation will be
offered by majority of the foreclosure prevention services.

However you do have to be aware of the several individuals who offer these services and try
to cheat you out of your money. Genuine foreclosure prevention services will not ensure
anything and will be honest about their success rates. These are some of the options that a
house owner has when it involves the foreclosure of their home.

                        LAS VEGAS SHORT SALE SERVICES

            How To Sell Foreclosed Homes In Las Vegas

Las Vegas boasts one of the best real estate in the USA .In the recent years there has been a
stable increase in Las Vegas homes sales due to the unique characteristics that Las Vegas
homes have. Las Vegas homes have distinct qualities, not just are the houses charming but
they include features which a home buyer will appreciate as they begin to study more about
real estate. Las Vegas has the highest foreclosure rate in the US and it will continue to be
this way till the pattern of buying habits of individuals change.

                                           The best kind of Las Vegas homes for sale is those
                                           types of houses that are not considered for
                                           foreclosure   in   another   6   months     or   so.
                                           Understanding where you have to start your search
                                           is a key in finding a good bargain while selling Las
                                           Vegas homes. You need to be and knowledgeable
                                           as to finding the perfect timing when selling a Las
                                          Vegas property.

                      You could target people from the downtown area if your house is a
condo or a penthouse suite. The luxury penthouses can be found in the Residences at MGM
Grand, Allure and even with Park Towers and it’s extremely probable that individuals from
these areas are ready to have a look at your house.

Request professional help in locating a perfect purchaser for you; make sure that your
realtor finds a place where there are variety in terms of houses and properties that are for
sale. Ask where the strongest sales are in a specific year.

                        LAS VEGAS SHORT SALE SERVICES

Have your trusted realtor assist you discover a buyer who is of a less financial and legal risk.
Ahead of considering selling your house ensure that your realtor has assessed it. You could
check and avail of permits, public records and several other selling tips
that you must know about foreclosures.

Make sure to undergo pre-sale counseling and consult Noble Title or Nevada Foreclosure
Mediation Program to understand how you can be protected from fraud. You could also
seek out credit counselors like Nevada Legal Services and Consumer Credit Management if
you wish to be sure about your sale.

Take the time to read regarding the projected boost as the local housing market recovers. Be
sure to understand the effect of the gaming industry in Las Vegas and how foreign investors
influence Las Vegas homes sale.

                                Debt Management

If you have overdrawn on your credit card, racked up bills too big to afford or owe a ton of
interest on your credit card, we can help too! Our affiliates have the means to cut your
credit card debt by as much as 50%. Now that’s service!

Many people suffer from the harsh interest rates of credit card debt, and feel like they are
trapped. The consequences have a lasting effect on their families and their ability to move
on in life. By consolidating your debt into manageable payments, you will be able to make
manageable steps to becoming debt free, and have your life back too!

Real problems need real solutions. A professional debt management team dedicated to your
case will help solve the issues that are holding you back from having a life free of excessive
debt and interest payments.

                       LAS VEGAS SHORT SALE SERVICES

There is a solution for you. Call 1800 SELL NOW (735-5669) 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.
A live operator will take your call and make sure your case is handled with care and

                       MEET YOUR LOCAL EXPERT

                                         Sherry Fletcher

                                         Sherry    Fletcher   is    originally    from   High
                                         Point,North Carolina.      She attended Meredith
                                         College, in Raleigh, North Carolina and the
                                         University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill She
                                         majored in Early childhood education.

                                         Sherry volunteered for several Childrens’ Hospitals
                                         around     the   country     including     Baltimore,
                                         Maryland, Norfolk, Virginia and Palo Alto,
                                        California and was in charge of fund raising
activities .

Sherry started her Real Estate career in California and worked for Bayporte Financial
Mortgage Bankers as a loan officer as well. Sherry then relocated to Las Vegas Nevada and
owned an antique store in Las Vegas for 3 years. Sherry then decided to go back into her
passion which is Real Estate and has been in the business ever since. Sherry is an accredited
buyer’s agent and has a vast knowledge of all of the inventory new and resale all over the
valley and prides herself on helping families achieve the American Dream.

                        LAS VEGAS SHORT SALE SERVICES

       Foreclosed Home In Las Vegas: How To Sell Them

If you’re strapped for cash and need a short sale done, selling you properties in Las Vegas is
a great option. Opportunity is seen in a state where there’s a high foreclosure rating. Short
sales and foreclosures are at its highest in Las Vegas, and this opens lots of opportunities for
real estate buyers.

                                                Selling a property in Las Vegas can turn out
                                                as an excellent move for you, you need to
                                                assess and seek the aid of trustworthy realtors
                                                to start it right. Begin with understanding the
                                                short sale situation as it takes place.

                                                A short sale is when the owner of the house is
not able to make his or her mortgage payments and the bank will consent in permitting a
sale of the house for less than the amount that’s payable on the property.

When the home owner fails to pay, the bank would decide taking a lesser amount as a
method of saving themselves. It is clear to both of the parties that the original amount
cannot be reimbursed. The property owner and the buyer and the bank all come into an

The owner of the house has to get out of the property, consequently, the buyer will get a
fairly good bargain on the property for sale in Las Vegas and the loan company would still
benefit by getting a part of the loan repaid instead of receiving nothing. A foreclosure
happens when the loan officer needs to take initiative to get the property back.

                        LAS VEGAS SHORT SALE SERVICES

If the mortgage lender isn’t attracted in the property, they become forced sellers. If the
market is going down, the new homebuyer wins the bargain. A good investment becomes
likely after three years, or if the market situations start to change for the better, that is the
time the new property owner would be able to sell the house for a better price.

Properties in Las Vegas are one of the very best; the family homes and penthouse suites are
charming and are being sold at astonishing rates. Multi-storied homes with magnificent
lawns and spectacular surroundings are being provided at affordable prices. You should take
advantage of the situation; make the worst financial crisis turn out positive for you.

A property for sale in Las Vegas is a good recourse to reduce the heap of debt and get back
on track with your life. Selling your Las Vegas property is definitely a good option with the
help of an expert realtor.

                         MEET YOUR LOCAL EXPERT

                                                             Alice Smith

                                            Alice was born in Puerto Rico and has resided in
                                            the greater Las Vegas area for over 32 years. She
                                            graduated from the University of Puerto Rico
                                            with a Bachelor of Arts in Education and
                                            Sociology and therefore is completely bilingual in
                                            English and Spanish.

                        LAS VEGAS SHORT SALE SERVICES

In 1979, Alice began working in Family Youth Services with physically, emotionally,
abused, neglected and abandoned children. As a supervisor, Alice exhibited leadership
qualities and implemented new projects, designed to improve the lives of the facility’s
children. Giving to the community is one of Alice’s priorities. Alice retired after 27 years of
service from Family Youth Services in July of 2006.

Alice began her Real Estate Career in Las Vegas, Nevada with Prudential Americana
Group REALTORS in 2007. Alice’s in depth training includes Real Estate courses and is a
certified Short Sale professional.

She works with Buyers and also lists Seller’s properties. Alice handles all the technical
aspects of Real Estate purchases, Sales and processes including Brokers Price Opinion
orders. Alice is an excellent listener and is committed to providing exceptional service to all
of her clients.

Being trustworthy and dependable is just a couple of the many positive traits of Alice’s

                        LAS VEGAS SHORT SALE SERVICES

How Local Realtor Can Help You Sell You Las Vegas Home

Several of the homes for sale in Las Vegas boast of quality and charm. The community is
gated and the properties are nearby recreational areas like golf courses and resorts. If you
are aiming to sell your home before it’s foreclosed, you can start searching for buyer in Las

                                             Selling your home can be tiring and challenging
                                             if you don’t know where to start. It entails exact
                                             planning and swift execution. Las Vegas is a
                                             good place where, the weather is fine and
                                             tourism is very high due to the entertainment
                                             facilities available to its residents.

                                             Las Vegas has lots of housing choices which
                                             include family homes; you could even discover
                                             several buyers who are interested. Investment
homes are all over the place and also luxurious pads and apartments. Townhouses are even
beautifully crafted together with rental homes. Las Vegas is a dream city for many, and you
could capitalize on this by selling your home before its foreclosed.

Houses in Las Vegas are in demand on account of the relatively high rate of immigrants
going in and out of the nation. The economy is strong, the country is filled up with tourists
and real estate is booming in this place. It’s simple and convenient for many realtors to
invest in Las Vegas because the corporate income tax is low and the low land rates.

                        LAS VEGAS SHORT SALE SERVICES

The rates of houses in Las Vegas rise very fast, the business sector is experiencing a boost.
And the entire economical setting of the country is favorable to investors and it is designed
to catch the attention of investors.

Top real estate companies of good reputation like Richmond American, American West,
KB Homes and Centex are located in Las Vegas. High rise apartments and dominant
complexes are the highlight of the city. Numerous homes are being constructed every year
and they also sell fast within the range of $100,000-$400,000.

The Trump Tower, Park Avenue Luxury Mid Rise condominiums and the MGM Grand
will give you a clue on the economic standing of the place. There's a high chance of success
for you and your future plans if you’re able to do a short sale of your home.

Houses in Las Vegas include comfort and style, the city is filled with energy. All you ought
to do is find a trustworthy realtor to help you sell your best Las Vegas property.

                         LAS VEGAS SHORT SALE SERVICES

        Helping You Sell Foreclosed Homes In Las Vegas

Are you trying to sell your Las Vegas foreclosed homes? If you’re, then you would be able
to seek the aid and advice from an expert realtor. But in seeking a realtor that can really aid
you sell your Las Vegas foreclosed homes, its recommended that you do the following:

                                                        1. Make sure that the realtor you’re
                                                        considering is a member of the
                                                        National Association of Realtors
                                                        (NAR). There are those who aren’t
                                                        members of NAR yet can still sell
                                                        your foreclosed homes for you. But
                                                        having a realtor who is a member
                                                        will guarantee that the rules and the
                                                        standards they have are followed.

2. Have more than one realtor to have a talk with. This helps in knowing whether you can
be at ease with each other whilst getting down to the business of selling your foreclosed

3. Ask your realtor how long he or she has been in the real estate business. This is to make
sure that your foreclosed home is being sold by somebody who has the needed experience to
get the job done well.

4. Your realtor ought to have a plan in selling your foreclosed home. Both of you need to
have a solid plan if a sale is to be made. Plans such as advertising on the Web and/or in
print are to be considered in selling your foreclosed houses.

                        LAS VEGAS SHORT SALE SERVICES

5. Know and take a note of the foreclosed homes which your realtor has sold in the past
months. Ask him or her how quickly she sold the homes during that particular period of

6. Ask your realtor how frequently he or she could contact you about any developments in
the sale. This is so you can prepare the other things which are required for the sale, like your
foreclosed homes papers, the bills you might have forgotten to pay back when it was yours
and/or placing some calls to your friends or other members of your family informing them
that you’re selling house amongst others.

7. The length of the contract between you and your realtor must be considered. If you
happen to want or need a short sale for your Las Vegas foreclosed homes to be done, you
can ask for a short term contract from your realtor. If you happen to have any piece of realty
within the Las Vegas area that you want or need to be sold and the contract has just expired,
you can always ask for a renewal of your contract.

Take note of all these and you could make sure to have a realtor you could trust to sell your
Las Vegas foreclosed homes.

                         LAS VEGAS SHORT SALE SERVICES

 LasVegasShortSaleServices Helps Homeowners Through
                  Short Sale Process

For families or individuals who must sell their homes to avoid foreclosure, a short sale can be an
excellent option. However, there are certain things that homeowners should be aware of before they
engage in short sales! Get advice from the experts and short sell your house with ease with help from

The term “short sale” has become all the rage in the Las Vegas housing market, and for
good reason. For all the homeowners in the area who have received a Notice of Default
and are looking at potential foreclosure, a short sale can help them save their credit history
from the taint of foreclosure.

It’s an all too well known paradigm that Las Vegas is the foreclosure capital of the United
States in the current market – with the economy dangling and so many people out of work,
it’s no surprise that many families have been subjected to the stressful process of foreclosure.

Nobody likes to have to move themselves or their families due to the harsh economic
realities of the current market, but for those who are facing such a daunting task, help is
available during these tough times.

A short sale is where your lender accepts less than what is owed as a payoff for a mortgage.
In return, the house is sold. Be aware that banks are often very pleased with debtors who
choose short sale over foreclosure, as banks are not in the business of managing property.

When a homeowner goes through foreclosure, the bank has to take on the task of repairs,
paying taxes, and bankrolling realtors in an attempt to sell the property. At the end of the
day, a bank will often save around 16,000 dollars if a homeowner chooses a short sale over
foreclosure, particularly if a foreclosed property ends up going to auction.

                       LAS VEGAS SHORT SALE SERVICES

If a homeowner who is considering going through the process of foreclosure reads this, we
encourage them to visit for more information.
Not only can the experts at this website help homeowners avoid foreclosure, they also are
masters at negotiating with lenders to get discounts for homeowners, and they even pay
realtor costs!

Remember, as soon as any homeowner gets that Notice of Default, the clock starts ticking
down to foreclosure. Don’t let the situation spiral out of control and leave you with a
foreclosure on your hands as well as excessive debt. Going through a short sale is a stressful
enough process as it is – having all the right information at hand, though, can help
homeowners have a better sales experience and get on with their lives.

Visit for more information on how to avoid
foreclosure and get out from under the bank’s demands.

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                        process. Real solutions, right away.


Description: How To Prevent Foreclosure In Las Vegas One tragic fact that many people face today is losing their homes because they come up short with their mortgage payments because of several factors.