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									                   INDICAN PICTURES*

Ray Carbone, Ed Kahana, Jr., Eric Jacobus, Andy Leung,
          Stephen Reedy, Dennis Ruel, Tyler

                       Executive Producers
                       Cliff Tang, Ro Sahebi

                      Produced and Edited by
                           Eric Jacobus

                           Original Music
                           Drop Black Sky
                          Mark Degli Antoni

                      Director of Photography
                          Stephen Reedy

                       Fight Choreographer
                         The Stunt People

                      Written & Directed by
                           Eric Jacobus

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  Dan Hill                                           Rated: Pending
  (323) 650-0832

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Short Synopsis:

A shady San Francisco Tour guide, Law takes three unsuspecting customers on
a search for a missing tape to rescue the politically unstable country of
Uruvia and cash in on a two million dollar reward.

Long Synopsis:

Contour is like a live-action anime flick with comedy, quirky characters, and hard-
hitting martial arts action. After blowing a routine heist, anti-social thug-for-hire,
Law (Eric Jacobus), must resume his day job as a shady San Francisco tour
guide. Before he knows it, Law and his group of unsuspecting tourists are in a
race against time to recover a tape that will rescue the politically unstable country
of Uruvia. The film features martial arts action sequences performed by The
Stunt People, “the premiere independent action group” (, and
the group responsible for the dazzling action in the 2006 MTV Movie Award-
nominated film, Undercut.


Contour began production in December of 2005 and finished production in
January of 2006. Post-production was completed in June 2006 with the film
debuting in festivals and theaters in the fall of 2006. Shot digitally on a minimal
budget, the original music was composed for the film by local band, Drop
Black Sky, and composer Mark Degli Antoni.

Creating a martial arts comedy exposed the professional stunt people to
vicarious situations resulting in a fun, exciting film with only two significant
injuries -- Ray Carbonel’s spinal injury and Ed Kahana Jr.’s knee-ligament tear
(ACL). Both actors labored on to finish their action sequences and this labor of
love despite their severe injuries. All of the lead actors performed their
own action sequences without the use of stunt doubles.

Locations used for the fi lm include downtown San Francisco, Coit Tower, the
Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park, the Golden Gate Bridge, an
Oakland warehouse, San Francisco State University, and Shasta Lake.


NTSC: Color, Wide Screen (1.85:1)
Runtime: 110 minutes
Languages: English
Special Features: Animated Menus, Commentaries, Trailers, Making-of
featurette, Outtake Reel, Tae Pho Video, Contour Practice short film.
Producer, writer, editor, stuntman and action choreographer.
Actor (Law) and Director.

Inspired by the Hong Kong films of the 80’s and 90’s from John Woo, Ringo Lam
and Jackie Chan, Jacobus learned martial arts and set out to make indie action
films with a sense of flair and featuring comic situations, fun characters and
crowd pleasing action sequences. To do so he formed a crew consisting of
amateur filmmakers and martial artists called The Stunt People. While
attending film school at San Francisco State University, he recruited more
talented performers and filmmakers into the group from the Bay Area.

Jacobus has kick started a mini-studio in the city by the Bay and as is common in
the independent filmmaking community, everyone wears multiple hats. For his
part, Jacobus has worked as a producer, writer, director, action choreographer,
editor and stuntman in a variety of short and feature-length films. He played the
lead and choreographed the action for the 2006 MTV Movie Award-nominated
short film, Undercut, and also choreographed the action for feature-length films
such as Bound By Blood, and Immortal.

Actor (Ticker), stuntman

Dennis Ruel began training in the martial art of Hapkido at the age of 14 and has
been teaching Hapkido in San Francisco for nearly nine years. Throughout this
time, he had choreographed action for, produced, written, directed, and edited
several short films for local San Francisco television stations. Dennis was an
active collaborator in the film’s action sequences and incorporated many
techniques from Hapkido into the film. He has also acted and performed stunts
for a variety of local film productions such as Dinner at 7, and Blade Warrior. His
passions include martial arts, teaching Hapkido, filmmaking, and acting.

Actor (Alfonso), stuntman

Edward Kahana was training in contemporary wushu and majoring in Radio and
Television at San Francisco State University when he met Eric Jacobus in a
martial arts instruction class. After Jacobus saw Kahana’s performing
talent, he recruited him into The Stunt People. Unfortunately, Kahana was
severely injured at the beginning of Contour’s production of the film. Despite a
successful surgery, Kahana was re-injured on the set but managed to finish
action sequences despite an unstable knee.
This prompted Kahana to become heavily involved in the choreography of his
action sequences. Prior to joining The Stunt People, he had written, directed,
and produced several of his own short films. Contour marks Kahana’s feature-
film debut.

Actor (Ticker’s assistant), stuntman, choreographer

Ray Carbonel is a San Francisco martial artist trained in the hapkido style of
Myung Jae Nam under Jino Kang. He also studies escrima, and both disciplines
are featured in Contour. Aside from his martial arts performance in Contour,
Carbonel was extremely active behind the camera and contributed greatly to the
choreography of the martial arts action sequences in the film. For many
years he had worked with Dennis Ruel on several short and feature-length
independent films and was a supporting actor in the film Blade Warrior.

Actor (Lei), stuntman

Andy Leung was teaching Eric Jacobus Tae Kwon Do in downtown San
Francisco when he was recruited into The Stunt People. An extremely sincere,
and disciplined martial artist, Leung is skilled in martial arts, acrobatics, and
choreography. He is best known for his role as an outsourced Chinese
ninja in the 2006 MTV Movie Award-nominated film, Undercut. He has been
featured in several short films including Immortal and Bound by Blood. Currently,
Leung is training to be a law enforcement officer for the Oakland Police

Actor (Renee), stuntwoman

Tyler Wang was just beginning her last year as a U.C. Berkeley Psychology and
Anthropology double major when she joined The Stunt People. One of the few
female members of the group, she had only been formally training in martial arts
and acrobatics for less than a year before performing in action sequences for
Contour. The film marks her successful debut as both an actress and
stuntwoman. Wang is currently applying to law school and continues her martial
arts training.
Cinematographer, actor (Tuoc)

Stephen Reedy is a talented filmmaker with a very unique visual style. He brings
this innovative visual style to Contour’s cinematography and greatly heightens
the visual impact of the film’s action sequences. Reedy has written, directed,
produced, and was the cinematographer for many short films, including the 2006
MTV Movie Award-nominated film, Undercut, and directed the feature-length film,
Bound by Blood under Impact Productions. Much like Jacobus, Reedy wears
many hats and has been credited as a producer, writer, director,
cinematographer, actor, stuntman, and even a special effects animator.

Actor (Marty), stuntman

With a martial arts background that includes Tang Soo Do, and Tae Kwan Do,
Vlad Rimburg has been producing, writing, directing, and choreographing
action for short films under his company, VJ Films. Residing 6 hours away from
the Bay Area doesn’t prevent Rimburg from maintaining an active role in The
Stunt People. In Contour, he was a supporting actor, a stuntman, and an
assistant choreographer for several action sequences. Rimburg has also been
hired as a choreographer and stuntman for a variety of short and feature-film
projects including the upcoming feature, Urban Assault.

The Stunt People is a group of martial artists and filmmakers that produce
independent Hong Kong-inspired action films. The group is based in the San
Francisco Bay Area. Beginning in 2001, The Stunt People have built
a fan following and were rated as the premiere independent filmmaking group by
one of the biggest action genre film websites,

The Stunt People are best known for producing high caliber martial arts action
sequences inspired by Hong Kong action films. Eric Jacobus is the lead action
choreographer, but, members of The Stunt People are active collaborators on
set. Martial arts skills and teamwork, combined with the vision and direction of
Jacobus, create the highly entertaining action sequences that have won
thousands of Stunt People fans online.
• Over 50 short
• Featured in 4 feature-length fi lms: Immortal, Bound By Blood, Contour, and
   Monster’s Bride
• Live show performances including: Ultraman The Next, San Francisco Premier,
  the Drop Black Sky CD Release Party, and Fanime Convention 2006.
• has had over 300,000 visitors (
• Featured in news articles on major websites including:,,, and www.twitchfi

Short film, Undercut was the winner of Comic Con 2005’s Action-Adventure Film
Award. Short film, Undercut nominated for the 2006 MTV Movie Award’s Student
Filmmaker Award.
Rated as the premier independent action filmmaking group by


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