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A Fantastic Tour To Dhikala in Jim Corbett National Park


Sharing a memorable trip to Dhikala of Jim Corbett, this article will give you a glimpse of adventure prospects in Jim Corbett National Park. Dhikala forest lodge is yet another attraction of this place, read on to know more gifts endowed in this mesmerising zone.

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									It was my birthday gift from my best friend Vikram I mean Vikram Singh Bathyal.
A three day tour to Dhikala. Those who do not know what is Dhikala, let me have
the privilege to brief you about it. Dhikala is one of the most popular tourist
destinations in Jim Corbett National Park. This mesmerizing destination is
located at the fringes of Patli Dun Valley. In the backdrop you have Kanda ridge
and from here you can enjoy the most spectacular view of this amazing valley.
Having said that, let me tell you that before Corbett tour I had never been to any
wildlife reserve in my life. And Vikram knew this will be the finest gift for my 23rd
birthday, which is in the month of November, also the best time to visit Corbett.
The tour was organised by a reputed travel and tour agency based in New Delhi.
I was glad that my tour was being handled by some experienced people in this
business. Being a first timer, I needed a lot of guidance so it was just perfect

During my Dhikala tour, I was accompanied by Vikram and Vishwa, who also
happens to be my younger brother. Excitement on our faces was pretty evident
when we just packed our bags for the tour. We took all the necessary things
required during the tour such as binoculars, green and light colored dresses, hat
and so on. The travel operator provided us the cab from New Delhi, where I stay.
The cab was very comfortable and in great shape. Full on air condition and lot of
space to keep our bags.

While arriving in Dhikala we were told that this place is situated in proximity of
Ramnagar, Dhangiri gate. Dhangari entrance as I far I remember was 19
kilometres ahead of Ramnagar. After arriving here, we checked in Dhikala forest
lodge, which happens to be the USP of this place. The lodge enjoys great
reputation among tourists across the world. And after coming here I believe the
reputation is not fake. A great staff along with high end facilities are enough to
receive 9 on 10 in ratings. I don’t know what cynics believe.

It was early morning when we check in at the lodge. The morning in Dhikala is
one of its kind experience. Aroma of fresh tree leaves with sweet music involving
bird chirps and movement of wild creatures and above all feeling of being
surrounded by lush greenery simply bewildered me. An enchanting morning in
Dhikala. Journey had taken a bit toll on my bulgy body so we took little rest. We
had a very delicious lunch in afternoon. And after some walk, we were set for
jeep safari In Dhikala zone. Jeep safari is simply a great experience. Watching
and exploring the nature on your own is far better experience than getting stuck
at Ashram red light every day. The three hour safari will always be in my
memories, as I saw loads of wild creatures including birds as well. And if you are
a biology student you will certainly make out there are loads of plant species
which you rarely see in cities and towns. After the safari, we were provided the
best dinner we could imagine. Even salad never tasted so good. May be the
ambiance had added on the pleasure of cuisine. It was first night at Dhikala lodge
and I took little while to fall asleep I was too excited for the next morning.
My second day at Dhikala can be very well described as elephant safari day.
Elephant safari was greater fun than jeep safari, watching jungle from that height
was simply amazing. And you should see how elephants can be so well trained.
At times I felt these elephants knew every nook and corner of the park. Elephant
safari helped me see things with proximity which I could not see during Jeep tour.
The entire 2-hour journey was full on action and adventure. The second evening
in Dhikala as memorable as we danced and listened to some good music. And
many other people joined us. After all we were the most happening people there.

On the concluding day, we had an opportunity to go on another jeep safari. The
second ride was good as we were revisiting the natural beauty. After short safari,
we had breakfast and checked out of the hotel. While returning, the memories of
three-day adventure was playing back in mind. It was best birthday of my life.
Next season, I am coming here all over again.

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