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									SYNERGI Travel New Zealand Limited
Level 10
109-125 Willis Street
P O Box 11288
Wellington, New Zealand

Phone: (04) 9178011
Fax: (04) 9178019
Toll Free: 0508 578277
Email: trisha.inglis@


Welcome to the Tae K won Do members interested in travelling to Sydney in March.
Here are det ails to help you in the planning for which arrangements can be done through me.


The normal cheapest 14 day advance purchase weekend away fare from Auckland,
Wellington or Christchurch to Sydney return in March is $ 669.00 plus taxes which are
approximately $105. 00. Additionally is the $25.00 Airport Depart ure Tax. TOTAL $ 799.00

Currently both Qantas Airways and Air New Zealand have “specials” in the market place but
payment is due no later than 21 January but payment no later than 3 days after making the
booking. This fare is $529. 00 plus taxes; a saving of $ 140.00. TOTAL $ 659.00

Some of you may have Qantas Frequent Flyer Points or Air New Zealand Airpoints and that
cost is 30,000 points plus taxes. My fee is generally $50.00 to arrange the free ticket, but for
this group I will do it for $30. 00 eac h. Conditions apply so please ch eck details with me.


FROM               TO            DATES            AIRLINE          DEPART           ARRIVE

AUCKLAND            SYDNEY       FRIDAY           QANTAS           5.25AM           7.50AM
                                                  QANTAS           8.00AM          10.25AM
                                                  QANTAS           12.25PM           2.50PM
                                                  QANTAS            2.50PM           5.15PM
                                 FRIDAY           QANTAS           5.30PM            7.50PM
                                                  AIR NZ           6.00AM            8.30AM
                                                  AIR NZ            8.00AM          10.35AM
                                                  AIR NZ          12.00PM            2.30PM
                                                  AIR NZ            2.45PM           5.30PM
                                                  AIR NZ           5.00PM           7.30PM
                                 SATURDAY         QANTAS           5.25AM           7.50AM
                                                  QANTAS           8.00AM          10.30AM
                                                  QANTAS          12.25PM           2.50PM
                                                  QANTAS            2.50PM          5.15PM
                                                  QANTAS           5.30PM           7.50PM
                                 SATURDAY         AIR NZ           6.00AM           8.30AM
                                                  AIR NZ           8.00AM           10.35AM
                                                  AIR NZ           2.45PM            5.30PM
WELLINGTON         SYDNEY       FRIDAY          QANTAS          6.05AM          8.40AM
                                                QANTAS          2.40PM          5.15PM
                                FRIDAY          AIR NZ          6.30AM          9.35AM
                                                AIR NZ          4.15PM          6.45PM
                                SATURDAY        QANTAS          6.05AM          8.40AM
                                                QANTAS          2.40PM          5.15PM
                                SATURDAY        AIR NZ          6.40AM          9.35AM

CHRISTCHURCH        SYDNEY      FRIDAY          QANTAS          5.25AM          7.55AM
                                                QANTAS          2.50PM          5.10PM
                                                QANTAS          5.15PM          7.50PM
                                FRIDAY          AIR NZ          5.45AM          8.30AM
                                                AIR NZ          2.30PM          5.00PM
                                SATURDAY        QANTAS          5.35AM          7.55AM
                                                QANTAS          2.50PM          5.10PM
                                                QANTAS          6.25PM          9.00PM
                                SATURDAY        AIR NZ          5.45AM          8.30AM
                                                AIR NZ          2.30PM          5.00PM

SYDNEY           AUCKLAND       MONDAY          QANTAS         9.30AM          2.25PM
                                                QANTAS         10.45AM         3.40PM
                                                QANTAS          4.00PM         9.05PM
                                                QANTAS          6.30PM         11.25PM
                                 MONDAY         AIR NZ          6.40AM         11.50AM
                                                AIR NZ          9.30AM          2.30PM
                                                AIR NZ         11.50AM         5.00PM
                                                AIR NZ          3.40PM         8.50PM
                                                AIR NZ          6.00PM         11.00PM
SYDNEY          WELLINGTON        MONDAY        QANTAS          9.30AM          2.35PM
                                                QANTAS          6.30PM         11.45PM
                                  MONDAY        AIR NZ          9.35PM          2.55PM
                                                AIR NZ          6.45PM         11.59PM
SYDNEY          CHRISTCHURCH MONDAY             QANTAS          8.25AM          1.20PM
                                                QANTAS         12.00PM           5.05PM
                                                QANTAS          7.00PM         11.55PM
                                   MONDAY       AIR NZ          9.45PM           3.00PM
                                                AIR NZ          6.45PM         11.59PM

You cannot combine carriers which means you have to fly wit h either Air New Zealand or
Qantas Airways in both directions. These are schedules only and fares are subject to
availability and the cheapest fares may not be available on all these flights.


A taxi ride from Sydney Airport to your Bankstown Hotel would take about 45 minutes at a
cost of around Australian Dollars $ 55. 00-60.00.

You can get the Airport Bus to Central Sydney Railway Station then a train to Bankstown
which takes about 35-40 minutes.

Should many of you arrive into and depart from Sydney approximately the same time, then I
can arrange a specific coach for the group and would have to confirm costings once I know
how many people would require this service.

I have managed to secure a good rate at the Travelodge Bankstown. It is attached to the
Bankstown Sports Club and central loc ation. It is about 5 minutes away to the Bankstown
Basketball Stadium and close to the railway station.

The cost per person per night based on twin share is NZD $65.00.

It is a 3.5 Star property and the facilities of the property include spacious rooms, fully
equipped kitchenette wit h microwave in each room, guest lounge with refreshments and
24 hour reception. Guests also have full access to the entert ainment and dining facilities at
the Sports Club.


The minimum policy os cover for 3 days at a cost of $ 50.00 each,


You can direct any travel related questions to me as follows:

e-mail          Trisha.Inglis@synergit
Phone           (04) 917-8011 (my direct line)
Toll Free       (0508) 578-277 (to Reception and ask for me)
Fax             (04) 917-8019 (to my attention)


Trisha Inglis
Travel Broker

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