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					We thank you for your love which defies all
expression, constant, total, inexhaustible –                    WAVE OF PRAYER
flowing out to us like a never ending stream.
You have opened your heart to us: help us
do the same to you.                                                  Diocese of Salisbury
A short time of silence
       Loving Lord, we pray to you                                   26th – 31st July 2010
All:   O Lord, hear our prayer

The Mothers' Union Prayer:
All:  Loving Lord,
      We thank you for your love so freely
      given to us all.
                                                           Relationship not Rules
      We pray for families around the
                                                           All of you have unity of spirit, sympathy, love
      Bless the work of the Mothers' Union                 for one another, a tender heart, and a humble
      as we seek to share your love                                     mind. (1 Peter 3 v 8)
      through the encouragement,
      strengthening and support of
      marriage and family life.
      Empowered by your spirit,
      may we be united in prayer and
      worship; and in love and service
      reach out as your hands across the
      In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Seeking the salvation of the world, let us pray
as our Saviour taught us
                                                          For Salisbury and its linked dioceses, the Wave
All:   Our Father in heaven,                              of Prayer takes place at the end of July each
       Hallowed be your name,                             year. It can be used as a personal daily act of
       Your kingdom come,                                 intercession, or as a corporate act of worship (in
       Your will be done,                                 Parish or Deanery), or as intercessions in a
       On earth as in heaven.                             Sunday service.
       Give us today our daily bread.
       Forgive us our sins                                2010 marks the beginning of a new triennial. We
       As we forgive those who sin against                pray for all taking on new responsibilities in
       us.                                                Mothers’ Union, those continuing in office and for
       Lead us not into temptation                        all members that we may build our relationships
       But deliver us from evil.                          with God and other people on firm yet loving
       For the kingdom, the power, and the
       glory are yours
       Now and for ever.
                                                          Individual names and other petitions may be
                                                          added to the prayers. Alternative hymns may be
All:   All this day, O Lord,                              chosen.
       Let me touch as many lives as
       possible for thee;                                 It is suggested that a different coloured candle
       And every life I touch, so thou by the             is lit at the beginning of each of the prayer
       spirit quicken,                                    petitions, a period of silence to follow, and to end
       Whether through the word I speak,                  with the said response.
       the prayer I breathe, or the life I live.
       Amen.                                              The candles may be placed in front of a globe or
                         Mary Sumner’s personal prayer.
                                                          map of the world, as a focus for the Wave of
Hymn: Lift High the Cross.                                Prayer.
           RELATIONSHIP not RULES                               Deepen our love for you and for each other.
                                                                Help us to be faithful and true in all our
Matthew 15: 1-9                                                 relationships, and most especially in our
Almighty God, we thank you for your great gift                  relationship with you. You have opened
of love; the love which we are able to share with               your heart to us: help us do the same to
those around us, which gives us a sense of self                 you. Amen
worth and belonging, which enriches our lives in
so many ways.                                                   A short time of silence
                                                                       Loving Lord, we pray to you
Gentle God                                                      All:   O Lord hear our prayer
Breathe love within us,                                         Hymn: There’s a wideness in God’s mercy
Breathe love between us.
From one moment to the next,                                    A yellow candle is lit.
You hold us in the palm of your hand.
                                                                Reading: Psalm 128: 1-6
All: We have come together, the people
     of God, drawn by his spirit, longing for                        All who are benefiting from a holiday this
     his word,                                                        year, either in our caravan at Durdle
     to praise the holy name of the Lord,                             Door or at Haldon Court, Exmouth
     to share the glorious news of grace,                            Sue Gallagher and the Exmouth team
     to pray for the work of the world wide                           as they prepare for this year’s holiday
     Mothers' Union and to rejoice in his                            All involved in our parenting project, for
     love and be sent in his peace.                                   facilitators, facilitators-in-training, and for
     Amen.                                                            more people to train
                    Adapted from a prayer of preparation from
                   United in Prayer and Worship – from Kenya.        Those familes whom we support at the
                                                                      Refuge and at the visitors’ centres at
                                                                      Erlestoke and Guys Marsh prisons
A red candle is lit.
                                                                A short time of silence
                      Friendship                                       Loving Lord, we pray to you
Reading: Philippians 2:1-4                                      All:   O Lord hear our prayer
                                                                Hymn: Bind us together Lord
     All Mothers' Union Branches in the                        A blue candle is lit.
     Mothers' Union involvement in Schools                                        Link Dioceses
      and Parent & Toddler groups                               Reading: Galatians 3: 26-28

A short time of silence                                                 Bendigo in Australia
       Loving Lord, we pray to you                                      Gippsland in Australia
All:   O Lord hear our prayer                                           Nakuru in Kenya
Hymn: Love Divine                                                       Bor in central southern Upper Nile
                                                                         region of Sudan
An orange candle is lit.                                                Kadugli and Nuba Mountains in western
                                                                         Sudan: give thanks for the recent
                            Marriage                                     opening of Grace Secondary School
Reading: Mark 10: 6-9                                                    and pray for its first year as it begins to
                                                                         provide hope through education
     To strengthen and preserve marriage                               Khartoum in the northern and eastern
     All involved in offering marriage                                  areas of Sudan
      preparation, and clergy who conduct                               Mundri in southern Sudan
      weddings                                                          Rumbek in southern Sudan
     Training programme for facilitating                               Wau – a geographically vast diocese in
      marriage preparation ‘Loving for Life’                             Sudan: pray for the success of the
      course                                                             project to rebuild at least 34 churches
     Those members involved in reaching                                Salisbury UK (Canterbury Province) our
      out to couples through our ‘Wedding -                              President: Ann Howard; Vice-President:
      Think Church’ project                                              Jane Lax; and our Manchester Link
     Any event or anniversary celebrating

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